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  1. 4) Good Stuff - Taobao loots.

    I think it a must to buy stuff from taobao. The loots:

    (a) Bathroom accessories - towel rack, shampoo rack, hooks (behind door), toilet holder

    (b) Lighting - All the common room lights including bomb shelter, toilets, service yard. Advisable to get more than >30W because i find the study room and kitchen light are not bright enough (24W or 26W, cant remember). T5 lights are also bought from tb as shown in previous post for the toilet.

    © Vanity cabinet - come with mirror, basin, tap. (~$280 excluding shipping). It was in good and working condition when received.

    (d) Makeup table with seat - inbuilt with a mirror and some glasses. It was also in good condition. (~$290) Only problem: need to self assemble.

    (e) Others - clothes hanger, laundry basket, shower curtain (shown in the previous post) etc.

    When buy, just remember to tell the seller to pack and secure it properly.

    It was my first tb loots and everything went well. :)

    Will upload some of the pic of the loots most probably in the next post.

  2. joker

    toilet ceiling nest

    toilet ceiling arcylic

    First pic was showing what the joker ID do. After keep reminding him to clear the debris inside the house for about 1-2 weeks, he finally cleared by putting outside my doorstep.... I had to cleared it to avoid causing inconvenient to neighbour and fire hazard. I don't know what is his IQ level,thinking the cleaner will come and clear it by placing it outside doorstep.

    The other 2 pics were replacing the default hdb toilet ceiling nest cover to acrylic cover. The cost to fabricate both toilets were about $110. Just measured and went down to the shop to fabricate and waited for 30minutes for it.

    Will upload the pics of my hse soon.

  3. IMG 5785

    IMG 5784

    2) Parquet floor was damaged during the 1st time installation of aircon pipes. However, Aircon contractor willing to varnish the floor after the 2nd time installation of the units and the cost of varnish will be absorbed by them. So end result, parquet floor will be slightly discoloured after the varnishing but the damage was not so visible. At least aircon contractor was responsible.

  4. Problems:

    1) ID - over promises and lazy. Before signing of contract, he was very friendly and we feel that we could click with him and he could get our ideas compare to other ID. Cost was not high or lowest, it was somewhere in the middle.

    egs of over promises - to have 1st draft of 3D drawing one week after the signing of contract. Drag to almost 1month before i could see the first draft and he cites reason like webmail down, too busy, and promise to send but end up have to chase him almost everyday. tiring but have to do so. My nightmare starts...

    - arrange appointment to fix gas and heater pipes. he was late for 30 minutes. Maybe he was busy or transport was not convenient. 2nd appointment to meet electrician to discuss the power points etc... and he promise to come but did not turn up because he could not find a cab and electrician has to leave after waited for 2 hours for his next appointment!!

    - say will on-site supervision when there is work, even the contractors we used were not his, he will coordinate. Cannot even such a simple task... Aircon 1st trip was suppose to install pipes but aircon man came with everything to flat, but he was not around and he promise to lay protection sheet prior to the installation... have to postpone...

  5. Hi,

    Not sure is it the correct place to post. Just want to share the renovation process, the problems encountered and the good stuff to have.

    My Reno Flow:

    ID selection -> 1st payment and sign contract -> installation of gas and heater pipes -> laying and pulling of the electrical wiring -> installation of 1st time aircon pipes -> false ceiling and l-box installation-> 1st time painting -> installation of 2nd time aircon units -> installation of the lights -> carpentry-> 2nd time painting touchup -> 2nd time carpentry touchup -> electrical last installation ( eg. switches on wardrobe and tv console).