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    Sharing our experience with Rezt n Relax Interior design Senior designer: Stuart Sales designer: Cindy Points of view: During our initial negotiation process, cost of items such as Kitchen glass panel, kitchen cabinet kerb, plumbing services was not brought up and thus not included in the contract. ID had left these items out during negotiation (not sure if they are intentional) to match to my budget, though they were aware that I want the kitchen glass panel. Thereafter duri...ng renovation, ID would call to inform that the items was not included in the contract and therefore require additions to the variation order. Situation 1: 3D picture includes the glass panel in the kitchen (between top hung and bottom cabinet). As consumers, we do not know what items are included and which are not. For instance, the blum system dishracks was not stated in the contract and yet it was included. Situation 2: The kerb for kitchen cabinet was not included in the contract and ID requested to add onto the variation order. A reasonable Senior Designer would have known that installing the kitchen cabinet would also requires the kerb to be done. As a consumer, we would not know that these 2 items are separate as all we need ultimately is the kitchen cabinet to be there. Situation 3: Do note that plumbing services is not included in the contract, and will be charge separately. If possible, you may request them to state in the contract so that everyone is on the same page. This will allow you to know upfront a more reliable estimate of your renovation cost, and perhaps for your own comparison purposes. Word of advice: Do ensure that the items you require are included in the contract, thereby giving you a more complete picture of the renovation costs to be incurred. As for the 3D pictures, if possible, remove those items that were not part of the items negotiated as per the contract. Please move in only after the handover as what we had encountered during the touch ups was, ID responded that those defects were created by the developer and it was there before the renovation process started. This is to prevent ID from pushing their blame to others. Disclaimer: The above is solely based on my own personal experience and therefore should and only be used for referencing and the purpose is not to affect the final decision of the consumers.
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    thank you ricepapergirl!! will post pic one by one.. still very messy.. haha. moving house is a huge headache.. now I am hunting a few pieces of furniture to compliment the house as well as storage! haha. too many books.. my house so many issues.. Actually I am quite fortunate this ID is reliable and will still help to solve the problem after we move in. =)
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    Do you still have Electrician Keong's contact? can PM me? Many thanks!
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