5 Interior Trends to Look Out for in 2017

March 14, 2017

The new year came and went, and with it, so did our resolve to give our homes a fresh look. It's never too late to start though, and here are 5 current interior design trends to get you excited to start on that home improvement project you've been putting off.

1. Cork

Gone are the days where cork existed only on our wine bottles and bulletin boards. A growing trend since the early 2010s, this eco-friendly material has been seen on walls, floors and everything in between. Not only does it add texture and a rustic feel to an otherwise boring room, those living in homes with an open floor plan may also love this trend for its ability to absorb noise. For DIY lovers, try upcycling wine corks to create stylish centrepieces, and for the more ambitious, how about investing in a cork wall in the bedroom?


2. Dark Green Paint

Time to move over to the dark side. White, minimalistic rooms have dominated for a while, but right now darker pieces of furniture are back on our watch list. Dark green paint in particular has been seen popping up in bedrooms and living rooms recently, the colour able to make a space feel calming and luxurious at the same time. This gorgeous shade is best paired with dark timbers, and is sure to give some new life to any room.

3. Nature-inspired Designs

This blooming trend is hard not to love – not only is having some botanical greens pleasing to the eyes in the urban jungle that we live in, it is also incredibly easy to follow. For the living room, try hanging some nature inspired wall art and throwing some floral pillows on your couches. For the balcony/ porch, we love this tropical exterior by Dreamvision Designer (pictured above). For the bedroom, how about some potted plants and floral wallpaper? The possibilities are pretty much endless.

4. Terracotta

Terracotta (Italian for baked earth) tiles have come a long way since being used to decorate Chinese and Indian temple roofs. This durable, earthy material is a great way to add charm and personality to any home, and is making a comeback in more ways than you can imagine. Not only do they come in a wide range of red hues, they also vary in their finish – from none to a high gloss. It’s no wonder that homeowners are starting to use them not only in kitchens and balconies, but also in previously less common places like the bedroom and living room.

5. Multifunctional Furniture

Design is always evolving to fit the current ideals of a contemporary home. In Singapore and many other major cities, the contemporary home is decreasing in size, which is why there is an increased emphasis on the smart use of space. As long as we focus on finding and using hidden spaces and choosing multi-functional furniture, smaller spaces won’t have to mean compromising on design. Getting creative and using furniture on wheels or loft beds with additional storage space, as well as clever use of wall space has and will continue to be a trend to watch out for.

This article was contributed by Gladys Ng.

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1 review(s)

Great article on the latest interior trends!

I also saw another article on ezbuy blog this morning, it gave awesome tips on home furnishing and great savings on buying home furniture online. All the furniture in the house are bought on ezbuy.sg Home & Living category.

This is the article link on the house tour : http://ezbuy.sg/blog/home-living/house-tour-achieve-nordic-style-home-furnishings-totalling-14000/

Qin | March 23, 2017

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