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  1. With the rapid development of the global forex industry, numerous forex brokers of mixed quality also emerge on the market. The illegal brokers without proper qualifications always disguise themselves as compliant brokers through false advertising, and through illicit practices and manipulations they swallow up investors’ assets and undermine the healthy development of the forex circle. Exposure of illegal broker Broker’s name: BDG Complainant: Mr. Zhu This March, Mr. Zhu first learned about the broker BDG through the recommendation of its IB agent, Mr. Sun, and made 2 deposits totaling US$ 7,000 at the platform. But 6 months later, Mr. Zhu lost more than half of his money instead of making any profits, with only US$ 1,700 left in his account. What’s more, something weird also happened when Mr. Zhu applied to withdraw. According to Mr. Zhu, he filed a withdrawal application nearly a month ago, but 2 weeks after he submitted the application, it strangely “disappeared” from the platform and Mr. Zhu had to apply again. The long wait and irregularities in the withdrawal process raised Mr. Zhu’s suspicion that the broker may have escaped. Analysis BDG claims on its official website that it holds IFSC (Belize)’s license with regulatory number IFSC/60/496/FX/17. With a broad business scope, the broker allegedly enables investors to trade a wide range of assets including forex margin, equities on Belize and international stock markets, securities, and cash. Its forex margin services covers currencies, commodities and CFD trading. But we wonder if the broker is telling the truth, particularly about its regulatory status. After inserting the full name of BDG on IFSC’s website, we did find a regulatory record of the broker, yet it turns out that the IFSC license held by BDG is for general financial consultancy/advisory services, which means the broker isn’t authorized to offer trading in forex, securities, cash or equities. Moreover, the broker’s official site doesn’t match the registered website on IFSC, and this self-claimed “top achiever of international finance industry”, strangely enough, doesn’t even have an introduction and web page in English. Summary According to WikiFX App, BDG is unregulated at the moment and rated at only 1.41. Network diagram of the broker suggests it has 12 related white-label brokers, among which 3 hold suspected cloned license, 3 operate in overrun business, 2 are unregulated and one is illegal. Investors should definitely stay away from this broker to avoid investment risks. Conclusion The forex market is full of risks, and for inexperienced investors, the greatest risk could come from brokers. WikiFX reminds investors that when choosing a broker, in addition to considering its reputation on the market, it’s also a good idea to do further research and get comprehensive information about the broker, such as whether its claimed regulatory details match with information on the regulation website, whether its license is valid and whether it operates in overrun business. If you have any questions about any broker, you can easily look it up on WikiFX App and avoid potential risks.
  2. Latest statistics released last Friday by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) suggests that by October 22nd, net long positions for non-commercial futures contracts of US Dollar Index futures traded by speculators dropped by 6,226 contracts to 31,000 contracts, declining for the 3rd week in a row. On the other hand, USD has been in bearish territory for 76 weeks straight since May, 2018. Four other currencies have experienced substantial changes of over 10,000 contracts either long or short within the week. The yen positions fell sharply for the second week, as net short rose by 11,000 and totaled 18,000 contracts. Previously the yen had been in bullish trend from the beginning of August to early October. For other major currencies, more than 20,000 net long contracts were added in both euro and pound, while net short in euro and pound fell by 25,000 contracts and 20,000 contracts respectively, indicating a change of speculators’ attitude after UK and EU reached agreement on a new Brexit deal. Source: WikiFX App
  3. Gold continues to rise under the influence of global economic uncertainties and deficit spending, and is expected to hit a record height of US$ 2,000/ounce in 2-3 years. Sean Boyd, Chief Executive Officer of Agnico Eagle Mines notes that gold benefits from easing monetary policies when governments focus on spending and budget deficits. China and India has been the main consumers since the 1970s, with the central banks as the largest buyers. Meanwhile, trade tension and sluggish global economic growth help boost demand for gold as a save-haven asset, with gold price up by 17% year to now. The Canadian gold producer’s earning and revenue released on Wednesday exceeded the prediction of analysts, as gold production climbed to a quarterly record of 476,937 ounces. Agnico also increased its previous estimation for gold production in 2019 from 1.75 million ounces to 1.77-1.78 million ounces, while expecting an annual production of about 1.9-2.0 million in 2020. Meanwhile, Agnico raised its 2019 capital costs estimate to US$790 million from previous guidance of US$750 million. Source : WikiFX
