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Help, My Parquet Is Damaged From Water Moisture

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Dont know what to say..... just discover my room parquet was damaged from water moisture (near the toilet door). Total affect area about 2metre x 2 metre.

Parquet is covered with carpet.

As i am doing damage control now, wondering if i can DIY and chisel out the damage parquet, and than replace with waterproof laminate, WPC, decking or worst self lay some tiles with cement ? [The damage area is quite small and i have trouble getting contract to do the job].

Update : just got a contractor to access the damage. I was hoping the area can be repaired with new parquet. Was advised to hack out the whole room parquet (than means the built in cabinate got to go too !) and replaced with tiles as the source of water is unknown. Seow liao !!

Any expert advise here appreciated. Thanks.




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Depending on the extend of damage done to your parquet, it may be possible to have it repaired instead of hacking and laying with new pieces.

The parquet near the window in all 3 bedrooms in my house were damaged (water seepage due to leaking window seals, faded due to exposure to direct sunlight) and my contractor was able to salvage it without any hacking.

It looks as good as new now with polishing and a new layer of lacquer.

Your contractor may be pulling a fast one on you by suggesting the need to re-do the whole room. I suggest that you get a second opinion.

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Just judging from the pictures attached, the parquet strips near the toilet have been badly damaged by exposure to moisture. You should definitely consider replacing that area.

I too noticed the dark lines along the parquet stretch pretty much beyond the exposed underneath of the carpet in the photos. It could mean that the moisture have spread and is affecting the areas further into the room.


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