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Found 78 results

  1. From the album: Bubee

    Island kitchen with special wall art and unique art designs by local artist for kitchen tempered glass backsplash. 4 seats are with storage. Space created by hacking wall between kitchen and living area.
  2. Hi all, Discovered this morning that the carpenter had damaged by sink but he kept quiet about it and only told my contractor about it. Contractor didn't tell me at all, it was the worker doing my feature wall tiles who informed me. My white Blanco sink had both top left and bottom right chipped off and glued back. I am upset but my contractor said once the top is up, it will be concealed. Is it true? Or will the sink collapse or leak im future or have more cracks? I don't know how to believe him anymore as at first he said he didn't know and then said carpenter already told him last week that it was already damaged. Carpenter himself told me on the line that his workers damaged it and its not the first time already. My contractor said nonono already damaged. So i said means Hoe Kee sent me damaged goods?? He said couldn't be too. Now 7th mth, are they trying to say the good bros damaged it since nobody is reliable?? Please advise.. I'm so annoyed by these people. Even my feature wall they just do it as they please and not following what I want. My curtains are up and they kept smoking. That day i was told to meet them for 5mins so I carried my 6wks old and the carpenter just started drilling without warning. My child has such a fright.
  3. Hello Renotalkers, Like to seek advice from seasoned forumers as I'm re-doing my home current. I noticed the market rate for Kitchen Cabinets is around $120 pfr which was what my ID quoted for me. However, when we are doing the detailing, he is charging me extra for things such as these... Saucer Rack: + $220 Drawers: +$600 for 4 drawers using Blum track (Apparently $120 pfr only gets cupboard door...not Drawers) Bi-Fold Door for Corner L-shape: + $150 Extra 4ft of counter Top w open-concept Internal PVC for Washing Machine: +$550 Dish hanging rack w glass cover: +$250 Just like to check if this is normal? in my previous renovation where I had 2 Saucer Racks and Dish-Hanging rack, there was no VO....has there been a change in market standards? Thank you very much renotalk.
  4. The Wooden Platform, a (blooming/developing) design and consultancy firm of vibrancy, is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer-focused and reliable design services. Our vision, built from a strong belief of constant care and innovation has guided our business operations since our very first clientele. We create your dream home, like it is our own. Our panel of BCA-qualified design consultants are here to provide ease of mind - from the very first meeting in understanding your needs, to perfecting your idea to a reality in the shortest frame of time. Exceeding your expectations is our mantra. The Wooden Platform Website The Wooden Platform Facebook Tel: 6734 3133 / 8161 3000 E-mail: jasontan@thewoodenplatform.com Address: 280 Woodlands Ind E5 #05-06 Harvest@Woodlands Preview of our portfolio
  5. Hi All, I am about to engage a renovation contractor to do some ceiling and carprentry work. What are the things to look out for when engaging the them to do wardrobe, cabinet, feature wall with TV console etc. The quotations only stated "supply and install full height cabinet c/w solid laminated ply at bedroom entrance". How do we ensure the material (wood, laminate) use is of certain quality?
  6. Any comment for above price? Get it from a contractor recommended by friend, any idea for it?
  7. Hi all, I'm in the midst of renovating my resale flat and starting on carpentry soon. Need to make some decisions regarding the internals of my carpentry works. My ID quoted coloured pvc for my wardrobe but not for my shoe cabinet or kitchen cabinet. Wondering if I should splurge on coloured pvc internals for the kitchen cabinet? I've not asked for the cost yet. My kitchen carpentry is massive. Doing a whole wall of full height cabinets (no storeroom, hence the huge storage), and top and bottom hung cabinets as well. Anyone care to let me know what you think are the pros and cons of doing colour pvc internals? Other than cost of course. Pros: 1. Hide discolouration of pvc 2. Looks good (better than white pvc) 3. Slightly thicker than white pvc? Thought I read this somewhere. Is this true? Cons: 1. Cost. Need to top up the difference, or course. 2. Anything else? Thanks!
  8. My renovation was completed 3 months ago. After boiling water for 10 minutes, the pvc lining at the top hung kitchen cabinet peel off and the gum "expanded" at the base of the cabinet. I did not install a hood (did not have one in previously too). Contractor said no hood will cause heat to melt the glue and suggest to change to aluminium frame tinted glass doors and adding a stainless steel at the bottom of those sections. I did not agree as they don't complement the rest of the cabinet doors. Any expert advise on a better solution. Thank you Irene
  9. Hi, I'm a new resale owner and is looking at doing minimal carpentry work. I chanced upon Xing Heng Projects Pte Ltd on facebook but unable to google any reviews done by them. Hope to get some feedbacks, if any, on their works if anyone here has engaged them before? Advice much appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. Hi everyone, we are doing our kitchen renovation now and our contractor is asking us to choose a paint colour for our kitchen glass backing. Understand that there will be a greenish tint because of the glass' own colour. Can any kind soul share with us what colour you chose for the glass backing? Some photos will be great! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi guys, I just received a quote from an ID and the carpentry price seems high compared to the other quotes shared here. Does anyone have any input? Please note that this is for a landed house, so i’m not sure if the price difference is because of that? Just wondering what your opinions would be. This is the exact quote (only wrote the carpentry bits i’m wondering about here, and not the other lighting and hacking stuff etc) To design & construct est. L 17ft full height storage cabinet using solid-ply laminate $7650 To design & construct est. L 10ft suspended TV console using solid-ply laminate $1600 To design & construct est. L 10ft full height TV featured wall using solid-ply laminate $3200 To design & construct est. L 6ft full height mirror cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2200 To design & construct est. L 48ft top and 44ft btm kitchen cabinet using solid-ply laminate $12,880 To design & construct est. L 6ft suspended island counter using solid-ply laminate $1350 To design & construct est. L 5ft full height shoe cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2000 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz top for kitchen work top $7040 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz backing in between top & btw cabinet $7040 To supply & install est. L 6ft quartz top for island counter $1080 To supply & install a new main door with timbre door frame (double-leaf) $6000 Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi I am looking to install 8 pieces of shelves measuring 49cm by 31cm. The shelves are to be built into a hole in the wall(HDB has really "good" designs) , hence I would want them to be resting on bolts on both sides, with the bolts drilled into the wall. Any 1 have any recommendations or quotes? thanks!
  13. Hi All, I recently got 4 sets of the bookcases without doorshttp://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/00245639/ The frame/skeleton of the bookcase is solid pineIkea's glass panels are very fragile, thus I do not wish to get those doors and Ikea is also not selling the doors only as product. I would like to have doors from either of the 2 options in the following 1) full door (wood or aluminium glass doors)2) half + panel (wood or aluminium glass doors) Any good, reliable & reasonable carpenter to recommend, please?
  14. Hi all, its been long overdue, my house has been completed since September thanks to the speed and precision rate at which my ID worked, but i've been crazily busy with the move in and the settling down of my family, and also with playing with my "new toys", which i will upload later on. I'm doing this as a token of appreciation for my ID Kenneth, who owns his own company Abstract Design Pte Ltd, who was recommended by a friend who had his place done up by him also. As this is our first house, my wife and i had absolutely no idea what or how to begin with, and the internet is so jam packed with information that all the designs we seem to bookmark are almost something from every theme. We then decided to leave this in the hands of a professional and we contacted Kenneth who was recommended by a friend of mine who had his place done up by Kenneth 2 years back. During the first meeting, we had an information overflow for him, bombarding him with countless things we had plans for and showed him all the pictures we had saved in the bookmarks of our iPad, Initially we had doubts for the first part of the meeting, he doesn't write anything down, throughout the initial part of the conversation it was all my wife and me talking, and he just sat there quietly listening. When we were done with our bombardment, thats when we were surprised. He repeated from living through kitchen everything we said, without missing a beat, and checked back on whether was that the requirements we wanted, and summarized my theme requirement to simple scandinavian and showed us prior projects of what he thought we liked. And truly it was exactly what my wife and i were confused about, and we were immediately assured that the decision to engage a professional was a right one. My key collection was scheduled for June end, and we met him in the early parts of June, so we had a month to prepare, so after that first appointment, i had scheduled to meet another two ID's as we thought it was only right we get a few more opinions before we made our decision. Feeling a little more confident of the style we were looking for, we decided to allow the 3 ID's we met a week's time before we arranged to meet them to see their proposals. Kenneth came back with a text to inform us he had a proposal in mind, and would like to meet us, only two days after we met, and again i was impressed by his rate of work, we did mention to him that we were not really in a rush as we were only planning on moving in to our new place in September, but his logic to us was that he believed that after the first appointment, with the information still fresh in our mind, we would not forget what we had wanted in the first appointment. Which is true to a certain extent, so i arranged to meet up with him that weekend, excited to see what proposal he had in mind for us. Our second appointment was the weekend, four days after we first met him. I would learn later on that the works and proposals he did for me was far more than what the other two ID's had prepared. 2 dimensional floorplan space planning, quote, and what he did extra was he actually did a sketch up on his idea for the kitchen which was what we were going to spend more on. Although the google sketchup figure he did was just a simple sketch, the other two ID's which we would meet later on didn't provide this additional service. We were impressed by his professionalism and knowledge on the buildup which he selflessly shared with us even though we hadn't confirmed with him, even to the extent of sending us the photo image of the sketch which the other two ID's had informed us that the design would require an upfront design fee before they would share it with us. After the meeting with the other two ID's , who were also professional in their proposals to us, what made our decision easier was the impression of the rate of which Kenneth returned to us with his proposal and his second meeting presentation to us. We decided to go ahead with Kenneth. I'll be uploading the pictures of the progress of work and why even though my house has been completed, i want to make sure i do this to show my gratitude to what Kenneth has helped us with in our renovation.
  15. Hi all, I went to ask several ID firms and this is the cheapest I found. What do you guys think? 1 20ft kitchen cabinet with ABS trimming and laminated finish $2200 2 Addition of 10ft Granite top $1000 3 80ft spray paint glass $1200 4 Hacking of existing kitchen cabinets $300 5 8ft full height feature wall $1408 6 Mortar bed 7ft extension $300 7 6 ft Tv console $720 Total $7128
  16. From the album: 5 Rm @ Strathmore

