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Found 62 results

  1. I personally understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. Since I have found a good one so I was thinking to share it here for anyone looking for a reliable contractor. They were very responsive & even took the extra effort to help me managed my aircon guy who was fixing up the new aircon when I got tied up at work. I recommended them to my brother & friend. Have a look at the photos below to see the final outcome. My Living Room My walkway to the rooms My wardrobe cum partition Master Bedroom Toilet Bro's Master bedroom Master bedroom Toilet Common Toilet Bro's Living Room
  2. Hi all, Letting go of 2 x beautifully designed mixer (hold/ cold water) tap that is white-based with chrome elements. Great for minimalistic house designs. Tap can turn 2-ways and at 360 degrees each way. Brand new in box. 1 set for SGD 55, 2 sets for SGD100. See carousell link at https://sg.carousell.com/p/water-basin-mixer-tap-brand-new-110034758/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fj1ng85%2F&ref_sId=4135936
  3. Hi Everyone! Need your feedback on this reno quote from an ID. As a first-time homeowners, hope you guys can comment what need and what not? Is the rate overpriced for some items? New home is 5rm BTO 113sqm Thanks!
  4. Hi forumers, I need your help, to see if the reno company's quotation is reasonable. Let me know your thoughts. A Demolition Works A.1 To hack off existing Wall at kitchen area(balance 1m from floor keep) 720 Approx Size: L2200mm H1600mm A.2 Submission of professional engineer FOC A.3 Haulage services 750 A.4 Removal & disposal services FOC A Subtotal 1470 B Masonry Works*Inclusive of the use of prepacked materials mandated by HDB(excluding tiles) B.1 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of Living & 3630 dining room. *based on $3.00 psf tile B.2 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of master 1990 bedroom. *based on $3.00 psf tile B.3 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of bedroom 2 1320 *based on $3.00 psf tile B.4 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of bedroom 3 1290 *based on $3.00 psf tile B.5 To supply materials & labour to make to good hacking area wall(kitchen) excluding tiles 500 B.6 To supply materials & labour to construct 50mm cement kitchen cabinet base 550 B.7 To supply materials & labour to construct shower curb at master bathroom 180 B Subtotal 9460 C Plumbing Works C.1 To supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap after carpentry work 120 C.2 To supply materials & labour to install 2 nos hot water points 200 C.3 To supply labour to install 2 nos Shower mixer 180 C.4 To supply labour to install 2nos water heater or instant heater 120 C.5 To supply labour to install 2 nos toilet spraygun 80 C.6 To supply labour to install bathroom accessories FOC C Subtotal 700 D Aluminium / Glass Works / Wrought Iron D.1 To supply materials & labour to install fixed panel 10mm tempered glass at kitchen area 570 Approx size: L2100mm H1600mm D.2 To supply materials & labour to install 5mm clear mirror for shoe cabinet 250 Approx size: L500mm H2000mm D.3 To supply materials & labour to install fixed panel with casement 10mm tempered glass shower 480 screen at master bathroom. Approx size: L1500mm H1800mm D.4 To supply materials & labour to install sliding door with fix panel with 10mm tempered glass at 750 kitchen entrance area. Approx size: L1100mm H2100mm D Subtotal 2050 G Miscellaneous G.1 To supply materials & labour to paint whole house ceiling & wall using Nippon Venillux 5000 1450 emulsion paint.( 5 colors including white) G.2 To supply materials & labour to paint whole house gate, door, door frame, pipe & etc FOC G.3 To supply materials & labour to lay cardboard protection at areas of work FOC G.4 General Cleaning for whole house upon completion 250 G.5 Acid washing for whole house to remove stains 250 G.6 To supply materials & labour to install Mitsubishi system 4 inverter at master, common 2 , 3 & study room (4A28VAMSY. GE10VA *3MSY. GE18VA*1) 3950 G Subtotal 5900 H Budgetary Carpentry Quotation ( Prices are subjected to change at final design & material stage ) Kitchen H.1 Design, fabricate & install top & bottom Kook's kitchen cabinet . 3260 • Designer Kitchen Cabinet • ABS Laminated Door • Aluminium glass door • Coloured PVC Internal Finish • slow close/anti-slam hinges • slow close/anti-slam drawers • 1 set "BLUM Aventos" Pull Up Slow Close Door • 1 No Stainless Steel Dish Rack • solid plywood Approx sze: L6200mm x H850mm x D600mm/D350mm H.2 To supply material & install selected 15mm Quartz worktop. 1370 Approx sze: L3100mm x D600mm H.3 To supply material & install selected 12mm'' Bellus''solid-surface worktop 450 Approx sze: L1500mm x D600mm Living Area H.4 Design, fabricate & install full height shoe cabinet w/settee and display with solid plywood/finished 1820 in color PVC, laminate. Approx Size: L 1000mm H2550mm D450mm Master Bedroom H.5 Design, fabricate & install built-in full height sliding wardrobe with solid plywood finished in color 4650 PVC & laminate. Approx size: L4500mm H2550mm D600mm H.6 To supply materials & labour to construct one step platform(Include 1 small step to platform) with 2350 storage at side and top in selected laminate finish at master bedroom. Approx size: L2800mm x D2200mm X H300mm Dining Room H.7 Design, fabricate & install island w/settee and display with solid plywood/finished in color PVC, 1250 laminate. Approx Size: L 1500mm H750mm D600mm H Subtotal 15150 Please let me know asap....
