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  1. Why don't you ask the lighting shop where their goods are made in? Made in German light bulbs or Italy chandelier? Does the goods have the Singapore safety mark? The honest answer is most of the goods are made in China with no Singapore safety mark. Even without the safety mark for goods made in China, you will be paying the vendors 300% to 400% marked up. Imagine how much are you willing to pay for the lights with the Singapore safety mark?
  2. Go to ayer hitam, they have small water feature fountain at affordable price.
  3. I have the same issue before. Either you paint the sealer now or used more coat of paint for the wall. Best is to use oil based sealer since you are not one who is painting.
  4. Is this a case of old man Wang praising his cucumber he sells is good?
  5. Copper don't rust, it oxidise which cause no harm to the installation. The copper tube end will be capped to prevent any contaminants getting in. Issues with aircon installation are normally due to poor workmanship and materials used. eg, wielding on the copper piping to extend its length instead of 1 full run which may leaked aircon gas over time, poor insulation materials which cause condensation and water leaking, wrong gauge of wiring used which cause short-circuit and burnt down the house etc. Good installation gives the house owner a peace of mind and bad installation cause nightmare to the owner.
  6. Possible to install on a hot and cold tap, eg hot inlet for tap water and cold inlet for RO water? So the additional tap hole can be used for built in detergent dispenser.
  7. The funny thing is that every era has its own trend, terrazzo flooring for 1970s, rock stone wall effect for 1980s, cornice for 1990s, etc. Maybe brick wall and scandi may become the icon for 2010s. Advisable to break away from the trend if you do not want the tell tales sign on the age of your reno.
  8. I do not agreed on 5 and 7. Those are quality fittings which are not part of the design, one have to used it to appreciate. But I do agreed that the brick wall are over used and most are going for similar TV console, tom dixon lights etc. I guess most house owner dictate to the ID what they want (colour, theme, feature etc) from the start leaving the ID with little freeplay in the design. The house owner literally has becomes the chief ID. The worst nightmare for the ID is that the house owner starting buying those furniture and fittings that does not goes well with the integral design. Had seen many houses renovated by ID but the end result is like non ID designed house. Reno only plays a part in the overall design, the right colours, lightings, furniture and fittings also play an important part to integrate with the design to form a cohesive look. I guess as long as the owner is happy and it fits his needs and the ID is getting paid, it is ok. At the end of the day, it is whether you want to lived in a designer house or a home. But I choose both
  9. Those so called european brands are mostly made in the world biggest factory, China.
  10. Will add it to my blacklisted ID or recommend to my enemies
  11. Maybe you can suggest to the carpenter to peel off the veneer and paste a new laminate on the door. Sure last you for a long time​
  12. The kitchen vanity looks very high and the owner must have been very tall to request for this height ​