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  1. Hi, I have just completed my renovation and there are a few items that w did not use eventually. All items are new and still in the original box. 1) Hansgrohe rainshower, great for HDB and private Model Number: 27117000 You may leave your email/hp number so I can send actual photo to you 2) Axor Hansgrohe table top Tap 3) Scanteak Dinning Chair X2 You may go to my carousell to see the actual product. Apologies as I don't k now how to upload photo. http://carousell.com/simplixity
  2. Hi all, After 4 years of waiting, we finally gotten our BTO keys! Its a typical 4 room floor plan however we opted out for the doors not because the doors are not good, its because they are so not flexible like PD doors in the end they will still be removed and changed. And also we do not want to have such a mainstream doors for the bathroom, I promise you can never imagine it in my home. Stay tuned! So excited! So ya here's our floor plan~
  3. Hi everyone!! Finally decided to start a t-blog after reading so much from Renotalk for the past 2 months! We only started planning for our renovation after we got our key in June 2014. Didnt realise that it really takes a lot of time and effort to plan for a reno and I strongly advise anyone who have not started planning to start at least 2-3 months before the key collection. We started off by deciding on the theme for our house. We browsed through many home design pictures on the internet which are of modern minimalist, scandinavian, industrial theme etc. They all look nice but none of the pics made us feel like.. OK! This is it! .... Therefore, we spent quite some time deciding on our theme. There were many changes to our initial ideas, themes and concepts along the way before we finally settled on Greek(Santorini) inspired beach theme. WX (my fiance) and I both fell in love with Greece after we had our holiday there in Dec 2013. I have always love the beach, the sea, etc... and WX proposed to me on a beach in Green Island, Cairns... so we both feel that a Greek-inspired beach home has a special meaning for both of us. There are also other reasons for choosing this theme, such as WX likes blue and I like green, and since we will be living together, our place will comprise of blue-green (turquoise), which also fits in our Greek inspired beach theme. Also, I love to have wooden furniture in the house and so beach theme is a good choice for us! In short, when this idea of Greek inspired beach theme came to our mind, both of us got very excited and we knew that Ok! This is it! This is the theme that we are looking for.
  4. Hmm.. I've read some of the t-blogs here.. So its time for me to contribute.. To share our experiences in this home reno journey. We collected our keys on 11 March 2014.. Signed everything & there goes our CPF balances~ Here is our floor plan.. Here are some pictures of how our house looked before the check.. This the 3rd week since we collected our keys but we have not submitted our feedback form to the BSC. There are so much to check and I wondered how to complete checking within 7 days. With the help with an ID, we finished checking & will be submitting the form in today. Now my house is full of masking tapes to show the defects. Our project is the developer’s first HDB project. While checking, my id was shocked by the quality of the work being done. We have slanted switches, uneven & rough walls, lots of gaps between top & bottom of wood skirtings, badly filled grouting, leaking toilet bowl, cracked floor tiles, missing window screws, all the windows cannot be opened smoothly and dent window frames, chipped walls, and many more.. Will post some photos on the defects later.
  5. Hello!! Like everyone, hubz and I decided to start a T-blog to jot down our ­reno progress, hoping to share some useful information to future homeowners (just like how we learn from bro/sis here!). We had gotten the keys to our first house in late Aug and almost completed with our BSC rectifying process (will talk more about it later). If everything goes as planned, we will be able to start our reno soon in a week time! Here’s our floor plan and will go into more details of our reno in later post. Open Door Day… HUAT AH~!~!
  6. Finally I will be collecting my BTO FLATS keys in 1-2 months time after 3 years of waiting. Was really happy and glad that the wait is over. Any BTO owner would like to share their same sentiment and joy as well as any renovation pointers to share. I had started to look for renovation contractor to renovate my new house. What is the difference between renovation contractor with drawing and one without drawing? Will the charges be the same? Please advice s this is my matrimonial home and want to keep within budget. Thanks a million
  7. Hi all, I will be getting a 3room bto(floorplan attached below) soon and having look through quite a few websites, it does not really suits my needs. 1. For the kitchen(i think it will be a 2 side), is there that only comes with the kitchen cabinet set preferably with sink, hood and hob. 2..As for the toilet, i would like to install only hard tempered glass doors for both bathroom. Any suggestions to the listed?? Thank you very much in advance.
