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  1. hmm.. nothing much.. should have ba.. those japan edition.. hehe..

    anyway, where did u stay in tokyo? any gd minshuku or inn to recommend?

    stay? are you referring to the hotels? there were 2 nights we slept on tatami (hope i spelled correctly); slept on the floor. then we also had chances to soak the hot spring. but we didnt tried. haha. :bath:

  2. hmm.. pooh biscuits? neber tried before.. haha.. but i don like the crackers(those like wang wang type)

    i go there buy Addias product beta.. haha

    gt anyplace sell deco stuff? interested.. :)

    we went to some of the sport shops and nothing much. my hb wanted to buy basketball shorts but nothing much leh. :(

    deco stuff? erm, didnt really notice. :dunno:

    Hi all,

    i was thinking of going hokkiado ...and oso buying burberry....is there oso burberry shops over at hokkiado??

    initially, we wanted to go hokkaido but only tokyo has disneyland so eventually we dropped the idea of going to hokkaido. :)

    hokkaido should have burberry blue label boutique. if you miss the chance of buying burberry blue label in japan dont worry bcos you also can manage to buy in spore. there's a shop (located @ the arcade) in spore imported burberry blue label goods but slightly expensive lor. i'm not really into burberry blue label therefore i only bought a bag. ;)

  3. Haha.. i don like their biscuits.. like their fish, seafood n of cos RAMEN!! :dribble:

    my hb and i like their biscuits so much. when you go disneyland and dont forget to buy biscuits too bcos really very delicious. many friends like the pooh biscuits we bought for them (some of them finished all within a few days). :dribble:

    we also went to the ramen factory and tried the ramen. we bought 2 packets (inside each packet has 5 small packets) of ramen home. :good:

    Hi everyone, my wtb and I are planning to go japan for honeymoon as well. We are still undecided whether to take package or free and easy? any suggestions from anyone here? Is the price difference alot?

    is this your first time to japan? do you speak japanese? if this is your first time to japan then my suggestion is to go with tour. if you can speak japanese then f&e should be no problem bcos most japanese dont speak english. :)

    we paid about nearly 5k (2 pax) for the tour package (excluded expenses for the whole tour). ;) recently, there was NATAS at spore expo mah. you should go and take a look. :yamseng:

  4. wa like that ah.. weekday still so mani ppl.. a bit sianz.. haha.. but its ok.. for me la.. lolz..

    As for Mt Fuji.. bo bian lo.. if cannot but mean no fate.. maybe take Bukit Timah hill lo... hahah

    if you go japan then dont forget to buy their biscuits bcos they're very delicious. :dribble:

  5. Hey, noted..thanks.. haha.. maybe go on weekday? will be beta? i not those ride person.. more of a c c n look look type.. haha.. but if the ride is fun den will try.. take photos ma.. hmm.. if can take with M Fuji n etc.. i will feel beta..haha..

    we went disneyland on weekday lor but there were still a lot of people lor. :bangwall:

    you've to be very lucky on that day in order to take a picture with mt fuji bos you've to wait for the sky to be very cleared then get the chance. if the weather is cloudy then no chance liao bcos the clouds will cover the mt fuji so you cant see liao. ;)

  6. fruits are generally expensive in japan

    went there so many times never buy fruits to eat

    saw 12 almost rotten rambutans going for $10+++

    12 rambutans, not 12 bunches or kg :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

    ya, fruits in japan is very expensive. our tour guide told us e cost for a watermelon is d-a-m-n expensive manz. :jawdrop:

    we never try the peaches but some of our tour members had tried. :good:

    oh ya, for yokoyoko who is thinking of going to disneyland/sea must be prepared that you can never finished the rides over there within a day bcos for a single ride and the Q is very long. sometimes, you may need to Q for 30-45 mins. :bangwall: although they've so called fast pass for entry but the fast pass only starts on certain hours. we never tried the rides at all bcos too busy doing shopping. we were afraid if after playing the rides liao and no time for shopping. we went to Q for 30 mins under hot sun just to take photo with mickey mouse. :bleah: we didnt know pooh was at the other side taking photos with people too so we missed the chance. :(

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing.. ya.. i prefer free and easy.. like to research and make the whole trip.. don like to rush with tour and have to wait for one and other.. though it is more convienent to go with tour...hehe

    i will be reaching OSAKA 1st.. den to kyoto and last stop at Tokyo.. ard 8 days and 7 nights..

