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Urban Design offers you a complete range of professional services that supports your needs in all aspect of interior design, concept consultancy, space planning and renovation project management. We are committed in bringing you our specialized skills and knowledge through collaborating closely with you from conceptualizing phase right up to project delivery.

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signed in early Nov, promised delivery by Christmas. The latest update now is that the ID can't confirm if the carpenter can slot in a 21st Feb delivery date. So - Christmas passed, New Year passed, and Chinese New Year is going to pass with an incomplete house. This company doesn't work through any of the above holiday periods or before/after. For CNY, they stop work by 19th Jan and doesn't resume until 8th Feb. All furniture and electronic deliveries have to be rescheduled multiple times because their schedule keeps getting postponed. The ID gives a schedule after some chasing, but you realize that nobody has gone to your house at all. The repeats itself week after week - how do you trust this company any more?

In terms of workmanship, don't expect any dedication to detail or pride. My condo looks worse than before the start of reno. Painting is all over, on the laminates, on your lamps. Parquet has holes in them and are uneven, although it was pristine before ( condo buffed the flooring). Plenty of miscommunication all around, what's agreed originally completely changed when the workman evaluates the job. Holes in your wall will appear in places you don't expect - plenty of confusion all around to the point that you just abandon your original plans and think about damage control and accepting what's already been done. I've cancelled more than half the original items now and re-engaged others to do those for the same price and they have been completed by now.

If you sign up - be prepared.

Lifang | January 20, 2017


We are glad that we have engaged "Urban Design" as Chris Choo our internal designer for our very first own home. Chris is experienced and was able to offer good advise and incorporate functionality and aesthetics into the design as we had asked for modern design.
We have send him a series of pictures and ideas that we have seen and liked. It was an engagement of ideas between us and this had achieved a better clarity on our preference.

Due to the nature of our work, we're unable to be present most of the times. Chris will update the progress promptly via whatsapp so we did not have much cause of worry as we felt that the project was handled professionally .

Overall, Its has been a pleasure dealing with Chris and Urban Design and I would recommend Chris to all my friends who is looking to renovate their home

Daniel | January 17, 2017


Im greatly happy and satisfied with Chris from Urbandesign for my house renovation.

Highly recommended Chris. He is very patience and humble take all the comments n fulfill our request. And lastly a very gd deal quote for us.

He rather busy at time with other project in hand. So at time you have to wait a while for him to get back to u.
Overall thumb up.

Millie 4Jan 2017

Louvin | January 6, 2017


Here we would like to thank Chris who did a good job to renovate our new house. We chose Chris to be our ID mainly because the reasonable quotation and he is a friendly, approachable person. Chris is quite knowledgable in renovation and very patient to give advice when we ask him for help. Overall, we'r satisfied with Chris and will recommend him to friends!


Yuqian | November 5, 2016


I write here to thanks Chris, an ID from Urban Design House Pte Ltd.
When we first met with Chris, he gave us a deep impression with frank, practical and a down to earth character person. Very nice and easy to communicate. This is our first time buying house, we know very little about renovation. He is very patient suggest to us which part need to renovate. When we raised up what we intend to do, he told us honestly for the unnecessary part to renovate, which gave us feeling that he really stood him in the same shoes with us, not just try to earn more money from us like other ID.
During renovation works, he supervised the whole process and keep update the progress via WhatsApp with photo. When things go wrong or does not look good, he is not afraid of troublesome and willing to change for us.
Overall, we are very satisfied with Chris and will recommend him to anyone who wants to renovate the house.
Thank you Chris for his effort in helping us build our dream home.

Khor | October 12, 2016


A BIG THANK YOU to Chris Choo for his effort. He worked on our renovation with a very high professionalism manner, knowledgeable, patient, concrete suggestions, calms, flexible, punctuate, responsive (even after his official hours) and with ethics. He is always trying to do his best. A HIGHLY recommended Interior Designer for those who wanted to look for one. No doubt about it.
Before we meet Chris Choo, we have talked and discuss our renovation plan with about 5 others ID. They are just interested to talked about your renovation budget or their fixed renovation plan without much compromise rather than what you wanted to do for your renovation. You have to take it or else kind of deal. Some ID even suggested something that is suite to their liking than ours. Some suggested something else from our desire renovation plan. Maybe it is easier for them to work with. In short, most of them wanted us to follow what they can do and is not the other way round? We felt helpless until one day I came across Chris Choo from Urban Design House Pte Ltd at renotalk.com website. Most of the customer praises Chris Choo without hesitation. So, we just thought of give it a try.
When the first time we meet him, he will listen to what you want them to do for your renovation. Then he will suggest some alternative for you if he thinks that it will be better with no pushy. Another thing is, he has no fixed renovation plan for you to follow. He will try to follow your desire renovation plan and along the way suggested some concrete alternative for the better. This is what was missing from the IDs we meet before. He will patiently discuss with you.
When the renovation started, he will arrange the schedule and will be at the site personally to receive the goods and arranged it nicely. He will update us the progress. There will always have some problems and defects in renovation but Chris Choo will be there to resolve it. That’s the responsive quality impress me. Even after the renovation done, he is never fail to answer our call. You will never regret to engage him as your ID.

