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  1. Hi, I am intrested in selling the following items which are in good condition. I couldn't able to upload the pictures in this site. Anyone intrested, please call me or msg me in 96204555. I will send pictures to you. Collecion place is Choa Chu Kang. Self collection please. Master Bed room Set 200 Kids Study Table 100 Computer table 50 Computer table 50 Cot 100 TV and HI Fi System 300 Fridge 200 Kitchen Cabinet Free Thanks
  2. Hello everyone~ After 3 long years, been through times living with both of ours parents, renting apartment overseas, Hubby and I finally bought our first home in Singapore! We've decided to go for resale instead of BTO because we do not wanna wait any longer, and we're very particular about location. Prefer walking distance to the MRT, have good variety of eateries, supermarkets etc.. And we're really happy and lucky that we manage to get one within our budget.. Here I will share my reno journey with you.. ID HUNTING Like many homeowners, we went through the tiring ID hunting process as well.. Especially when the cost of renovation works for resale flat seems to be higher than BTO, we want to ensure we don't bomb too much money into it. After all what we really want is just a cozy home, not a showroom. We asked around for friends and relative recommendation, before arranging for them to meet up and discuss the details, then follow by waiting for quotations and layout drawings (some didn't provide eventhough we specifically asked for it). ------------------------------------------- Initially we loved the 1st ID we met, Mr C. He is highly recommended by one of our good friend.. A honest looking man, not those sales man type. We saw his work in real life at our friend's place and its really good.. He gives us a lot of ideas during the meet up, hand draw really well, provided us with some knowledge.. but once his quotation is out, we were really disappointed because he is too expensive (GST company). So no choice but had to drop him. -------------------------------------------- Mr I. Very slow respond. Met up with him and he keep picking up calls in between our discussion. Quotation take forever to send us, no drawing. Price wise.. consider reasonable. But very turn off with the slow and bo chup attitude, so immediately out from my list. ------------------------------------------- Mr Z. He have some difficulty in trying to understand the concept I want for our house during the discussion. No ideas were generated at all during the meet up, he is basically just listening to what we want. His company is relatively new.. But he seems really passionate about his job, fast respond through whatsapp, and he also promise us he will give us a very good price. I asked him to give a rough figure on our renovation works, he said 30k. Turn out his quotation is alot more than the 30k he mentioned, but still is the lowest among the rest. So we continue with the details, but we later on found out that he missed out quite a number of details and then ended up adding a lot of money. He wasn't very apologetic about it too, we were quite sian with the keep-increasing-final-price. But he keep insisting that his price is very reasonable, and keep guilt trip us telling us he had to "bare" some of our cost as his contractor is charging him but he did not charge to us. -.-" Then there were also some miscommunication later on when we try to suggest some ideas to help save cost, he not only did not help, he also just turn my idea down and tell me that he had NEVER seen others do it like that before. I was quite affected, cos I thought the reasons we hire a ID is so that they can "customize" base on individual client's need? Many times I feel he just brush my questions off without actually answering the question. I can feel his eagerness to get our "sales" at that point.. but no.. I know I needed someone who can "solve my problems" and not one who just avoid them. So even though we went through so much time to "correct" his quotation, clarify details and take measurement already, we decided to hold him and continue searching..and eventually we did not sign him in the end. ---------------------------------------------------- We emailed a few other IDs after that to get quotation (without meeting up yet), and nothing really stands out.. so we went back to Dennis, who we feel is consider one of the best so far for us in terms of communication.. which we feel is the most important criteria in selecting a ID..especially for your 1st renovation. --------------------------------------------------- Dennis was introduced by my Husband's colleague. We approached him 1 day before CNY by email (at that time we were leaning towards Mr Z and did not really give him a fair chance). He asked us to send him our requirements details through email and say that he will send us his quotation asap. We were expecting to wait until after CNY for his quotation, and also expected to have a lot of missing details in his quotation since he is the only one who did not meet up with us for discussion..even those that meet up with us also miss out certain things on their quotation.. But not only he send us a very comprehensive quotation on the following day, he also send us a layout drawing to ensure his understanding of the requirements tally with ours. We were impressed by his prompt action and response, and his good understanding of what we want. But we