Hasten The Speed Of Household Chores With These New LG Products

April 12, 2017

Most would agree that household chores are a bore. But with the newly released LG Styler and LG HOM-BOT Turbo+, you’ll easily up your efficiency when helping around the house. Designed to keep clothes fresh and provide smart cleaning respectively, both appliances are exquisite additions to any smart home.

LG Styler

The path towards hygienic, fresh-smelling clothes is often a tedious one. Fortunately, here to speed up the process is the LG Styler – which pays special attention to delicate pieces like blouses, suits and coats.

When You’re Putting Together A Last Minute Outfit
Putting an outfit together at the eleventh hour comes with its own set of problems. Due to the lack of preparation, your ensemble probably won’t be crease-free. The LG Styler becomes a great help since it can remove wrinkles in an instant – using merely a fraction of the time your regular devices tend to take. Businessmen can also use the Styler to produce pant creases and keep them crisp.

When You Want Fresh Smelling Clothes
Strong odours tend to stick onto clothing from time to time – especially after a good barbecue session. Ridding your apparel of odours can be done with the Styler’s effective steam sterilisation, instantly refreshing your clothes and eliminating 99% of germs and bacteria. Even when haze season hits our shores, you won't have to worry about foul-smelling garments.

When You’re Too Lazy To Pop By The Dry Cleaner's
Many of us trust professional dry cleaning staff more than ourselves when it comes to handling delicate clothing. However, with the LG Styler’s Inverter Heat Pump System you can confidently gentle dry special-care clothing without worrying about shrinkage or damage.


The first wi-fi enabled robot vacuum cleaner with monitoring functions, the LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ makes vacuuming a breeze. No matter the situation, it shortens your cleaning routine without compromising quality.

When You’re Pressed For Time
Hectic schedules are extremely common in our fast-paced society. With the LG HOM-BOT Turbo+, you save time by skipping the process of physically vacuuming your home. Even when left on its own, the device manages to effectively sweep even the most secluded spots.

Fitted with three cameras, the gadget calculates light intensity, measures distance and detects slight changes to the floor, ensuring that even darker areas of your home are cleaned thoroughly. Its Smart Exit feature and Digital Bumper minimise collision while allowing the device to weave its way through smaller spaces.

When You’re Heading Overseas
The front camera doubles as a security feature, and can be remotely controlled from anywhere. Have the vacuum preset to survey a specific area of your home and it’ll snap, plus send, five photos of the designated space whenever motion is detected, allowing you a sense of peace since you have your very own ‘guard dog’.

When There Are Emergencies
Let’s say you have to pause the HOM-BOT Turbo+ midway to run a last minute errand. When you get back, the device’s Mapping Resume function lets it automatically return to its previous position to continue cleaning, avoiding repetition in the process.

If you'd like to find out more about the LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ and LG Styler, come chat with the LG team at our RenoTalk Live event this Saturday! More details below.

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Yanzi | April 26, 2017

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