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    I heard from my friends ( they engaged Absolook as well), their pricing for electricians works can easily cost 5k plus and is much more expensive than others ID firm. Anyone who engage them, knows why? we are speaking to one of the ID now and he strongly discouraged if we going to engage outside for the electrician works and air con. ( engage them on both easily cost about 10k for a 4 room) Plus he kept forgetting on the stuff we told him, not sure if it is on purpose or really forgetful. (Both is equally bad, thou we know we cannot expect 100% perfect from him) but can really foresee his forgetfulness or act blur act dunno when comes to renovation, end up we might be paying more compare to what we receive. Thou he says whatever quoted now can be removed later after we collected our keys. But we believe it won't happen. (Happening to our friends now) We also noticed that he have very poor colour combination knowledge. The colours he advise are all different, from kitchen to bedrooms. -.-||| Rojak ah? Now, we are really unsure if we should engage him. Sigh!!! Absolook should really take note on the before and after services provided to customers.
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    oppz didnt see this. have to strike one ID firm off my list. thank you for the sharing!
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    hey bro, for window film 3m is really good but it is very expensive . i recently did a window film installation after comparing about 5 company i recommend this is the most price reasonable and good quality films they had 30+ types of films to choose and UV99% block and 85% heat reduction their service was prompt and excellent! PrestigeJ.com this guy serve me 8778 2899 Here are some photo when they are pasting, before and after...
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    Buying fan in JB Alot of t-bloggers mention they bought their fan in JB which is much cheaper as compare with the price here in Singapore. Therefore it's a no brainer that we should also purchase our fan in JB. So the next day morning, we drove all the way to JB to buy our fan. I have not drove to JB for quite sometime and I didn't know that nowadays the weekend traffic going in to JB can be so bad... We were stuck in traffic for close to 2 hrs just to clear singapore and malaysia custom. Luckily the return traffic was not as bad cos we decided to come out early to avoid the jam. When singaporean go JB to buy fan, usually they will go to tampoi lighting. We decided not to go tampoi lighting cos their pricing is much higher as compare with other shops selling fan in JB. Our friend recommend us to this shop, HT lighting at Bandar Baru Permas Jaya instead. Indeed the pricing is cheaper by a few hundred ringgit as compare with Tampoi lighting for the same fan. We purchased 2 fans, one for master room and one for living room. Master room fan - White vento fino Living room fan - Aeratron AE3 black When we finished our purchase, it's about lunch time therefore we scout around the area for our lunch. Found this korean restaurant and decided to give it a try. Was surprise to see some korean dinners inside the restaurant and I tell my wife, I think the food here should be good. Indeed the food is pretty good and affordable. We order their set lunch for 2 persons (RM$95) but couldn't finished all cos the set lunch consists of quite a few dishes. Fellow singaporean who drop by HT lighting to buy fan and love korean food, can give this restaurant a try
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