were too blind folded by Mr Z at that time that we rejected his offer at first.. He gracefully wish us good luck on our renovation. After we decided that Mr Z may not be the best ID for us, we went back to Dennis and ask him out for discussion. Told him we want to give him a fair chance before making the final decision.. We invited him up to the house to take detailed measurements, and requested him to give us a more accurate quotation after that. He provided us with a number of cost-saving ideas (on his own without me asking) on site, telling us what can/cannot be done. He is also frank in telling me what are the additional cost going to be incurred which he cannot quote me yet as it depends on how much work needed to be done (electric works, boxing up of pipes, installation of gas pipe, connection of gas stove which will be reflected in PUB bill). And he again send his revised quotation to us in the next 2 days or so, and then patiently amended the quotation again and again as per our request because we are very "kiasi" want every details to be written black and white lol.. We went down to his show room to view samples, and eventually after tons of questions, we decided to sign the contract with him.. Both hubby and me feel very comfortable with him, as he always answer our (sometimes stupid) questions professionally. He also help to give suggestion when I cannot decide and then tell me why he suggest this and that (which often are quite convincing and reasonable). There are also times when we have different opinions, but he is also respectful enough to accept my point of view and doesn't make me feel bad about it. Fingers cross everything will work out well in the end...
  3. Here's my 5rm resale flat layout. It's a point block and I really love how spacious the living room is
  4. Serious Seller. 100% Renovated & Move-In Condition Contact My Agent If Interested. Alternatively Via Owner For More Details @ 96463424 To Arrange Viewing.
  5. Hey guys.. Need some input for these few queries that we have.. We are planning to renovate our Kitchen & toilet only. What is the reasonable costing for these works... If there are contractors reading this please PM me with your contact and quotation. MASONRY WORKS 1. To supply & construct 50mm cement mortar kitchen cabinet base PLUMBING WORKS 1. To supply & lay conceal drainage piping for kitchen sink. 2. Extension of copper piping for kitchen sink 3. To supply labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater or 1 no. of storage heater 4. To supply labour to install 2 sets of bathroom accessories. 5. To supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap. CARPENTRY WORKS 1. To design & fabricate L20ft kitchen cabinet using solid plywood in laminated finish c/w a. Length 10ft solid surface kitchen worktop. b. Blum hinges c. 2 tier stainless steel dish rack. d. Cutlery tray e. labour to install cooker hood & hob ELECTRICAL WORKS 1. To supply & run 10 nos. Of exposed lighting point @ living/dining. 2. To supply labour to install lightings (max of 15 nos).
  6. This t-blog chat is meant for documenting the process of both my HTB and myself on how we went about getting the resale flat with HDB loan, finding the renovation guys, the renovation and hopefully all the way till the house is ready when we get married in November. Yes, this sounds like more than a handful and very high probability of driving someone insane. I used to document all these in my "Little Brown Book" which is getting out of hand. Like literally. Scraps of paper spilling from the edges of the book and tags that no longer able to serve its purpose if i really were to tag them down. So a sneak peek of how my "Little Brown Book" looks like: I happened to talk to a previous Event Organizer which my company had engaged when i served the Company Welfare committee and we chanced upon talking about looking for a housing agent. The very nice lady, Carol recommended me Gilbert. I had told Carol to provide my contact number to Gilbert and i receive the phone call the very next day. We got to know that Gilbert is from K*****f**n*. Originally my HTB and myself were thinking, doesnt knightfrank does more commercial than hdb? But well, lets give it a go and see how well it goes. We were almost sure what we wanted and told him our requirements i.e.: Which townWalking distance to MRTMin floors and aboveOnly corner unitSizing of the flatBudgetDoor facing (with the advice from the fortune teller previously at farm mart, now at pioneer point) The next week, we met up and saw at least 7, sorry it is 9 houses that fit all the requirement in 6 hours. A marathon that got us really exhausted but we saw two houses that caught our eye. One is fully renovated but shows some signs of design fault with regards to aircon ventilation that got the wall a little murky in the Master Bed Room which i fear for. And the other one is just a plain old house with no built ins at all and it is just clean and spacious though areas that needs to be done, needs to be done say for toilets and kitchen. We picked the second option which we called it "our place" and told Gilbert to express our interest to purchase the house, the whole buying thing got a little bit exciting as there were other buyers who are interested in the place. But we got it. (HE HE HE ) It is a spacious 5I which is very boxy and filled with beams across the house.Floor plan as below: And it is time to source for Renovators....
