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Fullhouse Furniture... Any Comment?

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Full House Home Furnishing is a fraud company. Never buy anything from "Full House" Home Furnishing as they never supply quality products and will never honor their warranty or commitments. If you call them they will encourage you to buy a new one again and will lure you by giving some discount. They will give all false promise when you buy and they will give all hidden conditions when you go for warranty service. They are rude and money minded. Better be careful when you deal with them and try avoiding this company if you want to have a happy life. I have audio proof of their conversation saying our salesman will talk **** and we can't honor everything he promise. They didn't honor their warranty commitment even after it was clearly written in their invoice. Regret buying my sofa from this people.


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It shows a promotion of $298 queen storage bed with the image of the bed. The exact design I wanted. Happily mssg then through facebook before heading down. They reply and say yes it is correct and get down any outlet to purchase it. Im looking to purchase it at no gimmick. Head down to the one of the nearest outlet in Hougang and was quoted $1800??!? I say I check with facebook online before i come down to outlet. Such huge gap! the sales staff is so dishonest he cant even stop moving his eyeballs left right up down, I show the promo image and he tell us "image for illustration"!!!! I didnt know price also illustration???? wth seriously???? This is consider cheating and not image for illustration, they put a price beside all individual image. I assume everyone would be angry. We are lucky we didnt travel all the way to their other outlet to let them tell us "image for illustation". Im looking for a direct quick purchase and not gimmick. 


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Dear all, 

Please  beware of this company, not sincere n all liars. I bought a L-shaped sofa cost $799 on 16/6 this year. Supposed to deliver on 4/7 but received a call for sales department saying due to Hari Raya n Indonesia supplier still on holiday n delay the delivery to 12/7. I supposed is ok so long I received the sofa, during that call, that sale person did mentioned ant the sofa Colour but I remember only the code no on my receipt as in their catalog only display code no. So I didn't take it to heart abt him repeating the Colour. He should have just repeat the code on my receipt but he didn't.  Yet on 12/7, when receiving the sofa , I'm so surprised someone changed the Colour code on their delivery order. I called them n guess what they replied me? Said I agreed to change to this colour during that phone conversation when told me the delivery will be late. OMG, would anyone change the colour of the furniture on the phone without seeing what colour u actually wanted to change ??? Insisting that I'm the one that I want that colour . Full of bull****s. 

Whats next !!! I reasoned it out with their customer service that no one will do such a decision to change the colour of the furniture u purchased on the phone. Finally they agreed to let me T-loan this set of wrong colour sofa to me while waiting for the correct one that I ordered because I already threw away my old sofa on10/7. So she told me the delivery of the correct one will be on 3/8. 

On 1/8, I called the delivery department n ask when will the delivery for the sofa I purchased. Guess what answer I got ? We already delivered to u on 12/7. LOL.............

I believed some of u will know what answer I got when called up that lady Casey, sorry , ur sofa is delayed due to shipment fr China, now China, earlier Indonesia..... OMG.... they really r just liars trying their luck  That's it, I told her to refund cash although I know chances r 0%. N that sale person called me n still insisted that I'm the one that agreed with that colour n he is doing me a great help that allowing me to change but must wait til 16/8. N also mentioned will give me a $200 voucher. I told him what if on16/8, I didn't receive my new sofa. He said will do full refund in cash. I don't trust anymore n told him y not convert that $200 voucher n discount it to that wrong colour sofa at my living room to a discount for me to accept this wrong colour sofa. They agreed but til now haven't transfer that $200 to my account. They really take customer as idiots. I know they just drag it n expect me to just accept. If a company really want to do a refund, would have ask u down n sign a agreement n refund it to u in proper procedure as everything dollar n cents need to be accounted for..

i will wait n see what's up in their pocket. 




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Dear all,

I encountered the same issues, and Please beware of this company. 

Made a booking of a Bedroom Set and a Queen size bed frame & mattress in April 2017 at their woodlands outlet @ Primz Bizhub.

Anyway, the delivery of the Bedroom set is 1 month from purchase date, Queen bed to be confirmed.

*Note: this item is delivered to my new BTO flat, therefore I am not staying there* 

1) Delivering of Bedroom set:
Received a SMS saying that that they will deliver the queen mattress + bed to me tomorrow.
After not long, I received a call from them that the Queen bed will be delayed so they will deliver the Bedroom set to me first between 12-2pm.

Waited till 2pm, and decided to call Full house furnishing to check on it.

Firstly, lady A***** mentioned that driver have already delivered the item. I began to question her where and whom did they deliver the items to? Unfortunately they can't answer me. Was told to hang up and she will call driver again to check on it. After numerous phone call and FYI, I waited till almost 3.30pm, lady A***** called me and told me that driver will be late, and if I can wait till 4pm. I decided to cancel the delivery and postpone till 3 days later and she agreed to it. But on the other hand, the driver called me and said he will reach at 4.30pm I decided to wait since I am already there.

Finally they arrived at almost 4.30pm with my Bedroom set. And I receive one bad news from them! The delivery man actually damaged my wardrobe. They had to deliver a replacement one instead tomorrow.

I waited from 12-4.30pm today and I they damaged my wardrobe, and I had to wait for them to deliver a new one again within the next few days. 
When I asked, why can't they deliver a new one the next day. It was because there is too much orders due to overwhelming there is no stocks therefore I had to wait.

