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    Nice! Anyway, the beauty of the house is always through decorating the home with furnitures and little stuff which I believe can be purchased along the way
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    If you have noticed our 3D drafts, we had decided to use black initially for the false ceiling edges. In the end, we elected to go with the darkest grey available to break away from the colour scheme from becoming all black and white. We will still be using black on all the door frames and household shelter door though, in line with the black frame glass doors and panels.
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    Hi greglhc, I really love what you did with your pad, especially the colour combination of your kitchen cabinets. In fact, it in a way inspired our colour combination of a cement-like quartz and wood laminates. We are using Nippon Vinilex 5000 and picked the darkest shade of grey available, 5087 Smoke Pearl.
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    My MBR ( To buy list wardrobe and study table): And my fav place so far, my sleeping area!
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    Hi bykaraane, thanks a lot for being happy for us! Tats nice.. I'm really excited too! Lots of things to be coordinated n tied down too, our housewarming event is coming up n from major reno to nitty gritty furnishing,deco n accessories purchases gotta be taken care of,don't tell me bout e packing n moving!!😱can't wait for e tedious part to be over n to be able to sit back in our completed house n enjoy our fruit of labour haha!
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    hii all air frieght delay by 1 day. here u go
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    our ID selection process Selecting ID to me was at first a very exciting task. then it got more and more tedious. Because Im in account management, I have the opportunity to run around to meet IDs during office hours, in between meetings of course! Anyway, i think I met up to close to 20 IDs and contractors. seriously an overkill. It was my job to find the ID and once i selected a few, my hubby will join in the discussion. I was finding IDs while preparing for my wedding which was in nov and planning for one of a national event in oct. omg... NEVER DO THIS! i nearly tore out all my hair. I started my ID journey in July because we heard news that our keys will be given in Dec. I'm the fussy kan chiong type of person and dont want to be caught unprepared and with my pants down. SO! here we go!! We did our ID searching in 2 batches. in July - Aug and in Dec. I submitted my floor plan to places like renotalk and other websites and the contacts just start to pour in. I set my budget at 15K. my actual is at 21K but i want to weed out the real and fake IDs. Those tt can do my hse in 15K, i will read their quotation like a crazy person for any hidden cost. and plus, i wanted a buffer in case i wanted to add on stuff later. We did our homework by scouring renotalk and other sites for reviews of ID that we met. The top 3 IDs that we liked, had very little to no reviews. So we trusted our gut insticts and advise from family and friends. These were the outstanding ones that I remember out of the few that I went. The rest that i met, either after first meeting they never got back to me or i didnt leave an impression. July - Aug IDs Lionel from Absolook (dropped) Lionel was the very first ID i met. In fact, his company was the reason i started my frenzy in finding IDs. His company contacted me through fb. He came down to my place very late at night to go through his standard package for me. hubby and me had good vibes from this guy as we felt that we could click. But after awhile, when comparing his quotes and getting abit wiser from meeting more IDs, i realize that there might be some hidden costs here and there. and also, he was supposed to provide me with a revised quotation which he did not. so we dropped him. I guess my budget too small. D'Trenzo Inspire(dropped) OMG this company left a bad taste in my mouth. Their organisation skills are very poor. I have nothing against the ID but i seriously dont like his manager. Firstly, when they contacted me, the manager contacted me. After that, another guy from the same company contacted me. Both didnt seem to have communication with each other and both asked me to submit floor plan. when i pointed out that they both were contacting me, the manager first told me to ignore the other guy. Since the manager contacted me first i tot "heck. okie lor..." end up i was very rudely called and after a few verification of the situation, he handed me off to the other ID in a bo chup and rather rude sms. . LOL I met the ID. The first impression he gave me was not good. He took out the WRONG floor plan. When the right plan was taken out, he wasnt listening to my requirements or what i wanted. he just kept on telling me what is good and what others did.. etc. by the time he drew out a draft, half the things i wanted, was not inside. i dont like wasting my TIME. Lastly, He didnt drive. now..... im not against ppl who dont drive, ****, i dont even drive. But i worried that if i gave him my project, he may not visit my site as often as others with cars will. I dropped him immediately after i met him. Rest and Relax (dropped LIKE A HOT POTATO) Met at expo. er... again, another ID who doesnt listen and further more INSULT me. say that my budget so low, how to do nice. told me minimum is 40K. ARE U CRAZY?! i 3 room flat lei! i MUST have bought a 3 ROOM BTO because I dont have tt big a spending power right?! THINK! And the worse part is that every ID so far had allowed us to take back their standard quotation or draft quotation. She didnt allow me to. Even tried hard selling me to sign up now, put deposit for designer drawing. Faith interior (dropped) Nice boy i met. abit too young. he's actually my age. but when i asked him how long he worked in this industry and in the company etc, i can see him skirting the question. that made alarm bells ring in my head. so nope! Famous Mr K(dropped) M K... we dropped him because his quotation was