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Found 52 results

  1. Hello Good Day to Everyone! Gotten keys quite awhile back, finally can start on my humble home nest (after deciding & finalized of auspicious dates for reno ;p) Finding IDs wasn't a easy task (alot of hassle), went around seeing 5 IDs , tiring processing cos you need keep repeating same stuffs and your needs over and over again....... - First 2 IDs, spent quite some time with them and explaining what were the the needs and items, after all the long hours they still like in the lost which also made me in a very lost state too..... (met once only..) - 3rd and 4th IDs were not too bad, still able to grasp what were the requirements and could propose something interesting for consideration. BUT their quotes were way too high even though their ideas were quite outstanding..... (had 2 meetings...) - Last and 5th ID, initially didn't have much expectation... Gradually this finally and 5th ID really able to understand the needs and indeed addressed to the areas that was practical for my family! We had at least 3 meets up, to further discussed on the planning of my house layouts.... We had that kinda of special chemistry that those past 4 IDs couldn't get to and the last 5th ID could come out with even more impressive ideas and designs that really suit my family lifestyle ! After months of discussion with my family, we eventually selected the last and 5th ID - Wilson from DS 2000 Interior & Design Our family felt comfortable in having him to do up our new home as he really do understand and can achieve the kind of expectations from what we wanted for our new home! Let me try posting my floor plan
  2. Yeah!! Finally it is time for me to write my very first reno T-Blog, had been reading T-blog for like near 1 year, and had been patiently waiting for the time for my key collection so I can start on my T-blog soon. As per tradition, here is my 5 room Floor plan, got my keys on 3rd Jan, my reno (hacking first) will be starting on 2nd Feb. Now is the rectification period with the BSC folks. Already 2nd round, hopefully coming week can clear all the defects. I guess it's pretty standard layout for most of the BTOs, below is the HDB suggested layout. And this is my 2D layout, this is not the latest, there are some changes, yet to get the updated layout plan from my ID. Because this layout plan was done before i got the keys, so after getting the keys, realize that there may be some space constraint, so waiting for the latest copy.
  3. my flat is coming and we will be blowing out budget at our wedding. looking for some simple home decor that isn't expensive but yet stylish. hoping to make my house look somewhat like this avoiding expensive built in carpentry. like this airy feel at home no clutter
  4. Hey guys! We have just started our renovation journey and thought to share with everyone who reads this forum! Everyone has been exceptionally helpful and assisted us a lot on the journey to finding our contractor as well as furnishings and such. Very excited to get the party started! Located just beside a huge canal, it kinda reminds us of a lake...... therefore the name: "Lake" House We collected our keys in May 2014 and spent a total of approximately 4 months settling our defects. At the same time, we were finding a contractor whom we are comfortable with. We already had our rough designs ready and needed someone to execute it confidently with professional suggestions along the way. We were really pleased to come across MrJ & MrE. They replied promptly and professionally to all of our doubts and understood what we wanted as soon as we had our first discussion. First up, here is our floor plan Our "Lake" View Day 1 (06/10/14) Signed at MrJ & MrE's factory and had a discussion with the both of them regarding all our designs and layout. MrJ did a sketch on all of our carpentry works and understood what we wanted. He then passed us a couple of booklets of laminates for us to browse through. Day 4 (09/10/14) Met with MrE and electrician; ironed out all of our doubts and did planning of lighting and other electrical works. Electrician was really helpful and provided some really good suggestions. Thereafter, we caught up with MrJ at the Lamitak factory to view bigger pieces of the laminates that we shortlisted(a whole bunch of them!) We had serious problem deciding on what laminates to use as the range was massive; when we always thought that a certain design was exactly what we wanted, we will come across another that wavered our decision. Looking at the bigger pieces really helped. It looked so different than when it was in a little sample piece in the booklet. Just when we were about to part our ways, we were informed that the electrician has already started work! How efficient Meanwhile, here's our styleboard Day 6 (11/10/14) A really fruitful day! Met MrE at Hafary (Eunos branch) to select bathroom and kitchen tiles. We were overwhelmed by the wide varieties of tiles. Thankfully MrE introduced us to the sales executive there and she was really helpful. Some pictures of the place There's a good variety of tiles which were in our budget, enough to drive us crazy while finalising our tile, therefore we would advise homeowners to not venture to too many stores to look at more choices because this would only confuse you - making your selection process a nightmare. MrJ met us soon after and we discussed on a couple of changes in our designs and they were really flexible about it. We were glad that they were not the kind who would request for a topup when informed of any changes. Looking at how confused we were, they also gave us ample time to finalise our tiles and laminates.
