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  1. Hi, We love the brick wall you did for your new home.

    Could you PM who is your ID/Contractor for your renovation?

    How much you have spent on your brick wall?

    Do you have code or details about the type of brick wall?

    Many Thanks.

    Hi, do you might sharing the contact for your contractor with me?

    Thank you very much. :)

    Sorry for late replies..have pm-ed you guys the contacts and also the cost of the brick wall..

  2. Very nice house!

    Hi, can you share you contractor's cost with me? Would like to consider him. Thanks! :)

    Hi Hazelline,

    I have an upcoming flat coming in 4 months time, I hope you can share your contractor contact. Very beautiful clean look house you have. May i also ask how much is your brick wall cost you ?

    Appreciate all the information you share in the forum, thank you.

    Will pm you all the contacts and info ya...

  3. Your house looks great so far :good: . Could you pm me your contractor's contact? Thanks!

    Hi can pls pm me ur contractor details as well?

    nice house :) do u mind pm me the contractor details pls? thank you!

    Hi there, can I get your contracter contact from u.also if u able to send a copy of your quotation too..tia

    Thank you for the compliment..will pm you all the contacts!!

  4. Hi,

    Mind sharing your contractor contacts and which one did you choose in the end?

    Many thanks!

    Hihi..will pm you the details..

    Hi! Can you PM me the contractor you used? (: Thanks!

    Sure sure..will pm you..

    Remind me of my first home where I use Google sketchup to draw for my carpenter

    Haha..yappy..it's good to know how to draw so it's clearer to the carpenter..

  5. Hi neighbour, we stay in the same block and same unit but at a higher level. Nice meeting ya!

    Hihi there...wow..you can recognize from the photos..haha..

    Hi Hazeline,

    Can PM me your mover contacts? TIA.

    PS: Think your mailbox is full

    Oops...okok shall clear my inbox..will pm you my mover contacts..

    Hi pls share the contractor contact with me too! Tks in advance!

    okok sure..will pm you...

  6. :DThanks Hazelline! Possible to take close up of your living room lighting? =) Is it made of wood like material?

    Yap it's made from bamboo wood..Hmm I have a photo of the lighting in my previous post..maybe you can take a look?

    Hi! :)

    Your house looks beautiful! :)

    Woody + white is the theme i'm also looking for.. :) :)

    Do you mind emailing me your contractor's contact? No ID right?

    My email is liyang.winda@gmail.com

    Many thanks! :)

    Yap yap..no ID...these are mainly our ideas and just letting contractor do accordingly and helping us to coordinate..can pm u the contacts instead?

    Hi Hazeline,

    Congratulation on your completion of your renovation. I am really impressed with your accomplishment without the help of an ID.

    Can I request for your contractor's contact and quote?

    Thanks in advance. =D

    Hihi..thank you so much for your compliment..we are lucky things turn out well and as what we imagine..haha..will pm you the contacts..

  7. Hi hazlline, I showed my husband your T-blog and he loves the design too =) really hope you can pm me your contractor and the cost, thank you so much. Can you also share where you got the lights in your living area? the round light in the middle? thanks!

    Haha thank you..will pm you the contact.. Anyway the light I got it at lightings.com.sg store at tradehub21 so you can check it out..but I saw similar ones at taobao before and it's cheaper..just that we worry about the shipping so didn't go for it..