6 Cool Tips To Organize Your Tiny Home

June 30, 2017

So you live in a home which is under 500 square feet in size. While sprucing up your bite-sized home is definitely a challenge, it is in no way impossible to create a beautiful home with a limited amount of space. These shoebox homes have to be organized such that every little nook and cranny of the house is utilized to the maximum.

Smart Furniture

Interior Designer: Sky Creation

In order to truly maximise the storage area in your home, invest in furniture that serves several purposes at once. Think of a bed which doubles up as a chest of drawers, built in benches and modular sofas which double up as a plush, comfy beds.

Hanging Out

Interior Designer: The Wooden Platform

A common complaint one has with small spaces is the fact that they can get too cluttered, too quickly. One way to solve this problem is to do away with boxes and shelves, and to make use of hooks. That’s right: the trick lies in utilizing fully whatever resources you have. Even if you do not have adequate space, one thing you have abundantly in a small apartment is walls. Hanging up pot racks in your kitchen saves you the trouble of investing in extra cabinets, and also makes for quirky décor.



Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

Small houses have limited floor spaces, but you can create the illusion of space by exploiting the concept of levels. Bunk beds, elevated living rooms and shelves under bunk beds are examples of how you can play around with levels.

The Doors

Extra hooks & board and batten in this tiny space right off the kitchen added a "secret" drop zone to a small house. (Read: No more bags + clutter in the kitchen ). Tackle this easy $40 project from DIY Playbook in a weekend!

Source: Pinterest

Doors are flat surfaces, so how can you possibly store anything in them, you think to yourself. All you need is a hammer, a few sturdy door hooks, and voila! You have magically created more “storage space” for yourself by hanging more things on the doors, thus removing the need for bulky storage boxes which often take up precious floor space.

White Light


Interior Designer: Weiken

If you’re still at the pre-renovation stage, you can control the visual aesthetic of the house by painting it up in light pastel colours, or creams and whites. Invest in windows that allow for light to stream in. Light-hued themes and light streaming in create the illusion of space, making the space seem bigger than it really is.

Trimming The Excess


Interior Designer: H20 Interior 

Do not invest in excessively ornate, bulky or large furniture as the limited space will seem even more cluttered. Your best bet is to invest in slim, lithe furniture that is either monochrome or pastel in shade. Slender furniture not only adds a dainty, cosy feel to the whole house, but also makes the space seem larger. 

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