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  1. I collected the key from the legal firm in early Nov 2015 and excited about the renovation that's going to start in end Nov 2015. But the renovation which supposed to be excited about my dream home comes true became a nightmare at the end. I met 3 IDs and picked up one from that and went into details discussion. Then I kept received the call from an ID called Bxx asking me to give him a chance to meet up. That was a big mistake I ever made in my life. He convinced me with the photo shooting at the end of the reno to publish in a magazine that made me believe the good quality and workmanship he promised to deliver. When we went into the discussion on all the details, I realise that he is very careless and forgetful. Always make mistake here and there in the quotation, drawings etc.. Even my daughter also commented him. He and his boss told me the condo reno takes about 2 months (hacking started end Nov 2015) and it should not be any problem as my moving date was on 14 March 2016. The tilers and the ID kept making mistake since started the reno. The 1st huge mistake - the kitchen was lower than the dining hall by abt 1 inch and I requested and reminded the ID many times to further lower the kitchen as I wash the kitchen regularly. The outcome was they made it same level and did not realise until I pointed out to ask. His manager, Ixxxx was there and one of the solutions suggested was put some thick towels to block the water. When I finally get mad and wanted to hold back the 4th payment, Ixxxx asked me to make the payment and he promised will rectify all the problem and keep telling me " 有我在 你放心". The ID told me to buy storage heater tanks which I did not require, the worker hit the gas pipe and gas leakage without informing me (luckily I got Citygas to check on my gas pipe)..., all the things they admitted but twisted the story after that. The ID took a long time and can't come out the drawing with the correct measurement and asked me to sign on the wrong drawing. Luckily I refuse to sign on it. I hv to check on every detail and was so stressful that I miss out the mistake he makes... I regretted not taking down all the things they agreed and admitted on paper and ask them to sign. My moving date kept postponing til 9 April 2016 (can't postpone anymore as have to pay a penalty of 50% to mover). Painting condition incomplete and no chemical wash as quoted in the contract when handed over on 8 April. The unit was handed in incomplete and defective. That's a long long reno story... and I have to compromise with all the mistakes they made. It's no longer my dream house! Advice to all, do not believe what the ID says, include everything in the contract. If they make mistake and make sure they amend it. For my case, I kept telling the ID to amend but he tends to forget and then told me its ok will deduct on final payment. For my case, all the mistake they had done and things they had promised, were not in the contract and they deny everything... even I have it in whatsapp messages. Anyone can offer me some legal advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to recommend Teng Hong Renovate. I renovated my BTO 4-room flat last year with them. It is a small family run business and the owner is very down to earth and easygoing. Pricing wise is very competitive too. I did not engage an ID, so I told Mr Low (the contractor) what I want to do with my place and he advised us accordingly whether it is doable or not. Here's some photos of my humble abode. I demolished the wall between the kitchen and dining area, and the wall between my living room and bedroom 3 for a bigger space. I really love the outcome of the renovation! Highly recommend Mr Low! You can contact them via their facebook page and they will give you a quotation. Hope this helps!
  3. Simple Victorian Newly Home 4BRCommunicate with the contractor are very simple & precise. Budget is on point & workmanship are good.Can't wait for the end product of the Victorian theme renovation. Finger cross!!Let the picture do the works.
  4. So I came across this ID which is quite hidden in an industrial building near Aljunied mrt. Went into their showroom , looking very posh and such. Anybody have experience with them ?
  5. Hi looking for a furnishing Contractor? Having issues with overseas contractor or overseas furniture quality? Dont Fred anymore. We are a local company on the 2nd generation with my first generation still in business till now for the past 35 years. We Provide free onsite visit and consultation and free quotation as well. As well as a ONE STOP FULL SERVICE, meaning everything you need from scratch in a house till fully furnished and staying condition. We have our own furniture factory based in woodlands supporting local materials and also suppliers. We do collaboration with "Gancity" to offer better deals to shave off a little more savings for you. Lastly we also work with "May Bank" providing Renovation Loans for people who want to pay by instalments. Do look and find us on our FB, if need any do not hesitate to contact us https://www.facebook.com/RedefineSpacePteLtd/
  6. Hi looking for a furnishing Contractor? Having issues with overseas contractor or overseas furniture quality? Dont Fred anymore. We are a local company on the 2nd generation with my first generation still in business till now for the past 35 years. We Provide free onsite visit and consultation and free quotation as well. As well as a ONE STOP FULL SERVICE, meaning everything you need from scratch in a house till fully furnished and staying condition. We have our own furniture factory based in woodlands supporting local materials and also suppliers. We do collaboration with "Gancity" to offer better deals to shave off a little more savings for you. Lastly we also work with "May Bank" providing Renovation Loans for people who want to pay by instalments. Do look and find us on our FB, if need any do not hesitate to contact us https://www.facebook.com/RedefineSpacePteLtd/
  7. We appointed the wrong ID man 3D Innovations (Sin Ming Branch) Designer’s Name: Allan Chee (self titled $2M award winning ID man) Date of Renovation: Aug 2017 Designer We paid 50% of the total reno cost to get work started. The promised 3D drawings was delayed more than a week. When eventually it arrived, the drawing was totally out of dimension, distorted and simply ugly. I believed the images- copied and pasted from other projects. Allan blamed his draftsman whom he claims was sacked. Demolition work already started and we had to proceed with out any design. Service Allan Chee, was always late for appointment. And even if he turns up – he was always on the phone, chatting. I was overseeing the project more than him. We had to update Allan on the progress/mistakes of the renovation. Mistakes and workmanship Tiling workmanship is good but made many mistakes because ID Allan Chee did not give proper instructions. He was never at the work site and rely on the sub con to feed back on dimensions. Two of my bedroom door frames were wrongly dismantled and when pointed out to Allan, he replaced them with a shorter frame. We had to re-redo the door frames again. Tiling at both bathroom redo several times due to no proper instructions. Infact, we were coordinating with the tiler directly Plumber laid the pipes wrongly. No provision for pipings for Storage Heater. Had to hack off some tiles to relay the pipes again. Conclusion We spoke to his team leader on many occasions. When he did not even turn up for the final meeting, that we approached 3D’ management to terminate the contract. His team leader Denn Lim took over and complete the outstanding renovations as we cancelled the electrical and woodworks. Denn did a marvellous job and show much responsibility which Allan Chee has none. Opinion on Designer (Allan Chee) Allan Chee, inigtially, strikes out to be a nice and smooth talker. During initial discussion, he was able to get quotations within 10-15mins. He showed many images of projects (I doubt it is his projects, maybe copied from other projects). Claiming to be an award winning designer. Immediately after the deposit paid, Allan showed his true character. Arrogant, boastful, irresponsible, showoff and most of all, he is not knowledgeable and is not able to follow through the renovations. I doubt his qualification.
  8. Hi all, Just here to briefly share my pleasant experience with my ID. I had compared several ID firms previously but ended up choosing this ID which I do not regret! I stumbled upon this ID firm when I was making my rounds around several buildings with all the ID firms while looking around the showrooms. (BTW good to get a few quotations from several firms before deciding!!) I was pretty skeptical as the design firm looked small scale but approached them anyways, as i wanted more options. I ended up choosing this ID as I felt that designer was sincere and there was chemistry . Other ID kept hard selling and just wen through their usual sales pitch with a general quotation... My ID had no qualms about asking what are my requirements and slowly went through all the areas with us then drafting up a customized quotation. It was also good that our designer was understanding and helped to alter the designs according to fengshui I had requested haha. We kept bothering her with questions and changes (oops) but she was patient and provided opinions and made changes accordingly. Final result of the house was great! Worth it although it wasn't the cheapest quotation but it matched market rate so it was acceptable. But maybe its due to a lot of inbuilt and carpentry that I wanted to get done hahaha.
  9. We engaged 3D Innovations to renovate our home in Aug 17. The ID's name is Allan Chee. Innitially, he seems a polite sweet talker, but the moment we paid the deposit to begin work, it became a nightmare and disaster from day 01. The ID Allan Chee, who claims to ba an award winner designer, showed us many images of newly renovated homes, turns out to be irresponsible, no sense of appointment, alway late, did not give proper instructions to the sub contractors, no ideas, no creativity. Measurements were wrong and we had to redo many items again. Despite numerous reminders and constant checking, he makes mistakes after mistakes. He has no sense of responsibility. I am not sure if he's qualified. We had to make many corrections to his mistakes. Eventually, we terminated his services, and his boss had to complete the outstanding works, We eventually engaged another contractor to finish our home. If you must engage 3D Innovation, suggest you avoid Allan Chee and look for Denn Lim instead
  10. How will I know if my painter contractor is not doing a shorthand when it comes to the work we agreed? Any tips?
  11. Hey all, I finally decided on an ID for my new DBSS at Centrale at Tampines in last month. It was so tiring seeing one after another but I learnt a lot from my experiences and decided to choose this ID as she was earnest, knowledgeable and willing to take on my demands. Most importantly, very responsive. Also, their price was not the cheapest but the most reasonable and recommended me things that are not the most expensive but most suited to my case. I won't recommend them till my works are completed just to make sure. Will update as works progress. Description Master Bedroom 1 Design & Fabricate 6ft (w) x 8.5ft (h) feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,275 2 Design & Fabricate 1.5ft (w) of full-height cabinet, addition of 2sqft of glass, on feature wall ABS trimming and laminated finish $395 3 Design & Fabricate 3ft (w) of sliding cabinet wardrobe, 4ft (w) of casement wardrobe, with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,670 4 Dismantling & disposal of existing cabinet $200 5 Design & Fabricate 4ft (w) shelving with ABS trimming and laminated finish FOC Bedroom 2 6 Design and fabricate 3ft (w) sliding full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $750 7 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $920 8 Design and fabricate 2000mm (l) x 4ft (w) bed frame with ABS trimming and laminated finish, with addition of single pull-out bed $1,780 Bedroom 3 9 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) x 8ft (h) feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish $850 10 Design & Fabricate 1.5ft (w) of full-height cabinet, addition of 2sqft of glass, on feature wall ABS trimming and laminated finish $395 11 Design and fabricate 3ft (w) sliding full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $750 12 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $920 13 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) shelving with ABS trimming and laminated finish $200 Living Room 14 Design and fabricate 23ft (w) full-height storage feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish, addition of 2ft (w) pull-out table with allowance for mechanism $6,380 15 Design and fabricate 1.5ft (w) settee with ABS trimming and laminated finish $210 16 Addition of 80 sqft of tempered glass to feature wall $1,600 17 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height cabinet with ABS trimming and laminated finish, with allowance for mechanism for pull-out shoe cabinet $1,220 18 Design and fabricate 7ft (w) sliding low-height cabinet with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,260 19 Design and fabricate 5ft (w) x 8ft (h) box up using gypsum board with ABS trimming and laminated finish $200 20 Design and fabricate 5ft (w) x 8ft (h) plywood backing with ABS trimming and laminated finish $720 Backyard 21 Design and fabricate 2 ft (w) full-height storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $460 Kitchen 22 Design and fabricate 2 ft (w) top-hung cabinet with ABS trimming and laminated finish $280 23 Supply labour and material to install 16 sqft of crystal glass as kitchen backing $480 24 Design and fabricate 6ft (w) sliding glass door with aluminium track $1,860 False ceiling & L-box **** Room 25 Supply labour and material to install 32ft of L-box and 178.5 sqft false ceiling $577 26 Supply labour and material to install curtain pelmet at 3 bedrooms $140 Discount ($1,683) Total: $23,810
  12. Just as many of you here I too am embarking on my renovation journey. Mine is a 4A room resale HDB flat in Jurong East. I learned that it would be better to engage a Casetrust accredited renovation firm. I would like to know the opinion of the experienced people here. I have a few questions 1) Are Casetrust accredited renovation firms really reliable? 2) Any Casetrust accredited renovation firms with ID (contact person) to recommend? 3) Apart from Casetrust accredited firms, any other renovation IDs to recommend? Appreciate your responses. Cheers
  13. Hi all, would like to recommend a contractor which recently renovated my 4 room flat at Punggol. We went around sourcing for a good contractor at North area until we chance upon this at Hougang Ave 1.. Boss was patient and totally understand our concept of what we want and what we need. I would say his price is reasonable and he make sure everything was done neatly with no loose ends. Best thing is the company is Non GST registered which help me to save total of $1000++++... Heard they been incorporated for almost 30 years? He is a very easy going person and accomodating to my needs as far as he could for our house renovation.. can pm for his contact if u want to get a quotation frm him..
  14. Hello fellow house owners! this is my hubby and my first house and first renovation. we are really clueless if this is a good quote or not.. please help us out!
  15. Hacking away and dispose existing fixtures and fittings for new interior design and fittings. One of the basics things to do in the beginning of renovation process. Share with us your difficulties in hacking as we will like to talk about it!
  16. I started looking for an ID in Dec 2016, three months before the keys of my 4-room HDB resale flat were ready for collection. I went through the postings in the forum on Renotalk.com to look for IDs with good reviews & eventually, arranged to meet a dozen of them. Most of them came with their quotations & were happy to discuss some details regarding the layout plan & my requirements. However, some of the IDs did not consider my budget seriously & proposed items which exceeded my budget; a few did not follow up on my queries and there were two who went MIA after our meeting. Randall Tan from NID Design Studio stood out from the rest right from our first meeting as he came with his laptop which he used to show me a 3-D drawing based on my house floor plan. I was impressed with his effort of doing that despite it was only our first meeting. He also considered my budget & proposed items which fit my budget, giving priority to basic items, such as vinyl flooring and kitchen cabinet. To ensure that my family members were comfortable with my choice of ID, I arranged Randall to meet them. Randall also took us to visit two houses which he had just completed renovating. Finally, I shortlisted three ID firms to discuss more specific renovation details at my new house. In the end, I decided on Randall as I was confident that he would do a good job. On top of that, my family was also comfortable discussing issues with him. Randall took my budget seriously & assured me that the total renovation cost in the quotation would not increase unless I requested additional work / items. Indeed, the total amount I paid for the completed renovation, compared to the initial quotation, had only increased by the extra items (a bigger wardrobe for my room & a fire-rated main door) which I had requested Randall to do after the renovation had started. I am happy to say that Randall is quite generous as there were times when he tried to absorb some costs, eg. I requested a few more electrical points & one more paint colour up from the maximum 5 colours. In my opinion, I think that the items & prices in his quotation are by & large reasonable. Although his price is in the mid range compared to the quotations from other IDs, there were no hidden / unspoken items that were chargeable during the renovation. It is a good thing that there was no unpleasant surprise & dispute during the renovation process. I am also happy with the workmanship which is of reasonably high quality. Randall is knowledgeable about renovation & gives practical ideas. For example, he not only advised the position & number of light points in the living room, but also proposed the light switches corresponding to the light points, so that the two light switches allow minimal, moderate, or extra brightness. This gives me & my family the flexibility to decide which switch to turn on based on the intensity of the natural light, thus provides some cost savings on electricity as not all the lights need to be turned on even when the natural light is very dim. Another example is how he advised where the electrical & air-con wires could be placed in order to minimize the amount of casing used to box up the wires, so that the entire house looks more spacious and aesthetically pleasing as the amount of unsightly casing that runs on the wall is minimized. Throughout the renovation, Randall always responded to my queries within 24 hours and gave clear explanations to my queries. As with any house renovation, there were some minor hiccups during the renovation process. When these happened, Randall focused on quickly resolving the issues either by rectifying them to achieve the original plan or coming up with the next best alternative. My house renovation took about two months to complete which was ok for me as I was in no hurry to move in. Post-renovation, there were some minor defects which I conveyed to Randall, and he was quick to arrange for the relevant people to fix those issues. For example, I was not completely satisfied with the plastering work in the living room as the wall surface was not smooth for most parts. Randall did not mind arranging the plasterer & the painter to come over to my house twice until I was satisfied with the wall. Randall has lived up to his promise to his clients, he treats his client's renovation like renovating his own house to ensure the outcome of the renovation is a comfortable and practical home. I strongly recommend Randall (his mobile number 9386 8081) to people who are looking for a good & reliable ID to renovate their home.
  17. Hello everyone, i want to share with you all my recent renovation with this interior designer. I had my kitchen re-renovated from a re-sale apartment and very satisfy with the end result. The re-sale apartment i bought has many damages to it and i had no idea where to begin. I consulted many ids and what made me nailed down to this id herself is that she is very nice and patient and willing to go through every single detail with me. But one problem was i live far from this company and have little time to go down for consultation as i have kids to take care of. But the id was willing to come down to my convenient despite she have many other things to handle and even brought me to one of her showrooms. She even brought the real life samples down after she sent me a few in picture form thorugh whasapp. That was when i made up my mind as she is so sweet and nice and i can clearly see that she will put in 100% effort to my home renovation. Moving on to the renovation process after i closed the deal with her. Oh and her company's quotation are reasonable thats why i dont dare ask for much discount. But of course don't expect it to be cheap too because the worksmanship is really on par with other company's. So here are the few pictures she updated me with during the renovation from day 1. I don't want to post too many but if you would like more feel free to pm me :). All these were done in less than 3 weeks. I'm moving in soon too.
  18. Dear all, Anyone has any experience dealing with Ronnie Renovation Contractor?. How was it in terms of their workmanship, delivery of work and ability of following through their promises to customers. Kindly share. Thank you.
  19. Dear all, Anyone has any experience dealing with Ronnie Renovation Contractor?. How was it in terms of their workmanship, delivery of work and ability of following through their promises to customers. Kindly share. Thank you.
  20. .Dear all, Anyone has any experience dealing with Ronnie Renovation Contractor?. How was it in terms of their workmanship, delivery of work and ability of following through their promises to customers. Kindly share. Thank you.
  21. Decided to write up a short blog on our renovation journey, hoping that it will help future home-owners with their reno process! First things first, contractors or interior designers? Probably the ever-famous topic for every one. Of course, contractors were our initial plan. Why? Advise from friends & relatives for being famously cheap (cheaper than ID that is). I guess that's one of the main reasons why people opt for contractors instead. As it was our first house, we didn't really have a concept/theme (which is a problem if we took contractors) other than the usual Scandinavian/Minimalist settings which I prefer not to have because everyone is doing it (don't have concept still want to be different). After probably months of debate (i think?), finally we decided to just go for an ID. Problems we faced? "Why so expensive, you all still take?" "Contractors also can do the exact same thing, but at a cheaper price" "Do you know that some IDs cannot be trusted?" I guess the very reason why we chose ID over contractors was not only because we didn't have a concept, but we were also worried about the liaising issues. Having contractors meant that, we have to liaise with them directly and telling them specifically what we want/do not want. So it still boils down to whether home-owners know what they REALLY want. (very obvious we don't, hence the choice of ID) After the first obstacle was done, next came the interesting/time-consuming part; finding an Interior Designer! We didn't really meet a lot of IDs mainly because we don't want to give ourselves too much choices to choose from. For me and my husband, being comfortable with the ID and s/he is able to understand what we really want is the essence of the whole process (of course also making sure that the firm is trustworthy, find reviews!). Finding the cheapest deal is definitely on everyone's list but then again, what's the catch? Make sure to run through the entire quotation(s) point by point, and please do not hesitate to raise any questions (we are talking about a huge sum here). End of the day, cheap doesn't entirely means good. We met about 4 IDs? End up, we decided to hand the trophy to Jade from The Local INN.terior! She was the first designer that we met. Quirky, genuine and very confident in what she delivers. She was very prompt in following up too, despite us not signing any deals with her yet and mind you, she was having a leisure trip at that point of time. Other than her quirkiness & funny laughter, probably one of the biggest reason we chose her was because, not only we felt that whatever she designed/proposed was aligned to what we wanted but she would also input her own designs for our references (if not what's the point of having an ID right?). In a nutshell, she's someone that we can talk cock to but yet serious at the right time. Proceeded to signing the treaty with her, and down to Hafary for tiles shopping! Kitchen Tiles with Kompacplus, Vinyl Flooring & Paint Color! Toilet tiles with Kompacplus & Carpentry Laminate! Of course we went together with Jade, and spent a good 2-3 hours walking around choosing the best tiles for our nest! Never did she once rushed to choose the tiles or attempt to brush us off by just choosing those "common never go wrong" tiles. Hanging out with her was never an issue, below is an example of what she posted; Asked us to pose with the tiles so she's able to visualise how it will look like (where to find this type of ID!) What comes after tiles shopping? Everyone's favourite; 3D Drawings! (from entrance of the house - living room - kitchen - toilet - bedroom) It was amazeballssssss!! Even though these were the final set of 3D drawings where she conceptualise the actual tiles and materials to the drawings , prior to it Jade had already sent us a draft 3D drawings of our house. Fast forward to taking our keys and house renovation is already on the way (it's only less than 2 months!). Got myself some 'before' pictures of our house! Slipped our mind to snap pictures of the house before any work is done But yay to emoticons! 'Before' works! Hacking away the room adjacent to the living room for our Glass Room in the 3D drawings! Open concept kitchen! Back-splash for our kitchen! So prettzzzz! Master bathroom! (i thought the toilet was big.. ) If any of you homeowners opted for Vinyl flooring, you guys might have to go through cement screeding. However, homeowners are now required to pay for this service from HDB. Luckily, our appeal was successful as we applied for the flat before this rule was implemented. My advice? PLEASE APPEAL! Or at least try even if you apply the flat after they implemented the rule. I have to admit that ID charges a skyrocket high price for this service, hence Jade told us to send in our appeal letter upon getting our keys. She was the one that told us about HDB's new implementation and also advise us on when/how to send the appeal letter to HDB! Honestly, why wouldn't I entrust my house to her? Although our appeal was successful, but we were required to wait almost 8 weeks for their contractors to schedule a timing for the cement screed. Thus we thought that nothing could be done or at least until the screeding was done, but sometimes Jade seems to be more.. excited/worried about the progression of the house than us. In a short span of 2 weeks or 2.5 max, she did almost everything she could, like; hacking, air-con piping, electrical points, false ceilings, tiling for master bathroom and kitchen! (kudos to her workers too) Both our families were equally shocked too. Spell impressive and efficiency Ready for some 'after' works? Back-splash for kitchen! I'm definitely gonna step into the kitchen much more often (oh and the plaster smooth of the walls were done in like 1-1.5 day?) Started works for our master bathroom! Opted for wall tiles in the wet area and cement screed for the dry! Close up of the wall tiles! Definitely hitting the resort style False ceiling was up too! Same goes for the master bedroom's. Cosy house here I come! Mortar base done up nicely in our service yard! What I really really love about Jade is, she's always making sure that we were kept informed of all the works that were on-going or any hiccups along the way. She even introduced us to an app which allows her to put in the entire schedule of the renovation process; what are we supposed to purchase (even state which is urgent) and what were done already. And yes, she did all these manually for every client of hers (not just us). That's what everyone likes right? Black & white all stated very clearly, and knowing what were the next steps going forward. Currently that's all I have to offer! Hope it helps someone! Will come back with more pictures once the screed & more works are done! Hola! Back here to update our renovations and can't wait to share the upcoming pictures! Counting our blessings as screeding was pushed forward by a week! Believe me when I say, they can finished the entire house's screeding by one day (or probably half a day). Another day to let it dry before Jade's tiler can measure our vinyl flooring. Enuff said, let the pictures do the talking! Finally it's screeding time! Had a crazy idea of just changing to cement screed for the entire house.. Since our screeding was brought forward, that just means that the remaining of our renovations schedule will be push forward too! Quickly settled our painting; wall, door & pipes' colours. Same goes for the measurement of doors and floor too! Till date, it made me realise how important it is to have a great rapport with your ID. S/He does not only need to be in the same frequency as us, but they also have to be genuinely looking forward to the completion of our house. The next best thing apart from getting our house, would be knowing Jade as a friend. Mushy-ness aside, anyone is excited to see our vinyl flooring (and painting)!? CAUSE I AM! Vinyl Flooring + Painting! In the midst of preparing! The amount of hard work that they put into each and every house. I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Everything is on point (thou there's nothing yet). View from Master Bedroom Finally I'm doing a minimal Before & After of our house! It's so pleasing to the eyes~ Didn't really paint a lot of colours, in fact we only painted a grey-ish tone on our TV wall and the rest was just cream white. I really adore neutral tones for houses hence the choice to keep it real simple without too much colours dancing around. Leave some of the painting decisions to Jade, of course I'm not disappointed and so was my husband! She chose grey for the service yard's pipes and white for the kitchen's. Once you found yourself a right ID, the amount of work we need to do is pretty minimal One big achievement unlocked, onto the next one; - Carpentry Discussion done - Measuring of Doors & Windows done - Measuring of Glass Works done Everything is done in a jiff! Probably that's all I have to update before the next major schedule which should be our carpentry. Am thinking of doing up a blog with our Taobao loots! Let me know if anyone is keen (if there is..)! Till then peepz! XO
  22. I bought two PD doors from HDB Door Pte Ltd: https://www.hdbdoor.com.sg/promotions/ There was some initial confusion over whether the door will be retrofitted onto my old one with the old frame or will be installed without the old frame. I made clear to them that my old frame was very old, ugly and damaged at the start and there was no issue. They admitted their mistake and redid their doors so they can fit them to my toilets without the old, ugly frames. Wasted some time but this is still fine. Then come the day of installation. For some reason, after installing one side of the frame to the wall, they told me in order for the door to be straight and for it to close, the other side will protrude out if not the door will not close. So, I said you of course need to install in a way that the door will close. The end result is in the attached picture. It is very strange that the door needs to protrude out for it to close though. I later checked with another contractor the following day that this must be a mistake they made when they first install the left side. Now there is a sharp edge and my family said that is very dangerous and could hurt anyone. So for the second door, I told them to slant a bit so it does not protrude and the end result is in the attached picture. The whole door is extremely slanted and pretty ugly. What would you do now if you are me?
  23. Renovation/Reinstatement HDB Condo Retail Shops We also do provide Customised Furniture Works Looking for a free quote, please email to teccraft@gmail.com
  24. Renovation/Reinstatement HDB Condo Retail Shops We also do provide Customised Furniture Works Looking for a free quote, please email to teccraft@gmail.com
  25. Hello, everyone! I'm usually a lazy person so I can't believe I'm actually here doing this. I just got my BTO flat done up and the whole process of looking for an ID, going through designs and quotations REPEATEDLY to find the right one was such a hassle. We all working adults, where got time?? Every weekend burned. I heard terrible stories from my friends and colleagues of going with the wrong ID, aside from the obvious money loss, there was also constant worrying and bad fixture of lights, tiling, and water piping issues that made things far worse than you could imagine. Waste time and waste money in the long run. To help young couples like myself or any first time ID experience, I'm going to share with you guys my amazing ID that I chanced upon. I was discussing design plans with another designer (overpriced and not good, can PM me if u wanna avoid potential trouble) at Novena starbucks when I saw Kelvin. Hubby and I noticed he was on his laptop using AutoCAD. Hubby told me this is usually used by architects. We were super impressed with what he was doing (he was shifting furniture from many angles). None of the 4 IDs we discussed with were as professional as this. After our meeting ended, we approached K and asked him if he was an ID. Indeed he was and that was how our reno journey begun. Kelvin was beyond impressive and hardworking. To put simply, his work ethics is amazing His follow ups were really super. His prices were decent and in terms of carpentry, workmanship was good and cheaper than most. We found out that he studied architecture in NUS so he had extremely good knowledge in this aspect. Our reno was extremely user-friendly with no cock ups, especially toilets and kitchens (most of my friends horror stories, were that although the design is nice but not functional in LR. problems start popping out after time, piping issues like washing machine or toilets, as a lot of IDs don't have proper knowledge on how houses are built. they only know design from being a copycat is not enough, create a lot of problems underneath the surface). One thing that really stood out was this: most IDs I work with gave us designs sketch ups or drawings that look good and impressive. This normally drawn by hand. Make a small room look super big and nice. My friends tell me this just a trick, finished product usually disappointing and lousy. when I see drawings from IDs, I get very skeptical. My hubby: The room got so big meh? ID: This design will open up your room. Seamless finishing and more windows, blah blah. For Kelvin, all his designs and floorplans were drawn to exact dimensions. This really help us with choosing the right furnitures and improve our home. No disappointments at all overall, hubby and I are super satisfied and happy with how smooth everything went. Kelvin really gave us a peace of mind, glad to avoid horror stories and start our life in our perfect home. This was longer than expected so I shall end here. If got questions on design or interested can PM me, happy to share!