  8. We wanted our new home to look very simple 'like nothing at all'. We approached total of 3 IDs and 2 contractors. The quotations from 2 IDs were quite competitive (the another ID took my floorplan and did not get back to us), as for the contractors… I’m quite surprise myself that both quotations were on the high side and told me that I am unable to hack some walls. But to be fair, both different contractors did say that he need to go on site to give us a precise quotation. Yet comparing the psf charges from the contractors, their price are abit higher than the IDs. Ended up, we signed with one of the ID, Ronnie (Mr. OK Can), whom right till now, drawn us with his responsive and straight forwardness, most importantly we are comfortable with his presence. Every time we saw some minor issues, his reply always go 'Ok, can' and things will be fix swiftly. My renovation cost (paid 95% already) is $23,000 excluding flooring which we went direct to Evorich $4,782.90, so summing up to: $27, 783. This is our progress till today:
  9. Hi all, Any future neighbours from this BTO? Maybe just post the block which you've selected
  10. Hi all, Appreciate if you guys can provide your comments and advice on this quotation by my ID. Thanks. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE (DESIGN AND CONSULTATION FEE $4500) FOC 1. Design consultation & space planning 2. Design proposal & perspective drawings (for carpentry areas only) 3. Selection of colour, material & accessories 4. Site co-ordination & supervision 5. Decoration advice A. MASONRY WORKS (MATCHING HDB TILES WILL BE USE FOR CONCRETE BASE) 1. Supply & construct 50mm ht kitchen cabinet base c/w side tiles finishing - $450 2. Supply & construct 01 nos 50mm ht washing machine base c/w full tiles finishing -$150 3. Supply & construct 01 nos 50mm ht fridge base c/w full tiles finishing - $150 4. Supply & construct 02 no shower kerb c/w full tiles finishing at both toilets - $150 B. PLUMBING WORKS (OWNER SUPPLY FITTING) 1.Supply labour to install 01 nos of kitchen sink cum tap fittings - $200 2.Supply labour to install 02 nos of instant heater -$200 3.Supply labour to install 02 nos of toilet accesorries ($80) - FOC 4. Supply labour to install 02 nos of handspray - $80 5. Supply labour to dismantle / install 01 no basin cum tap fittings - $100 C. PAINTING WORKS Supply material & labour to paint whole house interior wall & ceiling with Nippon / ICI Emulsion paint (6 wall colors +1 ceiling white color)(Premier) - $1,450 Option A - (ICI Wall Paint types to be select : Dulux All, Dulux Wash & Wear, Dulux Light & Space, Dulux Pentalie) Option B- (Nippon Wall Paint types to be select : Nippon Odourless, Easy Wash, 3 in 1 Medifresh, Vinilex 5000) painting of sewage pipe and metal door frame with gloss paint C. CEILING WORK (include air con U-box) 1. Supply & construct L-box cum cove light holder include false ceiling at living room/foyer and dining area - $2,000 2. Supply & construct L-box cum cove light holder include false ceiling at master bedroom - $750 D. GLASS WORK (standard shower screen 1800mm ht) 1. Supply & install 10mm tempered glass shower screen at master toilet (fix panel cum swing door only)(include stainless steel chrome handler) -$650 2. Supply & install 6mm tempered glass backing c/w nippon/ICI color spray between top and bottom kitchen cabinet (16ft L, 2ft Ht) - $950 E. PD DOOR 1. Supply material & labour to install aluminium Pd door at kitchen entrance (acrylic / glass series) -$850 F. CUSTOM-MADE FURNITURE ( External: Selected Laminate with Internal : Carcass in White PVC Finish ) HIGH GRADE LAMINATE TO BE SELECT : EDL & JENNINGS (up to 380 types of laminate design to select)(laminate price up to $55) Cabinet doors & drawers in ABS trimming finishing To supply Labour, Tools And Materials To Install : LIVING AREA 1. Design & fabricate full ht TV feature wall with laminate design (6 ft L, 8.5 ft Ht) - $1,320 a. Selected Laminate finish 2. Design & fabricate suspended TV console (6ft L) - $660 a. Selected Laminate finish b. internal carcass in white pvc finish 3. Design & fabricate full ht shoe rack cum partial display compartment (4ft L, 8,5ft H) - $1,040 a. Selected Laminate finish b.internal carcass in white pvc finish c. reinforce wood backing with mirror design KITCHEN AREA 4. Design & fabricate top kitchen cabinet c/w : (19ft L) - $2,090 a. doors in seleted laminate finish and ABS