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    It really depends on many things. If the cracks in question are small, you can easily fix them using a window glass repair kit. You just need to follow the instructions, apply the product correctly, and wait until it dries covered by a protective sheet. Some people use a cornstarch paste for small and shallow cracks and glass stains. They rub it into the glass, so it fills the cracks and makes them less visible. But if the window crack is too deep, you'll probably have to replace the whole window. A professional can take measures, give you a quote and replace the window in question. Since replacement is quite costly, I would first recommend trying the window glass repair kit, they can be found in many hardware stores. I hope I was helpful! Window Cleaning Team in Melbourne
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    Hi,anyone knows the labour charge to overlay clicked vinyl flooring? I will be getting my own vinyl and intend to overlay 3 rooms and the walkway. Thanks
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    Price for false ceiling should be - $2.50 -$3psf L-box- $6.50 - $8psf Cove lighting $8-$10psf Take this as a guide.