  4. US dollar dropped against euro last week after September’s retail sales data turned out lower than market expectation, with total retail sales down by 0.3% and core retail sales down by 0.1%. On the other hand, euro soared to its highest in 7 weeks after Britain and EU agreed on a new Brexit deal. But as the Parliament postponed Saturday’s poll to gain more time for further discussion over details, there remains much uncertainty for UK’s withdrawal from European Union, and the market is closely observing how the pound sterling and the euro will go. The European Central Bank announced its interest rate decision and plans for the future, while the resigning President Mario Draghi spoke at his last press conference after the ECB’s monetary policy meeting. Christine Lagarde, appointed by ECB to succeed Mr. Draghi’s position as President, will officially assume office on November 1st. Weak inflation and downslope trend rising from global trade tensions continue to weigh on the economy of the Eurozone, and the public holds great expectation for Ms. Lagarde. Former head of IMF, she is now the first female president in ECB’s history and the only female among ECB’s 25 Executive Board members. ECB had tried to tackle the economic slump with a series of unconventional monetary policies, which are now eventually showing their side effects on the stability of the banking industry and the whole financial system. Ms. Lagarde noted during a recent interview that “ In face of a coming recession, Europe, particularly the Eurozone needs to do more to stabilize the economy and strengthen the foundation of development and financial security through measures such as consolidating the banking union, building a more comprehensive European securities market and improving the fiscal space shared by Eurozone members.” The market is closely following ECB’s monetary policy package to revive Eurozone’s economy which was slowed down due to US trade policies. As the market anticipates the next moves of ECB’s new leader and the Brexit deadline is drawing near, both the GBP and EUR are likely to experience major ups and downs. WikiFX will closely follow the latest market trends and bring you more forex updates. You can view more forex news and market trends from WikiFX Newsflash.
  5. US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released the latest Commitment of Traders Report released on October 15th, 2019. Data of the report measuring net long and short positions taken by non-commercial traders in major currencies since 2000 shows long position in JPY is at its highest in 3 years. Also, position level at an extreme may indicate a reversing trend in the future. Since Yen long positions reached a peak in the second quarter in 2018, many investors on the market have started shorting the Euro, though Euro short positions haven’t reached its historical height. Meanwhile, short positions in the AUD and NZD are getting close to their record level. Therefore, we would suggest investors to closely follow the currency pair EUR/AUD. EUR/AUD daily pivot points 1.6227---1.6229 S1: 1.6209 R1: 1.6251 S2: 1.6184 R2: 1.6272 Source: WikiFX App
  6. European Central Bank (ECB) will announce its latest interest rate decisions on Oct 24th, 11:45 UTC+00:00, while ECB President Mario Draghi will speak at his last press conference as president. The market expects Mr. Draghi to strongly advocate for September’s stimulative measures and call for more support from the public. Euro zone recorded inflation of 0.8% last month. The ECB just announced new asset-purchase scheme six weeks ago, while cutting interest rates and promising further easing measures when necessary. A problem that ECB faces is that some key factors weighing down on prices remain out of its control. These factors range from demographic structure to technological advancements and even Euro zone’s economic dependence on exports, typically demonstrated by manufacturing sector in Germany. As the ECB’s ammunition of stimulus is running out, Mr. Draghi and his successor may continue to call for more investments from member countries with financial surplus such as Germany and the Netherlands to revive economy within the European Union. But experts from Oxford Economic Institute observed that large-scale stimulus may be less likely unless the economic recession gets worse. EUR/USD daily pivot points: 1.1123--1.1127 S1: 1.1110 R1: 1.1144 S2: 1.1091 R2: 1.1159 Source: WikiFX App
