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  1. Living in a 20+ years 4-room HDB flat. That was the only renovation then. Have an elder with walking and balancing issues. I would like to do a full renovation for both the master2 and common1 toilets in two separate sessions. URGENT, the common one first. The master can wait. Top priority, I would like to reduce the toilet entrance kerbs’ height, ~11cm2 and ~10cm1. There are shower separation kerbs for both toilets at ~6cm high. I am considering doing away this shower kerb separator because I do not intend to install any shower screen which are dismantled a couple years back. Not sure whether it’s a good idea. Both toilet bowls and basins to be replaced. Smaller sizes for the common toilet. Basin and 2/3 way taps too. Naturally, water pipes will be replaced. PVC, stainless steel or copper? To install water shut-off valves for future repairs/replacements. Both toilet doors to be replaced too. Non-glass. Translucent or opaque? I was considering cement for the toilet walls and floors. However, I have seen pictures in this forum and read about it elsewhere. Seems like not a good idea for toilets. But I don't really like tiles. Why? They are popping off the walls. The gaps in between the tiles, dirt and mould are corrected. Tiles or cement? If tiles (anti-slip a must), I prefer white. A white clean toilet look. I may have to replace both instant water heaters too. Or should I go for a central storage water heater? Not sure how much electrical work is needed. No change in toilet lighting. Undecided to put electrical socket inside the toilet for stuff like hair dryer or shifting the water heater switch inside. Grab bars and accessories, to be determined. I have done a quick shop at IMM and I do not think I need an interior designer for the toilets. I just want a function toilet (both) for the elderly. It should be bright and spacious with normal maintenance. I spoke to a bathroom accessory store and was advice to seek a contractor before purchasing any toilet item e.g. toilet bowel and basin measurements. The store staff gave me a contractor’s contact too. I am considered a newbie at this. I am not sure whether I should go a toilet renovation package found online. A quick Google search and the results kept directing me to one particular company. I have a small budget in mind and have very little time. I need to get the common toilet done by the end of June. The average reno cost I have gathered is about 4K per toilet. Budget is tight. How should I approach this? Contractor recommendation? I need as little complications as possible for this renovation.