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  1. hello! just received my keys on thursday (: edited with my floor plan (: will continue to edit whenever i can! will start my reno soon!!!! our living room! our entrance! on the right is our bomb shelter (: our kitchen (: bedroom 1 bedroom 2 master bedroom (:
  2. Our home came much quicker than expected, cus I was 30 out of the units available and signed in April 2013, but we just got the HLE letter and saw that the fences have already been torn down. Apparently ours is the first block and it's only been a little more than two years (Nov 2012 BTO, though!). Anyhow, we chose a 3R because (1) We balloted for PLENTY of 4Rs and just didn't have the "luck" for it, so we thought maybe that's just not God's plan for now; (2) I was just starting a business then and we didn't want to carry debt. We are super young (23yo) and debt-free, and this house is quite low maintenance for us so we are quite happy with it! No plans for children but even if we have one it can take it. Haha! So I am quite excited to get the house going but we have a great place to live right now so we're not in a hurry to move. Having lived in an area that's surrounded by renovations / construction, I know how "vomit blood" it can be to clean it everyday. And I've heard stories from other RenoTalkers. But somehow, the people in my estate don't believe how hard it is to clean! Haha! We went down to see our block since it was unfenced (but stairs still sealed up, only got to go up to the carpark) and generally was happy with what I saw. Love the colors and placement of things, and love the way everything was built. Should be a happy 5 years (or more)! Starting with our floor plan: We are meeting 3 contractors next week, and probably a 1 - 2 more in the next few weeks. Met with an ID but I have such a clear vision of how I want everything to look in my head (I am a designer, albeit not interior designer, by trade) and the IDs really disappointed me and bombed us with ridiculous amounts like $44k even though I didn't need that much. London is my second home and holds a super important place in my heart. I've collected various London trinkets from our honeymoon and our longish trip this year, so I hope to bring a piece of it here. So many IDs keep interpreting it as "victorian" which isn't what I want, so hopefully the contractors can help me out! And this is also why our home will be "Little London" -- like Little India or Chinatown. Haha! Will update as time passes and link everything to a content post in the next post! Hope I can help fellow 3Roomers as we're SO hard to find but I personally love 3 Room transformations!
  3. TAOZ • https://www.facebook.com/pg/jcwdesigngallery/photos/?tab=album&album_id=118755029497040 “Lightings, Colours, Mirrors” This 3 play a very important role in Interior Design. In this home-design, it stick to a clean, neutral palette that ensures no one item appears out of place. Location: The Light Collection, Penang (Malaysia) Space Area: 1300sqft Year of Completion: 2018 JCW Design Gallery is an interior design firm establish in 2017 based in Singapore & Malaysia. We are expertise in interior design for both residential and commercial. At JCW Design Gallery, we value integrity & excellent, which is fundamental of our work. Look for more via http://www.jcwdesigngallery.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Kindly drop us email via email: info@jcwdesigngallery.com Contact : +65 83601588 (CW)
  4. I suppose I should just cut the story short as my BB girl is grasping at legs and exclaming "Papa, papa, I, I... I want to work!" (To her, hacking away at the keyboard in front of PC is working) As title suggests I'm trying to make my cosy 3rm be different from standard cookie cutter design. With any project, setting the budget is most important. My current cash flow allows for 50k expense. Its broken down 4 categories. 1. Electronics 10k 2. Furnishing 10k 3. iD/Reno 25k 4. Unknowns 10k Will continue update later.