  5. Yeah!! Finally it is time for me to write my very first reno T-Blog, had been reading T-blog for like near 1 year, and had been patiently waiting for the time for my key collection so I can start on my T-blog soon. As per tradition, here is my 5 room Floor plan, got my keys on 3rd Jan, my reno (hacking first) will be starting on 2nd Feb. Now is the rectification period with the BSC folks. Already 2nd round, hopefully coming week can clear all the defects. I guess it's pretty standard layout for most of the BTOs, below is the HDB suggested layout. And this is my 2D layout, this is not the latest, there are some changes, yet to get the updated layout plan from my ID. Because this layout plan was done before i got the keys, so after getting the keys, realize that there may be some space constraint, so waiting for the latest copy.
  6. Hi bros and sis, i am here to share a electrical and plumbing service provider, i recently renovated my house in seng kang, i have my own ID to do up my carpentry and tiling works, as for electrical and plumbing side, i really have to share and recommend sparkflow electrical and plumbing, their workmanship was up to my expectation and their cost may not be the cheapest but they are able to deliver everything in time.. called them 2 times to come up to touch up some minor issues and they were ok and responsive ( i think local service provider are better in terms of coming back to touch up stuffs compared to those contractors from jb... heard alot of scary stories about them...).. The best thing i like is every quote were broken down individually and official receipt were given and and warranty also! =) i got their contact through a old classmate of mine.. if anyone need can try approaching them. my service coordinator was Roy 91 05 01 66
  7. Hello everyone, Admittedly we've never touched nor surfed any Reno sites except recently after chancing upon this forum and learning about the ideas and inspiration of others that it spurred my Husband and I to do our little journey towards getting our dream home. House hunting So after looking around 10 or more flats at the east, we finally settled on a 5i resale at 124sqm. The next process is hunting for an id that will understand our theme and fit our Budget.
  8. Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe
  9. Hi all, Anyone use WOCH before? If Thinking of or going to... PLEASE DON'T!! They over promise and over charge and can't get detail sort out properly and also find ways to get out of situation. Is always others problem or faults and never them... Better think twice... No.. Don't even think of getting them.. Save yourself trouble from engaging them. My Reno was delay for 2months because of improper submission and lack of follow up... Design keep changing and changing.. Never be the same like what was promise before.. Simple coordination also can't and don't want to do. Nevertheless the communication skills between their subcon is never seem existing... Even they standing next to each other in the same room. Pls save yourself from problem... For the benefit of your own and wallets... You will run into the deepest blackhole ever!
  10. Hi Due to unforeseen reasons, I'm letting go of a reno voucher by I'workz Design Pte Ltd. very reputable company. Can check their fb page. Value: sgd2,000 to be used by 31 dec 2016. PM me for quotations fast!!! I will definitely give a good deal to help you save cost.
  11. Dear readers, I am relocation to my new house in Early March. The previous house renovators that i have engaged took a really extended amount of time to complete the renovation of my new home and therefore I will not engage them again. Right now, my current issue is that i have to get my old place renovated so that it will be easily occupied by tenants. I have heard about this forum being pretty insightful with regards to its recommendations and reviews and therefore decided to give it a try. Are there any reliable renovation firms that are trustworthy with their promise and expected timeline to completion? It would be really really helpful to have some solid recommendations. Thank you!! Angela
  12. Hi Due to unforeseen reasons, I'm letting go of a reno voucher by I'workz Design Pte Ltd. very reputable company. Can check their fb page. Value: sgd2,000 to be used by 31 dec 2016. PM me for quotations fast!!! I will definitely give a good deal to help you save cost.