    Blue label is not a problem to me.. haha.. cos my wife and co will buy and not me.. as for going to which theme parks to go, i and still undecided.. don noe disney land or sea or sanio land beta.. anyway all is my wife n co wanted to go.. i just accompany.. hahaa...

    i onli care abt the yummy food, sightseeing, the ryokan @ Mt Fuji.. haha.. want to c more of their culture and maybe c if there is any deco shops ard.. den i can buy some for my home..hhee.. cos my reno starts today..

    any ideas on these? thanks :)

    hahaha. my hb also accompanied me to go japan bcos he knew that i always wanted to go disneyland (my favourite is pooh family!). haha. :sport-smiley-004:

    are you first-timer to disneyland? if so, you may want to try disneyland first. then the next time you can go for disneysea. many people advised us to go disneyland first if we never go disneyland before. disneysea isnt as good as disneyland. :D

    we bought some home deco from japan too. at disneyland, we bought many pooh biscuits and soft toys (bcos mostly couldnt find in spore). :dribble:

    although you should be able to find blue label in spore (there's a shop @ the arcade imported this brand) but will be slightly expensive. my hb bought 2 blue label wallets for his sisters and a bag for me. :D

    ok. will update you again! :yamseng:


    Tour Highlights

    • Explore Shirakawa-go village, a well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site

    • Embark on a nostalgic journey to Takayama, a charming samurai town

    • Have a fun-filled time at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea inclusive of a full-day passport

    • Experience dressed in yukata, a Japanese summer cotton kimono

    Value-added Inclusions

    • Enjoy complimentary one-night stay for those departing on morning flights

    • Stay 3 nights in a traditional onsen ryokan

    • Experience a bullet train ride

    • Enjoy the best seasonal bonus for visits in different seasons

    • Bring home a free porcelain green tea cup as a souvenir

    • Savour a sumptuous samurai meal, legendary gold gourmet, specially created sakura or maple cuisine and shabu shabu



    Day(s) Activities

    Day 1 SINGAPORE – TOKYO (Meals on Board)

    Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Tokyo.

    Day 2 TOKYO – OSAKA (Lunch)

    Upon arrival, visit the over 1,300-year-old Asakusa Kannon Temple. Pick up souvenirs at Nakamise Avenue, a nearby shopping street. Proceed to Odaiba Park, a shopping and entertainment district offering attractions like Palette Town, Toyota Mega Web and Venus Fort Shopping Mall. In the evening, transfer to the airport for your flight to Osaka.

    Day 3 OSAKA – KYOTO – AWARA (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

    After a visit to Osaka Castle and Shinsaibashi, ride the super-fast bullet train to Kyoto. Upon arrival, proceed to Kiyomizu Temple. Its main hall extends out to a veranda that commands a panoramic view of Kyoto. Stay overnight at an onsen resort in Awara, a famous hot spring region.

    Day 4 AWARA – TAKAYAMA (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

    Proceed to Tojimbo, which features magnificent pillar-shaped rocks created by sea erosion. Next, visit a pottery outlet and bring home a one-of-a-kind porcelain ocha (green tea) cup as a souvenir. Then, visit Kagahan, a city of desserts where a 1,000 kind of Japanese sweet treats are made and exhibited. Visit Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, acclaimed as one of Japan’s 3 great gardens. Thereafter, explore Shirakawa-go village, a well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site to view its old farmhouses with steep roofs resembling two hands folded for a prayer. Explore Takayama. Stroll by sake breweries and merchant houses with latticed bay windows lined in a row in Takayama Castle Town. You can also pick up exclusive Hida souvenirs, confectionary and the popular sarubobo good luck charms.

