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    Got my keys in late Dec 2013 and finally after months and months, weeks and weeks of meeting IDs, contractors of all shapes and kinds. When most of the neighbours in the same estate have already moved in.(Sometimes, do feel abit awkward when the neighbours have already moved in for months and we are at still at the prospecting stage of the renovation, meeting IDs,contractor at our flat for dicussion.) After countless of meeting, we finally managed to commission a ID to do up our BTO flat and the works will be starting on friday. Our ID have also drafted a plan for the delivery of the work. Friday- Haulage work Saturday-Tiling and meeting the electrician (Will consider to get my contact if the price is too steep). Monday-Build partition, Aircon installation, Aluminium work measurement Tuesday - Vesak Day(No work) Wednesday - Electrical work, Glass works measurement Thursday - Painting of flat Friday - Painting of flat Saturday - Painting of flat( Delivery of items required for renovation items, lights, storage heater,kitchen sink,tap,mini spray, spray valve, miscellaneous accessories, cooker hood and hob ) Monday - Lights installations
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    After being a silent reader of many reno t-blogs and many PMs exchanges for ID contacts, I have finaly (and reluctantly) decided to start a t-blog to document our reno journey, learning process, and sourcing tips etc with fellow forumers and future readers. Have taken too much good info from this forum and this is our small way of giving back to this lovely and helpful community in Renotalk. First and foremost, like any other reno t-blog, our floor plan. Right from the start, I knew there's some design flaw (oh well, it's HDB BTO, either take it or leave it) 1. There's no way to hack the kitchen to create open concept, and my wife have to forget about any kitchen island. 2. Placement of dining table gonna be a challenge (I actually use this as one of my key selection criteria to determine if an ID is giving much thoughts about space planning, or they are quoting for the sake of quoting only). Some ideas/themes that my wife and I like, and inspired after reading many pages of t-blogs and other online sources ....
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    I HAVE A SHAMEFUL CONFESSION TO MAKE. Erm... I lifted a big portion of my wedding speech off the Google search for "wedding speech samples in singapore". Wahahahaha! (Aiyah I did add my own personal touch to it of course... Don't judge me too quickly ok.. Hehehe..) Well well.. CFO & I decided to overwrite #CalvinTan's decision to use the V02 Pioneered Oak, and instead, we are going for V03 Eden Oak #Alsafloor vinyl flooring! (And I cannot stress enough that it's with #CalvinTan's respected approval once again... ) V03 EDEN OAK IS THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE!! (V02 Pioneered Oak is the one on the left in case you want to know) Just prior to deciding the exact #Alsafloor colour choice to proceed with, CFO & I popped down to the #PoshHome showroom & physically compared the #Alsafloor sample piece (the one that #Bilrich sent over to #PoshHome) against the chosen #PoshHome TV console (for reference)... And it was a SUCCESS!! Woohoo! COLOUR COMPARISONS OF V03 EDEN OAK AGAINST TV CONSOLE - TOP VIEW COLOUR COMPARISONS OF V03 EDEN OAK AGAINST TV CONSOLE - OF THE FLOOR (ignore cement screed if you can) Anddddd... With that, #CalvinTan will coordinate seperately with the #Bilrich flooring installers for the right renovation progress phase to pop in and overlay the #Alsaflooring for my dream house... See ya'll again!*poof!* (magically disappears)
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    Bedrooms towards living room
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    finally went down to recce the furniture stores after gathering some info. my priority is mattress then sofa. 1. ANZ - jalan indah sales service (mei leng) is good and friendly. not pushy at all. pricing definitely on the high side. variety limited. 2. Luis - jalan bestari 2 (attracted by the tentage outside their store and the big dunlopilo signage. found out that its their 1 year anniversary) sales service (angeline) is good and friendly. not pushy at all. pricing definitely on the high side as they are having the 2012 models mattress. have mainly dunlopilo and king koil 3. hup lee sales service is a total turn off. was a young lady but didnt get the name. kept pushing for slumberland when we insisted on dunlopilo and unwillingly showed us to the dunlopilo models they have. asked her for the price of a model and she gave a "sure or not" expression. immediately ignored her and walk out. pricing is also high. requested for the price of a particular model mattress and was quoted higher than the previous store. told her the price that was quoted and she immediately say she can negotiate on her price. decided to leave on the spot. variety limited. 4. Gucca italy - taman molek sales service (zack) is good and friendly. pricing acceptable. was really interested in their latex topper and 1 of their mattress model. but dont really know about their review. inhouse brand mattress. was also attracted by 1 of their sofa set 3+2+1 for 6300rm. good buy for cow leather imo.
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    here's some info for all who are interested. JB do not have furniture malls. only shops in different tamans. the shop i buy my furniture will take 30% deposit and balance pay in cash upon delivery ( satisfied den pay, if not they got to bring back n exchange) there is one shop my fren bought his furniture near best mart. mus pay 100%. the delivery man sent the goods few days earlier than agreed. my fren was at work ... they jus left everything outside his house and the goods caught some rain. glass dinning table scratched at the frame and glass top... never pay in full when you place order ok... compare and ask lots of questions Near Bukit Indah :Jalan Sutera Danga - Best mart area got many shops ( Near to 2nd link) can skip the shop name IxxxxxZa that's the one gave my friend problem Tmn Molek :Jln Molek 1/X behind HSBC bank got quite a few... however i find the pricing a little steep. but it depends on what you are looking for ... Tmn Johor Jaya: Jln Ros Merah Jalan Skudai, from Senai towards JB Town, the Giant, Taman Impian Skudai (bought my tv console and dining table there) future sofa will buy from the neighbour singapore imports furniture mainly from china and msia. the greatest benefit i enjoyed buying from jb is different design at cheaper pricing. total my saving for tv console, sofa, dining, toilet accessories =S$2000 Comment and experience of buying furniture from jb
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