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  2. Hi Samantha, Am staying in the east and appreciate if you can share the pics and contact via PM. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Very nicely done. Am also looking to do some small renovation and appreciate if you can share the contact via PM. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Appreciate if you can share the contact via PM. Thanks!
  5. Hey All, Just a quick question, if I was to place a bet on say paddypower online for a football match whilst in Thailand, is that illegal? What is the deal regarding online betting here? I know no one will know anyway but just something I was wondering, obviously hull city vs liverpool today and I was thinking of putting a few quid down. Cheers
  6. Hey, recently i had just engaged a really good company. They were professional enough to explain the fault of my aircon clearly to me. And as my air con was really not fixable , they had also provided a vast variety of brand of air con for me to choose from. I decided to go with their service for the replacement of my aircon cause they are really professional and the price was also reasonable. You can check them out if you like... Their website is www.centuryaire.sg. Hope this helps. 😊
  7. Climbing, especially something treacherous like K2. Something like 25% of the attempts to summit result in death.
  8. Need some interior work done for your home?Or perhaps you are opening a new shop or commercial property, and you need somebody to spruce it up?Visit ArtDecor Design Studio, which specialises in interior design, carpentry, and contractor work for residential and commercial properties.With 50 years of experience under its belt, this firm will take care of your renovation needs every step of the way, from design consultation to project management and construction. The result is built spaces that are practical, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing. ArtDecor's customised carpentry services give their projects personal touches, creating a diverse portfolio that proves the firm's commendable construction capabilities. ArtDecor's projects often include custom furniture meticulously made by its team of professional crafters.You may have ran into some of their works in town:- MarryBrown @ Wisma Geylang Serai- Rise @ Marina Bay Sands- Luxly@Capitol- Asus@Bugis - Royal Taj @ Village Hotel Sentosa- And more~And their portfolio grows with every satisfied client!Their professional design-and-build services extends to residential properties, so nobody will miss out on their expertise!Want ArtDecor to add their special touch to your special space?Contact them at:Hotline: +65 6222 1702Email: sales@artdecordesign.netAddress: Blk 7 Defu Lane 10 #01-534 Singapore 539188Website: https://www.artdecordesign.net/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artdecordesignstudio/
  9. https://jump.wikifx.com/83348CF26389B46D Broker: ATRI Regulatory status: unregulated Complainant: Mr. Liu Cause of complaint: investor couldn’t withdraw Brokers on the forex market always strive to present their clients a perfect image, but sometimes such a flawless image may turn out to be a lie. Recently, Mr. Liu told WikiFX about how ATRI, a deceptive illegal broker, had rejected his withdrawal and suspended his trading account for no reason. Event recap This August, Mr. Liu was introduced to ATRI by an IB and started investment on the platform. Though still young and not very experienced, Mr. Liu still made considerable profits within a month through his keen sense about the market trend. Yet when he applied to withdraw part of the fund, the illegal broker’s risk control department suspended his account for alleged violation of platform’s restrictions, apparently not willing to let Mr. Liu claim his investment profits. Not only couldn’t Mr. Liu take his profits, he wasn’t even able to withdraw the initial deposit. After that, he contacted the broker’s IB agent for several times, but the latter offered no concrete solution besides prevarications and soon stopped answering his questions altogether. Up till now, Mr. Liu’s account remains unavailable and he still can’t withdraw his money. Analysis After receiving Mr. Liu’s report, WikiFX checked ARTI’s official website and its regulatory information and found the following 2 aspects that appeared suspicious. Firstly, The broker’s official website has both English and Chinese versions, but we noticed that the Chinese version claims the broker has NFA regulation, while the same information was missing from the English version. Secondly, we searched NFA(National Futures Association)’s official site and found that ATRI, despite its claim, is not among the brokers under NFA regulation. When looking at ATRI’s website, we noticed that it has made great efforts to impress investors as a compliant and strong broker. The broker claims to be a settlement member of prestigious global exchanges such as CME(Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and NYMEX(New York Mercantile Exchange), while boasting other highlights such as MT4 trading software and fixed spread. Fooled by the sense of superiority created by such false claims, inexperienced investors like Mr. Liu often end up suffering heavy losses from the illegal broker’s trap. But the false regulatory information reveals more about ATRI’s real status than any of its deceptive self-proclaimed advantages. Therefore, investors need to verify and cross-check a broker’s profile through multiple sources to ensure it’s truly compliant and credible. Do not rely solely on information from broker’s official site or advertisements. Conclusion According to WikiFX App, ATRI which is currently unregulated has been in business for less than a year and uses white-label MT4/5 trading software. The broker is rated at only 1.68 on WikiFX App, bearing significant risks, and WikiFX reminds investors to stay away from it.