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for a reliable contractor for some simple and practical renovation for my 3rm hdb renovation. Not a big unit and open to ideas if feasible as the unit is slightly done up by the previous owner. Any kind bros with experience with good contractors can introduce me? Many thanks in advance..
  8. And so, my husband M and I decided to take the plunge to purchase a 5rm resale flat in Pasir Ris last September. As it was way ahead of plan (we were to only start flat hunting in 2017), we were not quite as prepared as many fellow forum-ers here. Thus I had to start speed-reading through the various Renotalk forums to try to acquaint myself with some renovation basics. The forums and blogs are like amazing treasure troves with so, so much information available and whilst I haven't spend enough time browsing all the reno blogs, I have learnt much and am thankful for the existence of all the Renotalk forums and blogs. We hope that we can be able to contribute back a little to this very helpful community!
  9. The Search [https://jumbobnb.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/jumbo-bnb-2/] Welcome to our Blog which records our journey which started from the search of a HDB Resale Unit to finally the purchase and renovation of our Jumbo BnB! Our initial 3 main search criterias were: 1. LOCATION – Close proximity to MRT as we do not own a car and are too lazy to walk long distance. We are willing to pay a premium for location as we see it as savings from not buying/maintaining a car. 2. HIGH FLOOR – Great view, more windy, less insects, less noise from playground and void deck activities. If you get the top floor, you have the added advantage of not having to deal with waste pipes! In all honesty, for greater privacy, 5th floor is the lowest recommended before pedestrians can peer into your house from the ground level. Another consideration is that low floor units are too close to the base rubbish bin in the chute thus every time you open the chute, it is like you are under a chemical attack. 3. Non-Corridor Unit - For greater privacy. Our other concern is that we might get evicted by our neighbours as we are noisy… ok very noisy, not us actually but our Home Theater System and propensity to watch action movies… Using the above 3 search criteria, we spent 3 months scouring the TPY & Bishan areas. The prime candidate was the Blk 79 A-E series near TPY MRT. However the COV and valuations were crazily high. But we must admit the view from those above 30th floor was crazily good! To cut a long story short, we settled for a 5-room unit near Braddell MRT. It only fulfills one of the above 3 criterias (i.e. location); it is a low floor and corridor unit. However it has one unique feature – it is made up of 2 adjoining 3-room units (total 6 rooms if you count the 2 added utility rooms) – which makes it very exciting to do up! =) Being travel bugs, we love hostels and this unit offers us the chance to do up our house like a hostel… hahhaha it wld be like living eternally in a travel hostel. We made an offer to a very nice lady and her mum on the 2nd day and ta da – the Reno Journey begins! PS You cant actually rent your HDB out as a BnB as it is against the regulations and you might lose your unit. Read http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/two-lose-hdb-flats-renting-them-tourists
  10. The journey of starting a new home can be pretty daunting. Having missed the BTOs, to viewing of resales, to haggling of COV. We are happy to come to this stage of transition. Renotalk has been a great source of information with helpful bloggers, sharing their priceless findings. To my fellow noobs, you've found the right place. We are indeed grateful to all whom had contributed in a way or another; the 3-roomers- Ossify, baby81984, lilithfiend to name a few and Supersimon27, hcbing and bluewater for introducing their i/ds.. and advance thanks to others whom have help in a way or another. Enough said, the HDB floorplan as follows; My concept drawings from www.floorplanner.com Also took this oppournity to consolidate