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  1. Finally my reno is coming to the end.......

    My reno went thru roller coaster process..... when the renovator merge with another renovator, causing a huge delay on the progress

    However, finally after my ranting every few days, i should say my ID did not wash his hands off and throw everything back to his company. He did helped me to liase to his boss and manage to get things done.

    The workmanship of the carpentry is not satisfactory in the begining, but they manage to touch them up nicely, or i should say meet my expectation. and when I request for some additional work, they did it willingly and promptly. Credits to my ID, the carpentry manager and electrician.

    my kitchen






  2. Hi klimoo

    Like to check with you, your bi-fold door for kitchen, which side does your door swing toward to? Because I saw your picture and think you did not relocate the kitchen switches right?

    I did not re-locate my switches and though if I wanted to get either PD or bi-fold, if the doors swing towards the switch, it will be troublesome to on-off the light?

    Please kindly advise.


  3. Hi, linakua may I know you so call put out cabinet the side of the metal rack for you to hang things is a great idea mind sharing me where you bought it and how much thank :)

    Hi tarzanboy

    I got it from taobao and ask my carpenter to install for me de..... the price include shipping cost.... around $200+

  4. Hi All

    Need your opinion.

    The mirror feature at my dinning area, due to the size, it need to be split into 2 pieces.

    However, today when I check, there is 2 different colors....

    Hmm to me it still looks acceptable.

    How do you guys feel? Is it nicer this way or should I ask my contractor to change it to the same color?



  5. I keep wondering, is it the speed of my carpenter is too slow, OR I have too many carpentry to installed? After carpentry arrive , 1 week later, they are still only 90% complete. And the best part is, they burst my water pipe during installing my kitchen cabinet!! Bravo man!!!

    My ID immediately get someone down to fixed it, but I cannot understand with such clear marking on the tiles, how come the carpenter can still drill directly on the water pipe?

    Lucky my ID react fast, good job on his part, but lousy job from his company leh.

    Trying to share my carpentry photo.... but seems unable to upload.... strange....