  13. 1st - I just want to laid over tiles for my Toilet walls, changing my basin, toilet bowl and door. (Have yet to decide what kind of tile to use, But I want a dark tone and it more or less match the current toilet floor tiles.) and Exposed kitchen wall. Meaning I wont touch the wall behind the cabinet. Hoping to cover it with subway tile and a tempered glass at the cooking stove area. 2nd - will be a Features wall for the TV. craftstone tiles, take note I will be purchasing a 65 inch TV 3rd - a shoe cabinet infront of the front door. 4th - a L-shaped cupboard sliding door and platform for the MBR. and a bath tub for the MBR toilet. 5th - I need to cover up the fiber optic trucking in living room so maybe you can quote cornice or L-shape false ceiling, Will be routing the fiber optic from the door behind the cornice or fake ceiling and run behind the feature wall. 6th Changing Toilet door and making a Kitchen door 7th Changing the current aircon pipe and setting up a new system 1 in living room Yet to confirm the Reno. Giving every quotation a chance till they all go into the actual site for a full measurement
  14. It's been 10 years since we moved into our current flat and we decided to do a re-renovation of our home. YEA!! (one major push factor for renovaion was also that all our down-lights in our home is all down and we could not find the bulb to replace without scraping off the false celing )Initial renovation was done up by a friend but he is not in the trade any more, thus we have to quest out to search for a good and responsible ID who can understand our needs and assist us in everywhere he/she could. We have been in and out of interior houses, and 1 fine day, we stumble upon Fifth Avenue Interior, or rather Designer-D, who gave us the most heart-warming feeling and I felt that my house will be in good hands if i do engaged him, and so we did. It was a long, tedious but in-depth discussion process but D was very very patient with us, and gave us lots of ideas to help in our brain-storming. He was patient with our indecisive decisions, and finally we settled on whichever is needed and start on the renovation. Would be sharing on e process of our renovation, looking forward and feeling excited to see the newly furnished home! Here we gooooooo................... (will be posting out pictures of the reno process) *feeling excited *
  15. Hi Reno-gurus. My reno is sort of "complete" i have only made 10% of the total quoted price to the contractor he was busy so did not reply me after the job is "complete" my question is Any complications for us if the contractor did not ask for payment due to his work schedule? We paid for cleaning services after the reno but is badly cleaned - hence we have to perform the cleaning by ourselves all over again - what should we do for this? Reno works not done properly, cracks on walls found (more than 300cm long, 1-2mm thick), tiles got dented all over - what should we do for this? Any recommendations? We have already proceeded to move in as numerous of extensions given yet contractor failed to do a proper job. TYVM
  16. Hi, I'm a new resale owner and is looking at doing minimal carpentry work. I chanced upon Xing Heng Projects Pte Ltd on facebook but unable to google any reviews done by them. Hope to get some feedbacks, if any, on their works if anyone here has engaged them before? Advice much appreciated. Thanks!!
  17. This is a late start to our renovation journey. We have gotten our keys in late Dec and since January we have begin our search for IDs and stuff. At this moment of writing, we have already done up our lights. Pictures and more details will be shared along the way!
  18. Finally I will be collecting my BTO FLATS keys in 1-2 months time after 3 years of waiting. Was really happy and glad that the wait is over. Any BTO owner would like to share their same sentiment and joy as well as any renovation pointers to share. I had started to look for renovation contractor to renovate my new house. What is the difference between renovation contractor with drawing and one without drawing? Will the charges be the same? Please advice s this is my matrimonial home and want to keep within budget. Thanks a million
  19. ck1005

    Glass Shelf

    Anyone know where to find similar glass shelf?
  20. Anyone know where to get similar glass shelf?
  21. Anyone know where i can get similar glass shelf?
  22. Anyone know where i can get similar glass shelf?
  23. Hi all, I have a burning question, do you need to re-do the whole common toilet floor and wall tiles, waterproofing etc when changing the toilet entrance? I had enquired to seal up the existing entrance and hack open a new entrance and was told by a certain ID that I need to re-do my entire common toilet floor and wall tiles and toilet reno. My toilet is still very new as its hardly used so I am very surprised this was suggested by the ID. He said this is to prevent a leaking possibility in the future. I am in need of advice if this is required or am I being chopped as all I want to do is have a new entrance for the door, an opening above the door for ventilation and have a mortar base at the new entrance. He is currently quoting me $8,800 to hack, supply wall/floor tiles, haulage of debris, protection sheet, waterproofing, new door, new stainless steel pipes, build hollow wall to seal current entrance. Price doesn't include the mortar base, boxing up of pipes and include an opening above door for ventilation which I think he forgot to add in. Help please, thanks! Cheers
  24. My id charged me $800 for haulage, but i heard from some people and some ids that you can go to hdb and its cheaper? Because in the end they will still need to through HDB for haulage. Is it true. How do we go about it, call them or go there, do we need to bring anything like quotation. Im only doing kitchen cabinet, false ceiling, and vinyl flooring for my reno. Do we still need to pay for so much haulage. Somebody pls advise. Im really blur. Thanks in advance.