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  1. Hi June,

    I think the 'awesomely chic couple' house belongs to us..haha.. :good:

    Haven gt time to start a T-Blog.. .. Will do it soon as the reno wraps up..!



    Don't worry.. I think most of us went through this stage. I was very fickle too! Till now, I'm still thinking of
    doing more things. This afternoon, I saw a pix of a kitchen cabinet done by my ID. It was soooo nice!
    You can check out his Facebook page.. It's the house belonging to the 'awesomely chic couple'.

    My ID said he is customizing the kitchen faucet for the homeowner. I'm so envious!! I actually asked my ID how come he didn't suggest this design to me. I'm holding him 'responsible' now! Wish I could change my kitchen cabinet. Haha!

  2. u can try thevintagehobby.com, the owner bel keeps alot of vintage accessories..gd luck!

    That's great! It's a decision you won't regret.

    Here are our extra large double pocket doors for our study room! Totally digging the raw look...

    We are now looking for some vintage looking handles for the doors... does anyone have any idea where to get them in Singapore? :dunno:


    [read more on our blog post]

  3. Tks for the info, was about to proceed with purchase but the shipping charges seem to be very expensive ;) 232usd.. Or u ship by other method?

    Sure, it is called exhale fans, can just google it.

    It has online store, so can just check the price there, different colour has slightly different price.

    But as I mentioned, it is a start up company, I actually pre ordered their first batch of product, so I am taking risk here.

  4. Finally some pictorial updates! Carpentry installation began last Thurs and it is not done yet.


    A small shoe cabinet, suspended to make it look less bulky and so as to put my Timberland boots below it. Initial plan was to use lacquered raw plywood for the frame but carpenter says until it's very ex and alot work. ZZzz. In the end I settled for a wood laminate, didn't like how the wood grain look like although I chose this based on sample piece. Self consolation - at least the front door is nice. :bleah:


    Didn't want the usual kind of wardrobe design. Finally came out with industrial vibe wardrobe which is inspired by something I saw in magazine. A rusty effect laminate is complemented by the black wire mesh. On hindsight, I should have divided bottom drawers into two "columns" instead of three cos drawer space is rather tight.

    Contractor and carpenter were not supportive of my design, keep stressing "it's complicated". One of them suggested using those glass with wire mesh within, but that doesn't give the feel I want! And both of them didn't want to help us source for the wire mesh. Fine, I go source myself lor. I'm so glad I did not gave in to them! :jammin:

    HI could you share where did u get the wire mesh? tks..it look very nice!!

  5. How much did u pay for 24 carton craft brick n cost of installation?

    Also if possible can share the malaysia transport n Malaysia craft brick contacts too. Tks

    Hi DTbabies,

    Interesting nick you have there. ;p

    Can I have Alan's contact?

    I will PM you Alan's no.

    Where did you go to see the tiles in JB? Is it worth getting the tiles from there or it's only applicable for craftbricks?

    I went to view the tiles in J.B, but didn't get them there.I got my tiles from SBH. There are some really good looking tiles in J.B. and cheap also. However, since I am not changing tiles for my entire house, just kitchen and two bathrooms, the cost savings vs the trouble I need to go through if there is a need for more tiles due to breakage, not enough etc... I felt was not worth it, so I didn't.

    I went to a few shops, couple in Kulai, Skudai and J.B town itself. If you want the names, tell me I will P.M. you.

    I got the craftbricks & stones as the number of boxes I got is about 24 and will be getting another 2 to 3 more. I was doing about three areas and the cost savings was pretty big compared to if I bought in Singapore with GST even higher. The savings can be used for doing other parts of the house. =)

    Can I have the transportation contact number as well?

    I will PM you the transportation contact.

    By the way, I like your choices of tiles in the toilet. Are they expensive?

    Thanx! we hoped it would turn out well. We went with Matt instead of gloss. We chose dark tiles so that it would hard to see stains, especially after a few years of usage. It would still look good. The tiles are actually pretty reasonable.

    Alan gave us up till 3.80 for selecting the tiles but most of our tiles were like 2:20 - 2.70, one of tiles I think was like 3.20.

    Also, I got to say, there were a couple of Indian guys working there who were tiles specialist there, they were great!, we were blur at selecting tiles, they helped us a lot in selecting tiles with their superb knowledge and experience.

    I didn't go with Alan because we wanted to go and take our own sweet time looking and selecting. We just selected the tiles with the help of the Indian tile specialist and pass Alan the list of lists for him to order sent to the house.

    I want to redo my kitchen. How much is your kitchen renovation?

    The cost of the renovation actually varies a lot based on the size of your kitchen and what you are intending to do there?

    Are you going to put a fridge base? washing machine base? mosaic? concrete sink? or just wooden? etc... etc....

    So, it won't really help you if I told you my cost.... might mislead you actually, because, I cut some things, and did a lot of customizations, plus buying a lot of the hardware myself etc....

    I think the best would be to figure out what you exactly want, and then ask quotations from a few contractors / ID's and see the price. But price should not be the only item you should look at , Communication and workmanship, easy to get defects rectified etc.. all these play a part.

    In my opinion, so far Alan's hackers and tilers sub cons have been pretty good. I do not know about the rest as I have not gone to that stage yet.

    Alan's cost is also pretty good and that is one of the main reasons I chose him. He was able to suggest other materials that I can afford to make it cheaper when I said I cannot afford that price.

    Hope all these helps. =)

  6. Please update pic & price? Tks

    Gone to a gentleman :0 thx for the interest.


    1 x Big Industrial Retro Electric Fan.

    Very Industrial & stylish.

    Powerful 3 speed. Safety Mark.

    It's about 1.5 yrs old, well loved by 1 owner, seldom used in Mint condition.

    From a clean, smoke free & fur pet free environment.

    Great price xxx$

    View & pickup at Tiong Bahru.

    Do not pm, pls email, thanks!

    Always ready to serve you. Thanks for l@@king

    Feel free to ask any questions

  7. hi, how much did you pay for the sink inclusive of shipping?

    so amazed by the things you bought thru amazon..I want to learn from you man!

    I had opened up the sink to inspect and I was surprised at the packaging. It was SOLID!! Thick cardboard and styrofoam protect round the sink.

    I already know basically what to expect from the comments in Amazon but I am still overwhelmed.... Good quality sink,good quality accessories, good quality undercoat and pad!! Highly recommended!! But I don't think you can get this brand in Singapore.

    Let the photos do the talking! :sport-smiley-004: :sport-smiley-004: :sport-smiley-004:




    Notice a canvas bag is covering the sink.


    Isn't she a beauty? :dribble: :dribble: :dribble: :dribble: :dribble:

  8. Hi there, how much did u buy the kraus sink? Local or amazon?


    The only thing i have gotten for my kitchen is this KRAUS undermount sink... I went 'WOW' when i first saw it in kim76's tblog. Frankly, i had never went gaga over the sink till i set my eyes on this.

    After poisoning my guy( the poison took long to get the effect, wahaha) i got the KRAUS 23" square undermount sink.



    Comes with the accessories:


    Like the finishing, and its rounded corner for easy cleaning.