Sim Seng | August 25, 2016


Thanks to our ID, Angie Ng, from Urban Design House, my family and I love our home now. We really appreciate all the efforts.

Will recommend Urban Design House and come back to u in future if needed any changes. :)
Lastly, thanks once again for transforming our dream house into reality.

Extracted from Facebook Fatimah ShAm? , 25 October 2015 .

Renotalkadmin | August 23, 2016


Hi Urban Design,

I would like to give a review on your interior designer who served me for my home renovation recently (Chris Choo).

Firstly, the reason we chose him as our ID was per good recommendation from our neighbor.

Prior to start the renovation, he had provided a fast quotation and given us a good explanation on each items quoted.

Later on, whatever the added items or changes made by me to the earlier quotation, Chris had responded fast to me with good understand on what I needed.

However, during the renovation, there were some issues along the way that we had encountered due to human error, especially from Carpenter or even Plumber;
[a] Wrong size/dimension of kitchen cabinet door (03 pcs).
[b] Overlook in the design of Study Shelves.
[c] Miss out in Study Table drawer design – finger-pull mechanism.
[d] Improper plumbering work at Master bedroom toilet – few rounds of visit to set-up PVC pipe below cabinet.

All these issues had been fully resolved with the great assistance & supervision from Chris.

Besides, I have placed additional requests/ suggestions to Chris duing the course of renovation;
[i] Making round corner on study table.
[ii] Change the I-Quartz table designs at Master bedroom toilet (I can’t accept the earlier design concept).
[iii] Request lacker paint for bottom surface for all drawers under the cabinet (for hygene purpose).

In the end, all my requests had been fully fulfilled by Chris. Both my wife and I were happy and satisfied with the final completed work even there is slightly delay in schedule, which was totally understandable especially during the Hari Raya Season.

For my own personal working experience with Chris throughout our renovation. Chris is overall a person that is pleasant to talk to and also, is able to compromise with our ideas and with the ideas he has for our unit. The advice he gave to us are with rationale and practical design concept. Chris is very patient with us during the material selection and he will provide his profesional suggestion to us for our considerations which we find that very useful and helpful.

As a conclusion, for sure, I will recommend Chris Choo to other friends in coming days who intends to renovate their house.

Siew Ling | July 27, 2016


Hi Urban Design,
I would like to give a review on one of your Interior Designers (Chris Choo). Before sourcing for ID's we got a few quotations from different companies. Through the quotations we decide to proceed with the one provided by Chris.

Firstly, the reason we chose him as our ID, were solely due to reviews my wife and i have read online. Reviews given were mostly on how he assisted his clients on keeping their budget and giving ideas for their renovation.

Now, from our own personal experience working with Chris throughout our renovation. Chris is overall a person that is pleasent to talk to and also, is able to compromise with our ideas with the ideas he has for our unit. The advices he gave to us are with rationale. When it is time for us to make choices on the materials, Chris is very patient with us He gave us time to think through on the choices we made and did not rush us into things. We make him change the 3D design 3 times before proceeding with the reno.

However, to err is human. There were some issues along the way that we have.

1) In the package we took, all the hinges are suppose to be BLUM but the carpentry used EXCEL instead.
2) The vinyl flooring at the main door was slightly high thus causing our main wooden door to wedge against the floor thus causing it to be open and unable to close.
3) citygas pipings were slanted and after calling city gas to amend the installations were failures.( chris did well in this and managed to get the things done for us)

These are the major setbacks that we recall. We both are glad that our ID was quick to inform and rectify on these shortcomings and did not leave us hanging. Which is very important to both of us. Thank you Chris.

