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  1. ohhhh, make it thinner? can elaborate? i really noob....
  2. Oh~ (o.0) waxing & polishing! any idea where to get?
  3. you're correct. it sips in.... luckily i managed to clear the red wine quickly and the staining is not visiable. It is the corrod patch that barks me........ any help on diy polishing?.....
  4. HiHi, Need help.... I had spilled red wine onto my marble floor.... and it left a patch mark on it.... seems like it corrod the polishing..... Is there anyway I can DIY polishing by myself? Thanks a million on your kind advise.
  5. hmmmmm, i think i'll source around further..... Anyway, thanks Terencetcw for starting the group buy. Same to you, have a great day! Do post abt the lock in your t-blog~~~~
  6. Opps sorry... I understood from Interlock that this group buy doesn't take in Gateman V100. Anyway, thanks for setting up this thread. You may drop me off from the list....
  7. Hi Terencetcw, I chance upon this thread and Yes, I am interested for this grp buy too. May i request for you to tentatively add me into the list? I can make it for the installation date on 17th Dec mentioned by Desmond. I looking at the Model : Gateman V100.
  8. Thans Folwer once again! you're being very kind to help me in my queries. I will chakc it out!
  9. Hihi, Anyone can advise me where can I go to customize glass to the size I wanted? I have a cabinet and will like to place a glass on top. thanks in advance for info details.
  10. Hi kaijia,

    you really had a very beautifully done up EM.

    do you mind to share withme the total reno cost you had spend?

    Thank you very muchie~~