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  1. On 15/05/2010 at 0:03 PM, candijew said:

    I had a very reliable, experienced carpenter do some woodwork for me at my new place. My budget very tight, only about $4000 to do top kitchen cabinets, bedframe for MBR, shelvings for bedroom 2 and 3 and top study cabinets. Very happy with the service and workmanship. He even helped shore up the existing bottom kitchen cabinets bec when they were installing the new top cabinets for me the entire bottom section collapsed! Can you imagine! Apparently the previous owner's carpenter did a bad job and did not secure the bottom section properly. So there was a mini crisis and he and his men helped to tahan the bottom section and made sure they propped it up properly. Good thing they were so responsible bec the whole bottom section when it collapsed, almost ripped out the gas and water piping!

    If anyone is interested in the carpenter's contact, you can PM me. His name is Ah Wei and he is popular with other forummers too. Ivy, a regular forummer here, very kindly put me in touch with Ah Wei.

    Hi candijew,

    can you pass me Ah wei contact?


  2. On 18/04/2015 at 11:48 PM, namja said:

    Thanks for the tips, will take note it's pfr. Yes i went direct to contractors and not id as i know they mark up the prices by who know how many times, just so they can pocket big profit hah!

    Hi namja, 

    can you pass me your carpenter contact ?