  5. Hello fellow home owners! Mr Z (aka The Boss) and I (aka The Secretary) have been silent readers of this community for quite awhile and started stalking t-blogs since 4 years ago (ever since we applied for our flat)! However, we have only started to be more "hardworking" in sourcing for ideas, concepts and IDs / contractors 2 years ago. We have learnt much from all the valuable sharings from this blog, and would also like to contribute our bits. Our BTO is located in Ang Mo Kio, and it is the first BTO that offered a open concept kitchen. Open concept kitchen means a bigger living room space without having to hack any walls. Sounds good, and so we opted for it But, this option has also resulted in many of our sleepless nights (trying to crack our heads for ideas on how to prevent cooking smells from the rest of the house) for the past 2 years Here's the floor plan: We received the keys in end January this year, a week before CNY. Here's a picture of our house (Can you spot The Boss in this picture? ) The whole renovation process took us 3 months, not inclusive of the delivery of our furniture. We must admit that it took a lot of time and effort to build a house to turn out the way we would like it to be (and also to make our hard-earned $$ worthwhile); nonethless a beautiful and enjoyable experience that we would not regret when we looked back now. If you would like to read more about our reno journey, do stay tuned for the next update! - The Boss and The Secretary
  6. Hi Guys! I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while now. I didn't think that key collection would come so fast, but it has!! HDB just messaged me today to collect keys on the 3rd! We got a 3 room unit BTO.. So our design will be pretty different, because we prefer bohemian designs but at the same time I can't take too many rugs because of the dust. We have already met up with a few IDs.. surprisingly contractors are very hard for me to come by lol. I'll do a write up on the IDs later, but I'll probably only give full details at the end of the whole renovation. So this is what we plan to do: 1.) Vinyl Flooring (any good brands to recommend that is not so ex?) :) I'm pretty fussy about the brand of vinyl because I think that a lot of them have a lot of unknown chemicals in them that can be bad in the long run. 2.) Platform bed with storage in the master room. Now the thing with platform beds is that if you get it without storage, you can get it laid with vinyl, but if you get it with storage it will be laid with laminate (those they use on the cabinets not on the floor) .. haha. So I think the storage-less will last longer maybe.. but then no point ah.. the house is so small, plus my fiancee has A LOT OF STUFF. In our case its really reverse.. he has A LOT OF things and I don't have much. hahaha. so you won't see me saying "walk in wardrobe for a lot of my clothes or need a lot of storage for shoes" #stereotypes. 3.) Pole system wardrobe with sliding doors. I don't see that many posts on pole wardrobes here. But what do you guys think? supposedly its more flexible and configurations can be changed more easily. 3.) Ventilation fan in the bathroom. Do you guys think this is useful? lol 4.) Tic Tac mirror door extending along the DB box. 5.) the usual for kitchen, but I will be doing some open shelves instead of top cabinets on both sides. I plan to write some stuff maybe later tonight. Until the next post.. ;) Stay Creative and Hopeful !
  7. Dear Customer, Looking for custom size glass? we are here to help you. We make various different glasses such as Clear Normal glass, Tempered Glass, Window glass, Tinted Glass, Kitchen backsplash Glass, Cabinet Glass, TV Console Glass, Coffee Table Glass, etc... We arrange site visit for measurement and also do Delivery & Installation. Our Address: SGFrames.com Block 1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #01-1511 Singapore 319075 (Near Polyclinic) Operating Hours: Mon to Sat: 9am-9pm Sunday & PH*: 10AM–5PM *Get Prior appointment on PH For More Info Please Contact: 📞 6635 7989 / 9451 7174 📧 info@sgframes.com 🌐 https://sgframes.com