At the end of our renovation, my wife and i are very happy on how everything turmed out to be. But we hope Urban Design would look into a better handover experience to customers by including a small token of appreciation besides certificate to customers for engaging them like how other companies did like some were just a jar of cookies. For me, this action speaks alot on the company wanting to maintain rapport with the clients.

All in all, we would rate Urban Design company as 4/5.

Chris is highly recomended to engage as an ID as he is a very down to earth person and easy to communicate with. Very prompt in his replies and fast to inform us on any short comings of the reno.

Shammer and Nur Izfa

Louvin | July 1, 2016


To Urban Design,

We are writing in to compliment one of your Interior Designer (ID), Mr Chris Choo.

We were sourcing for a reliable ID aka Reno Contractors to do up our new HDB BTO 4 rooms Flat at SkyVill?@Dawson even before receiving our keys.

I recall very clearly that my wife and I had been going around "ID Hunting", visiting numerous IDs and received several quotations as well as proposed designs.

We had set aside budget for our renovation.

We chanced up Urban Design, Chris Choo, during one of my browses in Renotalk. We decided to call him and met up with him in his showroom at Balestier Rd.

During our first meeting with Chris, simple discussion such as budget, collection of key, material views, concept of designs etc.

Chris is a realistic and frank person, this is something I like about him.

He worked and designed according to our requirement and budget. He doesn't quote us at low price and increase gradually till skyhigh which some ID firms are doing here.

When things or design doesn't look good, he will chip in his proposed ideas and the end effects are usually good and encouraging.

During renovation works, Chris oversee the whole process and keep us duly inform via whatapp with photos.

Due to the nature of our work, we were unable to be present most of the times, Chris also assisted in receiving our orders made.

Chris is a responsible and dedicated ID whom anyone can trust.

His frank and realistic character, with no hidden cost, readily decision making when things go wrong, impress us deeply.

Thank You Chris for your wonderful job and marvellous helps in making our house looks gorgeous.

Warmest Regards

Francis, Fiona, Felicia and Felix

Francis | June 7, 2016


Decided to choose Chris from Urban Design House Pte Ltd for my renovation for a few reasons.

He is the only ID (out of the other 4 contacted) who asked me for details about my flat and took down all my requirements on the first call and got back to me on all my enquiries. He pays attention to details and gives practical suggestions.

Many ID gives you a feeling that they are trying to hard sell their services, but Chris is humble and give frank opinions. He also did a good job in setting our expectation on what can be done with the limited budget we have and working within that budget.

Chris is also very patient with all our requests and some last minute changes during the entire renovation process, which we truly appreciate. When things can't be done, he will help us think of alternatives and kept us updated.

He is also good at managing the contractors. There was two incidences where the mounting screws were not completely fixed for the air con compressor. We insisted for the contractor to fix up all the screws as safety is of concern in the long run. Initially contractor was not willing and gave many excuses. Chris helped us manage the contractor and got them to install the mounting screws eventually.

On top of all these, the quality of work done by Urban Design is pretty good. It's a pleasant experience working with Chris on our renovation project and will recommend him to our friends for any future projects.

SY| Jan 2016

Sin | January 19, 2016


Dear All,

My hubby n I bought a resale flat with no renovation done. We sourced for 5 ids and finally decided upon urban design. The key reason was Chris and his frank nature. He was open to ideas and give us his opinion. 

He did not try to close deal with empty promises. We gave him numerous ideas and he tried to give it a life by explaining it to the  company designer. 

He made sure all the coordination were done properly. Our renovation was delayed due to the flooring supplier. The cause was due to the shipment and it was the supplier's fault. Chris tried his level best to expedite the process and help us. 

The best about his service is his after sales support. Any small issues we can count on him. Thank you chris for helping us build our dream home.

