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  1. Floorrich Luxury Vinyl flooring (A**** and S**** from floorich)

    Good afternoon to all, i am not gaining any commission or anything but I would like to share great product with everyone who wishes to have another option in choosing vinyl flooring or any other laminated flooring.

    I mailed out to evorich first and again for the second time as i was interested in their HERF but never receive any replies from them. Did further research and found a local singapore based vinyl flooring aka floorich. I send a request via mail to them and receive a call from sales on the next following day.

    Sales Manager roughly explained to me through the phone on the material etc and recommend me to drop by their place to have a feel of it. In the end i did what was told and yeah, this sales guy is pretty **** experience in his field. Went through in details of their vinyl and all their accolade received. The feel was much more refine than other brands which my ID provided me like for example europa and one more which i cant remember. China based companies. 

    In the end i decided to go with them as the price is much lower and reasonable than market rate as compare to my ID and evorich. If you wish to know the price given, you may PM me for further details.

    Flooring arrangement has been made on the 4th May 2016 and i thought it would last 2 to 3 days but eventually my sale manager send 4 workers and was done within a day. Totally speechless when i dropped by in the evening. it was really done and the work is really amazing. no complaints whatsoever. the vinyl flooring feels great! chose two colours, one lighter for the living room and one slightly darker for the 3 bedrooms.

    You may find the following link useful, one is floorrich website and the other is my T-blog with photos of their work. cheers.



  2. On 5/6/2016 at 10:38 AM, eniver0811 said:

    Thanks for such a detailed guide and tips, fellow parkedger!! i think we are from the same block haha :D

    Can't wait to get our keys next week

    hello eniver0811, i am in block C. hope you enjoy the guide and tips. will be updating soon.

    On 5/6/2016 at 3:12 PM, huggermonster said:

    Hi rapala1982,

    Want to ask about your flooring. I have been to floor xpert n evorich and innovar, all offering vinyl at $6-$7/sqft. Did you check  these companies out? Want to know what is the difference between the vinyl? Price difference because of quality or because i was overcharged?? hehe..

    Can give me the contact for your ID as well? And a few other IDs that you dont mind recommending so that i can get a few quotes to compare as well. Thanx so much

    hello huggermonster, my floor is from floorich. very well accoladed, reputable singapore company. they don't market themselves like what evorich does thus the cost was marked down marginally. Evorich is slightly over priced due to marketing, didnt check out innovar but did get to feel some china brands my id has which is not to my liking (very plasticky and funny)

    I am not a vinyl expert but i believe Vinyl from different company has different texture and colours. At the end of it for me would be feeling texture of the material (closest to wood), cost and company experience. My sales manager was pretty good in explaining everything but best thing was the delivery whereby everything was fix in a day. no complaint on the workmanship.

    I will PM you in a while.

  3. On 3/2/2016 at 6:08 PM, OceanEleven said:

    Custom made is definitely fit to the requirement. The depth, width, height, external laminate, colour combination, internal laminate etc all can be choose to meet and match requirement. This, comes with a price. Market rate nowadays goes from approx.. $180 per foot run up, so one can do the math before committing. One of biggest advantages which is also the biggest disadvantages of customary is made to fit but then, which also means cant be remove when moving house.


    Off the shelves offers flexibility and uniqueness. A nice standalone cupboard may the centrepiece of the living or the room. Then it also challenges owner’s depth of knowledge to mix and match. But most pieces will have empty space at the top or both (legs) and likely become dust trapper.


    Price wise, I feel nice pieces don’t come cheap nowadays, especially if looking at Jottergood and Commune kind of prices. A simple 4 drawer unit can be easily SGD1k, same price can get you about 4-5 feet of cabinet. Bottomline is also how the owner manage to blend both types in the overall look of the house while balancing the balance sheet.


    well said, it all depends on your wallet and how comfortable you are during your renovation. normally most people who does built in are planning to live in the most for years to come and those who get off the shelves items are most probably waiting to rent out their flat asap.

    My 2 cents as i have done my fair share of visiting lots of unit during my hay days of renting house. 

  4. 4 hours ago, bykaraanne said:

    That Panasonic microwave and oven is the best! I used it for the longest time at my rental. Quite easy to clean cus no spinning disc at the bottom! Haha but agree the top and sides can get tricky if too dirty... :D

    yeah it is really amazing, very simple yet sophisticated machine and yeah i love the flat bottom. been a year now, exterior still looks amazing but interior looks like a head exploded in it... 