nearly the same as one of the more expensive designers that we talked to... but without design. and he spoke in chinese which i felt was hard to communicate. but he was a nice man. Maurice from 3d innovation(shortlisted) We had super alot of "great" ideas and wanted to incorporate every single one of them, like hidden doors and 80x80 homo tiles. But instead of laughing at us or telling us no, Maurice would thoughtfully look at us then explain why it was great but not practical. He used himself as an example and put himself in our shoes and tried to understand why we wanted what we wanted. He has sort of the ah beng uncle look. I guess my hubby being quite.. "ah beng" had abit more click ability with him. He was easy to talk and laugh with. never felt embarressed about our low budget with him. in fact, he asked us one important question that no one asked. "how long u intend to stay". AH! the golden question! we didnt intend to stay in our flat long because my hubby is the only child and his parents are old. we plan to move back into his parents home if they needed us. He advised not to go crazy and do too lavish a reno. stick to our budget so we can have left overs for our furniture. Do a simple reno. My hubby liked him very much. He was in our top 3. Ended up dropping out of the race because we wanted to shortlist only 2. Allen Nah from Thom Signature( Top 2) Allen was someone who was in the top 2. I gave a review about him somewhere else. Allen left a deep impression in my mind. No hard selling. He was actually recommended by a very close friend and future neighbor. Again, another Ah beng which my hubby could super relate to, since he was about the same age. But dont let the ah beng look fool u. This guy was good at what he did. He carefully listen to my requirements then finally dug out from me, what i really needed. He was the first ID to point out a design flaw that I never realized with my L shape cabinet. He solved it by thinking out of an idea to help me reduce space wastage in the dead corner which i felt was very cool and futuristic. My hubby was originally very adamant about signing with Allen. The price, the clickability and also Allen's sincerity. During our meetings, allen will answer calls and the way he handled situation with his workers impressed us, calm and direct which i feel will be good during reno. but I was afraid that Allen will not be able to match up with My ID's designing skills. He was very much in the running that so much so, one week we were about to sign, we were still considering Allen. But our ID gave us too good an offer that we couldnt resist. Johnny formerly from Plush Living (releasing his name now as I reciving many PM for his name) I met my ID the same day as I met Maurice. My ID from the first time he called, he was very PR. He did my ex colleague's flat before. so the first thing he did was facebook me! haha talk about smart. We had a very nice chat and he got me to come down to his office. I am the type of person who wants ppl to come to me, not i go to them. But there was something about him that made me go to him. Anyway, met him at his office. He showed me several works that he did and the first thing tt came to my mind was " i LIKE!". I gave him a problem of not having enough space for a table and he on the spot drew me a design of a hidden table. Now, this is not the first time i heard of it, so its no big deal. but what impressed me was how he solved the problem i had. A hidden table is great, but the problem with it is the hinges. My hubby is in the furniture line and he highlighted to me before that hinges after awhile, will wear and tear and become misaligned. My ID solved it by using simple methods which i loved. I cant disclose the method because its his idea. not nice to share out here. This hidden table idea and solution was one of the reasons i have confident in him that he will be able to solve functionality problems in our design plus, his design was pretty strong. He listened to every idea i had, gave suggestions and counter idea. He was from a "big" company and was an assistant manager. He was the only one who followed up with me from July till the day we signed which was in Dec. Talk about perseverance. Throughout our search, he was always giving me advise and insider information without even knowing if we will sign. I did my homework by talking to my ex colleague and her process with him. Had pretty good reviews on his attentiveness to detail and responsibility. I wanted to sign with him, but his offer was quite over budget. And hubby was very keen on another ID Allen, and will only give me the go-ahead if his quote was nearer to our budget. I explained to my id that another ID was giving us a better price for the same items. And that my budget is burst if i sign with him. I really didnt want him to waste his efforts of following up with me for so long. So he went back to his management, talked to them, and gave me a new quotation. The new quotation was brought nearer to my budget. Signed with him because he put in much effort for us to talk to his new boss. *By the time we wanted to sign with him, it seemed that his original company (Plush Living) had merged with another company. =( i didnt like the new company at all, it had a reputation!! And some items he could originally give us at his old company, couldnt be honored in this new one. but i wanted the ID so bo bian. just pray hard no cock ups. We finally put our deposit in on Jan.
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    ya.. i realized that not many 3 rooms in this blog when i was doing my research. so i decided to TRY to blog so that in future others can use this info. and congrats on ur keys!! its an exciting feeling when u get keys! haha.. my house is going to be VERY cramped thats for sure!! my living room is super TINY! I pm u my id name. THANKS! =DD =D hopefully he wil continue staying great! oh its 2011?! haha my stupid brain keeps telling me 2010.. then like tt its fast! we actually balloted 7 times before we got parcvista. originally got WW2.. but the price was so much different for a flat across the road. so we gave it up and then parcvista came up. faster ballot liao! mai tu liao!