trimmings b. internal carcass in white pvc finish c .01 nos of stainless steel dish rack ($100) d. 01 nos of aluminium frame sandblasted glass ($100) e. supply labour to install kitchen hood & hod (item supply by owner) 5. Design & fabricate bottom kitchen cabinet c/w : (16ft L) - $1,760 a. doors in seleted laminate finish and ABS trimmings b. internal carcass in white pvc finish c. Full set drawer with BLUM silvergrey tandembox (S1 - $150, S2 - $180 - S3 - $220) - optional items d. S1 silvergrey blum drawers x 1, S2 silvergrey blum drawers x 1, S3 silver grey blum drawers x 2 ($770) -optional times 6. Full ht kitchen cabinet (2ft L) - $700 MASTER BEDROOM 7. Design & fabricate full ht casement door wardrobe Selected Laminate finish (7ft L, 8.5ft H) - $1,610 a. internal carcass in white pvc finish b. standard plywood drawer units c. standard shelves d. standard clothes hanging rod BEDROOM 2 and 3 (6ft L, 8.5ft H) - optional items 8. Design & fabricate full ht casement door wardrobe ($1380) a. Selected Laminate finish b. internal carcass in white pvc finish c. standard drawer units d. standard shelves e. standard clothes hanging rod Additional design 1 : wooden sliding door wardrobe ($130) Additional design 2 : aluminium frame sliding door with glass/laminate/mirror design ($420) MASTER BATHROOM 9. Design & fabricate suspended vanity cabinet (full set) (3ft L, 8.5ft H) - $990 a. Selected Laminate finish b. internal carcass in white pvc finish c. cresto solid surface table top d. clear mirror with cove light holder (fittings excluded) H. KITCHEN TABLE TOP (16ft L) 1. Supply material & labour to install cresto solid surface table top at bottom kitchen cabinet ($1200) - optional items 2. Supply material & labour to install imported INDIA granite table top at bottom kitchen cabinet ($2080) - optional items 3. Supply material & labour to install quartz table top at bottom kitchen cabinet - $2,240 Selection : Igalaxy, Icrystal, Icream, Imansory, Iearth, Izen, Iruby,Isapphire I. CLEANING WORK 1.Clearing of debris & haulage, supply & upload sand (by HDB Haulage contractor) - $350 2. Supply & lay corrugated paper for whole house flooring (by HDB Haulage contractor) - $200 3. Provide general cleaning for whole house (include chemical wash for bathrooms and kitchen) - $180 4. Provide final cleaning ($150) - FOC J. COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS ANTI SLAM HINGES / STOPPER FOR ALL CASEMENT DOOR CABINET PAINT FINISHING FOR ALL CARPENTRY EXTERNAL EDGE MISC ITEMS Remarks: No GST charges Above quotation not included Electrical work & Air con work 5 years warranty on workmanship & defects Total quotation (excluding optional items): $20,838
  11. Hello all, We have been reading and searching for good lobangs and ID/Contractor in RT for quite sometime but only decided to be member early of the year. After following some of the blogs here and envy their home, we decided to create ours as well. We strongly agreed that finding and shortlisting of ID/Contractor is a pain in the @ss. Hubby went through every single page of each blog for 2 weeks, to search for a good ID/Contractor. For that 2 weeks process, hubby managed to find 4 IDs and an unknown contractor. Out of the 5, we managed to meet 3 of them. The 1st ID was very patient and professional. As we are totally noob about renovation process and details to take note, he explained to us almost every single details. He also showed us his past projects. The best part was he knew that he is the 1st ID we met based on the questions we post to him. Then came the 2nd ID. He is quite young and he listened to all our queries.He did his homework and explained to us the position of the lighting etc. He also showed pictures of his projects. The final one was a contractor. We arranged to meet at 1 of his finish project to see the workmanship. Oh gosh, he was super late. Promised to meet at 1730 but he show up at 1840. While waiting, he advised us to enter the house to see the workmanship. Both hubby and wifey was surprised he allowed us to enter the house by ourselves. At this point, I wondered if I am to engage him, my new house will be his showroom and allowed strangers to enter my house. When he finally appeared, he bring along his wife and kid. What was he thinking? So we continued to discuss of the renovation details and he quote us slightly lesser than 2nd ID. Eventually, we decided to engage the 1st ID.
