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  1. 1) I don't think can install. Need ask contractor to assess stability of current false ceiling. Probably need to strengthen it

    2) if electrical wires are well hidden in the false ceiling, u probably have to remove them

    3) from my parents' place experience, cost 600 to remove false ceiling in living room. If u got false ceiling in rooms as well, probably more. But shouldn't exceed 800/1000.

    Just my 2 cents

  2. Do you get taxed for bringing it in? I mean, you have to declare it right. Just curious on how much it cost

    Better to declare, else custom officer may ask when they check ur boot. Produce receipt upon declaring, custom officer will convert to sgd and tax 7%. Won't get taxed if ur purchases don't exceed allowed quota. I can't remember how much the quota is. Nways, with 7% GST, still cheaper than buying in sg lo.

    Hope this helps

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  3. :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: I bought lights for my entire house from taobao! cos it's a lot cheaper than SG. they have arrived in good condition but havent installed yet. scared now after reading so many poor reviews. keeping my fingers and toes crossed......

  4. For Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items such as ceiling fans, sanitary and lighting items, my advice is not to go to the retail shops that the ID recommends. The ID gets at least 20% commission from your purchase and the prices are cut-throat. My friend learnt the hard way when he spent $120K to fully renovate his 5-rm HDB resale flat.

    I bought all my fans from msia, 30%-40% cheaper compared to sg. Even if i include the petrol costs and effort to go in and buy, it's still cheaper.

  5. been asking around for my 3 rm bto...

    simple reno consist the followings

    28 ft kitchen cabinet with HPL, Blum runners & hinges, 12 ft iQuartz, sliding window for svc yard, swing tempered glass door for kitchen entrance, kitchen base, fridge base and 2 shower kerbs, 4 x 6 ft feature wall, 6 ft tv console, 7 ft sliding wardrobe, labour to install toilet accessories, heaters, kitchen hood n hob, sink and mixer...

    IDs quoted range from 13k to 17k

    if you already know what you want for the renovation, suggest you get a few quotations from contractors too. usually contractors are cheaper than IDs.

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  6. ya agreed. for me workmanship and responsiveness are very important. after visiting many IDs, we decided to get a contractor in the end. because we already know the design we want and the contractor proved good workmanship in his current projects and very responsive. also, contractors are usually cheaper than IDs. IDs also get contractors to do, then charge with a mark up. I'm not saying IDs are not good, IDs is also a good option, especially for flat owners who dunno what design / layout they want.

  7. Pricing and kitchen carpentry and grilles are reasonable. Wardrobe and hacking works can be cheaper, but i think give and take.

    haulage is quite standard, most quotations i received charge $600 too. During my renovation process, i saw my contractor calling the BSC folks downstairs to remove any huge debris in the house, including boxes, sand, etc. and in ur case, discarded cupboards.

    as for aircon, i find it quite expensive. i did mitsubishi inverter, sys 3 for 3 bedrooms and single unit for living room, meaning there are 2 compressors. it cost me $4830.

    as for electrical works, it depends on how much work you do. the electrician will charge by per socket/per point basis.

  8. My sil did wall with full mirror across the entire wall. It helps the room look bigger. however, i noticed that there are seams between the mirrors. Reason being, contractors are unable to transport wall-length mirror to the house, it cant fit into lift and may not fit the stairways too. So need to be able to bear the seams.

    For myself, i'm placing tea-coloured mirror across the middle of the wall only. Will be adding wooden frames around the mirror and to cover the seams. i think this is sufficient to have the same effect.

    just my 2 cents

  9. i think it's better to get a contractor/ID to do it all. Not just saving time and effort and coordination works, but also different works need to be tallied. Example, the plumber who does water pipes and the worker who does my concrete sink base are 2 different people and they need to talk to know where to leave gaps for the pipes, etc. get a few different quotations and compare. just my 2 cents.

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  10. Is 25k enough for renovating a 4a flat? Here is my list of things to do:

    1. Renovating of 2 toilets. Floor tiles, side walls, toilet bowl and wash bowl.

    2. Renovation of kitchen. Floor and side walls and kitchen cabinet with solid surface (granite).

    3. Replacement of window grills (aluminum).

    4. Replacement of floors on living room, dining area and the 3 bedrooms. (Ceramic tiles 2ftx2ft)

    5. Painting of house.

    I will retain the ceiling because the whole house have cornices. Lighting and bathroom fixtures will be on a separate budget.

    My question is my budget enough for the above mentioned renovation? Any contractor to recommend?

    Hi Magixuser,

    25k a bit tough, but if u wan u can try my contractor, maybe can fit ard there. no harm getting a quotation. he's renovating my bto and the quote he gave is easily 20% lesser than what IDs quoted me. and his workmanship is good.

  11. Hi everybody,

    Need some help or rather some recommendations on the floor tile and wardrobe quote and contractors.

    Basically, I'm planning to change my laminated flooring for my bedrooms (I'm staying at 5 room flat, which I've been staying for the past 6yrs now) to ceramic. I went to one of the design contractor around my residential area, told him what I wanted, and he said that they have to remove the laminated tiles and they have to do some hacking, what puzzle me is that is it necessary to do hacking since I'm using laminated floor now? And the price which he quote, is $6,000 for 3 bedrooms and the price is only for removing of laminated flooring, hacking and new tiles without wardrobe. I find it too expensive though.

    As I'm new to this renovation things, I do need some advise or recommendation on reliable contractors.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hi Nora09,

    Yes $6k for the above is quite expensive. My fren wanted to change her laminated flooring for 3 bedrooms and I helped ask my contractor for a quote. Quote was ard $4k, exact amt to be advised upon taking measurement, Think you should continue to source around.