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Found 45 results

  1. Hi all! Just want to say a big THANK YOU to all T-bloggers who have shared your designs /ideas /pictures /information & experience here. It has been a great help, especially to us newbies who know next to nothing about renovating, & I truly enjoyed reading all the posts. Now's my turn to start my own T-blog, hope you enjoy it^^ Standard BTO 4-room plan:
  2. Hello everyone, I'm going to 'graduate' from this renovation journey pretty soon. Thus, I decided to share this t-Blog with everyone, as well as to keep it as a record for myself in future. I also hope that this t-Blog can manage to help someone too. My wife and I were considered quite young when we apply for this BTO in 2012. I was 25 years old while she was 20 years old then. We had no peers going through this stage and we had absolute zero knowledge on the progress. But we went ahead anyway. We considered ourselves very lucky as we managed to get queue number 26 (First timer + Live near parent scheme). We get to select many units and eventually we decided on a high level unit with good view. Being young and with low cash funding, we need to save as much as possible. Thus, we began sourcing, reading reviews from the internet, forums and seek advices from people. Let me share the layout of my unit: Earlier on, I mentioned that we had zero knowledge right? We started out by meeting as many IDs as possible. We had zero idea on what we actually want. IDs are IDs afterall, they shared many different ideas with us. After meeting about 6-8 (we lost count) IDs, many quotation, we soon have idea of our own. It was like jigsaw puzzle, we took the good advices from different IDs and it became our idea. Finally, we met up with a contractor which was recommended by my new neighbour. I shall name him as 'Steven'. Steven is able to fulfil our requirements at a much lower price than IDs. My neighbour's parent unit was done by him, and it was pretty well done. As such, we decided to pick him for this renovation journey. Check out my renovation work within 25K budget (Painting, Window grilles, Ceiling, Carpentry, Plumping works, electrical works) Let the journey begin... Contents LayoutBare HouseAirconKitchen Part 1Kitchen Part 2Kitchen Part 3ToiletElectronic LootsFurniture LootsMalaysia LootsOnline Purchases Sneak PreviewLiving Room Part 1Living Room Part 2Bedroom 2 (Study Room)Bedroom 3 (Guest Room)Master BedroomLiving room (Final Photo)Taobao Loots 1Taobao Loots 2
  3. My renovation journey is coming to an end and I would like to share it with guys since this forum has provided me with so much inspirations. Its a 5-room BTO in Waterway Brooks Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Study Room Master Bedroom Toilets Ventilation and lighting Taobao
  4. Am a silent reader all this while on renotalk, its finally my turn!!! Stay tuned for updates on my selection of ID process and shopping, Taobao too!!!
  5. Guest

    Buying Bed Frame From Taobao

    Hi, has anyone bought bedframe from Taobao before? I am looking to get storage-platform bed frame. Can't see anything that fits what I want from IMM and Furniture mall.
  6. For more groupbuys infuture, please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1503506503275156/ You may organise groupbuys or share shipping!
  7. I saw many home makers buying furniture/stuff from taobao, just want to share my bad experiences, for your awareness. 1. I started buying things from taobao this year. In the past, I used an agent like 65d**g**. Switched due to trying to save cost. I started with only small value purchases to test the system and to minimize loss. Bad countered 1 My first bad encounter is when I purchase the following battery tester. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.31.Iz6k0u&id=14100066084&_u=71vq1h347384 My warehouse oops did not receive the goods, but seller reported as "delivered". Unfortunately, due to too many items, I did not track this timely, and the payment was released to the seller. When I contacted the seller, there is no service from him, and he declined to make any checking nor clarification with their local courier. This is a S$4 lesson. More cases to share.... Bad countered 2 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5.w4002-6193391067.15.KeWHNw&id=37931771877 After a few smooth purchases, I thought the taobao seller listed "Reviews" can be trusted. I am so wrong. DON"T TRUST THOSE LISTED REVIEWS TOTALLY. Many are staged. On 11.11.14, I purchased a bed from this seller. Pattern No. 1When I placed the order the system shows delivery and assembling are inclusive. However, subsequently, the seller (海伦)told me that I had to arrange for self-collection from a distribution warehouse (??) I argued that their system indicated delivery is inclusive. She changed the story but said that they will only sent to the ground floor, and I had to arrange to bring it into the house myself (??). Lucky my forwarder, Oops, is on the ground floor. Pattern No. 2 A few days later, I checked with the seller, and was told the goods was delivered. But when I checked with my forwarder, they didn't receive. I contacted the seller to clarify, and she told me to call their delivery company myself to check, and refused to assist. After another argument, she finally sent a photo of the signed Delivery Order to me. When I email to my forwarder, they confirmed that 1) there is no company stamp 2) the signature does not belows to any of their staff. I contacted the seller again- and she insisted that the goods was signed off. I checked the system info, and confirmed that they delivered to a different company called East Asia. Pattern No. 3 TRUE COLOR is out, now the seller kept insisted that the goods was delivered, even I tried to explain to her she had sent to the wrong place. My forwarder warned me to quickly request for refund, before the system times out and auto make payment to the seller. In the end, I raised a refund request, and she rejected. I escalated to involve Taobao, which indicated that they will resolve this in 4 - 6 days. It's almost 2 weeks, my refund still yet to happen...... Pattern No. 3 Just yesterday (6/12), the seller message me and asked me to return the goods... Vomit blood; i tried to make her understand that the goods is not with me, that's why I requested for refund.The seller just kept repeat the same message that the D.O. was signed, etc, etc...like a broken record. She even asked me to call up the other forwarder who they sent the goods to , and ask them to return her the goods(?). I told her that I had no business with this forwarder (East Asia), and don't have the right to do so.
  8. Dear All, Welcome to buy LED lights, furniture, etc from QB-mall. (www.qb-mall.com) Its a taobao daiguo. Air freight at $8 per kg or $150 per cbm. Door to Door delivery.
  9. soonliew

