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  1. has anyone heard of takeONE loans centre in bukit batok? i was referred by my ID as i am looking for a renovation loan. met up with a guy from the takeONE and the interest rate is very attractive at 2.553% p.a. for 5 years for a $40K loan. couples who took renovation loan from banks are aware that the maximum loan we can get is only $30K or 6x of your salary whichever is lower right? so i am very puzzled why he is able to loan me $40K at such attractive interest. their fees & charges(processing, disbursement, late payment, early repayment, cancellation fees are all similar to the banks. he is not willing to reveal more unless i signed with him. anyone has any idea if it is safe to take renovation loan from them? or will it be safer to take from the banks? my spouse is still studying and will be back in a few months' time. by the time he is back he still needs to find a job. that is why we are exploring other options other than the banks as my salary alone will not be able to get hold of the $30K loan.
  2. Hi, we'd recently gotten our keys to 5room resale flat. Didn't want to do any renovation until a year later to save up on reno budget. However, the kitchen cabinets was quite in a bad shape as the flat was left empty for more than 4 months. So was thinking of engaging contractors for the reno works. Type of work required - hacking of whole house - tiling - plumbing - rewiring - carpentry at kitchen
  3. Hi everyone, in need of advice! I'm currently renovating my 30 year old resale flat and have a problem with the skirting done by my contractor. Before the renovation started, I went with his suggestion to have a tile skirting to match my floor (I wanted to go without skirting or have a white skirting but he said better to use the tiles). Now that the skirting is up, I'm unhappy with the outcome - the skirting looks thick, some parts look thicker than the rest and the finishes on top of the skirting are uneven/wavy. When I raised these concerns to my contractor, he said this is the tiler's technique (i.e. the skirting finishes with a slope upwards) and nothing more can be done as our walls are not straight. He said we can hack and redo with a flat finishing but it will be sharp at the edges (??) and he cannot promise it will look better. Basically, NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Can I seek forumners views: Is what my contractor said true - that nothing can be done? Is this kind of workmanship acceptable? See photos attached. Is it possible to hack away my skirting without damaging the floor tiles? At this point, is it possible to hack away and do without skirting OR replace with a skirting board? Thanks all in advance!
  4. Hi Everyone! Any reliable contractor to recommend? I already have my own concept of what i want for my renovation. just need a contractor to get them in place. if possible like to know more about your renovation quotation as well looking forward to your recommendations!!
  5. My wife and I were referred to DC Carpentry by my sister who engaged the renovation film for renovation work. Eventually, we met up with Peter Chan, the manager/designer on 23 Sep 2014 to discuss about the renovation quotation. Our initial impression of Peter Chan was quite pleasant as he managed to guide us through the renovation discussion. We thought we have found the right person to engage for our renovation. However, this was exactly the opposite. About one week after our first discussion (1 Oct 2014), we approached Peter Chan via whatsapp to check if our quotation was ready. He did not reply, neither did he call us back. When my wife tried to call him, he answered the call in a positive tone at the beginning. But once he realized we were asking him for the quotation, he immediately told my wife he was very busy and then hung up the call before we could speak further. After which, we received a whatsapp message from him, asking us not to call him. From then on, there was no more messages from him, even until now. My sister who engaged him for renovation work a month ago, did tried to speak to him several times regarding our quotation follow up. But again, no follow up from Peter Chan, not even a courtesy call or message. It seems like he has no intention to liaise with us at all. Probably he has been very busy but I feel that he could have let us know, or sent someone else to follow up with us if he was really that busy. But instead, he chose to ignore us. There was not even a single message from him at all. Anyway I do not feel that he is really that busy because I saw him sharing some random news feed on the DC Carpentry FB wall that has nothing much to do with his renovation work. I tried to post on the DC Carpentry FB wall more than a week ago, asking them about my quotation follow up, hoping that they will reply. Again, no reply from him of anyone else. Instead, my post was removed by them. When I attempted to post the same enquiry on their wall the 2nd time, my post was removed again and this time, I was BLOCKED from posting on their FB wall. I realized only positive comments are found on their FB wall. The negative ones were removed. And I am not the only one experiencing this issue, which I found it really dishonest and deceiving. Anyway, I am posting this just to share my negative experience with people who might be thinking of engaging DC Carpentry for renovation work. Thankfully that I did not engage them. You might wish to think twice before engaging a renovation film because if the pre-sales service is bad, your renovation could end up as bad.
