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  1. Can some share with me the list too? Thank you!
  2. Hi can PM me the details too? Thanks!
  3. Yup spot on! Open concept kitchen.
  4. Renovation Progress! I must say we really LOVE our tiles choosen for the foyer and balcony! Isn't this tiles super rustic!! Hubby was like "We should have choosen this for our WHOLE HOUSE!!!" our cement sink support is up! Our walls are hacked! **** excited for the bar top to be raised (capentry of course) Next week to be done: False ceiling Electrical wiring Air con
  5. Things we have bought: COURTS Bed: Max Coil Masterpiece w bedframe Sound system: Boston speakers and Marantz home theatre Tampoi Lighting House 3 ceiling light with fan 1 ceiling fan 18 T5 8 LED downlights 3 track spot light track 1m black Pic of of the 4 fans My Home and Furnishing EXPO steal buys Fixed Arcylic Panel for bathrooms $190 each w installation. Service Yard sliding windowns $580 for 3 panels w installation. Samsung smart door lock SHS-H635 $580 (Made in Korea) Hoe Kee Blanco Silgranit Sink Lago Blanco Mida Silgranit Look Dual Finish Tap FUJIOH HOB FG 2792 SVGL + HOOD FS890 Roz Sink for MBR KrisRoz Wide Basin Mixer for MBR Rainshower for MBR Comfort Design 4 chairs 2x red 2x black (for dining) Rectangle dining table Taobao Will post pics when item arrive. I'm using direct forwarder - 4px. Electrical wiring 30m @ $6/m
  6. Hi guys! Decided to note down my reno journey here. My flat is a 4 room new flat at Punggol Spectra (we balloted for Sale of Balanced Flats) neighbors have already moved in since 2013. Gotten our keys on 21 Jul reno is in progress...... Our reno ID is: JASON FROM COSY LIVING (9366 1558) I will ignore all qns abt my ID contact from this post onwards. Actually a couple of forumers here also have their house done by Jason. Thanks to guojiawen's T-blog that I came to know about Jason. Jason's quote is very competitive (and reasonable) hence it's also part of our reason to choose this ID. We did go thru a couple of IDs and we went with our gut to choose this ID because we felt comfortable with Jason. So far... Jason is very detailed in his way of doing things he cares to explain theories and what not. Very responsive in Whatsapp and calls. Our theme is like a bit of cosy country (wife loves wood) + industrial (husband likes it the black pipes- if you know what I mean). Our budget is around 30k plus minus will only reveal quote after everything is finished (but it's around 30k-ish) We did not do anything to our common bedrooms except for the floors + installation of ceiling light + fan. Our house did not come with floors done by HDB we have decided to go with vinyl for the whole house and tiles for foyer area and balcony. Our floor plan: A highlight of our house will be that we have a tiny balcony (AKA smoking area) at our MBR. Very ideal for smokers. Ha-ha-ha. Our 3D designs: As you can see from this pic, for our MBR the whole wall will be our wardrobe area + TV console. If you can gauge from our floor plan you will know that for the left side of our kitchen where the sink + hob + fridge is at it's a very squeezy area. and between sink and hob is only a ipad air space and for our fridge it's only a small 600mm fridge. Will talk about my applicances + furniture purchases later on. For the right side, it' will be the preparation area. Very open and empty! The pictures are just a draft as we have not choose our laminates yet but the feel is there. As for the TV area, the feature wall is a full brick wall too same as my bomb shelter wall that you see. So it's 2 brick walls for me. Progess: Today the walls will be hacked to achieve my open kitchen concept. Tiles for foyer area and balcony area is already up.
  7. Hi can kindly pm me the name of the electrical store as I want to get some switches too for my new house thanks!
  8. hi! awesome quotation you have im collecting keys this mth may i have your contractor's contact please? pm or email me at mehgoesthesheep@gmail.com TIA
  9. daikin 4 ticks inventer sys3 how much? for new bto flat
  10. hi can kindly email/pm me the price of the Samsung side by side fridge without the water/ice dispenser and it's made on Korea. sorry I didn't take down model number hope you will have it. email: mehgoesthesheep@gmail.com
  11. hi bro, kindly email a copy of the catalog please I am starting reno this month. TIA! email:mehgoesthesheep@gmail.com