Saliha | November 11, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,
We have chosen Urban Design as our resale HDB Renovation Company and Chris as our contractor to in charge of this project, here I would like to express our appreciation for this company and Chris based on the following reasons:
1. The reason we chose this company is based on our budget. After doing some comparison with other design companies, I found that Urban Design would like to provide customers professional and practical suggestions which is suitable for both our house and our budget, instead of pursuing most profit from this project regardless of whether it is necessary. I think this is a responsible way. We gained this signal from Chris’s feedback when we met him at the first time, when we raised our doubts whether we should renovate this part or that part of our house, he told us honestly that we should or not, which gave us the feeling that he really stood him in the same shoes with us, not just gaining most profit and suggesting us to do all the changes so that they could made a lot of money.
2. Before making the 3D design effect diagram of our house, Chris made sufficient and positive communications with us to get to know our needs and preferences better, and he kindly reminded us to give him feedback once we changed or have new ideas to allow him to do adjustment for us timely, either during the design or construction process. Actually I found this really worked. Because during the construction, we found that some parts did not look as good as our imagination, so we gave our feedback to Chris, and he helped us to make changes before continuing the following step, which helped us to have our house to the greatest extend in both our imagination and its useful features.
3. Due to good communication, Chris’s design style meets our requirement. His design is based on our 3 principles, which are simplicity, modernism and elegance. He mainly used 3 colors for the whole house design, which are white, black and blue. Whenever we step in our house, peace and calmness brought by his design will be around us and I believe his design is professional and not easy outdated, which we both like most.
4. During the construction, Chris never says no to our requirement. When we have doubts or difficulties, he always offered us professional suggestions or solutions which made us appreciated. For example, in order to save money, we bought a lot of decoration materials ourselves abroad, which made conflicts with his construction schedule several times, but he always rescheduled his plan to cater our material arriving time instead of being uncooperative.

5. Chris always has good and timely communication with us when he or we has any new idea or uncertainty, and he always put our requirements first. I remembered that he even came down to meet us by giving some further explanation and clarification from Malaysian even when his baby was fell sick on Sunday Morning which touched us a lot.
6. Chris always offers a helpful hand to customers if possible. At the end of our renovation, he also offered us a helpful hand to collect our massive trash which was not made by their workers when requested. And he did not hesitate to help us to do some repair work for some damaged pots of our new furniture which doesn’t belong to his work. Although little things, we did feel his goodwill and help and therefore have a good impression of his team and company.
These are only a few examples of good service we receive from Chris and his company. I believe other customers will have more similar positive experience as us once they offer chances to Chris and Urban Design Company. Thank you.
Customer : Mr. Cui Yi & Mdm Qu Caiyan
Renovation house: resale HDB in Clementi
Date: 28 Oct 2015

Qu | November 2, 2015


Chris Choo from Urban Design handled the renovation activities for my new 4-room HDB flat. The design of the paint colors, kitchen, and wardrobe was very pleasant and very suitable for young couples. We are particularly happy with our new kitchen and wardrobes. Chris was very patient and communicative, not pushy and hard-selling, unlike many other interior designers we have talked to. The quoted prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommended.

Ian | June 20, 2015


Extracted from Urban Design House Facebook page:

Recently completed my house renovation with Urban Design. My ID was Alex Eh whom was efficient and reliable! Their quotation was way reasonable comparing to others, it was value for money engaging them! Do get a quote from them :)

-Nazirah Chillipad

Renotalk | May 29, 2015


Extracted from Urban Design House Facebook page:

Good group. Good job. Good design.

-Mymon Mat Mymon

Renotalk | May 29, 2015


I must say that the experience we had with Chris Choo was good.
When we first met up with him, we told him our budget and the concept we wanted for our new house. We were glad that not only he offered a reasonable quote (after comparing with other interior designers), he even made suggestions / ideas to make the whole house more cozy and practical.
During the renovation, he never fails to update my wife and myself on the works progression. He is always prompt in his reply.
At times when there are furniture or electrical appliances to be deliver to our new place, he is willing to put in that extra mile to receive on our behalf.

Overall, we are satisfied with Chris and his team for their great efforts and services!

Well done Urban Design!


Ryan | May 12, 2015


Hi, We're here to share my renovation experience with Urban Design House.

I choose Urban Design House after going through a round of comparison with 2 other IDs. Finally I trusted ID ChrisChoo because he gave a lot of advices on cost-saving design where no other ID has done so. He is a creative man, good attitude, that's impressed me and my wife.

We're just completed our 3R resale flat renovation 2 months ago. He did a really great job and complete our renovation in specified time. He truly listens to our needs and meet our expectation and tight schedule of 4 weeks at a very reasonable price.

After moving in for a month or so, we had a few minor faulty on my kitchen cabinet drawers. I gave him a call on Saturday, and by Monday, he had sent his carpenters down to take a look. Moreover, he came down to double check again on the next day without my asking. His after sales services is excellent.

I got impressed many of my relatives and friends who came over to see my 3R resale flat. Most of them have given me a positive feedback. I strongly recommended ChrisChoo to those who are keen to have their home renovate.