  12. Hello fellow Renotalkers, I'm new here though my husband already is a regular. I created a blog to document the joy and experience of building our home with my hubby but silly me, I had meant to place the content in T-blog but confused with the main blog platform also on Renotalk. Here are my first two posts. BLOG - CHAPTER 1: ID Search Months ahead of our key collection, we were contemplating whether to engage an ID or not. My hubby was very excited as he had been looking forward to start on our renovation project and he was very confident of doing up the 3D-drawings himself. I must say, he did some pretty decent perspectives for the home. But we still went ahead to get some quotes from ID first… ​Click to continue --------------------- BLOG - CHAPTER 2: Our 4RM BTO Space STEP 2: Space Evaluation (4RM BTO) Here's an overview of how our bare 4-rm BTO space looks like LIVING/DINING AREA We opted out of the floor tiles (living/dining/bedroom only) and doors option in order to get alternatives that suit our liking. View from our main door. ….. Click to continue Chapter 2 -------------------------- Anyone here who might be find this layout familiar? Guess most flats are laid out similarly these days. Moving forward, I will continue with my updates from here onwards.
  13. Hi, Need advice where to purchase rainshower set with adjustable height and joven storage heater. Thanks alot.
  14. Hello everyone! Now that we've finally gotten our keys to our love nest, I've decided to start blogging about our reno journey! Wasn't too sure how helpful this will be but seeing how much insight & tips I got from the various renotalkers now happily settled in their homes, I've decided to give it a go If nothing else, it'll be a journal of sorts for us on this eventful adventure ============================================================================= {The One With The Space Planning Conundrum} Once we got our pdf floorplan from the HDB officer in late 2013, we started researching on #pinterest (helpful tags are #hdb #hdbrenovation), #renotalk, #homeanddecor, #squarerooms and #lookboxliving for ideas on using small space efficiently & creatively. At the time of selecting our flat, we weren't sure about the space needs of our home (Eg. 1kid or 2kids? Is MIL staying with us?) and the 4room seemed like a better fit over the 5room. Since we have gotten used to the vastness of my parents' EA, we know some hacking will be needed to open up the communal area for entertaining guests. To better visualize the amount of space we have, we decided to do a comparison using the images sourced on #homedecor & #squareroom: OPTION 1: Hack 50% of L-Wall in Kitchen, Hack 50% of Study Wall (To replace hacked portions with Glass) (all images taken off home&decor & renotalk) Pros (both): Increase in overall visual space, Cool air from aircon won't leak out, Maintains a clean look. Glass is quite affordable. Cons (both): Not really sound proof. No real improvement for interaction as we are still separated by glass (so weird to talk through glass). Dead-space behind the area blocked by opened glass door (which will be open most of the time I imagine) Somehow it felt safer to stick with what the majority went for and see if it fits us. Husband eventually put his foot down that he don't want to have to shout from his study to me in the living room. Ok so no glass. Even when I showed him these images. ESPECIALLY the ones with a black frame. OPTION 2: Hack 100% of L-Wall in Kitchen, Hack 100% of Study Wall Pros (for kitchen): Increase in dining area, Possibility for bar counter (which I've always wanted OMG! ), Fridge can now be in dining space for guests to help themselves while I'm cooking (I'm ok with glass sliding doors separating the wet kitchen from the hall) Cons (for kitchen): Loss of counter & storage space (which the bar counter can make up for so not really a con yay ) Pros (for study): Increase in hall area for interaction while still being in study area. Cons (for study): OMG WE GOT SO STUCK HERE!! Day after day, our conversation will revolve around this #holeinthewall conundrum. We know that we'll need that study to function as a bedroom eventually. So the design has to incorporate both our present and