    Taobao Order

    Hi All, I understand that lot of friend here order things from taobao, I am here to give all of you a service on all taobao order from purchase to shipping to your door step I am able to help through with a small fees. Interested please msg or PM me. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, Anyone bought anything from Taobao before? I have heard and saw from online quite a bit of people buying things from there. And there are these "middleman" whom you can engage to send you items from China to here ( 65daigou, peeko etc). Just wondering if anyone who buy things from taobao and liaised through these agent able to kindly leave your feedback on them here? It can act as a review postings for all to share. I think that will be quite useful for those who intend to buy things from Taobao online (including me). I was actually thinking of buying TV console, partition wall, curtains and wallpapers from Taobao. But would like to know more about the risk I will be taking before embarking on the purchase. So far, things i read about these middle man will charge you a certain fee but they will make sure your goods are well received and the right purchase (meaning color, style and design same as the one u wanted). This in my opinion would save you alot of hassle if you just direct purchase from the seller. Shipping will be another cost incurred. Anyone know what about GST? Please please help me with your kind reviews if you use any of them before! Thanks all!
  11. hi everyone! how do i find out if a furniture comes flat packed when buying? i'm very interested in buying dining sets and also some side/coffee tables. are there any recommended sellers on taobao that has flat packed furnitures and also any recommended freight forwarding companies? my chinese reading skills are like 5/10.. haha.. appreciate your responses!
  12. Being a silent reader (on and off) since 2011, when we first applied for our BTO, I guess it's time for me to make some worthy (I hope) contributions to this community! Having heard of how difficult it was for couples to apply for a BTO flat, we are indeed thankful to be able to secure a mid-level unit on our first try, given that our queue number has exceeded the total no. of units! Well, maybe I should thank those people who applied, but given up their chance. Fast forward to 4 years later in 2015, we finally collected the keys to our first nest in Jan' 2015. We didn't carry out rituals like rolling pineapple, sprinkling of salt in 4 corners or screaming "Huat ah, Huat ah" etc.. Instead, we were snapping away! Having seen my sister's BTO flat, I wasn't expecting much, but it came as a pleasant surprise that it's slightly bigger than what I expected! Hehe! Starting off with a mandatory picture, the Floor plan! In my opinion, it's a rather standard one in these days BTO. Upon entering, this is the view that greeted us.. Living Room. It's pretty Long-ish & square-rish. Up next is the Corridor, leading up to the bedrooms & bomb shelter (double up as storeroom). Okay, that's another standard thing. Realized that I do not have any pictures of the rooms. Actually all of these pictures are taken by the husband, and he said something like, there isn't a need to take as all the rooms looks the same! Hahah! We forgotten about the kitchen too! But I managed to find a saved pic of the kitchen in my gallery. I think it was my neighbour's, which I chanced upon in my project's facebook group. So, the credit of this picture is to him/ her! Being someone who enjoys cooking & baking, this kitchen came as a big disappointment! It's so tiny!! I think this would be a nightmare to people coming from my mums generation, their kitchen is easily 3x of this size? After looking around, we proceed to spend the next hour or so checking defects, but we were quite tired out by the bending up and down in such a warm weather.. All we wanted was a chilling can of drink! So we decided to call it a day, we shall come back another day to continue with the defect checking! Hiak Hiak Hiak!
