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Found 136 results

  1. This is Erica from My Digital Lock MY DIGITAL LOCK selling Yale 4115 digital lock for main door and Yale 424G for gate at Affordable rates We are looking for home owners to try out our latest door and gate design with digital lock in order to promote our renovations packages Visit our website www.mydigitallock.com.sg or call/whatsapp Erica 94662710 FACEBOOK : MY DIGITAL LOCK 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10, Monday – Sunday 9am to 8pm
  2. MY DIGITAL LOCK selling HDB single leaf door and 3x7 ft gate with Samsung H505 Digital lock at Affordable rates We are looking for home owners to try out our latest door and gate design with digital lock in order to promote our renovations packages Visit our website www.mydigitallock.com.sg FACEBOOK : MY DIGITAL LOCK 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10, Monday – Sunday 9am to 8pm
  3. never ever get anything from My digilock pte ltd #mydigitallock Terrible services! Supposed to install my doors today. Called me yesterday and tell me about the delay. Initially, they trying to bs me by saying it was due to my delayed confirmation of the door selection! I have confirmed my selection on the day I placed my deposit which is back in May! They left me with no choice but to accommodate to their schedule! Long story short, they just trying to bs me in whichever and whatever ways they can. Always be honest to your customer. Don't bs and trying ways and means to find excuses on your mistake Convo between me and #mydigilock : Monday @10.23am Gal 1 : I'm sorry. There is an delay in the door installation becos of your delayed selection of the door. It can only be installed next week Me : next week? This is only the beginning of the week! Besides, I have selected my door on the day I placed my order. Gal 1 : I'm sorry but the factory has some delay. Me : can you arrange the earliest slot to install the doors? Like end of this week? Gal 1 : I'll check and call you back Monday @ 11.46am Gal 2 : I'm sorry. We are calling you to inform you there is a delay for the door installation due to the factory shipment.. Blah blah blah Me : I know. Someone called me earlier to inform me about the delay. Can you arrange it earlier? My ID is handing over the keys to me on Monday. I need the guys to touch up after installation. Gal 2 : I'll check and call you back. Monday @ 12.57pm Gal 2 : I'm sorry. We are calling you to inform you there is a delay for the door installation due to the factory shipment.. Blah blah blah Me : I'm aware of that. You guys had called me twice already. Gal 2: we can only install on 29 (next wed).. And that's the earliest we can arrange. Me : please do it earlier. I need this to be up by Monday. Gal 2 : I have checked with my installer guy, there is no touch up to be done after installation. Your ID guy no need to come back again. Me : so are you expecting me to stay without toilet doors and letting you in to install when I stay in there? Gal 2 : I'll check and call you back later. Monday @ 1.31pm Gal 3 : we need to go on site to measure again as you have not lay the tiles back then.. To have a better measurement... We have to go on site. Me : now you're telling me you need to measure again?! Meaning you have not started the fabrication of the doors?! Gal 3 : yes. It is better to have the space measured again.. It's ok if you don't want us to go on site for re-measurement. We can proceed with the fabrication. Me : when can you go down to measure? Today? Gal 3 : the earliest we can arrange is tomorrow (tues), 6pm. Me : what?! You expect me or my ID guy to be there at 6 to open the door for you?! Can't you arrange it today or earlier tomorrow? Gal 3 : I'm sorry. That's the earliest available time slot Me : my ID guy won't be free tomorrow evening at all. You can't expect people to stay there to wait for you. Gal 3 : I'll check and call you back. ** no one call me after this ** Today @ 2.30pm ( I called them) Me : you guys suppose to call me to confirm the measurement time but no one called. Gal ? : we are going down tomorrow (Wed @ 6pm). Me : what?! Yesterday you said measurement done today and now you're telling me tomorrow?!?! Gal ? : we have confirmed with your ID guy. He said he won't be available today, hence we are arranging it tomorrow at 6pm. Me : ok. Fine. ** I've checked with my ID guy..after ending the call with them, and NO ONE called him at all** Today @ 2.51pm Me : I've confirmed with my ID guy. NO ONE called him. How can you arrange and confirm the timing without checking with me/him?! Gal ? : yes yes. We call him at 9688... (That's my number!) yesterday and he said arrange tomorrow. Me : you're getting more and more ridiculous! This is MY NUMBER and my ID guy wasn't with me yesterday! Don't give me all these bs! I don't care what you gonna do. I hope I don't hear any nonsensical excuses from you again. Conclusion : I sound like a man? And they are trying all ways and means to BS!
  4. We are a local Singapore company selling home products such as digital locks, fans, lights, water ionizer, etc. Visit our website http://www.homegeeks.com.sg/ to view our products and sales items. Also simply Like us and share on facebook.com/homegeeks to win $200 cash vouchers. At HomeGeeks, we strive to provide you with the best prices and quality with the goal to offer you the best online shopping experience with us!
  5. Currently my 11yr old HDB main gate and main door works. But the previous owner diyed a terrible paint job on them both, there's hardened dribbles and wrinkles here there everywhere. And the paint is white, so the dirt between the paint folds shows up really well. Anyone can advise some methods? I tried scraping some paint folds off myself, but it's **** hard. Are there contractors that will scrape, sand and repaint at a reasonable price? Or better to just change gate and door, especially since I intend to install digital lock as well? If so, got any recommendations that bao ga liao? Or 2 contractors also can, 1 do just the doors and gate, 1 do just the locks. I dun feel like sourcing from 3 different contractors for doors, gate, and lock respectively. I contacted Mydigitallock already, but their service attitude very unenthusiastic, so my hopes on them have dropped a lot.
  6. Hi guys, i'm intending to sell this kitchen tap as it doesn't fit my sink. Bought it from Taobao for about $60+. Selling it for $50. PM me if you're interested. NOT genuine Kohler FYI. Selling Yale digital lock YDR 3110 that I've placed a deposit from Hoho Engineering and Renovation Works Retailing at $299. Paid deposit of $150. Selling off at $130 so you just need to pay the remaining of $149 to get the lock @ $279 Comes with 4 RF Cards.
  7. From the album: PHYLUX MISC.

    PHYLUX   Yale Biometric digital lock promotion for 2014  
  8. Phylux

    PHYLUX Yale Digital Lock

    From the album: PHYLUX MISC.

    PHYLUX - Yale Digital Lock and Safe    
  9. Thinking of installing a new fire door and gate with digital lock system. Not sure if is good. Like to hear from anyone who has installed and share their experience with m. Thank you
  10. Hi All! Does anyone have any good, cheap and reliable contact for doing installaiton of a Samsung SHS 5230 digital lock onto a wooden front door? Please PM me details if you do.....thank you thank you. cheers...