future needs. And that hole is HUGE. About 7feet wide. Husband is adamant about being able to talk to guests & watch movies from the TV WHILE seated from his table in the study. I'm adamant abt preserving the option for privacy with curtains or blinds (which will need glass right?!) Multifold doors look nice but when they are folded open, the combined thickness is such an eyesore and eats into the sofa space. Casement windows are also out as someone will knock their heads on the open window frames (duh). Sliding doors look the sleekest of the lot but they trap dust on the lower track and are difficult to clean. And half of the view will always be blocked. Oh Mai Gawd... I even roped in my brother into the discussion/debate since he's also collecting his keys within this year. The longer we got stuck at this #holeinthewall, the more unsure we were about approaching contractors for quotes. We can't even come to a conclusion, how're we supposed to tell the contractor what we want done??? I was not even keen to meet with any contractors at this point. We so so needed help By this time, my bro had met up with quite a few IDs/contractors for quotes and following his recommendation, we decided to meet up with one of them. We presented our problem to him and asked if he had any solutions before. Imagine our faces when he suggested "curtains"...... #winliaolor #myhouseisnotatheatreleh I think he panicked a little seeing our reaction haha! Then his kakia suggested building a halfwall using partition board, with a flap that can be swung open & downwards, airplane-tray-table style. So if we need to install glass in the future, we can just open the flap, slot in a glass panel, then close and seal the flap. But this idea sounds so... flimsy :/ Not fun to consider how glass might fall onto our heads while watching TV. That's when we decided to go for a second opinion... (To be continued)
  15. HI everyone, Initially I don't intend to post another topic on asking about reasonable quote since there's plenty threads. But after browsing, I couldn't find any that's similar to what we wanted to do. So here I am posting, yet another similar thread, seeking advice if the price is reasonable. Below is 1 of the 7 id/contractor that we've met and considering to engage them. Some items are not included yet, still waiting for them to revise the quote (eg. granite top) Hope to get some opinion from you guys, especially for those who have done platform with storage in the MBR 1 General 1.1 Washing for whole unit (General + Chemical + remove debris + clean window) = $700 1.2 Supply and lay paper protection include clear rubbish for whole house = $150 1.3 Application of HDB permit = $0 2 Masonary 2.1 Fabricate cabinet base with tile skirting = 3.6m $300 2.2 Fabricate fridge base with tile finish = $150 3 Tiling 3.1 Supply & lay 600x600mm homogeneous floor tiles for living, dining & 3 bedrooms incl skirting = 61.1sqm $6,150 $3.40psf 4 Plumbing 4.1 Install water pipe for cold and hot water supply from citigas heater to common bathroom, copper = $320 4.2 Install toilet accessories for 2 bathroom = $100 4.3 Supply & install material to run sink inlet/out pipe = $100 5 Painting 5.1 Supply & paint whole unit including door frames Nippon = $1,600 7 Windows 7.1 Supply & install window at service yard = 3.84sqm $600 8 Doors 8.1 Supply & install 3nos of Veneer door c/w lockset and handles for all bedroom PE Veneer hollow core = $960 8.2 Supply & install door for both toilets PD Door = $640 9 Living Room 9.1 Design & fabricate shoe cabinet in laminate finish (full height), Glass finish = 900mmL $850 $94/100mmL 9.2 Design & fabricate settee in laminate finish = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 9.3 Supply & install mirror at foyer = 2.80sqm $350 $125/sqm (Most probably will buy own, might be cheaper) 9.4 Design & fabricate L-shape dining bench Storage + cushion & backing = 3150mmL $2,850 $91/100mmL 9.6 Design & fabricate suspended collapsible table with folding legs in laminate finish = 1200mmL $800 $67/100mmL 9.7 Design & fabricate TV feature wall in laminate finish (full height) = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 9.8 Design & fabricate suspended console = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 10 Kitchen 10.1 Design & fabricate cabinet in laminate finish = 7400mmL $2,950 $40/100mmL 10.3 Supply & install dish rack Stainless steel = FOC 10.4 Design & fabricate laundry cabinet = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 11 Master Bedroom 11.