  7. Broker: OANDA Visited on: September 6th, 2019 Conclusion: the broker really exists On-the-spot investigation From regulatory information, we learned that OANDA’s licensed branch in Singapore is at 50 Collyer Quay #04-03, Oue Bayfront. WikiFX recently visited OANDA at the location. We arrived at 50 Collyer Quay, a magnificent building located in the financial hub at the centre of Singapore and surrounded by several landmarks near Marina Bay. The Oue Bayfront area has a strict access control system to ensure security, so we weren’t able to get into OANDA’s office. But from the building’s reception, we learned that OANDA’s office is indeed located here, and the fact that OANDA has its office inside a building with a modernized and luxuriously-furnished lobby in such an expensive area suggests the company is of considerable size and strengths. We thus conclude that OANDA’s branch in Singapore really exists. Analysis OANDA is yet another broker that WikiFX visited in Singapore. Though the number of forex brokers in Singapore is not very large, most of them enjoy good reputation and decent ratings. This can be largely attributed to the strict regulation system of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Since its establishment, MAS has been continuously improving its mechanism and innovating its regulatory infrastructures and policies, and all these efforts further consolidated Singapore’s role as a financial centre in Southeast Asia. According to OANDA’s website, it is a leading company in currencies data and forex trading that offers investors and other financial institutions leveraged trading, money transfer and data services. Through its development in the past 22 years, OANDA has grown from a technology start-up to a leading global company with branches in the US, UK and Singapore, holding licenses from 5 major regulators. Per checking regulatory information, OANDA has MAS (Singapore)’s license for retail forex brokerage and is qualified for forex related business. Conclusion The WikiFX App shows OANDA to be under valid regulation. Having been in business for over 15 years, the broker holds MM licenses from ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK) and NFA (US) and retail forex brokerage licenses from FSA (Japan) and MAS (Singapore). OANDA is currently rated at 8.9 on the WikiFX App, suggesting considerable credibility; but as the broker has received 18 investor complaints in the past 3 months, we remind investors to be careful in choosing this broker and ensure their assets’ safety during the investment.
  8. The Canadian federal election concluded with a narrow victory of Justin Trudeau, the incumbent prime minister, but he faces challenges as he’ll have to lead a minority government which relies on support of other parties. The result is mostly in line with pre -election estimation, as previous polls suggests neither the Liberal Party led by Trudeau or the Conservative Party led by Scheer has enough support to win the election with majority, and a coalition with smaller parties is more likely. Although data in overall economy and employment looks fine, Canadians are complaining over slow-growing wages, unaffordable housing and increasing mortgage pressure. In addition, carbon tax has also hurt consumers in certain provinces. The Liberal government pledged to strictly adhere to the budget, but the government’s deficit reached 20 billion Canadian dollars by the end of Trudeau’s term, and it’s expected that Canada won’t return to a balanced budget until 2040 at least. Daily pivot points for USD/CAD: 1.3096---1.3110 S1: 1.3068 R1: 1.3124 S2: 1.3047 R2: 1.3156 Source: WikiFX App
  9. Data from Japan’s Finance Ministry on Monday (October 21st ) suggests Japan’s exports in September was down 5.2% from a year earlier. The figure has been falling for 10 months in a row, the longest consistent drop since the 14-month-decline from October, 2015 to November, 2016. Imports in September fell by 1.5%, and the total trade deficit is about 12.3 billion yen (1.1 billion in USD). Japan’s deficit for the past 2 quarters (April-September) totaled 848 billion yen, which can mainly be attributed to falling exports in the manufacturing sector, such as auto parts exports to China and semiconductors to South Korea accounts. The Finance Ministry noted that economic slowdown in China can have negative impact on Japan. The bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said that the central bank will continue its easing monetary policy to revive the economy, while paying close attention to impact of monetary policies on the financial system. Declining September exports will weigh down on the yen to a certain degree, and USD/JPY will likely drop to around 109.50. Daily pivot points for USD/JPY: 108.44--108.54 S1: 108.27 R1: 108.61 S2: 108.15 R2: 108.83 Source: WikiFX App
  10. Broker: AAFT GLOBAL Regulatory status: currently unregulated Complainant: Mr. Lin Cause of complaint: broker blocked withdrawal and manipulated account without authorization The fast-growing forex market in recent years has seen a proliferation of brokers, who apply all sorts of marketing strategies in order to attract more investors. Ambiguous or even misleading information is not uncommon in the advertisements of brokers, which can be shown in a recent complaint case WikiFX has received. Mr. Lin, an investor from Malaysia, accused forex broker AAFT GLOBAL of posting misleading advertisements, blocking withdrawals and manipulating his account, causing him heavy losses. Event recap This April, Mr. Lin was introduced to AAFT GLOBAL by an investment consultant of a financial institution. After signing up at the platform, he made several deposits under the so-called consultant’s suggestion. By closely following the market trend, Mr. Lin