  6. Wandervale, the newest Executive Condominium located in Choa Chu Kang has TOP. Have you gotten your keys? Do share with us your renovation journey and ideas on personalising your new abode Share with us your 2D floor plan to get a free 3D interior design drawing. Limited to 50 per month. Terms & Conditions Apply. Submit your interest to https://renotalk.com/renovation-packages ?
  7. there are 3 items will make a big impact on your housing renovation: wall covering, flooring and windows decor. How to choose a curtain to fit your interior design?
  8. Dear all, I wpuld appreciate if any good men or womrn share their rxperience with me on the mention company. They seem very sincere and easy to communicate. But I would like to know on your experiencez and how u feel on the quality of work done.
  9. JoeBHP

    Renovating a Room?

    Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. Anyway, I would just like to share my experience with my contractor. I happen to like the concept of a plain and simple design for my house and apparently my contractor was able to do it and I like the outcome very much. It is a resale flat of more than 30 years by the way. Here are some pictures which I have taken in my house.
  11. After hearing so many horror stories i did some home work. then i realise that there is a case trust accrediation for renovation companies. there are only 21 companies on that list!! anyone tried companies from that list and still have bad exp?
  12. I always have a princess dream, so even though I only have a low budget of 23k, I decided to make most out of it. Before Renovation:
  13. My unit is a 4-room flat of 92sqm (including AC ledge). It's considered really small but oh wells, this is what you get for a 4-room flat nowadays, and thankfully me and wife aren't that big size either. The bombshelter is located in the kitchen that in turn, gives us more space in the LR, which is exactly what we wanted. Can host mahjong session in the LR Initial Floor Plan Our Basic Requirements 1. Spacious MBR and LR 2. Walk-in wardrobe 3. Work area 4. Long mirror cabinet in MBR toilet 5. High Resilient Vinyl Flooring for LR and all BRs 6. Overlay of floor and wall tiles in MBR toilet 7. Bottom cabinet only for hob side, top and bottom cabinet on the opposite side 8. Scandinavian style, with maybe a little pinch of Industrial feel Contractors/IDs Selection 1. Chun Xiang Renovation Pte Ltd I shall skip the scouting process as I'm too lazy to recall each and every detail of them. In summary, I've approached a couple of IDs and Main Cons, but none of them fits my budget with the requirements, except for Edmund (in short I'll just call him E here) from CX Reno. Actually he was introduced to me by a close friend, and I've personally went down to their new house to witness their fine carpentry's workmanship. One thing good about them is that they're already a registered reno contractors with HDB and it will make the approval process of the reno smoother and faster. New Floor Plan with my Idea 1. Sealing up BR2 actual door, and hacking a door linking BR2 with MBR. Making BR2 into a walk-in wardrobe and work area. 2. Changing the direction of MBR door to have better accessibility into walk-in wardrobe. Milestones and Progress Updates 19 / 10 / 2016 - Flat Unit Selected 05 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Appeal Form for Smooth Rendering Floor (SRF) *mine is a SBF unit, therefore no flooring is done prior, and since we're doing vinyl flooring, we need to get cement screed for our flooring, should take around 6-8 weeks to get approved, i.e. latest by 2nd March* decided to withdraw and appoint my main con screed instead 16 / 01 / 2017 - Collected Keys and Signed of Lease Agreement, Performed Door-opening Ritual 19 / 01 / 2017 - 1st Defects Inspection 21 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Defects Feedback Form to BSC *takes around 9-14 working days to be rectified by BSC, i.e. latest by 13th Feb* 13 / 02 / 2017 - BSC confirmed 1st rectification completed, pending for 2nd defects check or close case with BSC 18 / 02 / 2017 - Rectification completion confirmed and signed. 16 / 03 / 2017 - Renovation and Hacking work commences! 18 / 03 / 2017 - Electrical work commences! 03 / 06 / 2017 - Final Handover from CX Reno (but still got some nitty-gritty touch ups to be rectified, so they will still be back a few times. And my walk-in wardrobe that is handled by another door contractor, still has not been installed, hopefully they can be installed by mid June, furnitures and electrical appliances are slowly coming in.) Will keep this post updated every now and then... All the completed final renovation images. Hope my blog helped you guys along the way! Living Room Kitchen MBR Toilet Walk-in Wardrobe MBR