  5. 27 minutes ago, OceanEleven said:


    TB is indeed a good avenue for many things. Personally did 5m3 worth of import already, some are shared.


    Especially for lighting in Tmall, guess nowhere else can matched the price.


    My ID specifically told me, the lighting I’ve got, he saw it selling at SGD400 a pop.


    I settled at 3 for approx.. SGD130.




    As for ceramic basins, I think cracking issues mainly due to transport. I got 1 from Tmall and still going strong. The shower sets, sinks, bidets etc and still good, with no rust issue, let alone quality issues. Overall am happy with all.




    Had 2 study tables 1.5m long and 6 drawer unit (industrial look), solid wood with metal frames for SGD 1.5k. With the same price, barely can get a study table in Sing.


    true enough true enough oceaneleven, lightings, kitchen accessories, dining tables, chairs etc are really dirt cheap. The only thing is risk, so best for newbies is to try a couple of items first before you plunge in and buy everything. Always remember heavy items sea, light items air and recommended agents are 65daigou and peeka.

    Google - 65daigou guide or peeka guide and you are good to go!

  6. 35 minutes ago, owlNbear said:

    Thanks for the tips! Most of them made me either nod in agreement or breathe with a sigh of relief. A few are worrying haha but still, good to know. And wow 2013, you really have been researching for 2 years! Kudos! 

    You are most welcome owlbear. I will try to share as much as i have gathered throughout my preparation, during preparation and the end of preparation. Please stay tuned!

  7. Guess this is the final thread which i have saved since the beginning of my tblog. thank you very much for your interest and i hope all my information have made plenty of new home users much more affluent on how home renovation would ensue. following are photos of my moved in state. will update further and add in some comments if i have time. cheers everyone!!!

    update as of 30 Jul - fellow pointers are moving in observation and future improvements.

    1. Swing and Slide doors, very nice and appealing but the door is too fragile for children at home..my 2 year old daughter can push it open easily and enter the toilet and unfortunately drench herself big time.. the door can be push from the bottom corner which is not secured which may break it in due course. the locking system from outside is a flop too as it is made in plastic. fingers cross in how long it would last and wish i could have gotten aluminium bi fold..ugly but durable..

    2. try not to get floating platform if there are children at home. best you like floating, make sure there is a false tv console backing..my console silicon is breaking up and possible slanting..heart pain..waste of money..might as well buy off the shelves tv console.

    3. please do not have any swing open cupboard doors swinging downwards. my tv console cupboards swing downwards and after gravity starts working..it becomes loose. so make sure it opens sideways or upwards. period!!!


  8. 10 May - Carpentry up for everywhere!!!

    dropped by after work and it was super late and super dark as my house was not wired up with any lightings yet. not even any plugged in lights. in the end used my phone flash light to guide me around the house and **** i am surprise again with the works but photos are kinda dark. the progress is really amazing.


    12th May 2016

    Dropped by as it was my day off and also to dropped off some items which i have bought to prepare for plumbing and also the final touch of lightings and electrical. seems like everything was done up and good to go. right now only left with the quartz top lightings, plumbing, electrical, toilet accessories and basin, etc, just within 2 weeks span and almost 60%-70% completed. please with the result.


    14th May - moving all my taobao or any other purchases to my new place. as my ID is working super fast till the extend that i couldnt keep up. me myself have to pick up with the pace. borrowed a van from my friend and started loading all my stuff and bringing it over. hope i can secure the dates for electrical and plumping to be done next week. last week to clean up a bit here and there and i am good to get a moving company to bring my heavy stuff over.


    18th may - works has slowed down a bit but actually it is partially my fault..still purchasing my lights and my toilet accessories...i know it is rare to all but yeah...my id asked me to hurry up!! table has turned. updates from my id, the kitchen table quartz top has been installed. will take a better look this friday when i have my time off. he did whatsapp to me which is nice.



    19th May - lightings were done up with no issues with the lights i have gotten from taobao!!! lucky me very very lucky me as i only bought the exact amount of lights needed for the house. big savings and the led are pretty bright. just need one more trip to solve 2 lightings points which i intend to fix dimmers switches. did fix up my tv wall mount brackets too!


