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Homogenous Tiles Popping Out

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Was wondering if anyone has any contact for a contractor that can repair my tiles which is popping out. I renovated my place only 2 years ago and am very dissappointed that the tiles are popping out, i guess my contractor did a really bad job installing it :-(


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Y didnt u go back to your contractor since it is only 2 years?

Is your a resale flat?

I kena the same thing too.. called my old contractor and he got his guys to replace it for me.. Not FOC of coz.. i need to pay for the labour and the tiles..

I talk to the guy that came down to redo my tiles and complain to him..

he mention that it is quite a common problem for china homogenous tiles..it is due to the tile quality..it is not becoz the worker eat snake or put less cement..just that over time some of the tiles will not "eat" the cement and will have the hollow effect.. so since i am using back the same tile..the problem may resurface or it may happen to my other tiles as well.. * sianz *

I am not sure what he say is true anot..so just to share..


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