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  2. Hi can pm me the contractor contact and total renovation costs? My email is show26jie@hotmail.com Thank you 😃
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  4. TM Designer PTE LTD invites you to experience the art of building ideas. Their legacy is where lovely homes are built and smiles are created. Every client is personal to them and they want the spaces they created to represent the best of them. With a team of highly creative and experienced project consultants, quality builders, carpenters, and renovators, we will turn your dream home into a reality. There are so many options out there! With so many options to choose from, you may walk away from a purchase or design decision wondering if you made the right choice, the right quality. With all the design options, home decor, and interior designers out there we’d like to tell you what sets TM Designers apart. We are professional, humble and we vouch for the quality of our work and our contractors. We can praise ourselves a lot but you will only know when you start with a FREE quote from us! It’s more than a passion project. It’s more than a creative vision realized. Visit us at: 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-15, Da Jin Factory Building, Singapore 534963 Call us at: (65) 6909 8709 Fax us at: (65) 6909 8719 Email us at: enquiry@tm-designers.com
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  6. Hi! Can someone send me their PE contact to me too? Tqsmuch!!!
  7. Swing gate is best open outward(more space)! If authority come and disturb you, just ask them change for you. LOL(provided you don’t have CSC or TOP Cert pending with them) Sliding gate is one of the better choice( position outside) but you will need to setback from your boundary(meaning your whole front boundary must be hacked) if you position your sliding gate inside of your boundary, then part of your turfing/storage will be obstructed.
  8. Was busy with work and Reno, had been sourcing around for cheap and good accessories. Taobao do play a part. Attach my floor plan. Will try to take more on going reno pictures.
  9. Hi All, I replaced my faulty switch (switch for heater + light) point to point and has the following issues: 1) The switch for the light is working fine. 2) The switch for the heater is inverted - the switch normally in a "off" position is now on instead, the power to the heater is working in this inverted position. 3) Compared to my previous casing, there are 2 additional copper points, which I couldn't what to connect to or how to connect these. Hope someone can help advise this. Thanks.
  10. Data from Japan’s Finance Ministry on Monday (October 21st ) suggests Japan’s exports in September was down 5.2% from a year earlier. The figure has been falling for 10 months in a row, the longest consistent drop since the 14-month-decline from October, 2015 to November, 2016. Imports in September fell by 1.5%, and the total trade deficit is about 12.3 billion yen (1.1 billion in USD). Japan’s deficit for the past 2 quarters (April-September) totaled 848 billion yen, which can mainly be attributed to falling exports in the manufacturing sector, such as auto parts exports to China and semiconductors to South Korea accounts. The Finance Ministry noted that economic slowdown in China can have negative impact on Japan. The bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said that the central bank will continue its easing monetary policy to revive the economy, while paying close attention to impact of monetary policies on the financial system. Declining September exports will weigh down on the yen to a certain degree, and USD/JPY will likely drop to around 109.50. Daily pivot points for USD/JPY: 108.44--108.54 S1: 108.27 R1: 108.61 S2: 108.15 R2: 108.83 Source: WikiFX App
  11. Broker: AAFT GLOBAL Regulatory status: currently unregulated Complainant: Mr. Lin Cause of complaint: broker blocked withdrawal and manipulated account without authorization The fast-growing forex market in recent years has seen a proliferation of brokers, who apply all sorts of marketing strategies in order to attract more investors. Ambiguous or even misleading information is not uncommon in the advertisements of brokers, which can be shown in a recent complaint case WikiFX has received. Mr. Lin, an investor from Malaysia, accused forex broker AAFT GLOBAL of posting misleading advertisements, blocking withdrawals and manipulating his account, causing him heavy losses. Event recap This April, Mr. Lin was introduced to AAFT GLOBAL by an investment consultant of a financial institution. After signing up at the platform, he made several deposits under the so-called consultant’s suggestion. By closely following the market trend, Mr. Lin was able to make some profits in his later investment, though he didn’t trade frequently. His several withdrawals during this period were all promptly handled by the broker. In July, Mr. Lin suddenly need to withdraw a sum from the trading account, but after his application was successfully submitted, he failed to receive the money. What’s more, after his withdrawal requests remained undealt with for a week, Mr. Lin found his account was being manipulated without his authorization, which soon wiped out his entire account balance. Mr. Lin contacted the consultant who recommended the broker, but the guy first said Mr. Lin’s own maloperation was to blame and then said it was the problem of the MT4 software, and it wasn’t long before he stopped answering Mr. Lin’s questions. Mr. Lin also tried to contact AAFT GLOBAL’s customer service, but failed to get any helpful answer either. 