His designs are really great and ChrisChoo is always available to attend to us despite of his packed shedule. He always update us the renovation process daily and this is very important to me and my wife.

Overall, Urban Design House delivers quality works punctually, workmanship is good, value for money and most importantly is their after sales services was GREAT.

I really enjoyed working with ChrisChoo and I'm glad to not only get my reno done, but also formed a friendship with him. Writing this reviews is the least we can do for him in return.

Last, his on site supervising services was excellent, we feel happy for Urban Design House have a staff like him.

Mr & Mrs Teoh

NG | January 27, 2015


chris is one of the nice interior designers i have met. he was more like friend during my renovation period and so it was
easier for me to discuss with him regarding my requirements. He supervised the entire process which was really good.
When we came across a serious problem caused coz of drilling, the way he handled the situation and solved the problem
needs to be appreciated. He was so patient and matured while handling the issue and he bore the expenses for fixing the
problem too. A good interior designer should not only have the knowledge of the subject but should possess this kind of
attitude to face any kind of issues they face during the implementation.
At the end, i was very happy with his work and i would recommend him for sure.

Devi | August 26, 2014


I have just got my house done by Urban Design recently, by the way they have just shifted to Balestier Road few months ago.

The person in charge for my project was Susan Loy. She is very knowledgeable and patient during the sales stage in giving advise to client. Throughout the renovation, Susan was extremely flexible, patient and accomodating to our schedule. She is responsive and follow-up was terrific.

The key Strength I feel about UD are

- Strong relationship and management of the subcontractors/suppliers they use

- Prompt and complete follow-up. No questions ask, give us a piece of mind

- Good Scheduling and PM skills, on-time delivery of work

- able to provide experience sharing and advise to us during selection of material/color etc.

Most of all, UD delivers what it says it will do, while their price is somewhat mid-range, I wouldn't swop it a cheaper one. They gave me good assurances and security , especially post renovation follow-up warranty. Great service !

Extracted from Renotalk, 09 December 2013 09:44 PM, ktyeo2013

Renotalk | March 26, 2014


Hi All,
I would like to share my experience so that those of you who want to get a great ID done can benefit.

I recently (q3, 2013) had my house renovated under the professional care of Spenser Lim of Urban Design. We got quotations from several companies, but what stood out from Spenser was that he understood our design needs even before we described it to him. A common aspect of this industry seems to be they like to "recommend" not to do certain designs that are not profitable. However, Spenser was not only was flexible to our design needs, he went further to advise us on the best value for money option. Spenser was also very understanding of space constraints and gave us his expert advise whenever space was limited or a design was difficult to execute.

Basically, I describe his style as youthful yet experienced, modern yet flexible to clients' needs, aware of space constraints and looks at big picture yet gives attention to detail.

He is also great when advising us on other aspects that fit perfectly with the ID done; like curtains and furniture. This is important as the whole look is critical and not just aspects like flooring or paint.

Thank you Spenser and I am glad to have found you. Hope that you will continue helping many more people with your great talent.

Extracted from Renotalk, 03 March 2014 07:59 PM, kscorpio76

Renotalk | March 25, 2014


I would like to share my experience with Nicholas Teng from urban design whom I had engage in nov 2013. As all of us knows, it's nearing Chinese New Year and my concern is the time frame worrying if I will be homeless during Chinese New Year. For your info mine is a resale hdb with a lot of carpentry work (2 wardrobe, 2 feature wall, dressing table with mirror, kitchen cabinet, dining table, shoe cabinet, alter cabinet, display cabinet and storage cabinet (there's no store room in my house) and hacking of all the flooring and wall tiles. It is a major renovation with rewiring for the whole house. Initially he mention that he will try his best to get it done before Chinese New Year but I was glad that because the the situation I am in, renting a place paying monthly rental which is a cost to me, he actually expedite the renovation works and I manage to move in on the 18th of jan 2014. The overall experience is great, he is very experience and knows a lot regarding regulatory requirement. He will go on site to make sure that the work is done proper unlike some of the other interior designers who will just sub contract out and goes missing in action till payment time. I had made the full payment and realized there's a minor touch up to be done to my feature wall. I called Nicholas and the very next day he came up to have a look and will arrange for someone to come to my house within 2 days. So far it is a good experience and I would definitely refer my friends over

Extracted from Renotalk, 13 February 2014 03:54 PM, Joechew

Renotalk | March 25, 2014

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