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    WIW =))) Edmund has very limited options of the door handles for us to choose from as this door cannot have mechanism-kind of handles/lock. He actually suggested me to source from taobao, but I'm too lazy to search and i couldn't wait for the completion of this door! The wall color on the outside is also Granite from ICI =))) Expedit shelving unit from Ikea which i mentioned in my earlier post that i will be using it as an island. Wall color in this room is Latte from ICI, carpet from taobao which i think is overly pink! It looks alright from the picture, but in real life, it is really pinkkkkkk..
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    Some of the furnitures that we bought: Mattress from Maxcoil at Posturecare: Got it when it was on some sales @ $760 0r $780 (can't rem as we bargain and bargain, hehe), U.P. @ $1,299 or something. Managed to get 4 free pillows + 2 mattress protector! Sofa from Notion Design: Initially wanted to get chesterfield type of sofa, but it was so expensive in SG. Came across some facebook page, this 3 seater sofa is about $700++ at a strictly no-bargain place. lol Carpet from Taobao. Living room looked kinda empty with no coffee or side table. Still sourcing for a suitable one and since it was no urgent, we took our time.
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    If you guys has been browsing on Ikea Hacks or Pinterest, those people are amazing! They could transform many ikea furnitures to many purposes! I have this old (really old) Kullen 5 chest drawer from ikea which was in brown-black color which i totally wanna change the color. Went to that paint shop in Geylang again, and that lady was like telling us no paint/primer can adhere to furniture in laminates finish unless we would consider to sand it down. She actually suggested us to get wallpaper sticker to paste over it instead. To sand it down, is too much work ! Well, not giving up, back to my research on pinterest, majority uses this primer brand called "Zinsser". I googled and found there is a distributor in Singapore! We painted about 2 coats of the primer & 2 coats of the oil based white paint with a paint brush as rollers won't work. Stick some accessories that i bought from Taobao. And viola! I like it ! Except for the 3rd row if you notice is done up by hubby which obviously shows that i have more patience . Hehe! Initially we used a kind of glue from Daiso which is useless, and it drop 1 piece in every other day. Went to spotlight again, and bought polyurethane glue which states "super strong". Actually, the right way is to stick and clamp it for few hours. We didn't have a clamp to work with, so i used pegs & scotch tape (LOL). Kinda worried that the scotch tape would cause the paint to peel, but luckily it didn't! =)))
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    I was too preoccupied with cleaning the flat that I completely forgot about buying a wok. I only discovered I'm missing a wok when I was about to fry my noodles for lunch! so I had no choice but to use my tiny pan which is for frying eggs and pancakes. It's quite a challenge using such a tiny pan but it worked! photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr
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    This is beautiful! Can PM me where did you get the paper? Thank you in advanced
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    Distressing of clock (con't)... Painted some 'rust' on the clock.. And some 'scratches' too...
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    For the first time in my life, I spray painted a fan It belonged to the seller but I'm keeping it as it is still in good condition. The first few minutes were much of a struggle as I held the can of spray too close to the fan and the paint kind of splashed back on my hands. some parts of the paint were too thick and as a result there were visible blobs. The end product definitely didn't look like a professional job but it was quite fun! The fan in it's original colour With its new coat of paint..
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    It took about two half-days to get the laminates mounted. And this is how the tv console/feature wall look now The tv console is a suspended peg-shaped structure that wraps round the wall. Both sides of the wall are laminated. It's about 80% complete. Next week, ID will be putting up black water pipes at the left hand side of the tv console. I've asked for some wire mesh shelves to be installed with the pipes so that I can display my knick knacks, but I'm not sure if he is agreeable to the idea. Really can't wait for the entire thing to be completed. And I'm very thankful that my ID has so much pride in his work that he is willing to get his hands dirty. kudos to his parents too! On the opposite side of the tv is my new sofa from IKEA. I love the colour! It goes so well with my wood tiles and white walls!
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    Im considering getting a small mobile island for the kitchen, which will double up as a table for coffee or a quick meal. Saw this black one which is of the right size and height. Shall kiv till great singapore sale!
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    Sorry for the lack of updates. The flooring laminates and cabinets have been up. I shall let the pictures do the talking. The workers still working hard to complete it despite it was quite late. Loving the cosy feel along the walk way. Shoe cabinets - frankly speaking when K suggested us to use this laminate, I was quite apprehensive. Now looking at the end product, I must say I m loving the feel. Like the vintage look My wardrobes Sorry for the blurness of the pics as I took some of the pics with my hp. Shall upload more pics when its completed
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    Oh ya... what happen to your tv? Where is it? are you going to wall mount? Or place on the console?
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    I thot highest unit shld have higher ceiling? My 4-room HDB unit is on top floor, and the ceiling is definitely higher. My curtain height are already more than 8.6ft and that is measuring from the false ceiling to the floor.