2 months after the incident, Mr. Lin’s account remains empty and he still can’t get his money back. Analysis Notably, the broker’s name that Mr. Lin mentioned in the first place was “FIDUCIAN”, which couldn’t be found in WikiFX’s database; Through further investigations, WikiFX team found it’s introduction on the website of AAFT GLOBAL, though the connection between AAFT GLOBAL and FIDUCIAN remains unclear, the website seems to suggest that “FIDUCIAN” which swindled Mr. Lin is in fact AAFT GLOBAL itself. The broker’s website offers introduction in Chinese and English, and the Chinese version was not only poorly-worded but also give confusing and blurry description in terms of the broker’s regulatory status. The English introduction also appears suspicious. Per checking the WikiFX App, AAFT’s profile and qualification doesn’t match its claim on the official site. It has been in business for less than a year and is currently unregulated. With a low WikiFX rating of 1.10, the broker is very dangerous and investors are suggested to stay away from it. Conclusion WikiFX’s powerful database currently includes information of over 12,000 broker regulated by authorities from more than 30 countries world wide and is constantly being updated. As choosing broker is a crucial step during investment, if you’re not sure about validity of the broker’s information you received from other channel, you can always look up the broker on the WikiFX App or our official website to gain a better perspective.
  12. Have anyone use COURTS for renovation under their installment flexi scheme. Need some advice.
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  14. How much did you save on DIY furniture? It seems like you need to spend some money to get the equipment first too... is it still worth? how hard was it to build your furniture?
  15. what is the white PVC going across the kerb? for AC?
  16. I just finished the reno on my inter-terrace, used Charis - you can look for them... did a good job.
  17. Hello PWS, I'm also looking to do A&a to add an attic to my 2storey corner T. Maybe some adjustment to stairway but not planning big work for current two storeys. Can you share your builder info too?
  18. Looks like the cost is high enough. I even don't need to pay more than $10 monthly.
  19. Is this loan only available for Singaporean Citizen?
  20. oops, forgot to update earlier renovation started late Sep good progress made site meeting on 5 Oct with ID and carpenter; this was an important phase, as we had to make adjustments on site [e.g. unable to construct top-hung cabinet above kitchen sink area, as there is an access panel nearby, insufficient space remaining near kitchen entrance for proposed tall cabinet; this was initially designed for long items like mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc.] a few days before vinyl flooring installation, ID messaged me and said previous chosen "model" had some issue, so chose another "model" with similar colour scheme this week, carpentry and installation of powerpoints & lights, fingers crossed there will be no major hiccups when the rush is over, will try to document my journey in a wordpress site, currently still #WIP 2roomblog[dot]wordpress[dot]com
  21. Recent data from China’s Statistic Bureau shows China registered a GDP of 69,779.8 billion Yuan in the third quarter this year, a 6.2% growth year-on-year at comparable price. The agricultural sector increased by 4,300.5 billion, up by 2.9%; industrial sector increased by 27,786.9 billion, up by 5.6%; service sector increased by 37,692.5 billion, up by 7%. The steady growth of China’s economy is good news for currencies such as Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar, and the news of an initial Brexit deal between UK and EU boosted market risk appetite. The AUD/USD and other related cross currencies are good choices for investors. AUD/USD daily pivot point: 0.6788---0.6818 S1: 0.6774 R1: 0.6854 S2: 0.6723 R2: 0.6883 Source: WikiFX App
  22. UK announced a new Brexit deal On October 17th, Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he and EU leaders had agreed on a new version of Brexit deal. The news led to a surge of GBP. Thursday’s GBP/USD hit 1.2987 at its highest of the day and closed at 1.2889, up by 0.48%. Currently, the price is edging towards 1.30. Optimism and pessimism coexist While investors are eager to make profits from the pound’s rally, it remains a question whether the new deal will be approved by the British Parliament. It’s worth mentioning that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), regarded as a determining force of Brexit, had voiced clear disapproval to the deal, casting a shade of doubt on the Brexit outlook. The waves of skepticism in Britain also led to investors’ hesitation. Marvin Barth, the Macro Strategy Director for Foreign Exchange and Emerging Market from Barclays, pointed out in his interview with Bloomberg: “The unexpected outcome of the Brexit referendum in 2016 had caused the pounds to tumble over 1,000 points against US dollar, down to its lowest since 1985. Since the Brexit vote, the pound has dropped 13%.” EU’s Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier said he believes the agreement will be approved by late October. For the moment, investors’ main focus is how UK Members of Parliament would react before the Parliament’s emergency meeting on Saturday( October 19th ). Phil McHugh, Chief Market Analyst of Currencies Direct, said that if most MPs favor the new Brexit deal, the GBP may continue to rise against USD to around 1.35; but if the deal fails to pass at the Parliament, the pounds may tumble back to 1.22. Follow the latest trends of the forex market The forex market is sensitive, and incidents such as changes in a country’s economic policy, inflation and political factors all have direct implications on forex rates. Besides offering broker information search, WikiFX App also make timely and informative updates of forex news for investors to grasp the latest market trends.