  5. I don't know if i am in good part of forum, or even if i am at good forum, but sorry in advance and hope if need it that admins will move this where it has to be. Me and my friend just started our business so we would like to show to you so if anyone like it can support us, and ofc review it here. Deskbloks is the world's first modular desk. Our “bloks” allow you to build a desk that suits you perfectly. With our modular design, you can combine various numbers of bloks into a fully functional desk. Our bloks, so far, have: built-in USB ports, speakers, mic and headphone jacks (not even iPhones 7 have that), wireless charger for your phones, perfect cable management and much more. A new desk for a new age. One desk to rule them all. www.deskbloks.com https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/deskbloks-the-world-s-first-modular-desk-computer-design#/
  6. Hi All, I would like to share one of my up coming project located at Fajar Hills. Before that I would like to clarify that I am an ID myself and I have been sharing some of my completed and ongoing projects here in this forum. Do feel free to comment or ask me anything you might want to know about the renovation. Concept Images Layout Plan Living area Master Bedroom Thanks for viewing.
  7. The Nest We had been scouting around for our own place for quite a while and looking back, it did seem that we were taking forever to nail down a place we want to call our first home. Our requirements for our own property then were simple - BIG and cheap... Probably that explained why we were forever looking for our property back then! In Singapore context where land is scarce, it's almost mission impossible to find one that is big and yet cheap... Well... Unless, it's old!!! And so our quest for such property brought us to our current home - an ex-HUDC apartment in the west. At 1,700 square feet going at less than $700 psf, it fulfilled exactly the 2 main requirements that we were looking for in our first home. Never mind the fact that it's coming to 30 years old. To add icing to the cake, all the 3 rooms and the living room have unblocked view of the scenic Chinese Gardens in front of us!
  8. Hello, I am looking to do up my first and very own BTO together with my hubby and went thru long hours of discussions with a few IDs.. And managed to shortlist a few companies. Still deciding between engaging my own seperate contractors or ID instead.. My hubby and I are very tedious and "ngiao" in this kind of situations and we both had a hard time trying to agree with themes and such, however this is my first home so I want it to "WOW" for myself.. but still boils down to the pricing and if possible ID's which are experienced in doing Modern-themed homes.. Went thru a few portfolios but nothing really fancy caught me and my hubby's eye and attention Hoping any of you guys have photos to share or IDs to recommend?
  9. Our 5 rm BTO is now already undergoing renovation. Tiling works and wiring are in progress. Pardon me but let me do some back dating work here. Renovation is really more hectic than we though it would be! We'll let the pictures do the talking. Here is our floor plan. Very typical 5-rm floor plan. Had thought of hacking the wall between bedroom 3 and living room so as to make a, very popular now, semi-enclosed study room complete with glass doors and black frame. This would very much fit into the modern scandi feel. But then did away with it after consultation with our feng shui master. Decided to do away with the wall between our master and bedroom 2 instead! [bEFORE] [AFTER] Much space and light after. Didn't know how much space was the wall hiding! Since I am in the mood of hacking, why not just remove the hideous white plastic box with mesh-like PVC material covering the drainage in the master toilet. Somebody may like it, somebody don't. This was an inital idea that alarmed our ID a bit but then was accepted cause it fitted our design! Alright the picture doesnt do it justice. But trust us, it's a lot bigger with the damned box removed. The black stuff is preparation work for our overlay~~ That's the update for another time..
  10. Hi everyone! I would like to share my renovation journey with you guys so that we can exchange ideas and advice to build our dream home together Let me start off by sharing my floor plan :
  11. Item: Modern Rotating Computer Table Dimension: 100*60*75 / 120*60*75 / 140*60*75 White/ Black available Please visit web for other dinension! Price: $250 (Inclusive of Shipping, GST and Table Set) Such modern table cost over $500 in singapore! For more groupbuys infuture, please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1503506503275156/ INTERESTED PARTY PLEASE FACEBOOK MESSAGE ME. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a312a.7728559.2014082902.1.MEbEiZ&id=45614004517&_lang=zh_CN:TB-GBK&thwarea=hw&toSite=main
  12. Hello All! Thanks to all fellow T-blogger in renotalk, we have learnt much and finally get to start our very own T-Blog! Here is our floor plan for 4room BTO at Fernvale Rivergrove. We've opt-in for HDB tiles and doors. And heres our self drawn concept on what we plan to do. We spent around 1 month plus meeting 6 different ID and finally found our right one! The next post will share more about our ID meeting process and we'll collecting keys next week! So excited ~
  13. This is a late start to our renovation journey. We have gotten our keys in late Dec and since January we have begin our search for IDs and stuff. At this moment of writing, we have already done up our lights. Pictures and more details will be shared along the way!