was able to make some profits in his later investment, though he didn’t trade frequently. His several withdrawals during this period were all promptly handled by the broker. In July, Mr. Lin suddenly need to withdraw a sum from the trading account, but after his application was successfully submitted, he failed to receive the money. What’s more, after his withdrawal requests remained undealt with for a week, Mr. Lin found his account was being manipulated without his authorization, which soon wiped out his entire account balance. Mr. Lin contacted the consultant who recommended the broker, but the guy first said Mr. Lin’s own maloperation was to blame and then said it was the problem of the MT4 software, and it wasn’t long before he stopped answering Mr. Lin’s questions. Mr. Lin also tried to contact AAFT GLOBAL’s customer service, but failed to get any helpful answer either. 2 months after the incident, Mr. Lin’s account remains empty and he still can’t get his money back. Analysis Notably, the broker’s name that Mr. Lin mentioned in the first place was “FIDUCIAN”, which couldn’t be found in WikiFX’s database; Through further investigations, WikiFX team found it’s introduction on the website of AAFT GLOBAL, though the connection between AAFT GLOBAL and FIDUCIAN remains unclear, the website seems to suggest that “FIDUCIAN” which swindled Mr. Lin is in fact AAFT GLOBAL itself. The broker’s website offers introduction in Chinese and English, and the Chinese version was not only poorly-worded but also give confusing and blurry description in terms of the broker’s regulatory status. The English introduction also appears suspicious. Per checking the WikiFX App, AAFT’s profile and qualification doesn’t match its claim on the official site. It has been in business for less than a year and is currently unregulated. With a low WikiFX rating of 1.10, the broker is very dangerous and investors are suggested to stay away from it. Conclusion WikiFX’s powerful database currently includes information of over 12,000 broker regulated by authorities from more than 30 countries world wide and is constantly being updated. As choosing broker is a crucial step during investment, if you’re not sure about validity of the broker’s information you received from other channel, you can always look up the broker on the WikiFX App or our official website to gain a better perspective.
  11. Recent data from China’s Statistic Bureau shows China registered a GDP of 69,779.8 billion Yuan in the third quarter this year, a 6.2% growth year-on-year at comparable price. The agricultural sector increased by 4,300.5 billion, up by 2.9%; industrial sector increased by 27,786.9 billion, up by 5.6%; service sector increased by 37,692.5 billion, up by 7%. The steady growth of China’s economy is good news for currencies such as Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar, and the news of an initial Brexit deal between UK and EU boosted market risk appetite. The AUD/USD and other related cross currencies are good choices for investors. AUD/USD daily pivot point: 0.6788---0.6818 S1: 0.6774 R1: 0.6854 S2: 0.6723 R2: 0.6883 Source: WikiFX App
  12. UK announced a new Brexit deal On October 17th, Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he and EU leaders had agreed on a new version of Brexit deal. The news led to a surge of GBP. Thursday’s GBP/USD hit 1.2987 at its highest of the day and closed at 1.2889, up by 0.48%. Currently, the price is edging towards 1.30. Optimism and pessimism coexist While investors are eager to make profits from the pound’s rally, it remains a question whether the new deal will be approved by the British Parliament. It’s worth mentioning that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), regarded as a determining force of Brexit, had voiced clear disapproval to the deal, casting a shade of doubt on the Brexit outlook. The waves of skepticism in Britain also led to investors’ hesitation. Marvin Barth, the Macro Strategy Director for Foreign Exchange and Emerging Market from Barclays, pointed out in his interview with Bloomberg: “The unexpected outcome of the Brexit referendum in 2016 had caused the pounds to tumble over 1,000 points against US dollar, down to its lowest since 1985. Since the Brexit vote, the pound has dropped 13%.” EU’s Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier said he believes the agreement will be approved by late October. For the moment, investors’ main focus is how UK Members of Parliament would react before the Parliament’s emergency meeting on Saturday( October 19th ). Phil McHugh, Chief Market Analyst of Currencies Direct, said that if most MPs favor the new Brexit deal, the GBP may continue to rise against USD to around 1.35; but if the deal fails to pass at the Parliament, the pounds may tumble back to 1.22. Follow the latest trends of the forex market The forex market is sensitive, and incidents such as changes in a country’s economic policy, inflation and political factors all have direct implications on forex rates. Besides offering broker information search, WikiFX App also make timely and informative updates of forex news for investors to grasp the latest market trends.
