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    Love the clean, minimalistic, natural look? Benz Design Interior has been at this for many years. Absolute consistency in their workmanship and dealings with people, it is no wonder Benz Design has been receiving a constant flow of good reviews. See one of their latest Scandinavian Home Themes (pictures attached) For more info: https://www.renotalk.com/directory-listing/company/11999/2/benz-design-interior Have a pleasant time browsing! Look up, amazing detail! Lights & branches. Clean & Natural look Plants need good light & that's what you have here Keeping true the theme from start More videos:
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    ya, i think a smart home idea is very good. it gives a lot of convenience to me but of course there are some cons as well. i will talk about all of it in time. this weekend might be time to update loh.
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    Honestly is not really worth the trip there for the lightings. You can buy from Chuan Huat, they have Phillips LED with 2 years warranty and is not that expensive. If you wants to go JB, You can go to Austin Hill area, they have about 5 shops there. Is behind Aeon Mall. Just before Plentong.
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    Hello. I have taken a few photos of the 2 room 35SQM unit in Admiralty Grove. Do you want to see it in order to facilitate your design planning? I can't attach it here so PM me with your email and I will send it to you. Cheers.
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    Adding more than 50% to GFA will be considered a rebuild so you might as well do it. It will allow you to maximize your GFA as well get a house design customized to your desires. Getting an architect will help you with the initial design and submission. You still need to spend time telling them what you want. Doing a D&B will save this fee but you really must know what you want and not make lots of changes in the process, else that will cost you more overall. If you enjoy the journey of managing and seeing your new house being build, D&B will be suitable but if you have no time nor the desire, than getting an architect will help you greatly.
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    Lol you're welcome Rufus. Actually mmoh is the person you should approach because she had actual practical experience about what goes on in an actual renovation unlike me. So she will know what are the problems or pitfalls that can occur. I'm just throwing ideas out for how I'd like mine to be, so while they may look nice on paper, they may be completely impractical in reality. Once ive done up my renovation, I'll be posting on how my renovation process went all the way from finding ID till completion. One thing tho, why are u guys so keen on a super single bed? Isnt it a tad small? I mean the whole house is yours, why not a bigger queen bed to pamper yourself? I'm sure our rooms are not that small until queen bed cannot put right? I personally love the idea of the whole bed is mine and i can open arms and leg big big roll around and around on a queen bed lol. But that's just me lol
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    If you rebuild you can maximise your build up for more living space. Agree that depending on your design & 300 psf looks workable for design & build reconstruction. Hope that helps.
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    D & B path may not come cheap after the whole construction. For a single storey, it will be best to rebuild other than A&A or reconstruction. I am currently now reconstructing my house from a 2 storey to 2.5 storey. PM me if you need my architect's contact.
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    Hi Felixius, once you add another storey, it will not qualify as A&A and will be labelled as a reconstruction. PM me for architect's contact. You may also want to consider D&B by a builder if budget is your primary concern.