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About us

3D INNOVATIONS was a one-stop solution for interior design & renovation company which was inaugurated as chern hock renovation in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strives to provide excellent services, creativity design & delivery quality finishing works to its highest standard. We has its own carpentry workshop aiming to ensure quality & material control for all customized carpentry work. Focusing on customer-oriented, we strives to fullfill its client requirement in prior meeting to their budget during our free consultation.


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10 review(s)


We were surprised that the same ID we engaged is still with 3D Innovations after 5 years of moving in to our 4 room re-sale flat. That goes to show the morale, stability and productivity of the company.

We needed experienced ID / contractors with good management and tried our luck to touch base with Jimmy once again.

In case you are looking for a reliable ID that will not blow your budget, pls feel free to contact Mr Jimmy Tan (Sales Manager) of 3D Innovations @ 8571 8531 / jimmy0339@hotmail.com

He is based at Bedok Mall Branch but is flexible on schedule and can arrange consultations with you at your convenience.

CAY | June 7, 2017


I had a very experience with the project manager, Jason Lin, who handled our home renovation. When he became aware of my increasing worry about minor delays, Jason quickly assured us that he understands our anxiety and is determined to make it a pleasant reno journey for us. In spite of unfavourable news he had to tell us like delay of permit and stuff, he nonetheless promptly replies to all queries we have and communicates any progress or not, timely.

He even came down to my office when it was not convenient for me to meet him for a discussion.
I am confident that our home reno will be a pleasant experience after all the initial anxiety has subsided and design on paper comes to live. Looking forward but so far everything has been pointing to the positives! Thanks Jason!!

Extracted from Facebook Azizah Bashir-Aquil?, 10 August at 22:01.

Renotalkadmin | August 23, 2016


Thank you 3D Innovations for making what we wanted for our home into reality. Special thanks to our fantabulous ID Dennis, for always being so patient and understanding towards our needs. He provided us very lots of professional advice and we are very grateful.

Extracted from Facebook Matcho Khan, 14 August at 16:55.

Renotalkadmin | August 23, 2016


While waiting for my 2nd appointment in HDB, I walked into an ID shop and was greeted by the shop manager, Melissa, whom I hired as my ID. Looking back, I am glad I made that decision as she is experienced, professional and pleasant to work with.

Alvin | April 11, 2015


I engaged Jayden to renovate my new apt and i am pleased that his team completed my project in a timely manner. Jayden is responsible, reasonable and easy to work. I am happy with the good workmanship for carpentry work. Anyone keen in engaging an ID for jse reno should talk to Jayden.

K | January 22, 2015


I engaged Grace Neo as my designer after my sister recommended her to me. She renovated both my and my sister's flats. We find her professional and pleasant to work with. Most importantly, she was responsive to my wife's calls and smses. Overall, we are satisfied with the workmanship and service.

Suresh | October 23, 2014


I have engaged 3D innovations last year for my house renovation. The places i have renovated are 3 bedrooms and the bathrooms. The price they quoted was reasonable. The overall design of the house was good and innovative. The designer was very initiative and patient. Although the renovation took slightly longer than expected but with the service and designs they have provided, i am satisfied.

Josher Ong

Renotalk | June 27, 2014


Jimmy Tan from 3D innovations got quite good feedback in renotalk. Mine also from 3D but not jimmy

Extracted from mycarforum, 03 August 2012 11:14 AM, Dafansu

Renotalk | March 25, 2014


Oh, I engaged him for my 5rm flat Reno last yr. Price wise, after comparing with few quotes that time, feel that theirs is the middle range one. To me, I find that their workmanship is good & most importantly he is very responsive.
I think most impt thing in engaging an ID is he must be easily reachable. Bcse as a layman, we don't know much on dimensions & design. So everything also must ask the ID's advice b4 buying the furnitures & other stuffs. So he's always there to answer my enquiries which this is something I'm very satisfied on his service. (",)

Extracted from Renotalk, 26 February 2014 11:06 PM, Icychew

Renotalk | March 25, 2014



I have engaged Jimmy to renovate my 4R resale flat in mid Nov 12. Like all, I am skeptical at first when I read about the many good comments about him in this blog. However after meeting up with him, I found him to be frank, know his trade well and his quotation was reasonable.

As I needed to move out and rent a place to stay during the reno, he agreed that I could move back after 4 weeks and for his, I must commend his professionalism in honouring this committment. He has a good team of workers and I am satisfied with the quality of masonry works. As for the carpentry works, there were some deviations but he managed get them corrected in a timely manner.

In summary, the renovation went through quite smoothly without any major hiccups. No doubt I had to continuously monitor the progress of the work and report any deviations, but Jimmy was pretty responsive to address any concern that arises. As my family begin to settle in and enjoy the new environment, we found that it is worth the price we paid for. And for that I would like to register my appreciation to Jimmy and his team for putting in much effort to get our place done up the way we have desired.

Alex Chum

Extracted from Renotalk, 24 January 2013 09:49 AM, alexchum

Renotalk | March 25, 2014

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