    20th May - today went to check on the rest of my items for plumping and electrical items and surprise to see that my lattice kitchen door is fixed! i have yet to stress test all my carpentry doors. guess i will do it through the weekends.

    today is also the appointment for my aircon to be installed and **** they are late by an hour!! but lucky they still arrived and fix it within an hour. no chit chat no nonsense, purely work or maybe because they were late..nonetheless everything is in working condition. i also made an appointment to fix all my phone to data ports with bto networking. fast and efficient. photos as follows!!


    21th May - DIY with legrand millia switches, freaking hot and sweaty day. managed to fix up close to 90% of the switches less tv console and kitchen appliances and please don't try this at home if your are not confident.....i have zero experience. i took out one socket board and play around with it and slowly fixed up one by one till the whole house was done up...pretty cool but if i got another chance i would have used schnider electric..legrand millia housing is quite flimsy but i guess its cheap..cost me around $150 plus plus...each one of it electrician cost is $15 bucks..i manage to save around $400...


    23th May - window grilles by parkedge group buy is up and running. its those groove type window grilles and middle with a panel for extra support type. took the contractors around 2 hours to fix it up. pretty meticulous, no hip ups or whatsoever. wanted to go buy drinks for them but the provisional shop just closed down so bo bian, just let them do their job slow and steady. remember to check the screws, slides and if it is shaky etc before paying them off. all in order and paid!


    24th May -  soon seng house movers, meet up with the sales representive at my place and did a quotation on the spot. quote me the following at $450/-, fridge, washing machine, wardrobe big, wardrobe small, dining table, coffee table, sofa, study table, 20 boxes of whatever i want to put inside, 2 standing fans, 55inch tv, dressing table. all my items are pile wood and solid wood. i was shock on the fixed price with no gst what so ever. paid $100 deposit and $350 after completion. pretty good deal and their names has pop up a couple of times in renotalk so its a pretty save bet.

    26th May - plumbing time!! one of the last few renovation on the list. after completion of plumbing, i would say my place is 90% completed. only left with paint touch up, kitchen power sockets, finally house general cleaning and i am good to move in to my new place! pretty fast and efficient. make sure you have to be at home during plumbing! it is very very important to tell them the location of your items suppose to be. i think the only thing i hate is the ikea cupboard which my wife loves..its really horrible and i presume it will last 6 months till mould kicks in etc etc..the basin drain is tiny! well its a wife thingy...


    27th May - settling of all electrical sockets switches, fix up air con, fan controller housing. i just love the lighting switches connected to all the 3 cooking appliances oven, hob and hood. good job to the electrician. pretty much everything is done and only left with paint touch up and handover by 30th May!!! so far the electricians are pretty ok, no issues with them. those lobang will be covered up by painters touch up!!


    28th May- last cleaning services by my ID's cleaning services. well not much photos to show other than everything is cleaned up like floors, toilet, kitchen, rooms, wardrobes etc etc. everything looks very tidy and clean but my ID told me that it will be inevitable that the place will still be dirty when my barang barang moves over and renovation from other units. just need to bare with it and clean it up after unpacking constainly.

    30th May - handover of my unit by my ID and fixing of my doors by siong doors. ID came early in the morning to check check everything in order, so far nothing much highlighted by me other than some floor stains which he taught me to use thinner to remove it and it works! paid him the final 10% and chit chat a bit before he finally left and promise me that workmanship issues or any other issues, just drop him a message and no worries about after service. thumbs up. Siong door came thereafter and fix up my wife's favourite and expensive timber doors and painted white. looks good in the end product so close one eye on the price.


    31st May - transport company by SSTS MOVERS. i would highly recommend them, they got like 5 workers moving all my barang barang from 0900hrs on the dot till 1200 hours. total cost at $450 net, no additionals and no hidden charges. very professional..wrap up my stuff, dismantle my wardrobe and fix it back when move over to the new place. guys are moving fast and efficient with minimal talks etc etc. all my items include fridge, washing machine, big wardrobe, dressing table, dining table, 20 boxes of whatever which i even packed my detergents, sofa, fans, 2 tv, one coffee table etc.


    1st June -  officially handed over my keys to HDB and will be awaiting for my final deposit to be duly returned to me asap! yeah i have finally completed my renovation journey. next updates will be moved over photos and any other issues raise and found during staying at my new place!!!

  9. Finally my thread on my ongoing  renovation. It will be updated periodically based on the dates and day when i visit my unit so you will be able to see what changes have been made in the process. It kinda cool in my opioion. My ID is really amazing, since the day of drawing, the process has been pretty speedy!

