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  1. The quality was alright I must say, no complaints. Everything was handled by the ID. There are usually 2 top ups: 1 for levelling compound that's quite ex, like 800 bucks, but not needed if you're using vinyl. The other is any amount you need more than 40mm, which is the standard goodwill package. That's what your friend had to fork out, $400 is cheap already!
  2. Hmm I just came back and saw that all the posts with links are being hidden for some reason. Anyone knows why? If not it doesn't seem like I can post here anymore!
  3. thanks for the kind words! i wrote this with the intention to share with family and close friends but i thought good things might as well share a bit more.
  4. Have updated the blog to add a guide to buy lights from Taobao: https://btonomics.com/shopping/how-to-buy-lights-from-taobao/ Hope that helps.
  5. Saw this and the answer is yes. It goes by volume. In any case, if this helps I wrote a blog post specifically to guide my friends on this: http://pewpewpew.cc/shopping/how-to-buy-and-ship-from-taobao-to-singapore/. Hope it helps you as well!
  6. We chose Jex Aircon. It was easy to reach them and arrange an appointment. The installation went well. If the aircon piping could end elsewhere it'd be better, but there was no choice. The best thing about getting an ID is they settle every detail for you. The end result was good, better than what I'd achieved. (Original post)
  7. Thanks! I always try to update in between work. Writing more content is problematic because the posts are always so **** long
  8. After the rectification work, we arranged for HDB to do cement screeding for our BTO home. Our appeal for goodwill cement screeding was approved. IDs would advise you that it is generally cheaper to get the HDB contractor to do screeding. If you're doing vinyl, do hacking then do screeding. We went to the Bukit Batok branch to submit our screeding application. HDB provides free screeding up till 40mm. You need to top up with cash if you require more. After the form was submitted, it took some time for a reply. The wait can be up to a month, for us it was around a week. Job was well done! (Original post)
  9. ah that explains! i'll add this to the blog and credit you haha. it's something i always was curious but never took the effort to find out why!
  10. The wait for the BTO key collection was quite long but it eventually ended. This would be followed by rectification works by BSC. The process was to get our keys, do our defect checks, do the cement screeding, then do renovation works. HDB keys appear to be released in batches, in order of the completion of construction works. Attached pictures of the initial home without anything done (no OCS). First thing that came to mind was that the flat was very bare! There's a huge recess in the main living room wall, but I've no idea who it's designed that way. The tiles on the toilet wall aren't too bad. The colour scheme for the toilets fit our theme as well. Overall, pretty alright start, and looks like any other BTO that's going to be renovated. For anyone interested in the longer form, here's the link: https://btonomics.com/renovation/bto-key-collection-and-rectification-work/
  11. thanks! i thought the different chat groups are always filled with the same types of people been quite busy so haven't had the chance to post the photos yet, will do so soon
  12. We visited only about 7 or 8! But we texted or called 15 plus. We wanted to make sure we did our homework and didn't get conned. Some were flat out lacking knowledge and didnt inspire confidence, so luckily we could eliminate and still get a good sample. But you're right it was super tiring! As a guide I think 3 to 5 seems about right.
  13. As an initial review of my ID, he was a recommendation. They weren't really established online, so there was less info. The meetup was easily organised. He introduced how his firm did their work. They tell stories on behalf of their clients. His portfolio was impressive and really appealed to us. We then did an extensive Q&A with him on everything we are as a couple, from our lifestyle habits to our hobbies, to when we first met. We then went through the types of designs we liked, and some types of designs we didn't like. After that, we were told that he'd design something for us, to have a feel. I was initially quite skeptical, because I thought that no ID would want to risk doing designs for a client who may never commit further than an initial feeler meeting. He was really patient and answered my questions. He eventually came back with a design that really wowed us. It was what we wanted, and he remembered everything we mentioned in our discussions. The interesting thing was that he chose to show us his 3D design right at the second appointment. He was very open with his design, but he also risked having me copy his design and running off with a contractor to finish the job. His quote was not the cheapest, but it's some way off the top, i.e. more middle-low range. In all, the best mix of pricing and design concept that I can ask for. And the most important thing is that we felt comfortable around him, as he is not pushy at all and willing to take in all ideas from us. One thing that I observed though, he is not really a salesperson. His quotes are higher, but I only discovered subsequently that it's because his materials are often better than what you'd assume.