  13. Statistics Canada’s recent survey suggests employment rose by 53,700 in September, driven by gains in full-time work. The unemployment rate dropped 0.2 percentage points from 5.7% to 5.5%. On the other hand, US Federal Reserve has resumed Treasury bond purchase, scheduling a monthly purchase of about 60 billion USD’s short term bond, starting from October 15th. According to CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)’s latest observation on US Federal Reserve, there’s a 87.1% possibility for the Fed to cut interest rate by 0.25% in October. Therefore, USD/CAD will be weighed down and will likely fall to around 1.3100. USD/CAD daily pivot points: 1.3204-1.3234 S1:1.3149 R1:1.3278 S2:1.3065 R2:1.3353 Source: WikiFX
  14. Spread refers to the difference between the selling price (bid) and buying price (ask) of the base currency. The smaller this gap is, the smaller the cost is for the investor. Stay tuned as #WikiFX brings you more #ForexABC
  15. The forex market has seen a series of big events since the beginning of October: US Federal Reserve released the monetary policy meeting minute, China and US conducted a new round of high-level trade talks and Britain is mapping out its way to leave the European Union. Amid the big news, forex brokers are still busy competing for market exposure through advertising campaigns. In WikiFX’s 20 largest ad-spending brokers ranking in October, the high rated brokers account for more than half of the list. However, 3 low rated brokers still got listed and even saw their rankings go up. Here’s the list of October’s top 20 ad-spending brokers. The top 5 on the list remain unchanged compared with last month, while the No. 1 largest ad-spender XM has topped the list for 4 months in a row ever since it rose to the position in July. Headquartered in Cyprus and established in 2009, XM holds MM licenses from ASIC(Australia) and CySEC(Cyprus), as well as retail forex brokerage licenses from IFSC(Belize) and FSA(UK). With nearly a decade’s rich experience, the broker is now one of the front-runners of the industry. FXTM which takes up the second place is also a broker of considerable strength. Once the lasting champion of ad-spending list like XM, FXTM is a fully compliant licensee of FCA(UK), CySEC(Cyprus) and other regulation authorities. Forex brokers FBS, Alpari and AVATRADE ranked the third, fourth and fifth respectively. Overall, high-rating brokers take up an overwhelming majority of the list. Brokers who just enter the list such as easyMarkets and BCR all have pretty high ratings as well. But a few low-rating brokers are still trying to expand their market share. A typical example is IC Markets whose ranking soared from No. 20 in September to No. 6 this month, suggesting considerable market exposure of the broker. As IC Markets receives heavy complaints from investors lately on the WikiFX App and has tremendous risks, WikiFX has put the broker on blacklist. Another illegal broker BTCC Global dropped out of the list last month but returned to October’s ad-spender list, and the WikiFX App shows its NFA(US)’s license for generic financial services is suspected to be cloned. The broker has poor rating and investors are suggested to stay away from it. The top ad-spending brokers list in October has significantly less illegal brokers comparing to previous ones, indicating that the overall environment for forex investment is improving. But a few illegal brokers are still making large advertisement spending which investors should beware of. As a leading forex media, WikiFX have now recorded information of more than 13,000 forex brokers, and investors can verify the information they received from a broker’s advertisements by searching the broker on the WikiFX App. If you have been defrauded by illegal broker and suffered loss, you can contact WikiFX and we will try our best to help you recover the fund. Please view recent articles of WikiFX for more information.