the T-Blogs of 3-roomers; As such, new 3-roomers would benefit from our past experience (ps: do acknowledge & give proper credits should you use their pics) Luckable -chongpang (completed) Goobii - dover, 3I (completed) Ossify - Holland, 3I (completed) aubrey - bugis (competed) cannotisit - telok blangah 3i (completed) coke - amk 3NG (completed) lynnzlg - amk (completed) alamak - bedok 3NG (completed) sanpokchubby -BB 3NG (completed) MohGuan - Tiong bahru SIT (completed) jesslynn tan - redhill 3STD (completed) Yuene- 3A Clementi_PR - Clementi, 3I (completed) Lilithfiend - Everton 3I (completed) Baby81984/gim63251073 - WC 3NG (completed) durianlane - LorLiewLian 3I (completed) curryqueen - Serangoon 3S (completed) davidbslee - Tampines 3NG (completed) Cat76 - Mesling (completed) Lubberduckie - Tampines 3A (completed) pomme - Tanglinhalt 3STD (completed) Yeo99 - Tampines 3A (completed) Neubie - TPY 3I (completed) Edward - AMK (completed) Paulchng - everton (completed) wickaninsh- AMK Istel -tpy 3i Samantha.lkh -Bedok mistgun- Yishun 3NG dinomummy -BB 3A Nuar- 3NG Janelle- Bedok 3A superchrisho- tpy 3i Of course, the list is unexhuastive, I'm afraid that most forummers maybe inactive as some threads ranges from early 2009s. I wish you all the best in your renovation journey.
  11. To start off, we have come a long way since getting ROMed in February 2013, my spouse applying for PR in April 2013, held our Customary Wedding in KL and then a dinner in Singapore for my family and friends during August - September 2013 and finally, PR approved in November 2013. We started looking out for resale 4-Rm HDB around Punggol/Sengkang area initially during October 2013 but unfortunately, our budget does not allow us to do so. In the end, we settled for a resale 4A HDB in Woodlands/Admiralty (near 888 Plaza) during November 2013 which is within our budget and considering the fact that there will be future developments that might increase the estate's value. Upon completion in February 2014, we went in search for our ID. To our dismay, none of them fits the bill within our budget and comfort. Our main concern is our renovation loan. Finally in April 2014, our renovation loan got approved! We confirmed our ID and gave the green light to start our renovation immediately. We believes in a Chinese sayings "Man Gong Chu Xi Huo" which means something like slow and steady works produce good workmanship. Thus, we told our ID that we are in no hurry to move in as we can still live off my mum. LOL! Below is my Floor Plan. Our Renovation works:- Living Room Hack Floor Tiles Lay Homogeneous tiles Construct TV feature wall Construct L-BoxDining Room Hack Floor tiles Lay Homogeneous Floor Tiles Construct Dining Mirror with feature wall and lights Construct False CeilingKitchen Hack Floor Tiles and concrete cabinets/ Dismantle Built in Cabinets Lay Homogeneous Floor Tiles Plastering over Wall Tiles Construct Built in Kitchen Cabinet and Island Install Glass panel backing in between Kitchen Cabinets / accessories Hack Kitchen/Dining Wall and construct full height Sliding Glass Door Construct Fridge base Common Toilet Seal Opening to Kitchen and hack toilet wall to recreate new opening to Service Yard Hack Floor/Wall Tiles/Old Toilet bowl & Basin Lay Floor and Wall Tiles Install Toilet Bowl/ Basin / AccessoriesService Yard Hack Floor Tiles Lay Floor Tiles Construct Washer cement baseMaster Bedroom Overlay HERF Flooring / Dismantle Wardrobe & Storage under Window Construct Built in Wardrobe 6 Ft Construct Study Table Construct Storage under window Construct L-BoxMaster Bedroom Toilet Hack Wall and Floor Tiles / Old Toilet bowl / old Vanity Lay Homogeneous Floor and Wall Tiles Construct Vanity with mirror and lights Install Toilet bowl, basin, accessoriesCommon Bedroom 1 Overlay HERF FlooringCommon Bedroom 2 Overlay HERF FlooringStoreroom Hack Floor Tiles Lay Homogeneous Floor TilesThis is the proposed Layout less out the shoe cabinet due to our budget.
  12. Hi everyone, First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. My wife and I bought a 5-room resale flat and here is the floor plan.
