5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Hair Studio

February 14, 2017   Sponsored

For Ming Huei and Josie, founders of Vellus Hair Studio, a successful haircut isn’t all about the end result. It’s also about service excellence and increasing their customers’ comfort levels, and together they constantly work to improve the customer experience at their hair salon.

With Ming Huei in charge of management decisions and Josie heading the hairstyling team, the dedicated duo operate on business principles that are largely people-centric, regularly going above and beyond for the benefit of their clients.

The five points below further accentuate the passion they have for their craft and for building bonds, and these are the top reasons patrons consistently keep coming back.

1. Exclusive Personal Space

Each and every customer gets their own personal space when they visit Vellus Hair Studio. Private rooms like these create better ambience for a relaxing haircut — especially for those a little more sensitive to noise. If you’re planning on heading down together with a family member or friend, the hair studio has a twin room that can accommodate both patrons.

2. Excellent Customer Service

You’ll definitely be pampered from start till end.

Once customers are settled in, they’ll be served a Sri Lankan tea. There are a total of seven different flavours to choose from, and the tea even comes with a little card explaining its origins and benefits.

Shawls are also provided for customers who feel a little chilly, and soothing music is played over the speakers to create a calming vibe. Bored out of your wits? A variety of magazines are placed in each room for reading while WiFi connection is available for those preferring to surf the internet.

3. You Can Even Take A Nap

Ming Huei and Josie understand how stressful and hectic their customers’ schedules can get. They’ve purposely chosen to install fully reclinable leather chairs in the hair studio, allowing clients to take naps while getting their hair treatment done. The lights in each room can be dimmed as well, providing a tranquil environment for those in need of a quick snooze.

4. Top-notch Hairstyling

Your hair is no doubt in good hands. Josie has had 20 years of hairstyling experience under her belt, and is highly aware of customers’ needs. Since Ming Huei is fully in charge of management duties, Josie is also able to concentrate solely on hairstyling, providing her best effort for every client.

5. Biodynamic Hair Products

Besides commercial hair products, Vellus Hair Studio also offers a biodynamic range. These biodynamic products are made of organically grown ingredients, of which need to fulfil stringent requirements before being sold in the market. These strict requirements ensure they’re purely organic, and no third-party involvement takes place throughout the entire process.

You might think private rooms and impeccable service come at a high price, but a haircut here starts at just $48 (depending on hair length). For those who’d like to give Vellus Hair Studio a try, they can be reached via their website or Facebook page

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