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 4000mmL $3,450 $86/100mmL 11.2 Design & fabricate TV console in laminate finish Suspended console = 1800mmL $950 $53/100mmL 11.3 Design & fabricate platform with storage in laminate finish = 6.48sqm $2,350 $363/sqm 11.4 Design & fabricate headboard in cushion finish 1500mmL Full ht = $1,500 $100/100mmL 11.5 Design & fabricate 2nos. side drawer in laminate finish Suspended table = $500 12 Bedroom 2 12.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 600mmL $550 $92/100mmL 12.2 Design & fabricate single size bed frame in laminate finish Pull out drawer = $800 12.3 Design & fabricate study cabinet in laminate finish = 900mmL $400 $44/100mmL 12.4 Design & fabricate study table in laminate finish, suspended = 4950mmL $2,900 $59/100mmL 13 Bedroom 3 13.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 1500mmL $1,300 $87/100mmL
  16. After being a silent reader of many reno t-blogs and many PMs exchanges for ID contacts, I have finaly (and reluctantly) decided to start a t-blog to document our reno journey, learning process, and sourcing tips etc with fellow forumers and future readers. Have taken too much good info from this forum and this is our small way of giving back to this lovely and helpful community in Renotalk. First and foremost, like any other reno t-blog, our floor plan. Right from the start, I knew there's some design flaw (oh well, it's HDB BTO, either take it or leave it) 1. There's no way to hack the kitchen to create open concept, and my wife have to forget about any kitchen island. 2. Placement of dining table gonna be a challenge (I actually use this as one of my key selection criteria to determine if an ID is giving much thoughts about space planning, or they are quoting for the sake of quoting only). Some ideas/themes that my wife and I like, and inspired after reading many pages of t-blogs and other online sources ....
  17. Got a brand new in box Ariston cooker hood (SL191) Local Warranty Price: $228 (Retail: $419) My lost is your gain. Interested parties call/sms 9oo 7oo 55. http://www.mayer.sg/index.php/produc...2-06-27-detail
  18. Hi All, Above is total a time consuming action required from hectic working adults like us. However we tend to rather absorb this additional task to our already stressful life in turn to save $ to engage the subject matter experts thinking we rather save the money for other things which need to be purchase upon getting keys! Now my question to you all out there is, how many have you all tried to do this on your own and yet realised there was oversight/overlooked detailed things due to lack experience and ended up paying more after the warranty period to get the renovation company to resolve your issues???????????????????? Would you have engaged the service before after going through the difficulties for NOT engaging one after your key collection and rushed into staring the RENO works???? Some defects list can go up to 80+ defects. Should one consider this a little investment for the long run? Defects here can be so detailed that we can realise them only after moving into your new home during rainy weathers such as where the floor leveling problem surfaces for an instance.
  19. I've been marking down notes and learning the ropes from you guys in renotalk who made it possible by sharing your experiences. 3 years have passed. Now here is where we begin our renovation process. This will be a slow but comprehensive renovation as we wouldn't like to rush into things. Hope you guys will appreciate this compilation of the steps we took to build our home.
  20. Ok. Same story as some of the people here. Been hanging around here.. reading and reading. viewing and viewing, envy and envy. Finally decided to create a blog to note down progress, and a page for me to save wonderful links. HEE. So as usual, first thing, floor plan. and these are some requirement that i'm looking at, in my floor plan..