  13. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum, new to renovation. I initially wanted to buy a "ready-to-move-in" type for my 1st home, as really knows nothing about renovation. The only memory of renovation is when i was in school, helping my father repaint our old house many many years ago. But it is really difficult to find a house have everything you like, hence after several viewing - end up I bought a 30yrs old house with a good price, and have to do renovation inside out. I have to worry about how to do RENOVATION now!
  14. Finally its my turn to start a reno blog after months of reading the blogs on renotalk. Thank you to everyone who contributed to renotalk as i picked up so much information on where, what, how, who, why..... I got my keys in late July/ early August. After 2 months of searching for a good ID with the right quotation and attitude. Please do not ask me to share contacts of my ID yet as its too early to know if he is 100%. I will update along the way, I promised. But I must say so far my ID had been very patient with me and always try to accomodate. Next step.....let me find out how to upload pictures.
  15. Finally have time to pen down my first renovation journey though nothing has officially started. Let me start with how I ended up with buying this 4A resale unit in Bukit Batok. Having stayed in Tiong Bahru for so long, it is really quite sad to acknowledge that with my budget it is very hard to afford a decent 4A unit in this area. So I extended the search further and further, and finally decided on Bukit Batok. Hard for me to find one unit within my budget from Tiong Bahru to Jurong (I searched based on the East-West MRT track, LOL). Chose BB because it is quite near Jurong, where the happening places are and the price seems okay for my budget. However, I have to admit that I hate Jurong East MRT and I think the authority seriously should do something about the crowd there. So I viewed close to 20 units in BB area and got a bit sian when I could not seem to find the "perfect" unit even after I extended my search. Have been viewing units from Jan till Jun and one fine day in June saw this unit that is abt 6 mins walk from the MRT and decided that is it. It is a 29-year-old unit with a floor area of 107sqm (the slightly larger size is due to its odd shape). The unit is in good condition but I still feel like doing an overhaul because the last renovation was done 10 years ago. When my friends and colleagues asked me about the price I paid, I tended to get reaction like "very expensive for a unit in BB leh, so ulu" or something along the line. It made me wonder whether I made the wrong choice due to my viewing fatigue. Sometimes when I check PropertyGuru and feeel a bit sad to see similar units with lower asking price. I tell myself not to regret and try to make the most out of what I have. Well, the choice has been made and I will be going for my 1st appt in early Aug. Here's the floor plan!
  16. Hi I have a 5 room hdb resale flat with sqm 130 I need to 1. paint the whole house 2. change the door handles 3. change the toilet doors. Any quotations?
  17. Nazirah Chillipadi

    floor plan

    From the album: My Home progression

    My 3room Resale Floor Plan! Awaiting my second appointment from HDB. Much excited!!! hehe
  18. Hello guys, I'm excited to be here. Can I just say that this place is a treasure trove... First things first, some background: My fiance and I are awaiting for our 4-rm resale unit in Bedok. Estimated handover should be around end Nov to early Dec but we do need reno to be completed by end Feb at the latest. As such, I have been eating, breathing, sleeping, dreaming renovation ideas. Have done up a rough sketch of the design we have in mind. We're looking at something Bali-resort themed because the Indonesian islands hold a special place in our heart Please feel free to give any comments/ advice/ feedback/ suggestions/ recommendations that you might have about the design that we have in mind! Thanks in advance and we look forward to blogging our renovation journey here:)
  19. Hello guys, I'm excited to be here. Can I just say that this place is a treasure trove... First things first, some background: My fiance and I are awaiting for our 4-rm resale unit in Bedok. Estimated handover should be around end Nov to early Dec but we do need reno to be completed by end Feb at the latest. As such, I have been eating, breathing, sleeping, dreaming renovation ideas. Have done up a rough sketch of the design we have in mind. We're looking at something Bali-resort themed because the Indonesian islands hold a special place in our heart Please feel free to give any comments/ advice/ feedback/ suggestions/ recommendations that you might have about the design that we have in mind! Thanks in advance and we look forward to blogging our renovation journey here:)