  23. Free delivery brand new sealed in box 50% off SMEG FC40PXNF Refrigerator fridge Left Hinge Retail Price over @ $899, negotiable Free delivery weekday nights Item Description: -Reversible doors -Gross capacity: 389 L Dimensions: HxWxD 187x70x63.2 cm (66.3 cm with handle) Dimensions with door open 90 °: 75.5 cm (handle included). https://www.smeg.com/product/refrigerators/fc40pxnf4/ http://productdocs.smeg.it/st/FC40PXNF/userManual/GB
  24. Deepavali Festive Sale | Deepavali Deals | Deepavali Offers on HDDoor Most Indians across Singapore celebrate the Festival of Lights, marking the triumph of good over evil by lighting oil lamps on that day. Enjoy Great Discounts on Home Improvement Needs. Shop at HDDoor this Deepavali and Get cashback on top all promotion prices. T&Cs Apply. Call to our Sales Team: 65898484 (Office) | 87666971 (Michelle) | 94666676 (Jess) | 86455549 (Niko) | 88137317 (Jerome) | 91154094 (Leon)
  25. Two pieces of Wardrobe for sale. Dimension of each Wardrobe: Height: 210 cm Depth: 59cm Length: 100cm Price is $700 each (neg). Very good condition. Please contact me if you are interested. 91781998.
  26. It's been quite some time since I last updated. I have to change the aircon drain pipe design, it was bad by default. Couldn't clean the area behind the pipe where it touches the floor, black bacterial start building and climbing around the pvc cover, you can see those black bacterial lines on the left and right of the pvc cover. Paid $90 to modify this. Lesson learned is not to allow the pipe to go all the way down to your shower floor. I also custom made 2 new rattan chair. The dark brown version was retail version which I feel a white one would make my living room brighter and nicer. Also another reason to custom make so that I can make it lower so i can push the chair under my sitoca table. Unfortunately the maker still make it too high which I think is too trousblesome for him to shave of 1.5cm off the 4 leg base. So I accept it. Do you feel white is better? Another reason to custom is this binding rattan which cut my trousers, so I had him replace with mini nails. So now I have 4 rattan chair in my mini house. 2 lives in the bombshelter stacked up. Do you mind if your opposite neighbour throw their rubbish out at night and only clear it 9am when they go to work? I was quite mindful about ants and cockroach will come.....as long as no food material I think is ok, still I feel one should take the effort just throw it down the chute immediately. I have my first light bulb spoil after 4 years. I have a total of 13 Philips hue bulb, one finally failed, it still can work, just not able to show white light, so it become pink light by default when i turn it on. I have all Gen 1 bulb, will replace it with Gen 3 as long as they start failing. Philips hue bulb was suppose to last a long time, well I will see how long the other 12 bulb can last. I wonder how often you guys need to change your led bulb after you moved in? Does anyone have your led light fail within 5 years?
  27. Well, having a cash-flow is very good for any business, if you can invest it properly, resulting in more production or sales, but you should evaluate first if the outcome will be positive, because on such terms it seems like not that good of a deal. 10% fee is ok, but 5% from daily revenue can be a lot, so I'm not sure about this one. There are ways to get yourself a loan with better terms, like using services of Credit-10 SAR that provide the list of the loan companies. To be honest, I took a loan last year from a company that was listed on that site and managed to negotiate very good terms on it. It doesn't take much, all you need is to prove you financial stability and having a good credit score. In most cases, this will get you better terms than your current ones.
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