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  1. On 10/30/2017 at 5:01 PM, Songz said:

    Good luck to your renovation 

    Great squarish layout


    On 10/30/2017 at 5:01 PM, Songz said:

    Look like the whole house will be hacked and redo.

    Will suggest you do long carpentry along the wall to store things as there are no storeroom available.

    For now, won't be doing any carpentry except kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobes

    The carpentry is a killer (money wise)

    Prefer those standalone cupboards

  2. 1 hour ago, KFC1189 said:

    Yes, restoring the store room but move the wall out by another 1000mm with door opening in the middle. In your newly created storeroom, you can have two rows of storage shelves on the left and right (like a walk in wardrobe). You can consider a simple feature wall with hidden door like the pictures below.




    Wow like this the storeroom is big like a maid's room

    But still prefer the current open space

    Can put sofa and cabinet plus a standing fan

    Relax area

  3. 3 hours ago, KFC1189 said:

    Looking at your floor plan, you can consider putting back the old store by moving the new wall out by 1000mm to create a walk in closet with two rows of racks for storage. Plenty of storage space is important even though you may not have many things at the moment.

    So you suggest restoring back to the original layout?


    Actually was deciding whether want to remove the storeroom if found such a layout

    Since it was removed actually no need to think already ;)

    For the storage space, thought of it


    1. The sideboard in the living room in front of the master bedroom

    2. The empty space looking from the kitchen entrance diagonally oppspite

    3. Inside the kitchen cabinets

    4. Will have a cupboard at the original storeroom area


  4. 29 minutes ago, KFC1189 said:

    Very nice squarish layout with four big bedrooms.



    What is the floor area?

    140 sqm


    Where is it located?

    Pasir Ris


    I notice there is no bomb shelter, air con ledge nor a refuse chute inside your flat, which I think is good not to have them in your flat. I guess it is about 20 years old.

    24 years old


    I think it is good to have either a store room or a service yard for your flat.

    Actually, for now is ok not to have a storeroom as don't have a habit to keep many things

    Regarding the service yard, if have is good


  5. Hi, bought a 5rm resale hdb this year

    This is the original floor plan



    But when I bought it, the store room was already removed



    Started sourcing for IDs and contractors and met up with almost 10 of them


    While comparing the quotes and thinking whether can they can "click" with me and understand my ideas

    I am also looking for those reliable companies that won't run away with my money since there are few cases this year

    After almost 2 months before got the key, finally decided on this guy, Benjamin from D*****4****E

    He is not those whom you signed the contract with, that will go strictly with it

    I have made a lot of changes and he's very understanding and since things which are not yet done, he allowed to make changes


    I told him I wanted an area for guests without disturbing my family and he proposed a few ideas

    Since my kitchen is quite big, so he suggested these





    After thinking over the pros and cons, finally decided on the last one


    Stay tuned for the reno progress...




  6. Hi,

    I summarized the steps for HDB transactions :-

    From the initial marketing till sales completion would usually takes about 5-6months depending on the marketing period.

    - Understanding your estimate value for your unit

    - Please try not to listen to neighbours or friends saying how much they sell last time

    - Try checking for HDB website

    - Submitting resale checklist

    - Marketing (pricing realisticly is very crucial!)

    - Viewing arrangment and viewing

    - Buyer placing a deposit for your unit and issue Option to Purchase (OTP)

    - Valuation & Loan application

    - Exercising the Option

    - Resale Submission and booking of first appointment

    - Lawyer for conveyancing or use HDB lawyer (depending on loan taken)

    - Attending first appointment

    - Final inspection

    - HDB 2nd appointment (Completion)

    Feel free to check with me if you have doubts

    If I am taking bank loan can I use hdb lawyer?

    Anyway, which 1 will be cheaper?


  7. Hi, found a resale flat.


    The access balcony was bought and the gate and main door is shifted to the new position (yellow).

    Can half of the length of the wall (red crosses) be hacked and the whole balcony be levelled with the kitchen?

    Site survey shows there are overhead beams as shown in grey (Showing only the areas of interests)


    Standing in front of the wall with the red crosses



  8. In a dilemma here.
    Unit A is available and I have paid the initial sum ($1~$1k). I have 21 days to consider. I understand that the sum I paid cannot be refunded once the seller accepted it but I still can back out.

    The floor is the highest with 3 more bedrooms upstairs.
    Basically the stairs end outside unit B, so there won't be anyone coming down.

    Ok, let me compile all the points that I disliked about unit A against B.
    1. Main door, living room and the room upstairs can be seen from the corridor.
    2. Unit B family will walk past unit A.
    3. Unit A living room will get the East morning sun, while unit B living room is the NS facing.
    4. Area (maybe and the staircase) infront of unit B "belongs" to unit B.
    Are these points enough for would be buyer to totally give up unit A?

    The good points about unit A and B are (to me) top floor, corner and normally, the 1st floor room is just after the main door, but this is a rare layout where the room is at the furthest end diagonally from the main door.
    I find it a pity to let go since it's really hard to find a corner, top floor EM with such layout. But if I get it, I will have a 2nd class feeling to unit B since that unit is a corner corner unit whereas my living room and the room above the living room can be seen from the corridor. And also I don't like knowing I am paying a price that is 3 or 4 times higher than what unit B paid for if they are the 1st owner. Really is in a dilemma here.

    What do you all think?