  8. Hihi, I am H - the husband... M is my wife... and so we are "H&M" (we are not that well known swedish retail clothing company). Warm - Our home is really very warm!! Or should I used "HOT" instead.. Haha... No wind at all despite that our living room is not block at the moment. ...view from our living room... Time seems fast forwarded once we got our keys. But before that, it was a looooong looooong....... 5 years wait! Every BTO seems building faster than our project. We are starting this blog to detail our reno journey for our first home ~ A tiny 83sqm HDB BTO 4 room flat before it's gone without us noticing it. ...our floor plan... cheers, H
  9. Hi , Im Michelle (Im using my fren account cos Im lazy to sign up a new account so nvm at here im calling Kelly ) Anyone this is our first home , and actually already finish renovation about 1 years ,now already free to do a write up .. hope write at here can be my good memory and records this 4 room bto is from 2014 Jan and when I take the key is at 2017 June and this home is design by me and my husband ( he is designer , and im 3d visualizer ) so design is me and him do together and taobao is I go choose all the things then he is doing jobsite manage July 2017 Start work and after September 2017 We already move in ... below is our home layout plan
  10. Greetings! Wifey and I applied for a 5RM HDB @ Canberra, which is situated between Yishun and Sembawang. Canberra is a non-matured estate with growing facilities. We hope that things will get better, especially when the new Canberra MRT is operational. So let's start off with our floorplan. As ours is from a SOBF: 1) No flooring is included for living and bedrooms - No issues as we wanted a different tiles design. 2) Kitchen wall is included - We wanted an open & close concept kitchen, so this wall must go. 3) Sanitary fittings are included - After looking at the HDB sanitary fittings (toilet bowls, toilet basins, shower heads), they are acceptable and we will not be changing them to save costs. Here is a video of the "Before" reno: Defects Rectification Fortunately, the number of defects are minimal. We had minor defects. The more notable ones are; hairline cracks on wall, rusty door hinges, low water pressure at service yard. BSC took 2 weeks to do the rectifications. Before planning for renovation, I read through this thread which contains useful knowledge from other home owners. This has helped shaped my plans and is a must read for all first time home owners. https://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/19954-materials-that-u-regret-using-installing/ We wanted to make our home look bright, open and lively. We did not want our home to have a "hotel" feel. Therefore we would be going for a bright woody/scandi feel with shades of white, brown, grey. Below is an example of our moodboard, some of which were obtained from other Renotalkers here.
  11. Hello everyone! My fiance and I are going to get the keys to our 4-room in 2Q 2016. So excited and we can't wait to start our new home after 4 years of long wait! We have been reading the forum to do our research diligently. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience with us! Now is our turn to journal down our renovation journey in this t-blog. Here goes our floor plan: This is our first time owning a house. We are very excited about our renovation for the new home. However, we can’t help but feel the pinch, especially we going to spend a hefty sum when our renovation and wedding falls in the same year. We just started working for 2-3 years and I don’t want to spend all our savings to splurge on the renovation. Hence, I will try my best to stick within our budget and spend wisely. We also set our budget below: Budget for Renovation: 30-35K Budget for Furnishing and Electrical appliances: 20k Renovation Requirement We will keep our carpentry work minimal and simple. Save money on carpentry by going for off shelf furnishings and online shopping of home decorations to achieve the look we want. Also, we chose Scandinavian style as this theme is easily executed and it will never fall our of style. As some of the requirement are optional, we will finalize our decision only after considering the cost and visiting the actual site. I also try to think of other alternatives to save the cost. Living Room 1.To supply materials & labour to lay Vinyl @ Living. Dining Room/ Bedroom 3/Bedroom 2/Master bedroom 2.Painting for the whole house 3.Chemical wash for whole house after renovation 4.Sliding window at the yard (optional) 5.To supply and install 3 