Ground Beneath Your Feet: 4 Must Know Floor Types

May 18, 2017

The importance of selecting the most appropriate flooring for your abode is paramount. After walls, floors occupy the most space, and plays a major role in enhancing the look, feel, and vibe of your house. The floors of your house must be in sync with all the other elements of the house; any mismatch will greatly reduce the appeal of your decor. 


Stone Flooring

What's not to love about this classic flooring material? It's easy to clean and maintain, instantly injects an air of regality and luxe in any house, and is timeless. Stone floors are versatile, and compliments almost any wall type, paint and colour. There are so many kinds of stone surfaces to experiment with: pristine white and grey hues of marble are classic shades and work amazingly well with minimalistic interiors, Granite's many textures and gradients add an edge to any interior. 

Concrete/Cement Flooring

"I want my floors to look like that of a parking lot," said someone, and the popularity of the faux-unfinished flooring style skyrocketed. A fantastic choice for those gunning for an industrial interior style, the rawness of concrete floors are a stark contrast to the polished, refined vibes of marble floors. Exceedingly easy to maintain, concerete floors come in various textures and surfaces (smooth, polished, matte) and changes as it ages. 

Tile Flooring 


Tiles are great for those homeowners who want to experiment with more adventurous floor textures, but are skeptical of the durability of the actual material. Tiles are chameleon-like in nature, as they are capable of mimicing marble, granite, wood and even cement surfaces. Tiles can also feature intricate designwork, and are a wonderful addition to houses whose decor gives off a retro, old-world vibe. Since tiles are an affordable alternative to many floor types, they remain extremely popular with homeowners. However, tile floors can wear out, and the grout lines (in between the tiles) can become blackened over time from wear and tear. 

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are great for those with contemporary or Scandinavian interiors, and adds a sense of warmth and rustic coziness to any house: the same reason why in all fairy tales, warm and cozy houses are usually made of wood! The rich hues and smooth textures of wooden floors are extremely visually appealing; this holds true for any and all wood types (teak, birch, oak, cherry). However, wooden floors are prone to wear and tear, so make sure that you choose durable and hardy wood types. 




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