  14. Hi Everyone, Before our home keys collections, we always view through RenoTalk and designs which my bf and me will mind mapping this and that. We have crazy ideas like having Bath tubs with Transparent Mirror, etc! The day of Keys Collections and we visited our 4 Room flat at Sengkang, I was totally turned off as IT WAS SO SMALL. OMG.... All plans and design needs to be revised!! See the initial Floor Plan... The First View of Kitchen and Living room. (we opt out for flooring & door) We have been quoted of the design we wanted at estimated 35K to 40K. It was quite COSTLY, so we intended to source each from different Supplier/Contractors and coordinate by ourselves
  15. Hi all! Going to start a T-BLOG to document this journey! Exciting and Tiring Journey! Not sure how to link this file:) http://s186.photobucket.com/user/spaz_strike/slideshow/Home-Renovation
  16. Hi guys! I just had my renovation works done for my new 4-room BTO and am very pleased with the overall experience, materials, looks and finishing, therefore I'm briefly sharing my experience here in case some of you may be keen too. My husband and I are really into the contemporary look, because we like displaying items, and of cos the colour schemes for this concept. We happened to come across an ID that was recommended here a few months ago, and after a few meetings with that ID, we decided to go for him. Don't know why but he gives us a great sense of assurance and responsibility so ya.. hahahaha His quotation of 38k wasn't the cheapest, as some IDs quoted me around roughly 30k, but his carpentry designs and thoughtfulness captured us in. He wasn't pushy, handled our concerns and needs carefully and even spent lots of time accompanying us shopping for lightings, furnitures, literally everything we need in our new home. Regularly site inspections by him and the constant updates on the on-going works helps us to save lots of time too. If you doubt me, maybe you can try meeting up with him and see for yourselves. Some IDs insisted that I pay a design fee of about 1500-2000 before they can come up with everything, but he didn't even asked us to pay anything until all the proposal work is done and accepted by us.. with 0 hidden costs, we didn't feel cheated at all.. If you are keen to give my ID a try, do drop me a personal message and I will get back to you when I'm free again.
  17. Hmm.. I've read some of the t-blogs here.. So its time for me to contribute.. To share our experiences in this home reno journey. We collected our keys on 11 March 2014.. Signed everything & there goes our CPF balances~ Here is our floor plan.. Here are some pictures of how our house looked before the check.. This the 3rd week since we collected our keys but we have not submitted our feedback form to the BSC. There are so much to check and I wondered how to complete checking within 7 days. With the help with an ID, we finished checking & will be submitting the form in today. Now my house is full of masking tapes to show the defects. Our project is the developer’s first HDB project. While checking, my id was shocked by the quality of the work being done. We have slanted switches, uneven & rough walls, lots of gaps between top & bottom of wood skirtings, badly filled grouting, leaking toilet bowl, cracked floor tiles, missing window screws, all the windows cannot be opened smoothly and dent window frames, chipped walls, and many more.. Will post some photos on the defects later.
  18. Selling : Used Yarn Pendant Globe Light (Black) Selling Price: S$50 negotiable Location: Self Pickup at Tiong Bahru Interested please contact: 9099 1191 A more affordable version of the uber modern Moooi Random pendant, this Franc Franc globe pendant is a beautiful statement making light fixture. Well on its way to becoming a classic, the design is formed from resin drained yarn that is randomly coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a magic translucent 3D fabric.The body is a unified piece with a small opening at the top for access to the lamp. Dimensions: 70cm in diameter Cable and bulb not included. Slight dent at bottom.
  19. Hi All, Looking to sell the the below 2 items. Do pm me with your offer if you are interested - items comes with receipt. Thanks! 1. Sofa-seater for 3 Vendor: Jottergoods Purchased Date: 7 Dec 2013 Condition: 9.5/10 (still very new and mint condition) Original Cost: $1,690 (final SGD$880!!) 2. Armchair (SOLD) Vendor: The Shophouse Purchased Date: 6 Jun 2014 Condition: 10/10 (not used - understood only 1 piece in Singapore) Original Cost: $905
  20. This is one of our i1Reno Pte Ltd project in Lilydalle Executive Condo We completed this kitchen facelift in 2weeks with our client staying-in, we tried our best to bring minimal inconvenience to our value client. 'One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than of $100,000 worth of advertising' - Jim Rohn
  21. Hi all, BRAND NEW scandinavian chair from Lush Lush (Ava from the NEST collection) for sale. This chair retails for about $240 (before discount is $350) BUT i am selling it for $220 if you can deal at my convenience. I have 2 of these but am only selling one. Keeping the other one. Please contact me directly at 84187675.
  22. Painting measures 70 x 70 cm Never been hung Will be selling canvas only. No frame. Please contact me at 987774o8 for more details
  23. Sharing some ideas you may consider for a modern victorian concept. For a break away from the traditional english feel, a more contemporary style blends with the victorian concept to create this modern and elegant victorian theme. White as the main color is used to create an open and airy feel, complimented with gloss finished homogeneous tiles for the living room. Some dark colors for furnishing are used to bring contrast to the surroundings. Cornices are used along the edges of the cove lights to compliment that victorian feel. Cabinets and walls have the victorian-like wood trimmings. Some pictures for reference below. More can be found in the same album at the gallery page.
  24. 4KHomeTech

    Fabric Design Lighting

    From the album: 4K Lightings

    Variety design of fabric lightings