  21. Hi all, I have been wanting to write about my renovation experience for a while now but have been putting it off until now . We took our keys back in July 2013 and officially moved in in Nov 2013. This forum has been a great source of information for me and I would like to give something back to the community. Hopefully, it will be of some benefit to anyone who is reading this . First of all, the floor plan: We started researching for our renovation since 2012. We read forums and flipped through home decor magazines at the library or bookstores etc. Take pictures - they might come in handy in future when you meet with contractors. A good idea is to write your notes in Google Drive so you can access them anywhere. We also kept a spreadsheet with all the quotation breakdowns from the contractors/IDs we contacted. This keeps things neat and easy to compare. Do include the prices of everything else you will need to budget for e.g. furnishings, electrical works etc. In this way, we knew for sure how much we spent in total for renovation (including all hidden costs!). Try to know what you want before going around asking for quotations. For example, we knew (after looking through countless magazines ) that we want a Scandinavian look for our house. That means: - furniture with simple and clean lines - bright, open spaces - light-color themes - wood-looking flooring - minimalism In short, there are lots of planning and research to do even before getting your keys. Do walk around home exhibitions (regularly at Expo) and furniture stores (IKEA). Shortlist the stuff that you like. Take note of prices and put them down in your budget spreadsheet. We had planned for a renovation budget of 40K (including furnishings) and I was quite proud that we spent within our budget AND did not compromise on the Scandinavian vision . Preview: I will try to narrate and dissect our renovation process in future posts in this topic so stay tuned! (I am rather slow in writing, so bear with me, hopefully just need a few weeks! ). P.S. In the meantime, you can head over to my wife's blog (http://yunzhijian.blogspot.sg/) for pictures and her views on our renovation (YES she has already finished her blog!! And I am still on my first post!!)
  22. Very new to this forum. So not very sure on what is the standard 5Rm BTO packages or any best quote that you guys might have. Below are what I got quoted for. Standard Flat Package Professional service Design Consultation & Space Planning Design Proposal & Perspective Drawings Selection of Colour, material & accessories Site coordination & Supervision Decoration advice Masonry Works Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting in living area Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting in dining area Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles in household shelter Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting at all bedroom Construct cement concrete base for kitchen cabinet c/w side tiling Construct cement concrete base for fridge c/w full tiling Construct cement concrete base for washing machine c/w full tiling Construct shower kerb in toilet area Plumbing Works Supply & install new inlet / outlet piping for washing machine Supply & install new inlet / outlet piping for kitchen sink Supply labour to install 1 no of kitchen sink & tap Supply labour to install 1 no of tank heater Supply labour to install 2 set toilet accessories Ceiling Works Supply & install false ceiling or L-box design in living area Supply & install false ceiling or L-box design in dining area Supply & install false ceiling at Bedroom Passageway Supply & install false ceiling at Foryer Area Painting Works Supply painting of internal walls & ceiling for the whole house using ICI emulsion paint Supply painting of all door I frames, gate, piping etc.. Other Works Haulage Works Clearing of whole house debris General cleaning & acid washing for whole house Floor protection for whole house Carpentry Carpentry Works Design & Fabricate a L20FT top & bottom kitchen cabinet in selected laminate finish c/w ABS Trimming internal carcass white PVC Supply & install L10FT GRANITE work top 1 no of frosted glass panel 1 no of stainless steel dish rack & tray 1 set of drawer c/w metal runners 1 no of cutlery tray Selected imported designer handles Selected imported hydraulic hinges FOC Aircon System 3 Inverter Hood, HOB, Sink and Tap Anti Slump for kitchen cabinet Additional Add-Ons To supply & install design full height shoe cabinet at bomb shelter in foyer area. L6FT ($2,280) To supply & install design full height feature wall at bomb shelter in foyer area. L3 ($1,140) To supply & install design full height feature wall for LCD in living area. L8FT ($2,800) To supply & install design suspended TV console in living area. L7FT ($1,400) To hack off existing wall to half in kitchen area ($1,100) To touch up existing damage tiles in kitchen area ($400) Additional L15FT kitchen cabinet from package ($1,800) Additional L8FT granite top in kitchen area ($1,140) To supply & install sliding door window in service balcony area ($800) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Standard Package : $20,800) Total quotation: $35,460 (Standard package + Additional Add ons) 7% GST: $2,482.20 Net Sum: $37,942.20 Not sure if can get cheaper with what I want? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Hi my 3 room premium bto ( I have opt out the doors ) will be ready for key collection early next year.i have a tight budget and I just want to keep my house simple , any good contractor to recommend & any idea the cost will roughly be like ? Below are the stuff which I thought of doing : 1) kitchen - masonry (montar base), plumbing , carpentry work , installing of sink etc 2) service yard - montar base for washing machine , plumbing work , windows at service yard etc 3) doors - 2 bed room doors & 2 pvc toilet doors ( either cellular foam bi folding / folding doors ) 4) toilets - installing heater 5) electrical works 6) installing the lights 7) painting Seek all your advice & many thanks .