  14. hi i have seen afew of my friends home and my own home. on mistakes that renovators have made. really piss people off. i m listing it down on things i encounter and my friends exp. do share you exp also. too many fake ID posers and fake contractor out there with zero exp and knowledge . Really damage the reputation of the contractors or interior designer image. and still dare to call them self professional. LIST of mistakes 1. water basin right below the live power point ( really no brain. so the house gona trip everyday or my friend is gona die one day) 2. drawer edge friction on the gas rubber tube (this is really trying to kill me. really wish my ID have a brain) hope there is a safety course that all designer need to go for. like DO NOT put sharp EDGES NEAR GAS RUBBER TUBE. 3.false ceiling install but forgot to get the wiring done . heard from friend 4. 3D drawing wait for 3 weeks still not done. home renovation almost complete. still not done. tons of excuses 5. any how charge . existing also charge. didn't provide anyhow put something there to charge. example cove light didn't do charge but $900 for it. even charge $150 for each internet point. i even had to point out hdb already provided it. no reason to charge me since you didn't even do it . 6. keep asking me to proceed with loan drag everything when close to date of renovation. know that is in the rush to move in. any how pattern all come out. expecting that i got no choice liao. even threaten me at last me if i don't follow his way my house moving will be delay. he can do what he prefer or like. super irresponsible. i had to change a designer. can't believe how many homeowner he have cheated. who would want their neck be choke by ID while doing renovation. 7.Keep planning will have and should have and didn't bother about what the home owner wants. heard from one of my neighbours. keep saying do study room here do this here. do here there.. homeowner didn't even request for study room. 8. some renovators have very bad mouth. my friend refer me to use your service. you keep saying bad things about my friend to me. really bro? very disappointed with my current house. sad... to my friend that recommend me this .. really curse you bro. in the end i found out he refer just to earn money.
  15. Hi all! i am new in the forum, but have been following for a few months now. Just recently signed up just to share my humble experience in my reno journey. My 4rm BTO flat have been completed. I was lucky to have chanced upon this ID through our friend's recommendation. We fall in love with their proposal concept for our home and they understood clearly on the things we required like being space-savy with the looks of alittle zen/ scandi themed. They are actually a small start up company with her and her few partners with years of experience in this field. They are very knowledgeable on the renovation details and are able to point out concerns before construction and to advise better alternatives for us to choose from. It has been 3 months since the renovation is completed. My ID is still very helpful whenever there are any minor issues. Just sharing this experience as it has been a positive experience with her. Do let me know if anyone here is interested! She is also providing free consultation and advises even if you are not engaging them.
  16. After a wait of several months, I’m finally going to exercise the OTP of my 2-storey inter-terrace this month. I have a small budget of $400-500k. If situation permits, I’m planning to add 1-1.5 storey to maximise the buildup area. URA masterplan indicates max 3 storey for landed housing. Condition of the FH inter-terrace is good (built around 1990s) and seller is staying in it. Land area : 1619 sq ft (150.4 sq m) / Current Build up : approx 2000-2100sq ft I have tried asking my seller’s property agent to obtain a copy of the floor/structural plan for my reference, to confirm the actual build up area but he kept telling me that the seller doesn’t have it and his most recent reply is that “please talk to your architect or builder. They know the process of getting the floor plan. We closed a few cases in Dec...” As such, I will be buying the property with no clue of actual build up area and structural details. With an indicative budget of say $400-500k, is it possible to do a reconstruction to add the 1.5 storey? An architect has roughly quoted $600k+ for the job excluding carpentry. Please kindly advise..... (1) Reconstruction Budget of $400-500k to add another 1000-2000 sq ft. Is it achievable? (2) If not, the next alternative is A&A to expand/extend the bedrooms and redo the kitchen area and car porch thereby adding 500-1000 sq ft, what will the indicative cost be?