bedroom doors / 2 bathroom doors LIVING ROOM 1.To construct false ceiling work @ Living/Dining Hall (optional) 2.To construct 16ft Craftstone wall / Brickwall stucco wall, whichever is more affordable (optional) 3.To box up 8ft gypsum partition wall 4.To construct half ht and 5ft shoe cabinet KITCHEN 1.To hack half partition wall between dining and kitchen 2.To install coated aluminum frame fixed window at partial wall and swing door 3.To construct 9ft Top cabinet 4.To construct 15ft Bottom cabinet 5.To construct 2ft Tall cabinet 6.To overlay Subway tiles on exposed wall on kitchen wall 7.To install 16ft Kompac plus/ iQuartz for kitchen cabinet surface top BATHROOM 1.To construct shower kerbs at Common /Master Bathroom 2.To supply and install 10mm Clear tempered glass shower screen @ Common Bathroom 3.To supply and install 10mm Clear tempered glass (1 fixed and 1 swing) shower screen @Master bathroom 4.To construct 3ft Vanity bottom finished @Master bathroom 5.Overlaying floor tiles for Common /Master Bathroom (optional) BEDROOMS 1.Full ht and 7ft casement wardrobe @Masterbedroom 2.Full ht and 5.5ft casement wardrobe @Bedroom 2 Table of Contents 1. Moodboard
  12. We applied for our BTO flat in Sep 2011, during that time, we were able to choose between Punggol Waterway Brooks and Waterway Woodcress. After some discussion with Missy, we have come to a conclusion, a 5-room Waterway Brooks flat will be our new house after our marriage. (One of the reason is because Waterway Brooks is closer to a LRT station in terms of walking distance and Sheng Siong is within walking distance)
  13. personally understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. Since I have found a good one so I was thinking to share it here for anyone looking for a reliable contractor. They were very responsive & even took the extra effort to help me managed my aircon guy who was fixing up the new aircon when I got tied up at work. I recommended them to my brother & friend. Have a look at the photos below to see what final outcome. My Living Room My Walkway My Wardrobe cum Partition Master bedroom Toilet Bro's Master bedroom Master bedroom Toilet Common Toilet Bro's Living Room
  14. Hi all! After roaming renotalk t-blog for so long, it's time for some contribution. Like everyone else, after years of waiting, i finally got my keys. Below will be my floor plan: Next... Selection of ID time!
  15. Hello World!! So we embark on a whole new journey of RENOVATION after collection of our keys last Wednesday!! A home to call our own =), and a simultaneous butt-full of debt. Ah well, an exciting journey nonetheless. Here are some IDs we encountered: The authentic IDs who have absolutely stunning designs (but who also demand more moolah than we could part with) 1. D-Home 2. JQ Ong 3. Metre Cube And others we met up with: 1. Roman (spam) Professional guy, met up with him twice to discuss the renovation details. Gives constructive advice, but felt that he had some unconventional ideas although we found them somewhat difficult to visualise. Learnt quite abit during was discussions. Quotation was reasonable (perhaps slightly over out budget then), but I think we side-tracked when our soon-to-be neighbour highly recommended a cheaper ID. 2. JXXXX (SXXX Interior) A whole bunch of us popped by the shop, led by above-said neighbour. Very attractive pricing in the mid-20K range inclusive of lighting and carpentry work. Quite a few of us signed on, and we paid our first deposit to obtain our 3D pics. And this was when we realised that our ID was somewhat lacking in his artistic flair. And after a few meetups the general feel was that he played more of a salesman/middleman role. Things got far more expensive with further amendents, was seriously overquoted for some carpentry work; Also got sick of empty promised. So we thought we should probably re-consider our options. Back to ID-hunting. 3. Nicholas (Renoguyz) He was pretty highly recommended on Renotalk: quality-work, reasonable pricing; Some said he was odd. Conversation went from fish to flowers and finally to our reno requirements. Was told of some impracticalities in our previous design, renovation cost more likely to be between 30-40k instead. Hmm, probably can consider. So now it's still ID-shopping. Wondering if it's worth looking up Mr K (H2O) or Calvin Tan (PoshHome)... Hmm.