  10. Today, the topic on wowclassicgp is still gold making of WOW Classic, it referred a new class, Warrior, which is more suitable for melee combat in the game. Making money is a very important part of the game, especially for these Warriors, since they always need gold to buy armor, shields and other consumables. When searching for methods to make gold, someone will suggest you to fish to escape from the other farming ways, which is also the basic way to earn cheap wow classic gold , but for the Warriors, there are some difficulties for them to farm. Warrior is good at soloing, so they are knee on the advanced equipment more than gold, in other words, they always spend all gold in exchange for in-game items, but they can't make much damage to the enemies for making money unless with much Rage. The Warriors are mainly divided into two categories, Tank and DPS, due to the different features, they can also use individual techniques to farm WOW Classic Gold. Tank Warrior Gold Making Honestly, Tank Warriors don't have much skill, except for Shield Block for defensive tool, so it can't cause great outgoing damage to the enemies. But it is still a must-have class because not all players can find tanks and take on the attacks from enemies. All in all, the best method for Tank Warrior to earn Gold is selling the service in trade chat, or seeking help for those who are searching for tanks through selling, which can bring you huge wealth at a time, but it is not always happening. DPS Warrior Gold Making Compared to the Tank, DPC Warriors can dish out extreme amounts of damage to the enemies, so they have more chances to make money with the help of a healer. Due to the sustainability and capacity of DPS Warriors is weaker than Tank Warrior, they are also taking damage while causing damage, moreover, they can't recover quickly with worse self-healing. The healer can help them recover some skills and farm together. Beyond that, there are some spots available to farm including, Plaguebats, living in Eastern Plaguelands, which can be killed easily by the Warriors, and dropping several valuable items, most of them can lead to steady gold creation. Tyr's Hand is a Scarlet Crusade fortified area, where the Warriors can meet many elite enemies, once killed them, you can obtain a lot of currency, Runecloth, Major Healing Potion and other high-level items. Surely, if you can't or don't want to farm all the time, buy now to relieve your stress. With only a little money, you can get WOW Classic Gold you need through other third-party trading platforms, but this is not allowed by Blizzard yet. WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
  11. https://jump.wikifx.com/83348CF26389B46D The AUD is very sensitive to the international trade negotiation situation as a major commodity currency, and given Australia’s nature of an export economy, the situation can be a growing concern for the Reserve Bank of Australia(RBA). The Reserve Bank Board emphasized that they’re ready to ease the monetary policies if necessary, which means the RBA may take additional measures to cushion the impact on Australian economy. According to the RBA’s latest meeting minutes, the board reviewed on November’s meeting the reasons supporting a further rate cut against a weaken global economic outlook. Meanwhile, board members noted that a faster increase of wages will be needed to keep inflation in the 2%-3% target range, indicating the RBA will remain in a quantitative easing cycle. As RBA is still assessing the effectiveness of previous QE measures, whether it will hold the interest rate unchanged at the meeting on December 3rd remains a question. If international trade negotiation come to a standstill, the RBA may further cut interest rate in 2020.
  12. I think really depends on individual. Settling all these by ourselves definitely can help to cut some costs, and its more flexible as you get to select what services you want to engage and opt out of those that you don't need. That aside, you have more options as well instead of being limited to the available options from the bridal house. Engaging a bridal house on the other hand might be more suitable for those who are busy or in a rush for time. Sometimes you will find packages with good deal too compared to ala carte prices. Everything is settled nicely for you so you can just enjoy your big day
  13. heard it from relatives that Ann Yu Li Medical Hall near Bukit Gombak mrt station is pretty good. maybe you can give it a shot
  14. Need a whole house makeover? Or looking for a minor renovation only in some area of your house? Our experienced interior designer will be able to: Provide you free consultation for space planning, design idea, material selection, etc Provide a cost saving advice that can meet your budget and standard Provide quote that is lower than the market rate (no hidden cost) Provide you a maximum level of service Get your quote now! Contact us at: +65 9715 6208
  15. yes i hacked the wall away.I didn't like the two sliding doors.i did a normal swing door instead.
  16. Hi. can you pls share his contact? My email: wyk9464@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.
  17. Hi All, recently found out something interesting to share about SYFE. -Easily invest in a global portfolio -3x diversified across assets, countries and sectors -Low fees starting from 0.4% p.a -Stay hands-free - all trades managed by Syfe -No Minimum Deposit Step 1: Upon receiving your friend’s unique referral code, you can sign up via Syfe’s website https://www.syfe.com/ Step 2: Complete the risk assessment to get a better understanding of your risk profile. Step 3: Confirm portfolio and proceed to create your Syfe account. Step 4: Click “Referral Code” to reveal the input field ". Enter the referral code "SRPVW9182" and click “Apply”. A green tick will appear if the code has been successfully applied. Hope you enjoy
  18. yep, as i expected to rarely close the sliding door, thought it would be good to keep the laminate colours similar flooring is vinyl, ID suggested vinflor brand. FYI, i chose another colour code intially, but had to change to another colour code, as the original colour code i chose, that particular batch had some QC issues. fingers-crossed this colour code is ok...
  19. paiseh, i used an ID, so glass door and shower cubicle was arranged by her, not sure which contractor. price was $1,180 and $900 respectively.
  20. I like that you color matching the living room shelving with bedroom storage as well. I like your flooring too.Is it vinyl , laminate or tiles?
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