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    Anyone have contact to reliable aircon serviceman? I used to give ah boon from star cool but I guess he's really too busy... I wait for his reply till my neck became giraffe.. Guess it's time to switch... Thanks for help.
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    Your house already looks fantastic!
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    Presenting... [http://jumbobnb.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/presenting/] Thought we would document Jumbo before we destroy it. After more than 3 months, here is our final (more or less) product – Many thanks to our photographer for taking the photos! Living Room (s) Blinds Up, Blinds Down:
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    Hi JohnB, Din expect to see the Pandomo Floor & Wall recommendation here. Saw it at a Taiwanese renovation program and love the look and effect of it. Care to share how much is the quote for the flooring? If price still meet the budget, I would love to have it for my next new home. Thanks
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    Hi JohnB, Nice reno works going on there and will love to see the final outcome. Will you kindly share with me on Kelvin's contact for changing the door's arm thingy please? Thank you in advance,
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    cant wait to see your final product!
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    hello! Looks like your house is going to turn out great!! =D will frequent your t-blog for updates haha !
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    Hi, I've recently rented a room in an apartment and found that after just a couple of nights, the noise from outside was really loud despite being on the 13th floor. After closer inspection, I noticed that there are large air gaps between the window fittings (as can be seen in the photos - light coming through gaps) which show absolutely no sign of sound proofing whatsoever. I feel that these windows were probably not originally designed for a bedroom! Does anyone have any suggestions that could temporarily dull out some of the outside noise? It doesn't have to be perfect, but a small reduction in noise could make a big difference. I'm only here for 4 months so only temporary and cheap DIY methods, tricks or tips would be viable. I appreciate your time!
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    Hi, We happened to meet two other victims of Whites D'Zigno on the day that we had to go to small claim court for our renovation issues counselling. They were been counterclaimed by Whites D'Zigno (Lawrence Seetoh) when it was the company's fault in the first place. They are still in the process of SCC procedures. Do hope that you would be able to seek redness on your issue. Do not let them go scot-free with our hard-earned money.
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    Snapshot Equip-Design & Supply Pte Ltd is an award-winning premier specialty supplier of fine architectural locks to end users and the trade. We carry top international brands for quality locksets, cabinet knobs, pulls and locking mechanisms. Leading global brands carried include Baldwin, Kwikset, Fusital, Valli&Valli, Linea Cali and Mestre. We have been beautifying homes since 1974, a 40 years service to the homeowners and the trade. Award Winning Equip-Design was awarded the distinguished Asia-Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2007 at the Gala Awards event hosted at Genting International Convention Centre on 24th February 2008. It is a milestone achievement in the history of Equip-Design to be recognised for this prestigious brand award, along with other winners such as Singapore Airlines, Shangri-La, Nokia, Louis Vuitton, L’OREAL, and Astro. Equip-Design & Supply Pte Ltd is located at 68 Orchard Road, #05-09 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238829. Call (+65) 6338 3838, Fax (+65) 6338 3737, Email equip-global@equip-design.com for more information or visit our website at www.equip-design.com.
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    Haha, your painter salah, it's not pink at all. You'll love it! Nice and bright I'll add another wise saying that I always hear: "Happy Wife, Happy Life"
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    Hi, I am just starting my reno and stumble upon this thread. I saw a lot of good feedback from forumers on your thread. I need 4 fans for my house and i am looking at something that is matt black. Can you share with me some of the brand that have matt black finishing? Also kindly indicate the price. If you can also share with me some catelog for the lighting it will be awesome. Thanks
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    Oh dear, did you go to a generic hardware shop? Those prices are retail prices I believe, Choo chiang sells them at wholesale prices. You should really check them out. Yes, the part about the LED is true, but LEDs in general can last for very long, but then there might be even better designs. Another thing you have to take note, are you fixing these switches just the front panel itself or there's a fat box behind? This nice switches wouldn't look nice with a box behind .... that's how I feel. My ID had given me these MK switches. they may probably look nice if it's just the front panel, minus the yellowing box behind ... But it looks generally plain and cheap, it's $1.70 for the one gang at Choo Chiang. Asia Excel! I like their services. I got taps, instant heaters and bidets from them. I noticed the franke sink, but it was out of my budget, so I gave it a miss, much to my regret, it was perhaps another $100 more than the one I got. My sink was from Chuan Heng (at Jalan Besar), it comes with an attached dustbin for convenience, it was a big mistake. Please don't ever get any sink like that ... The leaking sink I've sealed up that dustbin 3 times with silicon, doesn't work .. Eventually I sealed it up completely with aluminum tape. From a user's point of view, I would also recommend matt surface rather than shiny surface, because it's hard to prevent scratches on a shiny surface, water marks will be very obvious also. But that would be your preference, I'm just sharing my personal opinion.
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