    Floor plan updated with carpentry and other works. 
  17. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone to do shoe cabinet, bookshelves and a small desk. Do you have any good carpenter to recommend ? I'm looking for clean work rather than ultra low price... But cheaper is better of course. Or would you recommend going through an ID ? Anyone has experience (good or bad) working directly with carpenters ? Thanks for your help !
  18. WengLinJie

    IMG 20140721 081157

    From the album: 3room HDB

  19. Hi All, Im new to this Renotalk. I would like to do half length cabinet(similar as TV console) at my bomb shelter room) Can anyone recommend cheap and reliable contractor. Thanks Raj
  20. Hi, what should be the cost of laminate cupboards with PVC colour carcass. ID quoted 300 per ft. I think it is high, what say?
  21. How is kitchen cabinet charge Is this the norm 1) charge pfr for cabinet without top is it average about +- $100pfr 2) charge pfr for top or charge pfr for cabinet with top ave will be how much? thank you
  22. Singapore Carpentry provides quality carpentry at an affordable price. We believe in price transparency and are committed to delivering premium carpentry efficiently, manufactured by our own factories. Our team of highly skilled carpenters with more than 15 years of industrial experience are dedicated to providing you with quality carpentry. Over the years, we have served a diverse clientele base, ranging from HDB flats, landed properties, corporations to even hotels. Singapore Carpentry currently operates with two factories, one in 280 Woodland Industrial Park E5 #01-08 (flagship store) and another in 62 Sungei Kadut Street 1. Operating hours are from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm. We also offer a wide range of other value-added services such as electrical, ceiling work, painting, glass work, space planning and 3D rendering etc. Interested clients can choose to email us your architect’s autocad drawings to carpentry.sg@gmail.com. We will be able to provide you with a quotation for the carpentry works. If you currently don't have an idea or design concept for your home, no worries! You can schedule a meeting with our in-house designer at 280 Woodlands Industrial park E5. Alternatively, we would be glad to arrange a site visit at your house or office, where our design consultants can discuss requirements, and propose designs for your house. Feel free also to stop by our first-of-its-kind direct factory showroom for a visit! For any enquiries please visit our website www.carpentry.sg or call Ernest Tan, at 81004193 to arrange a site visit to your home today!
  23. My carpenter has quoted me the below for walk in closets. Somehow, i find it abit steep because it almost reaching 100k. Is the price fair or ? Any experts able to guide me how much is consider reasonable or how do we gauge the price? Your advise and sharing is much appreciated. Thanks ! CARPENTRY WORK FOR WALK IN CLOSETS PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 1 Design consultation & space planning. $ - 2 Perspective drawing on all carpentry works. $ - 3 Project management & job site supervision. $ - 4 Material & colour scheme proposal. $ - 5 Submission of HDB renovation permit. ( Exclude permit fees ) $ - 6 Arrangement for installation of power gas piping. $ - BEDROOM 2 (2nd Floor) Carpentry Works 1. Design & fabricate 20ft(L) x 600mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood wardrobe open Concept c/w necessary accessories w/ laminate & internal Vinyl finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 2. $ 13,000.00 2. Supply & install 6 nos of blumotion runner. $ 480.00 BEDROOM 3 (2nd Floor) Carpentry Works 1. Design & fabricate 27ft(L) x 600mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood wardrobe open Concept c/w necessary accessories w/ laminate & internal Vinyl finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 3. $17,550.00 2. Design & fabricate 3.5ft(L) x 100mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood feature wall c/w door w/ laminate finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 3. $875.00. 3. Supply & install 6 nos of blumotion runner. $ 480.00 BEDROOM 5 (3rd Floor) Carpentry Works 1. Design & fabricate 20ft(L) x 600mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood wardrobe open Concept c/w necessary accessories w/ laminate & internal Vinyl finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 5. $13,000.00 2. Supply & install 6 nos of blumotion runner. $ 480.00 BEDROOM 6 (3rd Floor) Carpentry Works 1. Design & fabricate 20ft(L) x 600mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood wardrobe open Concept c/w necessary accessories w/ laminate & internal Vinyl finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 6. $13,000.00 2. Design & fabricate 3.5ft(L) x 8.5(H) solid plywood door c/w mirror, top & bottom clip sliding track in laminate finishing as per design ptoposed at bedroom 6. $1,350.00 3. Design & fabricate 4.5ft(L) x 100mm(D) x 8.5(H) solid plywood feature wall c/w 7 nos of 1000mm(L) x 60mm thickness x 400mm (D) shelving in glass and laminate finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 6. $3,825.00 4. Supply & install 6 nos of blumotion runner. $ 480.00 ATTIC FLOOR Carpentry Works 1. Design & fabricate 37ft(L) x 600mm(D) x 11.5(H) solid plywood wardrobe open Concept c/w necessary accessories w/ laminate & internal Vinyl finishing as per design proposed at bedroom 6. $27,750.00 2. Supply & install 6 nos of blumotion runner. $ 480.00 Total Renovation Amount : $92,750.00 Grand Total : $92,750.00