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    To all forumers, i need your advice on the quotes i got here. I got a pm and he said the price he offer are all contractor price so i sent him what i want to do and compare prices with my Id prices. i realised the difference is too much so im kinda scared so please kinda advised. Red colour in Id offer and Blue in Contractor Price offer. 8FT Feature Wall at $1200 10FT Wall Mount tv console at $1380 8FT feature wall at $100per ft $800 10FT Wall Mount tv console at $1000 (Difference is $780) 15FT Top Kitchen Cabinet at $1800 18FT Bottom Kitchen Cabinet $2520 Box up piping is $350 33FT Kitchen Cabinet at $3200 (Difference is $1120) Box up piping free 6FT Wardrobe at $1440 6FT Wardrobe at $1200 (Difference is $220) Stainless steel piping for kitchen and 2 toilets at $750 Stainless steel piping for whole house is $750 Please advise on should i go for Id for straight contractor ? Quite blur now
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    Another update from ID: Bedroom doors are installed! Study Room (bag not included ) MBR
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    Just a recording of events in no specific order. The fun of blogging.
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    Bo-Liao-Ness Was at Ubi Ave 4 area today for my Fire Safety course at SCDF HQ just now at around 6pm... hahaha.. By the time I finished my blitz-dinner, it was already 6.15pm. My fire safety course starts at 6.30pm sharp. How? Aiya I was so near ma.. just go look see look see lor... heh heh The story of my un-curb-able enthusiasm for reno so far. hehe And so... bo-liao-ness & eagerness overtook me... So I went to drop in on #PoshHome showroom for a while.. Hoping to stress #CalvinTan a bit since it's his first day back from his long CNY holiday... hahaha.. but aiyah couldn't catch him.. Talked to this other guy at #PoshHome for a short while... If i'm not wrong his name is #Richard? better double check. hahaha.. but I remember that he was the site coordinator for one of the 2 site visits that i went for.. (see Post #7 on workmanship) It was the site that truly impressed me on their workmanship... (maybe because I gradually learnt what to look out for) He strikes me as someone who is very good with his technical knowledge & seems like a people-person.. not sure if he does design, but i will suppose I will see more of him in the future & fill you guys in.. hahaha... Exciting part comes - SOLID WOOD PLANK FINISHED PRODUCT! Okok! Exciting part! I learnt from #CalvinTan that their showroom would have samples of the finished solid-wood (see Post #7 for the pictures on the raw solid wood materials pre-treatment) delivered by today! So I had to quickly go and take a look with my own eyes!! EXCITED! I tell you, the sight that greeted me.... wah. I dunno how to describe. The feeling when you see the 2+metre tall solid wood plank.. and.. you know it is the one. You Must Have One. (Dont care already must convince CFO no matter what!! ) hahahaha i seem to be talking about my soul mate. hahaha... CFO should not read this part. *ahem* ANYWAY! HERE IT IS! (I think maybe.... hmm.. 2.2 metres tall?) Yeah in case you are wondering what they door on the right is, yep they placed it next to the toilet door temporarily i think. hahaha... toilet door also so swee. cannot stand them. hahaha... next time take pictures of the toilet interior to show you all. #Richard was nice enough to tell me that there were another 2 more samples on their 2nd floor, and I had to keep a straight face while he was talking so as not to give my excitement away. hahahaha.... They put them leaning up against the wall behind other furniture, so these are the best photos I could take without actually rearranging their showroom furniture pieces ahahahhaa.... Annndddd TADA here they are!The last photo is MY FAVOURITE! (not put up for clearance & approval by CFO yet, but ya, MY favourite!) Looks like they are thinking of creating a rectangular dining table piece from this solid wood plank. the grain is super duper gorgeous lor. so pretty. really. can't stand it. hahahahhahaa... This one should be about 1.5m tall? Just for you readers to estimate because I know how photos can be deceptive when it comes to estimating the size & proportions... Saved the BEST FOR THE LAST. In my opinion...this wooden grain is the most magical. (can't believe myself) hahahaha... I LOVE how you can see the beautiful bark of the solid wood piece at the side & that it's of this light hue... everything is just there in all its natural majestic beauty.. I mean if you take a look at the other 2 earlier photos, you can see the intact bark there at the side too, but there's just this X-factor about this particular solid wood piece. Also, the finish is superb. really give it to the guys at #PoshHome, great job on the finishing. Now I can have sweet dreams imagining my solid-wood-bay-window-cum-bench perched against my 3-quarter window in all its majesty & will have absolutely no qualms about it being one of the attraction pieces of my beloved scandinavia living area... Oh for estimates sake, this piece is probably about 1.6m long I think... Agar-ration. Oh yes, continuation on WALL PLANTERS (from Post #126): Sorry for the abrupt change in topic, but I finally managed to dig up this picture of the side-view of the proposed wall planter rack that #CalvinTan drew up for me... shows how the planter rack will lean against my living area wall... I thought I would still post it up here anyway for better conceptualisation of the design that he proposed to us... The pots will actually hang on the horizontal nyatoh light-coloured wood rods.. makes for easy arrangement & will be convenient for us to re-locate the plants to sunny areas and back...