    21th Apr 2016 -Cement Screed!

    Finally the start of the renovation with cement screed for all my living room and 3 bedrooms. high for all my area including toilets and main door and kitchen tiles difference might be around 1mm but main entrance is pretty perfect. its a common thing as the height done by hdb can varies. just take note that during cement screed, the height is leveled at 42mm for all areas. my contractor did explained on pre mix and how it is done and what would be used for mixing the compound. pretty cool information.


    I manage to get a sample from my vinyl manager to test out at all areas. seems pretty alright but this would be the color i would be choosing. Cant wait till vinyl laying to be in place. 


    24th Apr - Air Con Trunking!

    Arrange for my air con contractor to head down to fix the air con trucnking before painting starts. Now i understand the 2 trip thing. First trip to fix the trunking and layout. Second trip to fix the air con unit etc after painting is done or at a later stage. Following shows the trucking in my 2 common rooms and my master bedroom. last one is my toilet trunking. Workmanship is flawless, very efficient and fast. highly recommended.

    medium.IMG_20160421_150546-001.jpg.02bf1 medium.IMG_20160421_193005-001.jpg.5529emedium.IMG_20160421_193029-001.jpg.2211amedium.IMG_20160421_193039-001.jpg.d95acmedium.IMG_20160421_193039-001.jpg.d95acmedium.IMG_20160421_193019-001.jpg.97391

    26th Apr 2016 - Doodling

    Meet up with my ID, started drawing around my kitchen walls for laying out of pipes and cupboards etc. living room walls for false wall and tv console wall for location of console. toilet floor for shower ledge. Masterbedroom wall for cupboard layout. wiring location etc etc. My ID pretty pro and from what i can see, he has been doing this for a pretty long time, very detailed and fast. 


    29th Apr - Painting Time and its all good.

    painting was flawless, all corners covered and he did cover some lobangs which i have informed my ID about it. didnt manage to take too much photos as its pretty much 2 colors, ceiling white and walls dolphin grey. The combination was simple and straight forward. wife loves the simplicity theme and its pretty much bright bright for the whole house.


    2th May - wiring and concrete base for kitchen and toilet ledge - really fast hands fast legs

    My ID moves really fast and actually it amazes me. Wiring doned with my fan points, kitchen points, change of switches point etc. Concrete cement really nicely done, toilet still partially done but i am please with the whole thing as he is speeding things up a lot. workmanship is excellent, pipes are straight and everything was in place of what was requested from me.



    4th May - Vinyl flooring

    Flooring arrangement has been made on the 4th and i thought it would last 2 to 3 days but eventually my lobang send 4 workers and was done within a day. Totally speechless when i dropped by in the evening. it was really done and the work is really amazing. no complaints whatsoever. the vinyl flooring feels great! choose two colours, one lighter for the living room and one slightly darker for the 3 bedrooms.



    5th May - Carpentry delivered!

    message my ID that the floor is done on the 4th May and didn't expect so much carpentry delivered on the 5th may in my living room. all fabricated and ready to be installed when my electrical appliances arrives on friday. My ID didn't really give me a timeline or anything but i think i can pretty much trust him that my unit will most likely be done by month end.


    8th May - Kitchen Subway tiles, toilet swing and slide, acrylic boards, and floor tiles. Not forgetting my appliances!!

    More updates on my renovation. Subways tiles are up and toilet doors are up too. changed the sqaure sqaure holes of the toilet pipes covering boards to acrylic board. will looks nice once my led stripes are fixed in. toilet floor raised tiles are up too. very nicely done. no major issues. Appliances from hoe kee arrived too. guess next week will be all out renovation with my kitchen, master bedroom wardrobe and tv console. cant wait!!! hope to get everything done by month end!


    End of part 1 of renovation. Please proceed to next thread for part 2!!!! yeah!!! pleased that i save a couple of post beforehand so everything can be posted in page one.

  10. In this post I will be covering those self ventured lobangs i can find through endless research and recommended and reviews. If you interested in getting information on any of the following feel free to PM/quick reply me.

