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    So over the past 2 weeks, we were busy with choosing our electrical appliances and receiving deliveries etc! Chemical washing was also completed; though the floor still feels a bit dusty even after mopping everyday Defects were minor and few (mainly with carpentry, just a few scratches here and there that could be covered up easily), and they were dealt with promptly by our contractor! We are still in the process of moving in things bit by bit, and sourcing for more furniture, though we estimate to fully move in only in May Some photos to share! Still undecided on our living room TV console Our 1.8m long dining table! At first we thought it would be too long (with the chairs) but it turned out great! Really love the warm glow of the Edison bulbs Our nesting table, Tiffany blue sofa from Castlery. Cushions from Taobao! Comfortable bar chairs from Castlery! Our entertainment room! Bean bag lounge chair set!
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    Hi pal, Thanks for your enquiry... appreciate very muchy.... Hv PMed u liao.... hope u'll save some bucks n buy me KOPI.... ​ pal
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