  16. Chinese consumers and investors appears to be losing interest in gold this year. China’s jewelry consumption in 2019 is expected to drop by 4% to around 660 tons and investment demand may plunge over 20% to around 240 tons. Economic slowdown and apprehension over the trade war have dampened consumer’s confidence, while surging gold price has kept some investors away. The trade war between US and China has led to a depreciation of the Yuan. On the other hand, gold has shown a bullish trend this year. The price soared 16% to 1,557.11 USD/ounce last month, the highest in over 6 years. Data on the customs website shows China’s imports of gold fell 42% to about 561 tons. The country’s imports will drop sharply this year as many Chinese investors cashed in their purchases made in 2012 and 2013 after prices rallied. Gold daily pivot point: 1482-1488 S1: 1472 R1: 1493 S2: 1464 R2: 1507 Source : WikiFX App
  17. A potential 2020 election showdown between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren would undoubtedly be viewed as a clash of ideological extremes, but when it comes to economic policy, both think the dollar is too “strong”, suggesting measures to weaken the dollar are likely to be taken regardless of the winner of the election. The trade-weighted U.S. Dollar is still near the its peak in 2019 while the ICE U.S. Dollar Index measuring US dollar against a basket of six major US trade partners has hit the highest in two years, up about 3% from the beginning of 2019. Stronger US dollar is likely to disadvantage U.S. companies overseas. And given the attitude of both candidates towards the USD, investors should pay attention to the possibility of weakening dollar after the election no matter who wins the campaign in 2020. USD index daily pivot points: 98.43---98.45 S1: 98.32 R1: 98.56 S1: 98.22 R2: 98.66 Source: WikiFX
  18. Background Previously we confirmed through on-the-spot investigation that Malaysian forex broker Albus Capital Inc. doesn’t exist at its claimed address and has no valid regulation. Due to the relatively weak regulation over finance and forex industry in Southeast Asian, such illegal brokers are everywhere in the region and with little efforts, they can lure unwary investors into their traps. A successful case of recovering defrauded fund Ms. Aisyah is a victim of Albus Capital Inc., who at first postponed her withdrawal request with various excuses and then deactivated her account with no reason. Felling quite desperate, Ms. Aisyah sought WikiFX’s help to retrieve her money. WikiFX team immediately contacted her after receiving the message and checked all detail information of the incident. As a large amount of money was involved and Ms. Aisyah was eager to get it back, WikiFX promptly reviewed all evidences she provided and came up with an action plan the very same day. With WikiFX’s generous support, Ms. Aisyah was able to recover her deposit of US$ 250,000 (equivalence of over 1 million Ringgits). How do illegal brokers usually trick investors? With the fierce competition on forex market, illegal brokers are also “upgrading” their traps. WikiFX made a list of the typical tricks used by illegal brokers, and whether you’re still thinking about forex investment or have started trading already, it’s a good idea to watch out for these issues during your investment: Giving wrong trading signals deliberately; Analyst giving misleading information; Manipulating investor’s account and causing loss; Trading on the investor’s behalf and causing loss; Causing loss or negative balance due to serious slippage/ network delay; Failing to execute stop-profit or stop-loss orders; Blocking investor’s deposit leading to negative balance; Blocking investor’s access to trading account and causing loss; Showing misleading market trend and causing loss; Showing misleading price due to technical issues and causing loss. Conclusion Dedicated to the grand mission of safeguarding investors and their assets, WikiFX strives to improve the forex market environment for investors by weeding out the illegal brokers. Through years of unremitting efforts, WikiFX has exposed tens of thousands of illegal brokers, receiving wide acclaims among investors for these achievements. If you’d like to report a broker scam and defend your rights, please leave a message on the WikiFX App and seek help from our professional team. We will also update latest information of investors’ complaints against illegal brokers.
