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    Hi, anyone using WMF cutlery set or pans? Noted that they are having promotion at some places but dunno good or not. Wanted to get a cutlery set for my new home. Also, i read that there are two versions....made in China and made in Germany. Are there any difference between these two? Any feedback is appreciated
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    I opt out from hdb too. Got my own doors . Glass door for my mbr toilet but same wooden door for common toilet
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    I have one in my current room. To save space, I did a 3 door sliding wardrobe and requested one of the doors to be a mirror. In this way, I need not have to separately allocate a space for a mirror. I don't have a separate cost for it as that time I was refurbishing my room preparing for marriage, and the contractor gave me a lump sum quote. I did a bedframe with backlight, dressing table with mirror, some cabinets above the window, minor electrical work and the 8 foot wardrobe at $3500.
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    It is ok for ID firms here to promote their services. But do it openly, and pay the forum advertising costs. Don't be so cheapo posing as a home owner!