  17. I have bought a tap from Hoe Kee at IMM on 8 May for my new house. And it was installed by my contractor after that. On 20 May i found the copper pipe was broken and my whole house was flooded. I went to the store, the staff try to blame the contractor at first. Then they agree to change the pipe only. What kind of service is that? Not even replace the tap. They said they Cannot resell. What the **** is that. They want to refurbish and sell. And they did not even apologize for flooding my house. They just said that was none od their business. Attached are the photos.
  18. I collected the key from the legal firm in early Nov 2015 and excited about the renovation that's going to start in end Nov 2015. But the renovation which supposed to be excited about my dream home comes true became a nightmare at the end. I met 3 IDs and picked up one from that and went into details discussion. Then I kept received the call from an ID called Bxx asking me to give him a chance to meet up. That was a big mistake I ever made in my life. He convinced me with the photo shooting at the end of the reno to publish in a magazine that made me believe the good quality and workmanship he promised to deliver. When we went into the discussion on all the details, I realise that he is very careless and forgetful. Always make mistake here and there in the quotation, drawings etc.. Even my daughter also commented him. He and his boss told me the condo reno takes about 2 months (hacking started end Nov 2015) and it should not be any problem as my moving date was on 14 March 2016. The tilers and the ID kept making mistake since started the reno. The 1st huge mistake - the kitchen was lower than the dining hall by abt 1 inch and I requested and reminded the ID many times to further lower the kitchen as I wash the kitchen regularly. The outcome was they made it same level and did not realise until I pointed out to ask. His manager, Ixxxx was there and one of the solutions suggested was put some thick towels to block the water. When I finally get mad and wanted to hold back the 4th payment, Ixxxx asked me to make the payment and he promised will rectify all the problem and keep telling me " 有我在 你放心". The ID told me to buy storage heater tanks which I did not require, the worker hit the gas pipe and gas leakage without informing me (luckily I got Citygas to check on my gas pipe)..., all the things they admitted but twisted the story after that. The ID took a long time and can't come out the drawing with the correct measurement and asked me to sign on the wrong drawing. Luckily I refuse to sign on it. I hv to check on every detail and was so stressful that I miss out the mistake he makes... I regretted not taking down all the things they agreed and admitted on paper and ask them to sign. My moving date kept postponing til 9 April 2016 (can't postpone anymore as have to pay a penalty of 50% to mover). Painting condition incomplete and no chemical wash as quoted in the contract when handed over on 8 April. The unit was handed in incomplete and defective. That's a long long reno story... and I have to compromise with all the mistakes they made. It's no longer my dream house! Advice to all, do not believe what the ID says, include everything in the contract. If they make mistake and make sure they amend it. For my case, I kept telling the ID to amend but he tends to forget and then told me its ok will deduct on final payment. For my case, all the mistake they had done and things they had promised, were not in the contract and they deny everything... even I have it in whatsapp messages. Anyone can offer me some legal advice would be very much appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone! Just wanted to recommend Teng Hong Renovate. I renovated my BTO 4-room flat last year with them. It is a small family run business and the owner is very down to earth and easygoing. Pricing wise is very competitive too. I did not engage an ID, so I told Mr Low (the contractor) what I want to do with my place and he advised us accordingly whether it is doable or not. Here's some photos of my humble abode. I demolished the wall between the kitchen and dining area, and the wall between my living room and bedroom 3 for a bigger space. I really love the outcome of the renovation! Highly recommend Mr Low! You can contact them via their facebook page and they will give you a quotation. Hope this helps!
  20. Simple Victorian Newly Home 4BRCommunicate with the contractor are very simple & precise. Budget is on point & workmanship are good.Can't wait for the end product of the Victorian theme renovation. Finger cross!!Let the picture do the works.
  21. So I came across this ID which is quite hidden in an industrial building near Aljunied mrt. Went into their showroom , looking very posh and such. Anybody have experience with them ?