  19. A new round of high-level trade consultation between China and the US concluded in Washington last Friday. The meeting has achieved positive outcome in several aspects. These include: 1 US will halt raising tariff; 2 China will increase import of agricultural produce, particularly soy beans which Trump has put special emphasis on. 3 Trump will allow some US companies to supply non-sensitive goods to Chinese company Huawei. Both sides agreed to work together towards reaching a final deal. This increases market appetite for high-risk assets, while safe-haven assets including gold may become less favored. USD/CNH further dropped to 7.0686, the lowest since September 17th. We expect RMB to appreciate against USD and jitter in the range of 7.04---7.03. Source: WikiFX
  20. Recent economic data of the Euro Zone suggests economic growth in EU is under pressure. PPI of the Euro Zone in August released earlier this month has dropped more than market expectation, while September’s PMI at 45.7, the lowest level since October, 2012, indicates a struggling manufacturing sector. Euro Zone registered a 1% inflation in August. Inflation has been running low in most of 2019,except for a minor increase to 1.7% around June, forcing European Central Bank to cut interest rate in September and resume quantitative easing measures. EUR/USD- Daily pivot points: 1.1002-1.1006 S1: 1.0975 R1: 1.1036 S2: 1.0943 R2: 1.1065 Source: WikiFX App
  21. The latest Triennial Central Bank Survey issued by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) shows that compared with in 2016, forex spot trading has grown by 20% in the past 3 years, while swap trading has increased over a third and outright forwards increased 43%. The forex market has been recovering from the downdraft in 2016, thanks to the momentum offered by strong growth in swap and forward trading. Meanwhile, the forex market has seen several good news this week. Sterling surges in the prospect of an orderly Brexit This Thursday (October 10th), Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced after meeting with his British counterpart that the two countries may reach an agreement about Brexit by the end of the month. “I think it is possible for us to come to an agreement, to have a treaty to allow the UK to leave the EU in an orderly fashion, and to have that done by the end of October,”he said. The news drove GBP/USD up over 200 points, the largest daily increase since March. Sino-US trade war may cool down and US may delay raising tariffs Representatives of China-US trade negotiation said the trade talks went well after meeting on Thursday. US business associations also expressed optimism about easing of the trade tension and a delay of the tariff raise scheduled for next week. Investors are betting that the two side may reach agreements in some aspects and ease the trade tension, leading to a subside of risk aversion. Despite the good news, investors should still closely follow the global forex market and particularly be careful of “black swans”, in order to fend off the possible risks during investment. The macroeconomic policies of global central banks have significant impact on currency rates, so investors can predict forex market trends by analyzing these policies. In addition, investors should pay attention to key financial data and market sentiment indicators, as they also influence foreign exchange rates. In order to better serve investors, WikiFX is offering the latest forex market trends and analysis, and you can check these updates in the WikiFX App.