  16. The Introduction Time for me to share my renovation journey after much persuasion from my ID. Pardon me as this is going to be an abridged version, but feel free to post / PM if you need more details on any aspect. The Site Our family gotten a flat at Costa Ris in 2011 and finally received our keys earlier this year. We are kind of late due to administrative hiccups and by the time we received our keys, a good portion of our neighbours have already moved in. We thought this site is really quite good despite it being on the eastern edge of Singapore. It is rare to find a site that is walking distance from a main MRT line these days. The Floor Plan We opt for a 5-room flat as we intend to stay for the long haul, thus more space the better! We are happy with this layout as it gives us a long rectangular kitchen. The down side is the master bedroom is relatively small. From the onset we already have an idea to have an open kitchen concept by knocking down the wall highlighted in red. The Design Love wood, love simplicity and sleekness. These principles seem to be embedded into mainstream Scandinavian design and we'll go with that. Some pictures that we collected on our Pin board that make us say "Yea we want to live in a house like that!" The Interior Designers We met up with a few IDs in an attempt find the right one. I hate shopping for IDs as it gives me the same sick feeling when we are shopping for wedding studios, pre-sales promise you everything, post-sales give you everything else. As we do not have a clear cut idea of what we want to be done, we find ourselves comparing apple to oranges as different IDs have different ideas, which translates to different Bill of Materials and different cost. Meaningless. In the end we chose Nick that used to be from Renoguyz. He is different, he talks to you about fishes, flowers and bikinis. Deciding factor is that he is frank and not afraid to tell you what is nice and what is not. And now he have an assistant (Benny) so they remind me of Batman and Robin, which is always nice but I digress. The Plan As we did not opt for any of HDB add-ons, we pretty can choose anything we want which is nice. The bad part is that we have to choose from anything under the sun. Long story short, we settled on a plan to have the following key features: Kitchen Two row of cabinets and a breakfast bar topSubway tile backsplashGranite countertopCement Screed wallsHacking of HDB tilesLay with tiles of our choiceHacking of wall between kitchen and living roomBedroom Custom Wardrobes for all bedroomsStudy table and overhang shelves (aka the head cracker because I knock my head so many times on it) for bedroom 2Cement Screed floorClassic doors for all roomsToilets Full overlay of tiles for both toiletsVanity top for MBR toiletAluminum full louvre doors for both toiletsLiving Room Extension of Breakfast top to a dining table in the living room (Nick's proud invention)Feature wall: Brick overlay at TV areaFeature wall: Wooden Plank wallShoe Cabinet Others Electrical worksFlooring tiles + labourPainting, chemical wash and yada yadaThe indicative cost was about $47k but the final figure is being recalculated as there were adjustments along the way.
  17. Hi all! We are nearing the end of our house renovation and we have finally decided to share our experience so far Our new house is a 5-room BTO in Waterway Brooks, and here's our floor plan for a start: Both of us prefer a simple and clean house, along the line of minimalistic and nordic feel kinda. We surfed extensively on (it's really quite a useful app!), renotalk (of cuz ;p) and various interior design company websites initially to gather our ideas on how we want our house to be. Being super fickle-minded, it took us quite awhile to come to a decision on the interior design we are both comfortable with. Here's our mood board: Living Room Kitchen Random ideas That's all for now!
  18. Hello everyone ~ After years of waiting, finally I got my keys to our new home. We have chosen a 3 room BTO, it's small I know... but with 2 years of info gathering in this forums and other platforms, we believe we can make it into a comfy abode! Contents (To be updated soon) Shopping list a) TV b) Oven c) Cooker and Hoods d) Fridge e) Air-Con f) Bathroom accessories g) Laundry system h) Wifi remote controller i) Ergonomic furniture j) Other interesting stuff Completed Looks a) Living room b) Kitchen c) Bedroom 1 d) Master Bedroom e) Common bathroom f) Master bathroom As part of my job needs, I travelled quite abit and get in contact to many interesting home living concept that really helps make full use of space. I believe it is possible to enjoy comfortable living even with small area. Let's begin with the floor plan.
  19. Hey everyone, we'll be organizing RenoTalk Group Buys for your upcoming new home! You’ll get to enjoy exclusive special discounts for home appliances, furnishings, and electronics that you won't get in retail stores islandwide. Be the first one to get our latest updates and share them with your friends who'll be getting their new homes too. Indicate your interest by leaving your details below: 1. Name of your BTO/condo development 2. The type of deals you're most interested in (appliances, furniture, etc.) 3. When are you getting your keys Then sit back, relax, and wait for our good news!