    Vinyl flooring (A***** and S*** from floorich)

    I have personally tried floorich and europa which is one of the one handed over BTO which my ID brought me. I did mailed out to evorich first and again for the second time as i was interested in their HERF but never receive any replies from them. Did further search and found floorich and receive a call from sales on the next following day. Sales roughly explained to me on the material etc and recommend me to drop by their place to have a feel of it. In the end i did what was told and yeah, this sales guy is pretty experience in his field. Went through in details of their vinyl and all their accolade received. The feel was much more refine than europa. europa is kinda rough, i suppose that about the quality of a $4 per sqm vinyl. 

    Windows and grilles

    F****** from facebook group buy. manage to reach him via groupbuy parkedge facebook. quote me a very affordable price and excellent explanation on service yard windows and grilles and walk through all the explanation on the set up for all the rooms. show me the grilles with he will be using (another bar in the middle hollow area). all rooms and service yard 3 tracks and a more silent movement grilles groove. yeah i have seen the latest one which many have quote a higher price for it but he explained that its a gimmick. its the same price, just different set up and preference on safety(non groove) and silent(groove).

    Solid Timber Classic Doors

    Been searching around at siong doors and yontat doors and it seems that yontat give better offers but waiting period can be quite a stink. it is cheaper by $10 for each door and i would have save $30 for 3 doors. Nothing much to scream about but will most probably get it from siong door as there is a group buy discount. will be getting their timber door as my wife love the classic design. update...in the end no group buy discount and each door cost $360!! really expensive doors..

    Swing and slide toilet door

    just head down to their outlet at enous industrial and view the real products. quoted 299 for their basic series which is more than sufficient. nothing particular to find as in sales person cause price are pretty fix. Just remember that the max lenght and width is 900 by 2200..anything widther will require plenty of top up which in the end after measurement..my id didn't charge a lot for the doors and hence i leave it to him to settle it.

    Mattress (I** from Tilam King)

    Been using an old school queen size bed for almost 15 over years so i guess it is time for an upgrade. was searching around and kinda confuse with the tons of brands in the market and material used. Narrowed down to maxcoil, kingcoil and slumberland but before i proceed to courts i stumbled upon TK aka tilam king..**** O-biang name but got quite a number of positive reviews for the price and quality so might as well hands on before i plunged $3000 on a single bed. 

    Head down to their showroom and was attended by one of their staff. Very knowledgeable and practical. Pricing is pretty amazing considered the material they use. tried out all 5 different category of beds they sell and the natural latex seems to be the one. Will be bringing my OC down to test it before purchasing from them.

    Price is $1700+ for their highest tier mattress which is pretty cheap as compared to international european brands like simmons etc. savings of $1300+ so why not give it a try to support singapore brand mattress. KIV till green light from the misses.

    Aircon (Tim Group Buy)

    Group buy from tim, meet up with him at their humongous factory and got straight to the point as answers and questions are done via PM and whatsapp which he is pretty prompt at less a day or so. another group buy Aron was kinda slow..been three days still nothing thus the job goes to tim.

    been searching online for pricing tim gave and difference by $50 odd dollars but reputation and service can't be compromised thus deposit and good to go. two trips, free upgrades etc etc which actually i know nuts but i trust his team will honour their words and do it properly. update - everything was installed without any hiccups, all in working order and totally efficient in their works. thumbs up.

    Cement Screed 

    Got the lobang from my vinyl laying sales manager so engaged him to help me out with my floor. I didn't want to wait for hdb as the average waiting period was around 2 months plus! i am currently staying in a rental flat from hdb costing my $1200 a month..if i delay for 3 months that would be $3600..might as well use my money and do up my real owned flat. contractor lay up to 42mm for me. luckily my unit difference is around 47mm for all areas. 

    Doors - Siong Door

    Head down to their showroom at Enous industrial park. Range are quite a plenty to choose from. It is actually around $10 bucks more expensive than yon tat but the delivery is fater by around 2 weeks. yon tat normal delivery is around a month. Best if you are able to get the doors under group buy and be able to save around 10% of the total price. i have yet to confirm mine but have made an appointment on the 5th may. will post again if discount stands and if it does, maybe you would have an idea on how to bargain from them based on bulk purchase.

    Uni-arm door closing system

    Amazing door closing system that doesn't require any physical door stopper. get it as a group buy to save $. i got mine brown black at $65 bucks. normal silver is around $50 bucks. cash on delivery and much better than what HDB gives for their irritating door closing system. After using for a month, i believe this those must have items and one of those i did not regret buying from. it is very very convenient for the family.