*Problem lies with your guys, they damaged it and now I have to wait few more days for you to deliver it to me again*

2) Delivering of replacement wardrobe:
After the first incident, I had to be more cautions with them. Delivery of the wardrobe will be between 10am-12noon. At 10am, I decided to give them a call to confirm that the delivery will made between this timing.

Guess what, they told me that the driver is stuck in Malaysia customs and they will be late. I decided to request for cancellation and refund and requested them to collect the whole bedroom set, I already waited more than 4hrs for  the bedroom set, why would I trust your words again.
Not long after, the driver called and said that they would reached in 30mins.

*I didn't know in the midst of being stuck in Malaysia customs would take them 30min to reach my location.*

Finally item arrive in good conditions at almost 10.30am

3) Delivering of Queen bed:
Spoken to their staff and was told that the Queen bed will be delivered to me between 5-7pm.

I started to worry if I have to wait for hours and hours again. But I decided to give them one last chance since it's a different supplier, no signs of delivery man at 7pm.
Decided to give them a call at 7pm, and they said that the driver will reach in 30mins. which is by 7.30pm
I was so angry about it and decided to call the staff at Woodland, they couldn't help at all, but directed us to contact their head office instead. 

Finally they arrive at 7.20pm and here comes another bad news. They missed out our 2 pillows that comes with the Bed.

4) Delivering of the missing 2 pillows:
Called the staff at Woodland again, to inform their head office that we cannot afford to wait for them to just deliver 2 pillows again and requested to either allow us to collect it at their woodland showroom or deliver at another address.

Next day, received a call from their head office (I had to call them to remind and check on it) that I can collect the 2 pillows tomorrow after 12pm at their woodlands showroom.

Guess what, the very next morning, I decided to head over to visit my BTO flat and I found the 2 pillows HANGING ON MY METAL GATE.

** Nobody inform anything on the delivery of pillows to my flat. 

Luckily it was just pillows, if it's something expensive, it would have been stolen.

I urge everyone to please think twice. Sharing my experience ~


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I think you should always discuss with your friends, neighbours or co-workers and get their advice or opinions, if they have experience buying online furniture. Occasionally it can be very beneficial to get point of view from someone who has gone through the experience before on who is the best company for the job.


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Dear All,

Read comments. Beware. Share.

Be safe, not sorry!

A friend just fell victim too. 


Same modus operandi, same dirty tricks

Salesman : Kidd, Hougang Mall

Outlet Manager : Cruise Tan 

Company in charge : Darren Koh

Would you buy and pay for a bed in end June 2016, only to have restless nights till today, 14/8/16, as the bed and mattress delivered were , and still are, different ones from what you have ordered and paid for?  Can you sleep with peace of mind, having to take care not to dirty or soil the mattress(cheaper) which would then becomes yours as it is only "ON LOAN"  (Without you being a willing party to such arrangement, nor you having any prior knowledge of it) ?

Does the Lemon Law apply and would it be able to really protect consumers?

Does this not contraveme the Sale of Goods Act that the buyer is entitled to quiet possession of goods contracted?

Would you still have any faith, trust and confidence in such unethical crooks who stall for time and repeatedly fail to deliver their part of the deal as promised?

Until the relevant authorities are able to put a firm foot down on such errant businesses and take them to task, they would probably be viewed as all bark and no bite. 

Note: Buyer has zero equitable solution/redress of consumer rights and protection as of today despite the relevant authority having stepped in. Almost 2 months elapsed since first payment made, repeated unfulfilled delivery, and finally an assurance by the outlet manager that a cancellation of order and refund of monies paid would be processed which, of course, never materialised. The rogue merchant now says that goods are ready and wants buyer's acceptance. **

Would you be repeatedly patronised like this or would you want a refund, end the exasperation, have a good closure, and move on?

Be safe, not another statistic!


Sale of Goods Act

B. Stipulations as to time of payment not of essence 
9.3.2 Section 10(1) specifically provides that stipulations as to time of payment are not of the essence of the contract unless a different intention appears from the contract. That something is of the essence of the contract is another way of saying that it is a condition of the contract. Under section 10(2), whether other time stipulations are of the essence of the contract depends on the terms of the contract. **Case law has established that clauses regarding the time of delivery in ordinary commercial contracts of sale of goods are usually of the essence (Himatsing & Co v P R Joitaram [1970] 2 MLJ 246)


Edited by PC01

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Dear all,

Please beware of this company. They issue sales order without listing individual item price. They will then tell you that stock is not available and ask you to choose other more expensive products. If you are not willing to comply they will say that the deposit paid upfront is the offered price and refuse to do any refund. They are very well verse and would challenge you to 3rd party mediation if all else fails.

Please avoid buying anything from them.

Sales Person: Jay

Customer Service Manager: Daren


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Thanks for your feedback.

I am looking at their kids furniture as well. I think they are priced quite competitively, as compared to the branded kids bedding specialists.


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i bought a kid's super single bed frame, mattress and white tv cabinet from them about half year ago, they delivered as promised without a hitch and qualit was up to promise, except the bed had a bit of paint uneveness. So far, the items are in good shape. Think they are somewhere at Aljunied Crescent and they dont charge delivery fee.


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Anybody has bot from them? During the recent expo or from their showroom? Has delivery been on time? Quality and condition good as promised? Customer service satisfactory?

Im quite interested in their children bedroom and bedroom furnitures. Thanks for any feedback.


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