  13. I have been a follower of this wonderful forum for a long time, a quick check on my profile shows that I am a member since 2004! That was when I am renovating the current place that I am staying. Time flies and it has been 10 years, and it’s time for a mid-life upgrade. There are several challenges, thus I named the blog “Hopefully” as I am not sure if I will succeed. I will be hiring a contractor, thus I will be the “designer”. Challenges: Budget. After long discussion with CFO, the budget was set at $20k. With an upgrade to a system 4 air-con a cardinal requirement, effective balance is only 16k. Coordination. As we will be staying in for the renovation, extra effort will be required for the coordination to minimize disruption and stress to the residents (wife, 3 schooling kids, helper) Theme. After browsing through the tons of information in the t-blogs, I must say that I like the “Scandinavian” look. The challenge for me is how I can achieve this without making major changes to existing infra and within budget.Scope of Work L-Box & Plastering for 3 bedrooms Vanishing of Parquet for 3 Bedrooms Glass Partition to create new study room Laminate floor for Study Sliding door for Balcony Lay wood decking for Balcony (6m x 1.5m) Brick tile for TV wall Shoe Cabinet Cabinet for Master Toilet New System 4 Aircon Retrofit Oven and additional Kitchen Cabinets New WardrobeThe following is my floor plan just to get the ball rolling. It’s a 5A unit @ 136sqm. I had made some changes to the layout during the last reno by hacking away half the store room to create a new entrance to the kitchen.
  14. have 5 x 12W and 6 x 24W warm whites LED ceiling lights for sale: 5 x 12W - $10 each 6 x 24W - $20 each all for $150, self pick up at pioneer, jurong west.
  15. Finally I decided to have a T-blog here, simple reasons that we will like to share our gained sweat & sweet that from unit sourcing till renovation, and of cos furniture expenses! We rent HDB, condo and landed property for the past 5 years and really tiring to share the unit with others with limited freedom in the space such as laundry, kitchen and of cos living room! We had good housemates who become our very best friends and bad housemates who don't care others' feeling, do what they like . Long story short, we are easterner hence those units that we hunted all located in east. Having said that, it's not a cheap place to stay in east due to most of hdb all are very expensive. We had to test water of the HDB market in mid 2012 and we engaged an agent source us unit. The agent brought us to Marine Parade 3I HDB selling at 410K but asking 60K COV . That's really turn me off although I like the location very much due to we have not much cash to pay for the COV and of cos we are looking at least 4 rooms. We have no choice continue stay with our rent unit to save more bullets for our dream house. A year later, mid 2013 we begin unit hunting again...however after thoughts we decided to focus in Bedok Reservoir with few reasons: * it's located in east * it's nearby central of SG instead of Tampines, Pasir Ris area * those unit selling history in HDB website mostly within our budget * there is future MRT to be completed in 2017!
  16. Bought this this May for the bathroom in my bathroom without realising that the water tap is concealed behind the wall tiles. $180 or best offer http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  17. Hi all, I recently bought some Led Strips and Drivers from Taobao, I would like to know how to install these strips or if someone knows an electrician familiar with working on these? The actual products are here http://trade.taobao.com/trade/detail/tradeSnap.htm?spm=a1z09. http://trade.taobao.com/trade/detail/tradeSnap.htm?spm=a1z09. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=21658272449
  18. After some viewing and searching, we'd finally bought our 3 rd HDB flat, a 5I unit at Tampines. This is our 2nd renovation experience but it feels so new to us as we renovated our 1st flat some 20 over years ago with our contractor friend. We were in our 20s and I basically let him took care of everything besides selecting tiles and lightings. This time we planned well ahead and my OC also very much involved in the whole process and our house is considered done. I will be updating and uploading photos as and when I have the time. Of course to share and provide some info if needed but please bear with me if you don't hear from me immediately. Well, although we planned ahead (even before we collected the keys), there were changes along the way and we ended up having some lightings unused. To kick start, I will share our floor plan.