  22. Hi looking for a furnishing Contractor? Having issues with overseas contractor or overseas furniture quality? Dont Fred anymore. We are a local company on the 2nd generation with my first generation still in business till now for the past 35 years. We Provide free onsite visit and consultation and free quotation as well. As well as a ONE STOP FULL SERVICE, meaning everything you need from scratch in a house till fully furnished and staying condition. We have our own furniture factory based in woodlands supporting local materials and also suppliers. We do collaboration with "Gancity" to offer better deals to shave off a little more savings for you. Lastly we also work with "May Bank" providing Renovation Loans for people who want to pay by instalments. Do look and find us on our FB, if need any do not hesitate to contact us https://www.facebook.com/RedefineSpacePteLtd/
  23. Hi looking for a furnishing Contractor? Having issues with overseas contractor or overseas furniture quality? Dont Fred anymore. We are a local company on the 2nd generation with my first generation still in business till now for the past 35 years. We Provide free onsite visit and consultation and free quotation as well. As well as a ONE STOP FULL SERVICE, meaning everything you need from scratch in a house till fully furnished and staying condition. We have our own furniture factory based in woodlands supporting local materials and also suppliers. We do collaboration with "Gancity" to offer better deals to shave off a little more savings for you. Lastly we also work with "May Bank" providing Renovation Loans for people who want to pay by instalments. Do look and find us on our FB, if need any do not hesitate to contact us https://www.facebook.com/RedefineSpacePteLtd/
  24. We appointed the wrong ID man 3D Innovations (Sin Ming Branch) Designer’s Name: Allan Chee (self titled $2M award winning ID man) Date of Renovation: Aug 2017 Designer We paid 50% of the total reno cost to get work started. The promised 3D drawings was delayed more than a week. When eventually it arrived, the drawing was totally out of dimension, distorted and simply ugly. I believed the images- copied and pasted from other projects. Allan blamed his draftsman whom he claims was sacked. Demolition work already started and we had to proceed with out any design. Service Allan Chee, was always late for appointment. And even if he turns up – he was always on the phone, chatting. I was overseeing the project more than him. We had to update Allan on the progress/mistakes of the renovation. Mistakes and workmanship Tiling workmanship is good but made many mistakes because ID Allan Chee did not give proper instructions. He was never at the work site and rely on the sub con to feed back on dimensions. Two of my bedroom door frames were wrongly dismantled and when pointed out to Allan, he replaced them with a shorter frame. We had to re-redo the door frames again. Tiling at both bathroom redo several times due to no proper instructions. Infact, we were coordinating with the tiler directly Plumber laid the pipes wrongly. No provision for pipings for Storage Heater. Had to hack off some tiles to relay the pipes again. Conclusion We spoke to his team leader on many occasions. When he did not even turn up for the final meeting, that we approached 3D’ management to terminate the contract. His team leader Denn Lim took over and complete the outstanding renovations as we cancelled the electrical and woodworks. Denn did a marvellous job and show much responsibility which Allan Chee has none. Opinion on Designer (Allan Chee) Allan Chee, inigtially, strikes out to be a nice and smooth talker. During initial discussion, he was able to get quotations within 10-15mins. He showed many images of projects (I doubt it is his projects, maybe copied from other projects). Claiming to be an award winning designer. Immediately after the deposit paid, Allan showed his true character. Arrogant, boastful, irresponsible, showoff and most of all, he is not knowledgeable and is not able to follow through the renovations. I doubt his qualification.
  25. Hi all, Just here to briefly share my pleasant experience with my ID. I had compared several ID firms previously but ended up choosing this ID which I do not regret! I stumbled upon this ID firm when I was making my rounds around several buildings with all the ID firms while looking around the showrooms. (BTW good to get a few quotations from several firms before deciding!!) I was pretty skeptical as the design firm looked small scale but approached them anyways, as i wanted more options. I ended up choosing this ID as I felt that designer was sincere and there was chemistry . Other ID kept hard selling and just wen through their usual sales pitch with a general quotation... My ID had no qualms about asking what are my requirements and slowly went through all the areas with us then drafting up a customized quotation. It was also good that our designer was understanding and helped to alter the designs according to fengshui I had requested haha. We kept bothering her with questions and changes (oops) but she was patient and provided opinions and made changes accordingly. Final result of the house was great! Worth it although it wasn't the cheapest quotation but it matched market rate so it was acceptable. But maybe its due to a lot of inbuilt and carpentry that I wanted to get done hahaha.