6 Reasons We Love This Modern BTO Flat In Punggol

August 4, 2016   Sponsored

Embracing an edgy and contemporary vibe, the BTO flat of newlyweds Winston and Wendy is everything a modern-style lover would want in a home. Designed and constructed by the innovative minds at Designer House, this Punggol flat adopts an overall polished appearance that soothes the eyes and mind.

Here are the top 6 reasons why we absolutely adore this newly renovated home!


1. Tasteful display of homeowners’ hobby

Sporty homeowners Winston and Wendy

As sports-loving people, the married couple wanted to showcase their passion for the outdoors in their flat, so the interior specialist installed a metallic pole for them in the living area. Not only can it be used to mount their bicycles, the pole also serves as an eye-catching statement piece in the home.


2. Flawless lighting

Radiating a warm glow throughout, the abode takes on a comfortable illumination in the living room. Recessed lighting surrounds the perimeter of the ceiling, while down lights pepper the rest of the space. This mix of lighting solutions provides the home with uniform brightness as well as gives it a gorgeous aesthetic appeal.


3. Even the bathroom is beautifully designed

With a bathroom that looks this sleek, shower time will become all the more relaxing. Although its design is minimal, the encompassing wall tiles are enough to create a calm aura for the space.


4. The kitchen emanates an inviting feel

Taking on a galley layout, the kitchen is where Winston and Wendy unveil their domestic side. Featuring a wide walkway with laminated cabinets built on top, the cooking area’s configuration is ideal for whipping out meals with maximum efficiency. The interior designer even installed cove lighting beneath the cabinets to grant the kitchen a dreamy appearance.


5. Soft grey colours

Washed in shades of soft grey, the living space certainly exudes an air of refined class. As a colour that is often used in contemporary-themed dwellings, it is executed perfectly in this BTO flat in the form of wall surfaces and furnishings. Combined with dim lighting, it ties up the look of the interior design to give the home a harmonious vibe.


6. Walk-in-wardrobe with Hollywood dresser table & work space

A walk-in-wardrobe is often considered a luxury that many homeowners dream of. But the ingenious interior experts didn't stop here. Going a step further with this fancy feature, they even added a Hollywood-concept dressing table and mini work area by the window, maximising the use of space in the room.


Designer House 

400 Balestier Road, Balestier Plaza

#01-24 Singapore 329802


Tel: 6481 1101 

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