    Day 5 TAKAYAMA – MT FUJI (Breakfast/Lunch/Shabu Shabu Dinner)

    Take a morning walk through a local fresh produce market. Move on to Ramen House to see how ramen is made and enjoy a free sampling of a bowl of the region’s authentic ramen. Your next tour destination will depend on the season of your visit. * Thereafter, proceed to Daioh Wasabi Farm to see how wasabi is produced. Then, visit Fuji Visitor Center to learn more about the history of the formation of Mt Fuji and its eco system. Head to the observation deck to get a good view of Mt Fuji if the weather is clear. Enjoy onsen while staying overnight in Mt Fuji region.

    Day 6 MT FUJI – TOKYO (Breakfast)

    Have a fun-filled time at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea. At Disneyland, your full-day passport enables you to try all of the park’s wonderful games, except the shooting gallery. In DisneySea, enjoy enchanting sights, thrilling rides and fabulous entertainment shows at its 7 uniquely themed ports of call.


    Please choose between Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea to visit before departure.

    Day 7 TOKYO – SINGAPORE (Breakfast/Meals on Board)

    If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.



    DAY 3 OSAKA – KYOTO – AWARA (Breakfast/Dinner)

    Visit Universal Studios Japan, a 140-acre theme park that offers 25 specially designed rides and performances. Thereafter, ride the super-fast bullet train to Kyoto. Upon arrival, proceed to Kiyomizu Temple. Stay overnight in Awara, a famous hot spring region.


    * Seasonal Bonus


    • Visit Hirayu Waterfall, one of the best seasonal flowers blossom viewing spots in Spring / Autumn

    • Visit Azumino Winery and sample Japanese fruit wines


    • Explore Mt Norikuradake mountain range and experience snow in the warm summer months


    • Walk through a fruit farm during Japan’s best seasonal fruits season. Try picking fruit and sampling of fresh fruits at your own expense


    • Visit Taka-Hida Snow Land, where you can try activities like snow sledge or snow mobile at your own expense


    The attractions under Seasonal Bonus are subject to change due to weather conditions.

    Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.


    Please upload the pics ya!! i am going to japan at the end of sep.. intend to stay 3 days at osaka den 2 days at kyoto and then 3 days at toyko.. any kind advice from u?

    places to visit? what type of transportation and etc.. thanks :)

    btw did u stay in ryokan with osen near Mt Fuji?

    above is our tour package. you can choose to go universal studios a not (extra $100 pax). initially, we wanted to go universal studios but after that we wanted to go shopping instead at shinsaibashi therefore we changed our mind lor. :notti:

    if you go japan, you may like to visit burberry blue label boutique. i bought a burberry blue label bag over there. :)

  9. Hi,

    Please upload the pics ya!! i am going to japan at the end of sep.. intend to stay 3 days at osaka den 2 days at kyoto and then 3 days at toyko.. any kind advice from u?

    places to visit? what type of transportation and etc.. thanks :)

    btw did u stay in ryokan with osen near Mt Fuji?

    ok, i will try to share with you once i gather everything ready. :)

    we did went to mt fuji but that day was cloudy therefore couldnt see the mt fuji as the clouds were covering the mt fuji. you've to wait for the weather to be clear then can see mt fuji. sep should be a good month to go japan bah bcos its summer now and super hot. :help:

  10. hi,

    i havent been logging in for quite sometimes liao. we just came back from our honeymoon in japan. it's summer now therefore the weather is hot! haha. we also went to tokyo disneyland. it was fun! :dancingqueen: this trip we had bought a lot of stuff. :yamseng:

    will try to upload some photos! :)

  11. since i've real diamonds accessories already then i'll wear them. i wont purposely go and buy real diamonds WEDDING accessories just for AD. i'll mix and match to wear; which mean probably necklace and tiara i may use those provided by my BS/MUA. earrings, ring and bracelet i'll wear my own. :notti:

    all the bridal accessories provided by my BS/MUA are made from swarovski crystals. :notti:

    you should add one more option in your poll; "mix and match real diamonds and swarovski crystals accessories". :dancingqueen: