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Found 68 results

  1. New Residences in YCK! Meet the Hundred Palms Residences ec . Everything for your comfort. Meet them! HoiHup Realty Since 1983, the group has been developing a wide spectrum of buildings in SG who has more than 900 quality homes!! Location: is located along YCK road, proximity to Hougang Avenue 9, next to shopping mall. Click on the link to know more about them!
  2. Ensured freshness with UV real-time sterilization system! The innovative real-time post sterilization where a UV sterilization device is installed between the water outlet and storage tank. Made in Korea. Widely supported in Singapore. If you are looking to get one for yourself or your family, enquire through this! Bioglobe Water Systems
  3. Hi all, I seldom write bad reviews on anything, preferring to say nothing when i have nothing good to say. In this case, I've received such horrible serivce that I feel like i have to say something even though its going to be a long story. Its been a long time since i've come into T-Blog, but I used to update regularly on my T-blog Journey Home. Which i should really update again now that my home is quite lived in. So at the end of november, I went to a furniture shop at Jalan Besar that was owned by Lush. And there i bought two stools, (called Fortune Cookie Stools by a brand they carry called Matzform). Each stool was about 300 bucks, which I think most people can agree is not exactly cheap, but once in a while, we do indulge. The sales person, Dino, said he would try his best to deliver it before Christmas and said we would probably get it by then. The invoice wrote that delivery would be in 4 to 6 weeks. 1 week before Christmas, nobody has called, so i call to inquire when i would see the stools. They said oh, its not gonna arrive before Christmas, but it would be in by 15th January. Definitely before Chinese New Year. I said okay, do you promise by 15th Jan I will see the stools? They say yes, for sure. I tell them to please keep me updated if there the stools come earlier or there will be more delays. They said, yes, we will. Fast forward to Jan. I call around 15th Jan to ask, where my stools are. Again, no apology or anything for not calling me, just a "Oh, its delayed. But definitely before Chinese New Year you will get those stools." At this point, I'm getting frustrated. Nobody has called to tell me of delays, every step of the way, I've had to call and ask, nobody at Lush has taken any initiative to call me to inform me of delays. In fact, apologies for the repeated delays were also not forthcoming. All I kept hearing was, delay in shipping. So, 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, I am in full Panic Mode. I call and ask, where are the stools, I have guests coming during CNY, and the extra seating would really be important. The person calls me back after a day or so to say, we can deliver those stools tomorrow. I say fantastic, and i arrange for delivery. Day of delivery, my mother in law is at home waiting for it, as they are delivering during office hours. The stools come, and my MIL calls me saying "Its all scratched and there are dents." I talk to the delivery people who tell me, "You mean you dont know? these are the show room pieces, your new ones are in bad condition, so we cannot send you your new ones, we lend you the showroom ones for CNY." Since I had no idea of this arrangement, I called the office to ask what was going on. The office also expressed no surprise that i didnt know i was getting showroom pieces, which made me suspect they were hoping i wouldnt realise. They then said that my stools were still in shipping, and that they would be in Singapore 27th Jan but they were afraid it would be too short a time to ensure delivery so they decided not to risk it. At this point, i was getting really mad. First I had to call myself to find out where my stools were, secondly nobody told me they were sending me showroom pieces until it arrived at my door, and they followed this up by giving me different stories. Delivery guy says new stools arrived but in bad condition, office says they are not in Singapore yet. The office people then tell me i should be MORE UNDERSTANDING. As its CNY and these stools are called Fortune Cookie stools so they are very popular. But i ordered them in NOVEMBER. its not like i ordered in Jan right? All the while, they were completely unapologetic about it until i called a customer service officer to complain. When they delayed it the second round, I asked them to compensate me for the delay and they offered me $50 vouchers at their store. This time, after i REPEATEDLY said that they should compensate me, they said okay how about 88 dollars of vouchers. To which I said I would not be purchasing anything from them again, so i would have no use of vouchers. So after many tos and fros, they said 88 dollars in cash. Fine. And they said they would TRY to send my stools before CNY as I wanted to have new stools and not old ones for CNY. When i asked what would happen if they could not send me new stools before CNY? They said then they will refund me and take back the show room pieces. Take it or leave it. No compensation. This was basically the attitude they took throughout the entire episode. In the end i got so frustrated i said just take your stools back and refund me, forget compensation. And they did. But the entire episode has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will never buy anything from them again. Thanks for reading.
  4. Dear fellow users of Renotalk forum Renotalk would like you to take part in a voting contest called People Choice Award where homeowners simply have to choose and vote for their favourite design. The contest happens every month & you only get to vote once! Link: http://www.renotalk.com/people-choice-award-contest Duration: Till 30th June 2016 A lucky winner will be picked to win $100 cash! START VOTING NOW!
  5. Recently I bought a couple of Metalclad 13A sockets from CCM.However,I see disparity between the listed models in the CCM(and also other Singapore distributors,so it is not CCM's fault) and the official MK site.On page 3 of the catalog of the Metalclad plus in the CCM website,the switched 13A and 15A sockets,and the rocker switches have SKUs that start with "G" instead of "K".These "G" series look different from the "K" series that is officially on the MK website.For example,on the SG distributer's pdf,the model of 2 gang 13A BS1363 socket is "G2946 ALM".However,on the official MK site,the model number is "K2946 ALM".The models have substantial differences such as the "G" version have narrower plastic edges around the socket holes,narrower rocker switch,only 1 earth connection at the back instead of 2 on the "K" series.The safety mark sticker also looks somewhat dubious(look like low quality sticker).Googling "G" series does not provide much information either.May I know the reason for the different models,where the "G" series are made in,and also where to get the "K" variants in Singapore. Thanks for any information about the matter. PS I see the "G" series installed on the void deck of HDB,but on Circle Line MRT stations,"K" series with red rockers are used.On a corridor on Jurong Point,there are also an MK Albany Plus socket installed on the wall with a more trust-able safety mark sticker on the top left.
  6. Ignitive (Reg. No. 53283598X) is a Singapore-based digital media and web design agency.Equipped with talented designers and creative writers, Ignitive has the technical expertise, the passion, and the insider knowledge to bring out the best of all your website and digital media needs.We specialise in all variations of web design, content creation, and search engine optimisation.Beyond that, service is just as important to us as it is to our clients.We work our hardest to deliver the best results possible with your needs and budget in mind.But there’s only so much you can learn from reading about us off the web, so how about a cup of coffee instead?Talk to us, we’d love to hear from you!www.ignitivesg.comsales@ignitivesg.com(65) 97809798Web DesignWe create immensely creative digital experiences, expressing your brand through a beautiful website. The complications of creating a searchable and aesthetically-appealing website is taken on by us. Ignitive specialises in building:Corporate websitesResponsive websitesE-commerce websitesMobile-optimised websitesPersonal websitesContent CreationMaintaining a blog is always a good idea for any website. Ignitive takes care of all our content needs with our extensive network of creative, engaging, and technical writers. Here's the type of content that we're experienced in:Blog postsE-booksCopywritingProof reading/editingLanding page optimisationSocial media contentNewslettersSearch Engine OptimisationOur hybrid SEO strategy combines the art of creating engaging content and the science of on-page optimisation. Our content-centric approach sets us apart from other SEO firms and agencies to get your website found on all search engines across the web. Our strategy involves:Organic backlink buildingSpecific directoriesKick-*** contentOn-page optimisationOther secretsGet a free quotation now!www.ignitivesg.comsales@ignitivesg.com(65) 97809798
  7. Zenterra Lighting Offers LED Lightings at Wholesale prices,Check out our website at www.zenterragroup.com to see more LED Lights.Email us at Sales@zenterragroup.com for quotations or alternatively, come down and visit us at Open from 10am - 7pm daily 67 Ubi Road 1 Blk 259 Jurong East St. 24#05-13 Oxley Bizhub S(408730) #01-439 S(600259) Tel: (65) 6702 6080 Tel: (65) 6899 8398Fax: (65) 6702 6090 Fax: (65) 6899 8563 Free Delivery for purchases above $200In celebration of SG 50 Zenterra Lighting is offering 50% discount of selected items Come down to either of our branches today to claim this offer!
  8. Preowned Rattan Dining Chair include cushion - $30 each (Avail : 4pcs) Lightly Used. In Good condition. Buyer arrange for self collection Pls contact or whatsapp me at 9182-9119 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfi5w4bnq58vrt0/DropBox%20Rattan%20Dining%20Chair%20%2430%20Each%20%284pc%20Avail%29_Page_1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rtcytgwl8kpfn7/DropBox%20Rattan%20Dining%20Chair%20%2430%20Each%20%284pc%20Avail%29_Page_2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rtcytgwl8kpfn7/DropBox%20Rattan%20Dining%20Chair%20%2430%20Each%20%284pc%20Avail%29_Page_3.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rtcytgwl8kpfn7/DropBox%20Rattan%20Dining%20Chair%20%2430%20Each%20%284pc%20Avail%29_Page_4.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b65cbhkxfy6xk28/DropBox%20Rattan%20Dining%20Chair%20%2430%20Each%20%284pc%20Avail%29.pdf?dl=0
  9. Can anyone advise me on the minimum Expected Salary for an Entry-level Interior designer?
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Jonah and I'm the principal photographer for All Aflutter (http://tobuildahome.sg); note that the website is still under construction and we're still uploading content to it. A quick FAQ on our project: What is To Build A Home (TBAH)? TBAH is a photography and videography project under the SG50 Celebration Fund that documents fresh home-owners moving into their homes for the first time. We want to show the customs and traditions that accompany the move-in as a way to engage and educate the audience, as well as highlight Singapore's rich melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. As a new home-owner myself, I was very intrigued by the intricate customs performed during the move-in, which I didn't know about until I was gently educated by my elders (mother-in-law, really), and I thought that it would be something very intriguing and unique to Singapore. I wanted to explore the meaning and significance of those customs. Who can join? Anyone who is moving into a new home - we don't want to limit it to only young, married couples moving into their new flat, but also explore Singaporeans of every stripe. We want to tell stories that highlight the diversity of our cultures and present the meaning behind the customs and traditions practiced by people moving into their homes for the first time. Instead of a nostalgic type of project, we want to do something that is forward-looking instead Do I have to pay anything? Short answer - no. As we're partially funded by MCCY under the Fund, there won't be any monetary costs on your end if you would like to participate. We would do a pre-interview together with you and your partner, and find out a little more about you and your new home. If needed, we'll arrange a meeting, probably at your new place, to discuss the shoot in detail and fill you in on what's going to be involved. We'll tag along on your official move-in date (when you would carry out the customs or traditions, such as throwing of the pineapple, to name one) and document the process, and do a few portraits along the way as well! What do I get from this project? We'll put together a little memento from the shoot - such as a portrait photo print - and any digital images we would take from the shoot. If you want some photos of your pristine home with all your lovely decor and furniture, just let us know and we can provide them for you as well. I'm in! Where do I start? You can send an email to jean.goh@allaflutter.sg or call me at 9726-1-726 to indicate your interest, and we'll get things started from there. We can also show you documentation/proof of our official appointment and approval by MCCY to show that we're not scammers or upselling you stuff you don't want or need. We look forward to hearing from you! Jonah Sun Principal Photographer All Aflutter
  11. Hi all, Has anyone used their services before? I'm keen to find out. Checked the entire forum but so little info on this company. Me and my wife went down to expo to check out on the road show and their designs caught our eye...but sad to say, our first appointment the ID fly our kite last minute....abit not happy about it, reason given was cause she was with another customer.... (if first time like that then next time also will like that? ) Not sure if I should give a second chance....that's why posting here to find out any positive enough reviews for us to change our minds...
  12. From the album: theupperroom.sg promotion

    Bring your home to another level with our wallpaper collection that is sure to fulfill any taste.
  13. Hello! I am looking into renovating my new home and have shortlisted the following 3 ID firms: 1. Fuse Concept 2. Space Sense 3. Story of Us Has anyone engaged them before or somewhat worked with them? All reviews are welcome. Thanks guys! Cheers!
  14. Hello, Any websites to recommend for pre loved furnishing items? I came across this local website while surfing the net. http://singapore.gumtree.sg/f-Stuff-for-Sale-Home-Furnishing-Furniture-W0QQCatIdZ106 Anyone purchased from them before? Thanks!
  15. Hello All, I am an investor in commercial property. I have invested in a few properties in Singapore and would like to continue to do so. I have invested alone and with friends to spread the risks. I want to meet with other investors to share investment ideas and if possible, to invest together. If you are interested to have a discussion and share some ideas, please send an email to "people.thankyou@gmail.com". I can then give you my name and contact details. Thank you.
  16. This is a original D-Link DIR-615 wireless N router. Comes with original power adaptor and installation CD and box. This is a used set but it's in excellent working condition.anything can leave a message to 81270293 (chinese or english) for only 25$. · Item is in Singapore. There are two ways to close the deal : · Meet at blk 302 ubi ave 1 (bus station near POSB) for deal. · Item can be delivered to you for an extra $6.00 for fast 1 day delivery.
  17. $1200 negotiable Self Collect w free additional King Koil Quilted Mattress Protector * 15 Years Warranty * VERY NEW 5 Zone Individually Pocketed Spring mattress Target contour zones 1. Head & Shoulder Support 2. Upper Body Comfort 3. Spine Support 4. Lower Body Comfort 5. Lower Legs Support "Individually encased coils reduce motion transfer resulting in minimal disturbance to your sleeping partner." "Orthopedic type construction for maximum back care support" "Specially engineered for your total sleeping comfort" "Luxuriously quilted cover" "Anti Dust Mite, Anti Bacterials, Antifungal, Inhibit Growrg of Mould and Mildew" "Provides Round-The-Clock Hygenic Freshness" With Receipt documents and warranty KING KOIL Card ( 15 years + ).
  18. It's finally my turn to share my happiness here after a year's worth of lurking around in Renotalk. After working for 40 few years, LB (老伴, Husband) decided that it's probably time for us to move and have a dream home to retire in. Now tell me how to contain my excitement! So far we're having all the luck, our journey to find a new home & ID came really fast&easy. Chop chop! The COV for this resale EM was within our budget, the view from the balcony seems to be not bad (Fresh air - 10th level) and we see the possibilities in transforming it to our desired living space! LB & I are high in spirits but apparently our bodies aren't really cooperative enough for us to visit every ID firms in Singapore. Believe us, if we could, we would! (Kiasu, Kiasi) So LB&I agreed on an ID referred by my friend lor, sweet and easy. Ps:// I've spent the couple of days forcing my grandson to teach me on how to post here. Muahaha, I must be the most irritating grandma ever.