  20. Hello Everyone! After years of lurking around here, learning so much from all the seniors here, I am finally starting my own T-blog! Why Smelly Nest? Its just our pet name for each other Lets start with the conventional boring floor plan. ">http://http://s307.photobucket.com/user/melakamalacca/media/Punggol/floor%20plan.jpg.html'> Our unit is a tiny 87 meter sq ( 90 meter sq including air con ledge). So our main challenge is creating enough storage for all our rubbish. The next post will be summarizing our visits to the IDs.
  21. Hi! I am looking to engage DRD for my 4 room BTO. Anyone has engaged their services? How are they? I can't seem to find much reviews on them online. Would preferably like to read some reviews before committing to them!
  22. Hi, Its my first post here in Renotalk. I hope this queries there would be interior designers that can help advice. I just met on ID yesterday. I requested that I don't want floor skirting in my house cos i want my house to be minimalist theme and skirting kinda make my furniture not able to flush to the wall which overtime will accumulate a lot of dust. So the ID suggested that i do Vinyl flooring. But from all the internet research the vinyl sound very hospital feel to me like is soft and squishy. I have been living in a house laid with granite for 16 years and i am fine with the cold hard flooring but homogenous tile doesn't allow me to do without skirting and as heard from ID tiles would cost more for the installation. Can someone advice which would be better or people using vinyl for a while what is your view? And another thing is i wanted sliding doors for my room. But it seems that the ID i met is quite against it. His take is that the tracks will accumulate dust and if it is a top track the door might crack if knock against it too hard while sliding. Anyone did sliding door for their rooms?
  23. Hi guys, I am getting my bto flat next year. Wish to extend my hdb bto toilet. Wish to ask if anyone has wrote in to hdb and done this successfully before? I dont mind voiding the warranty and do waterproofing on the extended areas. Also appreciate if anyone has a letter template to write in to HDB on this too. Thanks much!
  24. Hello there, Like many other new house owners, I've been a silent reader of this T-blog ever since hub & I ballot a BTO flat 3 years ago... And recently we have received our keys from HDB! So there's the typical floor plan for a standard BTO 4rm flat @ Sengkang Westway. As expected, the house is really small... The Living Room Area Walkway Kitchen
  25. Thought for a while whether to pen down our journey and have decided to do so after gaining so much from fellow forumers here. We are still in our very very very early stage of renovation, so this would be ongoing until it is done. Our floor plan is the same as @slashmylove, since you can view the floor plan there, just go visit the t-blog okay! Some other T-blogs which we found useful were: Don't sad if your t-blog is not here, unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to read all the t-blogs (you will see why later). also a special mention: - this is by far the most entertaining t-blog we have read, even if you are not intending to have the same design, just go in to read and have a laugh haha. Have not thought of how to organise this thread considering everything is still work in progress. The rough plan would be Feng shui -> finding our contractor/ID (keeping the suspense for now :P) -> our eventual design and the beautifully drawn 3D drawing -> aircon contractor -> Loots from Singapore -> Loots from Taobao -> Renovation journey. Renovation is slated to start after New year day, so for those who are only interested to read that part, please come back again! Some housekeeping rules I will NOT be sharing the contacts of anyone in the T-blog lest people say I am advertising. Nowadays very sensitive ah, bloggers all must put #ads on their posts, got apply to T-blogs? hahaha You can PM me to ask for the contacts but I will NOT be responsible if they wrecked your house hor, this kind of things some times must see fate one tio bo? If you don't like each other,or expectations mismatch then dont neh si ask them do your house ok? They pek cek you also pek cek. Then you pek cek don't come find me hor. Counselling not my day job. Ok finally: Budget: ~30k for renovation, 20k for furnitures, appliances etc, 20k for wedding (ok nvm that one another story hahaha) Theme: Scandi, cannot tell from the title meh.