5 Types Of Chairs You Should Chair-ish

May 19, 2017

Chairs are the bastions of comfort and coziness in your home; at the end of a long, hard day, chairs are where you fling all your belongings and sinks your weary body into its plush refines before you traipse off to your bedroom. Chairs come in all shapes, sizes and heights; experimenting with different kinds of chairs will inject a quirky and offbeat vibe into your decor.

Club Chair

In a beautiful vintage inspired outback tan leather, the Tobin chair will add character to your home.:

Ballard Designs Eton Club Chair  |  Decor Look Alikes

This leather-covered armchair is the epitome of comfort, and serves as an enduring symbol of classic French architecture. The "club" is the name is derived from its historical usage in gentlemen's clubs; evidence of its aristocratic past. Over the years, the club chair has evolved in terms of shape, with the round club chair being most commonly used. An ornate club chair smack in the middle of your living room or even your bedroom will be attention grabbing and lend a regal vibe to the decor, due to its high back. 

Aeron Chair

Aeron® Chair by Herman Miller® at Calgary's Kit Interior Objects:


This modern-day creation has us all spinning round and round! Created (and used) in offices, this American invention is so iconic that it has been included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in USA. Most of the chair is recyclable, so if you're conscious about sustainability, there's no reason why you can't bring home one of these wheeled beauties for your bedroom. 

Bean Bag Chair

Modern Berber Rug:

Contrary to popular belief, a bean bag is actually a chair. More accurately known as the collective dream of every 90s kid, bean bags can definitely be used by adults. If you value comfort and want to add a quirky, youthful feel to your bedroom, a bean bag will be a valuable addition. 

Bubble Chair

bubble chair                                                                                                                                                      More:

I LOVE THIS HANGING CHAIR MY GOD ! // Rattan Bubble Chair HK Living | 108x108x83cm | Maximum weight 75 kg | €399:

This Finnish invention is considered a hallmark of the industrial style of decor, and is on par with the bean bag in terms of quirkiness. Its transparent casing allows you to escape into your own world, while having unfiltered access to your surroudings. If your interior decor is done up in industrial or Scandinavian style, a bubble chair would be a welcome sight in your house. 

Windsor Chair 

Get excited, dining room tables. Our crush, The Windsor chair, is coming for you. And just in time for holiday guests! One of each color, please. Only at Target.com.:

unexpected guests: nathiya prathnadi /sfgirlbybay:

These sturdy wooden dining chairs have their origin in the 16th century, but were first commercialized in the English town of Windsor. Centuries later, the Windsor chair continues to be popular, and has since evolved in seven distinct forms. They are compatible with just about any style of interior design. 

Images: Pinterest


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