  22. Recent economic statistics just released by Japan shows that after seasonal adjustment, core machinery orders in Japan declined 2.4 percent from a month earlier in August 2019, 1% less compared with market consensus. Compared to the same month of the previous year, core machinery orders tumbled 14.5% in August, contrasting July’s 0.3% increase. The data suggests Japan’s economy is under pressure. Japanese government and the central bank is determined to take all measures necessary to revive the economy. USD/JPY daily pivot points: 107.28---107.42 S1: 107.07 R1: 107.77 S2: 106.65 R2: 108.05
  23. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) announced on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 its decision to maintain the current official cash rate, clearly showing a hawkish attitude in its public remarks. The short-term price of NZD to USD climbed over 40 pips to a weekly new height of 0.6347. RBNZ hasn’t observed fundamental changes in monetary policy outlook with employment at a full level and inflation kept within a target range, suggesting there’s remaining scope for more fiscal and monetary stimulus. Inflation expectation is a key signal for observers, and the market expects that New Zealand will continue to treat sluggish inflation as a sign of down-slope economy for a while. But the latest announcement shows RBNZ expects to see inflation rate inching up towards 2% under growing stress in production capacity and business profitability as well as influences of rising importation cost and wages. This suggests inflationary pressure has rallied while economic recession is alleviated, backing the view that there won’t be another interest rate cut immediately. RBNZ is satisfied with the effect of previous interest rate cut, while the prospect of more financial stimulus on the way also helps to ease market’s expectation of further interest rate cut from RBNZ. RBNZ also underlines that as escalating geopolitical tensions and global trade frictions continue to slow down global economic growth, economy in New Zealand also faces short-term pressure. Since New Zealand’s economy heavily depends on exportation, an aggravated global trade environment can also affect RBNZ’s expectations. Previously-released data indicates New Zealand’s GDP growth in the 2nd quarter, although slightly lower than in the first, had exceeded market estimation. According to a statement from Statistics New Zealand, the 2nd quarter GDP growth has been mainly driven by a 0.7% increase in the service sector production, which accounts for almost two thirds of the total. A steadying NZD supports commodity money, particularly AUD, so it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on AUD/JPY. AUD/JPY is currently at a key reversal of 38.2% following the rising trend from August 26th to September 13th. Investors can seek opportunities to buy when the curve hits 72.80. Daily pivot points: 72.86---73.00 S1: 72.57 R1: 73.16 S2: 72.34 R2: 73.52 Source from WikiFX.
  24. Broker: IG (Singapore) Visited on: August 29th, 2019 Conclusion: the broker truly exists On the spot investigation According to the address from regulatory information, WikiFX recently visited the Singapore office of licensed forex broker IG, located at 9 Battery Road #01-02 MYP Centre. Upon arriving at MYP Centre, we saw IG’s office on the ground level. The office of another famous forex broker FOREX.com sits next door, sharing the same level with IG, which was quite a surprise for us. The building appeared modern and well-furnished inside. Though we couldn’t enter IG’s office without appointment, we saw many staff members of both IG and FOREX.com, chatting and relaxing themselves in the public lounge nearby. We thus concluded that IG’s Singapore office truly exists. Analysis Singapore is a major financial hub in the SE Asia region as well as around the globe. The recent forex market boom in Singapore has attracted many prestigious forex brokers to open a branch here, while the reputable regulation of MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) also adds to the strengths of these brokers. IG is an example of such brokers. The official website suggests that IG, established in London, UK in 1974, has been the world’s first company to offer CFD trading. As a forerunner of the industry, IG now has offices in 14 countries across the globe and helps clients to grasp trading opportunities through the pioneering trading platform and App developed, developed by the company. Per checking MAS’ website, IG holds retail forex brokerage license from MAS, and the information on its website corresponds to the regulatory information. In recent years, MAS has improved its WOM through providing secure and efficient regulatory infrastructure and highly transparent market information, attracting many world-renowned brokers to Singapore. Their arrival in turn promotes enhancement of the MAS regulatory mechanism. Conclusion The WikiFX App shows that IG holds forex brokerage licenses issued by regulators including ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK), FSA (Japan), FMA (New Zealand) and MAS (Singapore). With over 15 years of professional experience, IG is a compliant broker of considerable size and strength under regulation of multiple institutions. It has a high rating of 9.20 on the WikiFX App, and investors may safely choose the reliable broker.
  25. Asian stocks fell on Wednesday after the U.S. lawmakers called for an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, increasing the prospects of prolonged political uncertainty in the world’s largest economy. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was down 0.2%, Japan’s Nikkei fell 0.55%, while Australian shares fell 0.66%. “There are a lot of factors out there that could potentially hurt market sentiment,” said Tsutomu Soma, general manager of fixed income business solutions at SBI Securities in Tokyo. However, some hedge funds have to close their books at the end of the month, so it may be difficult for the market to move. US. stock futures, rose 0.19% early in Asia on Wednesday, but the mild gains are unlikely to improve sentiment for Asian shares. #Stock #Japan #Australia #WikiFX