  20. This is one of our i1Reno Pte Ltd project in Lilydalle Executive Condo We completed this kitchen facelift in 2weeks with our client staying-in, we tried our best to bring minimal inconvenience to our value client. 'One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than of $100,000 worth of advertising' - Jim Rohn
  21. Hmm...have been procrastinating for a while to start this thread on our home. Finally decided to sit my a** down and start sharing our journey with you all. We are noob homeowners, so it is a learning process and hopefully what we share will be interesting and useful for you too. Do share with us too...especially those who are at the same stage as us, and those who had 'attained nirvana from this process Because I had procrastinated for so long before starting this thread, we had already finished on the early stages of confirming our ID...haha. One hand I am happy to get the ID confirmed and move on with the process, the other I don't suggest anyone to be like us. Despite reading so much from the 前辈s here about how to choose ID, we only applied maybe 20% of what we learned here and depended the rest on gut feel. Now, starting to worry and regret for acting so impulsively. Sigh~~ Time will tell, if our gut feel is reliable. So, in summary we contacted 6 IDs. Who did we get? 1. Space Sense We liked K****'s portfolio in industrial style so we sent him an enquiry. He replied to ask for our budget and requirements, then there was a long delay before he turned us down citing it is impossible to fulfil our requirements with our indicated budget. To be fair to us, we really do not know what would the cost for the intended renovation of our scale, so we mentioned an estimated of 35-40K hoping that our conversation can carry on and we can make more realistic adjustments to the budget. It is a pity that we were not given the chance to further our enquiry, or perhaps there was too much projects to handle for the ID firm. In another words, no fate with Space Sense. 2. BoxID Saw their work on an article from renotalk.com. Sent out an enquiry but no reply until a full month later. By then we are already in closing talks with the final ID so we did not proceed to meet up anymore. 3. Artist Room Read about them on renotalk, but no reply on our enquiry. 4. Three-D Conceptwerke One of their designer, Will, contacted us the next day after we sent our enquiry. Initially, I had my reservation because Will is not a local, and thought someone local will contact me since the firm is local. But not willing to discriminate, we proceeded to meet up with Will, who turn out to be quite an enthusiastic and friendly chap. It was easy to talk to him about the concept we are after, but we left the meeting feeling a little iffy if Will will understand what we really what and how he will propose the layout to accommodate what we want (will show below). But boy, we were pleasantly surprised by Will's proposed layout. It was interesting and quite similar to what we were thinking, only perhaps better. We were quite blown away. (And this is when our gut feel started to kick in over rationality...sigh). 5. New Nyew I really like New, and her hubby. We first visited New at her place, and both of them are very nice people. She spent 3 hours going through our floorplan and proposed her ideas right on the spot (even brought us to see her showroom in Yishun). She was also the only ID whom brought to site immediately following our first meeting to view our place, and she was the quickest with her response including the edits we requested to the initial proposed layout. Frankly, we were so closed to confirming with New had we not gone on to meet Will and saw his layout. I would still strongly recommend New to anyone who is looking for an ID 6. The Design Practice We found R****** from vincentinteriorblog.com. He was one of the recommended ID, and after viewing The Design Practice portfolio online, I found that he was the designer for a flat reno that I really like and bookmarked since the day we got out flat. Told myself my future flat can possibly look like that. Unfortunately, fate is not with us for R******. We waited long for his responses, and never get to fix down an appointment date. So, in the end, we decided to drop this enquiry as well. By now, you should have guessed it. Since our gut feel was so strong...we decided to go along with Will from Three-D Conceptwerke (TDC for short..lazy) Hmm....any renotalkers who had also used TDC before? Do share your feedback =)
  22. On the 14 Feb 2014 will be heading to HDB for my 1st appointment to purchase a HDB resale 3 rooms unit at Bedok North. The floor plan is as following: The whole unit need to be renovated and had been meeting up with IDs & contractors (yet to finish) and the estimated minimum amount is $28K. Each meet up require at least 2hours and repeating the same thing, but the good things about it is having different solution to the same issue. Please stay in tune for the next update.
  23. WengLinJie

    IMG 20140521 WA0024

    From the album: 3room HDB