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    Try not to get new & inexperience ID (even they tell u they have snr ID follow them) or else u will have nightmare like me bcos a lot of things won't get it right on the first time. I have supervise the whole reno and they are hardly there. Make sure u hold at less 20% of the payment till the end and pay the last 10% after 1 month after handover.
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    Totally agree that the vibes must be right and must be able to "click" with the ID. Else will be really tough down the road.. Jiayou for your search for the ideal ID!
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    Hi! I'm one half of this home, thought I'd contribute with my side of this home planning. Here's a quick review of some of the furniture places we've visited. Personally I like one-off furniture a lot, things that have a little bit of story in them. I'm always on the look out for such shops especially if they come at reasonable prices! Noden Collective They’ve got beautiful vintage furniture. A coffee table caught my eye but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, it was sold when we went there. The pieces are mostly one off, and we were told that they source their furniture from Europe. The staff are very friendly and unobtrusive, they let us roam around and will come to tell us a bit about the furniture when we asked. Their prices varies, I think it depends on how rare or which designer the furniture are from. Will continue stalking their website to see if they’ve got stuff we’d like. Like That One I’ve been stalking their flickr account for like the longest time! Was really excited to finally make the trip down to check out the place (it’s at Bukit Batok, for us staying at Sengkang it’s really far). And of cos very proud owner of a shelving unit. Will continue stalking their site, will purchase more stuff when we move in since we don’t have much storage space. Do check out their flickr account or website for what they’re all about. Galanga Living Was pleasantly surprised my office is just right across from this shop and got the chance to check it out a couple of times during my lunch hours. They have a lot of industrial furnishings and we fell in love with a bench. Hopefully it’ll still be there by February! Foresee we’d be making more purchases here. Things Your Mother Throw Checked this place out but didn’t stay for long. I think they have mostly local vintage furniture, the place was really small and cramped so it wasn’t really comfortable. But I think they’re expanding or something, check out their Facebook page. If you’re looking to get some vintage furniture, this could be one good place to start. Scanteak We bought a bed, chest of drawers and a laundry storage box just so that we could make it to $2,500 for free delivery! They also allowed us to put off the delivery dates. So far we’ve had really good experience shopping here, the staff are very attentive and friendly. For me I think we have enough of Scanteak furniture, I don’t want my home to turn into a showroom for the brand. We also went to Tan Boon Liat Building, thanks to a blogger who did an unofficial furniture listing for the building Journey East #03-02 They’ve got a huge and nice showroom, quite good selection of industrial furniture. But their prices were out of our budget and we didn’t really like anything we saw. I think I only liked the artwork they carry. Mountain Teak #07-02 They have really nice furniture with simple and clean finish. But the price is so out of our budget, besides we got most if not all of our teak furniture from Scanteak. The Shophouse #07-03 It was the first shop we stepped into. I’m not quite sure how to describe their style, I think like a bit mid-century, a bit modern, a bit ‘60s-ish and a bit retro. But we did liked a bedside table they had and their staff was really friendly. Most of their stuff like their sofas, coffee tables are out of our budget but it’s not that overly expensive. Will probably check out their accessories they have at their Tanglin Mall branch. More to come as we check out more places!
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    Oh I have the exact same Samsung washing machine for slightly over two years now! Bought the extended warranty from best denki and so far so good ! I called Samsung to level the washing machine twice (when I first purchased and when I moved here this Jan). Service is very prompt and the uncle even changed the hose that was damaged during move free of charge. Wanted a F&P dryer for aesthetic reasons too but changed to a 7kg electrolux dryer with auto dry sensor after the salesman at Harvey Norman showed me the flimsy interiror. Hope yours is fine
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    You can contact Ms May Ho from AMCONEXPRESS at 93862818. Of course she is still there and she is the boss. For those who want to buy from TaoBao, do a excel list with taobao web site address and stated the colour or size, please note there is a local delivery charges in China from one city to another. The charges is always stated in taobao web site where the item you want to order.